LM Lions 2014: Weekly Recap

Second Place in the QC Snowflake Classic

The Lions traveled to the Quad Cities to compete in the QC Snowflake Classic.  The tournament featured strong competition and new teams for the Lions.

We were victorious in two and lost a third giving them a 2nd place finish.  Offensively we were strong scoring 30+ points in each of the three games.  In addition, we were victorious in an overtime game as well.

Great effort and teamwork!!


Lions Go 1-2 in Bulldogs Tournament! 

 The Lions competed in the Bulldogs Tournament this past weekend.

Our first opponenet was versus the Dubuque Rams whom we have not played before in the past.  A very talented Rams that executed strong, hustled and hit over 16 freethrows.  Offensively, we played well but our defensive effort was below par as we lost the game 49-37.  All in all a decent game.

Our second game was against the LM Fusion.  We played with class winning the game 29-20.

Our third and final game was versus the LM Mystics.  The Mystics out hustled, out played, out defended and simply played with thunderous heart and determination.  They handily won the game 19-9.  The last time we were held to just 9 points was in 4th grade against the Ballard Bombers.  Hats off to the Mystics!!--- Congrats on your play, grit and teamwork.


 Lions Go 3-1 in Marion Tournament! 

 The Lions competed in the Marion Tournament this past weekend going 3-1.

Our first game was versus a very motivated Panthers 7th team.  It was a competitive game.  The game was tied with one second remaining.  On the foul line, we made our free throw winning the game by just a point- 23-22!

Our second pool game was versus the Washington Warriors.  From start to finish we commanded the lead all the way to end winning 27-13.

The final pool game for us was against a talented Rush team.  We began the game with a key steal and a three point basket.  Our hustle and stick to it effort gave us a victory-- 27-21.

Three pool victories advanced us to the finals versus the Panthers 8th grade team.  The Panthers packed in a zone and tough press that we just couldn't find an answer for losing the game 28-10. We were crowned Marion Tournament 8th Grade Runners-Up.


Go Lions!


Lions Compete in LM Tournament!

The Lions began their 8th grade season competing in the LM Tournament this past weekend.

I think a lack of practice, the flu and coach preparation contributed to us stumbling early and not quite competing to where we would liked to have finished.

Our first opponent was versus a very good team - Mt Vernon Mustangs.  We just never really got in our rythym and lack of offensive savy result in a first round loss= 25-15 for the Lions.

As for our second game, the Lions competed very well and executed on both ends of the court.  Easily winning the game 35-12.  Good all around team performance.

On Sunday, the flu bug bit and two of our eight players could not make the game.  Unfortunately the timing was not good as we faced the premier Lady Lightning.  With just one sub for the game, we put in a zone defense and played tough despite the circumstances.  I really thought we played well even though the score did not reflect it losing 39-15.  The real difference was the 8 three pointers that the Lightning shot.

Hope to get in some practices and game time soon!
Lets focus on the next tournament!
Go Lions!!


End of 7th Grade Season------------------- 

Marion Tournament- Another Close One!

For the second tournament in a row we went 2-1 with the only loss being by less than two points.  Again, it happened in our first game.

This tournament we had a guest player and only 5 regular Lion players, so we definitely were called upon to play different roles.

Our three games were as follows:

LM Lions- 18   Warriors- 20    two point loss!

LM Lions- 33   Lynx- 24

LM Lions- 37   CPU- 23

We fell short in the Warrior game which left us out of the finals game.  By winning the CPU game, this gave us clain to 3rd place in the Marion Tournament.

Congrats Lions!!


Washington Tournament- Oh So Close!

The LM Lions played in the Warrior two day tournament at Washington High School and were close to making it to the finals.  Our three games were as follows:

LM Lions- 26   Bulldogs- 27    one point loss!

LM Lions- 16   LM Mystics- 14

LM Lions- 28   Panthers- 23

The one point loss to the Bulldogs was the difference and final determination in who advanced to the finals.  We will get them next time!!

Go Lions!!


LM Lions Take 3rd Place! 

The Lions ventured to play in the Washington Iowa Tournament.

We competed very well in 4 of the 6 halves of basketball that we played in.  Our first opponent versus the Iowa Valley Tigers we won from start to finish winning this game 24-15.  They brought their better players to this tournament, but did not matter as our defense was superior.

Our second game the "wheels fell off".  Not sure why, but we did not play or compete well from the opening tip to the final whistle.  We lost the game 23-8 scoring only two baskets each half.  I do not feel they are a superior team, but rather we were out hustled.  Sometimes teams have a bad game and this may have been the case.

We rebounded from the loss competing versus the CR Rush for third place.  We came out strong leading the game by a whopping 11-0 lead before they scored.  We excuted strong winning 31-20.

We tried a new 1-2-1-1 full court press that they learned in middle school basketball and it really worked great.  It is something we can continue to use.

Great job Lions placing 3rd in the Washington Iowa Tournament!!


Iowa Valley Champions!!

The Lions started off the year with a Tournament Championship!!  Going 3-0 at the Iowa Valley Tournament.

We definitely found our "hustle" as I felt everyone played hard and to their full potential. It was great to be leading at half time during all three games.

Our first opponent was versus the Iowa Valley Tigers whom we lost to last year in this same tournament.  With tough defense and alot of heart we continued our half time lead of 16-6 and finished stong winning 26-13.  THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE EVER BEATEN A TEAM WHOM HAD BEATEN US IN THE PAST.

Our second game was versus the Mystics.  At halftime we were leading 10-2, but the Mystics came out in the second half and nearly beat us.  We narrowly won 15-13.

Our final and third game was versus the Solon Spartans.  We took ownership of this game from start to finish winning decisively 37-20.  Great hustle and press!!

Congratulations Lions as you really played hard and hustled at your fullest potential.  You deserved to win this tournament!!

Congrats!!  Iowa Valley Champions!!



Holiday Hoops- 4th Place !!! 

This past weekend we traveled back to North Liberty for the Holiday Hoops Tournament.  If you look at the history of our success versus the tournament opponents we were clearly the favorite. 

Unfortunately, we forgot to tell our opponents this and our hustle and defensive effort lacked as it did in the Bound 4 Glory Tournament.

We won by two points versus the Washington Demons 26-24.  As for our next game it was versus the PV Sparks.  They came out with a lot of "spark" and ran away with the game from start to finish.  We closed out the game with a few baskets losing the game 31-27.

Our final third game was versus the Cedar Falls Starlets who came into this game with only 5 players (No Subs).  We played them a few weeks ago and had won by 8 points.  They simply out hustled us and at halftime we were down 19-6.  They easily won 24-16.

Hats off to the Starlets and Sparks as they hustled us from both ends of the court and truly played with alot of "heart". 

Hopefully, we can regain our "heart" and "hustle" and play the way that we are capable of.  Win or lose does not matter if we are giving it our best effort!!

Go Lions!!


Bound 4 Glory Tournament "Third Place!"

 The LM Lions traveled to North Liberty to play in the Bound 4 Glory Tournament against some real fierce competition.

Our first opponent was versus the Washington Warriors.  We jumped out to a quick lead and easily won 26-15.  Our press and hustle was all of the difference in the outcome.

As for our second game it was versus the Bulldogs.  For some reason, we just can't seem to execute well versus this team  At halftime, we were behind 21-3.  We re-grouped and played a more commendable second half losing the game by a more respectable score 36-23.

Our third game was versus the "select" team- the Panthers.  Its been some time since we've last played them.  Again---- we had a poor first half trailing 21-13.  This time we came out in the second half real strong and with 9 minutes left in the game it was tied 25-25.  We went on a 12-4 scoring rally.  Unfortunately the next 9 minutes were not so kind as the Panthers scored 15 points and we scored two losing the game 40-27.

Our final game was versus the CCA Clippers whom we had not played in the past.  We lead from start to finish, but never really pulled away during the game.  We won by just 4 points 35-31.

Going 2-2 gives us a Third Place finish.  Surprising was the fact that we had 122 points scored against us which equates to giving up 30 points a game.  We need to focus on our "hustle" and play the kind of defense that we are capable of!!

Amerifest Tournament "Champions!"

Never Give Up!!

This past weekend our theme for our team was to "Never Give Up!" as we never did and we believed in our teammates.

 Our first opponent for the Amerifest Tournament was versus a very tall Cedar Falls team that packed in a tough zone against us during the entire game.  We held our own and proved to be superior shooters winning the game 27-18!  Our experience was the deciding factor in the game.

As for our second game it was versus a very pesky Davenport Lady Knights team.  We simply never found our rhythm and lost by 6 points 23-17.

All three teams in our pool had lost one game.  Fortunately, we had the lowest defensive total in the pool giving us the #1 seed going into the semi-finals.

As for our Semi-Final game it was versus Mt. Pleasant who finished second in their pool.  It really was a see-saw battle and with about 1 1/2 minutes left in the game we found ourselves down by 4 points.  A couple of good passes, a well executed play and a three point shot lifted us back in the lead.  We hit our free throws in the end and won the Semi-Final game by just 4 points-- 29-25!

The Championship Finals was versus the Rush!  They had gone 3-0 and were looking to sweep the tournament.  In fact, they came out real strong. made some key freethrows and before we knew it we were down by 5 points at halftime.

As for the second half, we made some key adjustments, played tough full court press and battled hard.  At the end of regulation it was tied 26-26!!  It was down to a one minute overtime.  We kept our composure executed our "tip-off" play and was up by 2 points.  The Rush came back with a couple of points of their own, but we kept up our defensive pressure and came back with another score.   With 4.6 seconds left in the game, we called a time-out to execute an inbounds play.  We ran it to perfection and as time expired, we scored a convincing lay-up winning the Championship in overtime 32-28!!!

We never gave up  and with that kind of determination you deserved to be crowned the Amerifest Tournament "Champions"!!

Great job and you should be proud!!


Marion Tournament "Runners-Up" !!

Due to the circumstances of the Tournament, we finished as the 7th Grade Marion Tournament "Runners-Up" going 1-2 in tournament play.

Our first opponenet was versus the LM Lions 8th grade team who is one of the best 8th grade teams in the area.  We came out strong, implemented our press breaker to perfection and were close at half trailing by just 6 points- 16-10.  The second half was a different story as we gave up 29 points losing the game 45-16!

The second game in the Tournament was versus the Marion Indians 8th grade.  It was a battle in the first half as the game was tied 11-11.  They certainly had a height advantage, but we implemented well in the second outscoring them 19-7, winning the game 29-18.

Our final game was the "psuedo" 7th Grade Championship game versus the Bulldogs Blue 7th.  We never found our game as they beat us from start to finish winning 28-13.

This was a very challenging weekend and shows what we need to work and practice on. 

Great effort!


LM 7th GradeTournament Champions!!!

"2 Practices- 4 Games- Tournament Championship!"

Last week we had our first season practice and went into the LM Tournament this past weekend with the expectation that we would face competition that has been playing a great deal over the past couple of months.  We certainly were challenged!!!!

Our first game was versus the LM Fusion.  The first half was a battle, but the second half turned to our favor.  We held them to just two free throws in the second half and over came their game long 2-3 zone defense winning the game 24-12.

As for our second game, it was versus the IC Thunder whom we have not faced before in the past.  We really ran away in the second half winning the game 43-18. 

Our semi-final game was versus the Bulldogs Silver.  The Bulldogs really came out strong and determined as they challenged us on every inch of the floor.  In the end we played smart, kept our composure and pulled away with a 25-18 victory.

The Championship Finals versus the LM Mystics!!!  This was a very tough game as I believe we were down by one point at half.  The Mystics simply out hustled us and played with a ton of heart in the first half.  We battled back, made some key free throws in the end and again kept our composure winning the tournament championship game 16-12 despite facing another game long 2-3 zone defense.

We will work on our offense versus zone defenses and improve as we begin our season practice schedule during the upcoming months,

Great team championship ! Great to finally win the LM Tournament !!

-----------6th grade sesaon below----------------------

2/08---END OF OUR 6th GRADE SEASON---- Record 26-8! 

Central City Tournament "Runners Up"! 

This past weekend we ventured to Central City to play in the Central City 6th Grade Girls Tournament.

Our first opponent was versus a very physical Lisbon team whom we had not played before.  We played tough defense and blanked them winning 16-0!  Low scoring, but a hard fought win.

Our second game was versus the CPU Pointers.  We continued our dominance winning by a whopping score of 50-0! 

Wow- back to back games winning by a margin of 66-0 and winning our pool.

In the finals we faced Cascade.  At half we were down by just two points, but really never regained the lead after that losing by just 8 points 18-10.  Great effort and never gave up, but we just couldn't get a few shots to fall.

Marion Tournament Snowed Out! 

Due to the snowy weather conditions the Tournament has been cancelled. 

Lions Go 9-0 in Salvation Army League Play!

The LM Lions played in their final Salvation Army game as 6th graders and went undefeated with a 9-0 record defeating the Panthers 18-13 this past weekend.  This is a remarkable feat as we entered the Winter session as the #1 ranked team in the league and we proved the ranking was well deserved.  We outscored our nine opponents by a whopping 270 points versus allowing only 103 scored against us.   This equates to only allowing an average of just 11.4 points per game against us and scoring an average of 30 points on offense.  It all goes to our motto that "defense wins games" and we did it with man-to-man (girl to girl) defense.

Number 1 and Undefeated -- Truly Outstanding!!!

Lets see what we can accomplish with our final tournaments of the season??!!

Go Lions!




Another Repeat Weekend!

The LM Lions are on a roll!  It was another light week of practice due to weather cancellations, but the Lions are fierce competitors and have not missed a beat.

This past weekend, we had just one league game versus the Washington Warriors- a team we have not played in the past.  We came out with a fierce defense and superb passing effort leading at halftime 22-0!--Wowzer!  Whatever you had for breakfast (8am game) certainly was the right choice.

We kept up our attack and executed very well winning the game 37-14!!  I thought it was a great team victory as we implemented well on some of our new sets.  Our spacing was great!

Great effort Lions!



Another League Victory- Stll Undefeated!

The LM Lions had a light week of practice and just one league game this past weekend.

Lions win- 33-8 over the Mystics!

Awesome teamwork and team victory!


Tournament "Runners Up" and Another League Victory!

It was a 5 game weekend for the Lions!   On Friday night we had a league game versus the CR Angels.  It was the first time we've played them.  Our tough defense was too much for the Angels winning the game 39-16!  Great team effort!!

On Saturday, we competed in the Mid Winter Jams Tournament in Cedar Rapids facing teams from Des Moines, another from Washington and one in town foe.

Our first opponent was the Bulldogs Silver which we convincingly won- 33-7!  Our next game was versus MAC Dowling from Des Moines.  It was a close game, but we kept our composure, ran our sets and kept the lead winning 19-15.  Our final pool game was versus the Washington Demons- we really never felt threatened, but we kept it close winning by just 8 points-  20-12!

Going 3-0 in our pool play advanced us to the finals versus the other 3-0 pool winner the WDM Tigers.  A very big and husky team, but we held our own and played great.  At halftime, the score was tied at 12-12.  The second half was a battle and unfortunately some "unsportsmanship-like" conduct by the Tigers, we  lost the championship by 5 points- 21-16!  In my book, we are the champions in how we played the game and class that we displayed.

Outstanding weekend of basketball going 4-1!


Lions Are Victorious in First Winter League Game! 

This past Friday night the LM Lions played in their first Salvation Army winter session league game versus our cross town rivals the Bulldogs Silver.  After leading by just one point at halftime, the Lions found some rythym and took the lead midway through the second half.  We were very successful implementing our new "4" press breaker which we practiced this past week.  I believe it was the difference in winning the game. Great implementation!

Lions win 26-21!  Great start to the season!!!

Go Lions !


Iowa Valley Tournament "Runners- Up"! 

After a two week holiday break the Lions traveled to Marengo to compete in the Iowa Valley Tournament.  This tournament was a little different as it did not allow full court press, thus forcing us to play aggressive half court man to man defense.

Our first opponent was versus the home town favorite- Iowa Valley Tigers.  After a sluggish start down 12-2 late in the first half, we finally got our game going. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and lost 22-19 to the scrappy Tigers!

The Lions bouced back from the loss and were victorious in the next two games versus the Mystics and Grinnell Tigers winning by margins of 14+ points in each game.  Going 2-1 awarded us as the Iowa Valley Tournament "Runners- Up" !

The tournament was good for us to get some "court time" and assess where we are at heading into the second half of our 6th grade basketball season.

Go Lions! and Congrats on Tournament "Runner Up"


Lions Wrap-Up 2007 With A Tournament Championship! 

This past weekend the Lions competed in the Holiday Hoops Tournament that brought in teams from across the state.  We played in three different gyms and were successful in everyone of them going 4-0 and winning the tournament.

Our defense set the tone for each and every one of the games.  Scoring against us was tough for all opponents. Below is the recap of our "championship run".

LM Lions- 34 --- East Moline Panthers- 13

LM Lions- 25 --- Maquoketa Hotshots- 16

LM Lions- 16 --- CR Panthers- 10

LM Lions- 30 --- Maquoketa Hotshots- 8

We outscored our opponents 105 to 37----- Outstanding!!

Great Championship!!  You are all Champions!!!

Go Lions!


LAST WEEK------ 

The Lions wrapped up their winter Salvation Army season with a huge win and went undefeated in league play.

Our final opponent was versus the Panthers who were undefeated as well going into our game.  The Lions were too much for them leading at half time 22-0 !!  Yep- you read it right !!!  The second half  was nearly a repeat of the first, as we kept the ball rolling winning 38-8!

From a coaching perspective this was our best passing performance of the season.  Our unselfish play and teamwork was outstanding.. ....the girls should feel proud in their "total team effort"..-- AWESOME Teamwork !!

Next week we compete in the Holiday Hoops Tournament and I believe it is time for a "Lions Championship".

Go Lions !!


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