LM Lions 2014: 4th Grade Season Stats

Holiday Hoops Champ Picture
Wednesday, March 5
LM Lions 4th Season Stats and Highlights
Mid Winter Jams Champ Picture

March 2005-  Seven girls from five different elementary schools came together to form the LM Lions 4th Grade Girls Basketball Team.

The LM Lions 4th had a tremendous first season filled with Tournament Championships and proved to the Salvation Army League that they were one of the top 3 fourth grade teams in their League.

Season Record:  20-9     29 Game Season!

            20 Win Season
               10 Wins versus 5th Grade Teams
                7  Wins versus 4th Grade Teams
                3  Wins versus 3rd Grade Teams

             9 Losses
                3  One point Losses
                2  Two point Losses (one was overtime loss)
                1  Ten point Loss
                3  Twenty points or more losses

Points Scored     We outscored our Opponents by 230 points!

             LM Lions - 616 points  versus Opponents- 386

Tournament Championships    We won two Tournaments!
               Mid Winter Jams Tournament Champions
               Holiday Hoops Tournament Champions
               3rd Place Williamsburg Tournament  (2 point loss to make the finals)
               3rd Place March Madness Tournament (2 point overtime loss)
               Did not make semi-finals in Bulldog Tournamet (1 point loss to semi-finals)

Great Season!!

Go Lions!



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