LM Lions 2014: 6th Grade Season Stats

LM Tourn Nov 07
LM Lions Tournament "Runners Up"
Sunday, February 24
6th Grade Season Stats and Highlights
Holiday Hoops Championship 2007
Holiday Hoops Tournament "Champions"

6th Grade- Victories and Success!

The 6th grade LM Lions season will be remembered as a season with alot of victories, high placements in tournaments and a #1 ranking in Salvation Army League play.

Our season record was an astonishing 26-8!  We scored 887 points versus only allowing 476 against us.  This equates to 411 more points scored over our opponents.-Wow-Thats alot of baskets!

Equally impressive is that we had 6 Tournament Championship and Runner-Up finishes.  Just a few more points would have been the difference in Championships versus Runner-Up placements.

It was a great 6th grade season and I look forward to next year!

Go Lions!


Season Accomplishments!

Ranked #1 In Salvation Army League 

      Went Undefeated at 9-0 in fall and winter league play!

LM Lions Tournament-  Tournament "Runners -Up" 

       Made it to Finals!-   Lost Championship Game by 1 point!

Amerifest Tournament- Tournament "Runners-Up"

       Made it to Finals! 3-1-  Lost Championship Game by 6 points!

Holiday Hoops Tournament- Tournament "Champions"

       Made it to Finals! 4-0!-  Won the Championship Game by 22 points!

Iowa Valley Tournament- Tournament "Runners-Up"

       Pool Play- Went 2-1! - Lost one game by 3 points!

Mid Winter Jams Tournament- Tournament "Runners-Up"

        Made it to Finals! 3-1-  Lost Championship Game by 5 points!

Central City Tournament- Tournament "Runners-Up"

      Made it to Finals 2-1!  -Lost Championship Game by 8 points!


Amerifest 2007 Runner Up
Amerifest "Runners Up"