LM Lions 2014: 5th Grade Season Stats

Marion Championship Picture Nov. 2006
Marion Tip-Off "Champions"
Friday, March 7
5th Grade Season Stats and Highlights
LM Tournament Oct 2006
LM Tournament "Runners-Up"

"The Season of Close Games and Big Victories"

The LM Lions 5th competed in both sessions of the Salvation Army League as well as in 8 tournaments including the AAU State Tournament in Des Moines.  We scored a total of 835 points versus our opponents scored 664.  Nearly half of our games (17 games) were decided by 8 points or less so it was truly a "Season of Close Games".  In addition, we played against a total of 26 different teams.

In tournament play we won big and we won often. We had a total of 16 wins versus other 5th grade teams.  Below is a breakdown of our wins:

                     16 Wins versus 5th Grade Teams
                               2-two point wins
                               1- five point win
                               2- eleven to thirteen point wins
                               2- fourteen to seventeen point wins
                               4- twenty to twenty five point wins
                               3- twenty six to thirty point wins
                               1- forty point + win
                               1- fifty point + win

                      Over half by over 20 points or more !

Our impressive victories resulted in two tournament championships, one runner-up and three third place finishes.  Really outstanding play!

This years Salvation Army seasons had us play against the "middle one third" level of the 6th grade group.  We even played a 7th grade team and took them to overtime.

Wins were few and far between in the Salvation Army Season.  Below is a recap of the Salvation Army Seasons:

                     3 Games versus 5th Grade Teams
                                1- five point loss
                                2- ten point or more losses

                     8 Games versus 6th Grade Teams
                                2- one point losses
                                1- two point loss
                                3- five point losses
                                1- ten point or more loss
                                1- eight point win -last Salvation Army game

                     1 Game versus a 7th Grade Team
                                1- overtime loss by two points

 When it came to "tournament time" we competed very well. Below is a recap of our tournament results and finishes:

October 21-22nd.-      Linn-Mar Lions Tournament  -"Runners-Up"
     Made it to Finals-  (3-1) Lost Championship by 2 points.

November 4-5th-        Marion Tournament  -"Champions"
     Went Undefeated-  (3-0) Outscored Opponents 111-25!

November 17-19th-    Amerifest Tournament -"Champions
     Went Undefeated- (3-0) Outscored Opponents 81-31!

December 9th-           Bulldogs Tournament - "Third Place"
      Made it to Semi-Finals- (2-1) Lost to'05 State Champions in semi-final!
December 15-17th     Holiday Hoops Tournament - "Third Place"
      Made it to Semi-Finals- (2-2) Lost by 4 in semi-final game

January 19-21st.       Mid Winter Jams Tournament  -"Third Place
        Made it to Semi-Finals- (2-1) Lost to '05 State Runners-Up in semi-final!

February 17-18th        Marion Boosters Tournament "Did not Place"
      Went 1-2 Outscored Opponents 85-75 -Lost both games by less than 8 points!

February 24                Maquoketa Tournament  Snowed out !!

March 2-4th              AAU State Tournament 
      Went 0-3 losing by 3 to State Runner-Ups and 7 to Third Place Teams

We had a great season and I really enjoyed being apart of it.  There were an incredible number of "close games" and next year we will turn those close ones into victories.

Keep up the great work ethic and practice !

Go Lions !


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