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                                  2014 Important Dates (14-12) 

Wednesday June 11                Cyclones vs Joliet WIN 7-3 

Thursday June 12                   Cyclones vs Victory Baseball Win 6-4 

Friday June 13                        Cyclones vs Ingalls Park Lost 2-1

Saturday June 14                    Cyclones vs Ingalls Park WIN 10-0 Buzan No Hitter

Saturday June 14                    Cycones vs Oak Forest Storm WIN 5-3 

Sunday June 15                      Cyclones vs Victory Lost 1-0

Friday June 20                        Cyclones vs U Dawgs Win 7-2 

Friday June 20                        Cyclones vs Central ILL Lightning Lost16-6

Saturday June 21                    Cyclones vs Illinois Slammers Win3-1 Geraci 1 Hitter 

Sunday June 22                      Cyclones vs Elite 9 Baseball Lost 1-0   

Wednesday July 2                   Cyclones vs Kankakee Lost 4-2

Thursday July 3                      Cyclones @ Midlothian Braves Lost 4-1  

Thursady July 10                    Cyclones vs Oswego Cobras Win 9-2

Friday July 11                         Cyclones vs Illinois Prowlers Lost 4-2

Friday July 11                         Cyclones vs Region Storm Win 10-1 

Sunday July 12                       Cyclones vs Dirt Bags Lost 5-4    

Wednesday July 16                 Cyclones @ Joliet loss   

Thursday July 17                   Cyclones vs Oak Lawn Sharks Lost 2-1

Friday July 18                       Cyclones vs Illinois Patriots Win 2-0

Saturday July 19                    Cyclones vs Express Baseball Win 8-0

Saturday July19                    Cyclones vs U-Dawgs Win 10-1 Bainbridge 1 Hitter

Sunday July 20                     Cyclones vs Northern County Win 8-1

Sunday July 20                     Orland Magic Lost 5-1 

July 24 Thursday                  Cyclones vs Southern Illinois Sun  Dawgs WIN

July 25 Friday                       Cyclones vs Appex Baseball Lost

July 25 Friday                      Cyclones vs Whiteford Baseball WIN 6-4

July 25 Saturday                  Cyclones vs Chicago Elite Lost 10-5

Saturday August 2,2014       Cyclones Swim Party 1pm 

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tornado 1
Friday, April 26

Beecher's Wyatt throws a no-hitter

Beecher's Chase Wyatt struck out nine and walked two as he threw a no-hitter in his first varsity baseball start on Thursday.

Beecher beat Grant Park 3-0 in a River Valley Conference game

Nice job Chase 


Marian Catholic's Michael Bainbridge named All Conference

Congratulation to Michael Bainbridge who was named to All conference for East Suburban Catholic Conference  as Infielder / DH .

 Nice job Michael.


Congratulations to Illinois Lutheran trio Grant Famer was named to River Valley Conference All Conference team for Pitcher and infielder and was named to All area baseball second  team by the NWI Times  . Jared Buzan ,and Dylan Gould was named honorable mention for All Conference team and Dylan Gould was named ILHS Defense player of the year Nice Job Guys


Beecher’s Wyatt receives honors

Chase Wyatt was named honorable mention for River Valley All Conference team and was name Rookie of the year for his team. Nice Job Chase.






                        2013 Important Dates


Saturday June 1                        Cyclones @ Midway WIN 15-3 

Monday June 3                         Cyclones vs Chicago Heights Win 12-2 

Wednesday June 5                    Cyclones vs Kanakee WIN 20-0 combine No hitter

June 6 Thursday                       Cyclones vs CI Ledgends Win 13-0 

June 7 Friday                            Cyclones vs Champaign Dream Lost 8-7

June 7 Friday                            Cyclones vs Bloomington Rampage Lost 4-3 

June 8 Saturday                       Cyclones vs CI Predators Win 4-2 

Tuesday June 11                       Cyclones @ Hickory Hills WIN 14-4 

Thursday June 13                    Cyclones vs PR Wolves WIN 7-2 

Thursday June 13                     Cyclones vs Bombers Baseball WIN 3-2 

Friday June 14                          Cyclones vs Athletic Barn Lost 5-3 

Saturday June 15                      Cyclones vs  Indiana Bombers Lost 11-10

Wednesday June 19                  Cyclones vs Chicago Monarchs WIN 13-0  

Sunday June 23                         Cyclones vs Palos Stampede WIN 18-3 

Sunday June 23                         Cyclones vs Team Mizuno Lost 5-4        

Thursday June 27                      Cyclones @ Homewood Lost 5-4

Saturday June 29                       Cyclones vs Chicago Monarchs WIN

Monday July 1                            Cyclones @ Chicago Heights WIN

Tuesday July 2                            Cyclones vs Homewood WIN 5-3 

Wednesday July 3                      Cyclones @ Midlothian Win 5-1 

Friday July 5                              Cyclones vs Chicago Heights Win

Saturday July 6                          Cyclones @ Ottawa (2) Split  lost 2-0 Win 10-9

 July 17 -20                                 Pony Regionals Tournament 1st place 

July 18 Thursday                      Cyclones vs Monarchs WIN 28-0

July 20 Saturday                       Cyclones vs Midlothian WIN 9-0

July 21 Sunday                         Cyclones vs Midlothian WIN 14-4

July 24 Wednesday                   Cyclones vs Great Lake Bay Area Lost  

July 25 Thursday                      Cyclones vs Homewood Win11-1

July 26 Friday                           Cyclones vs Steger vs Indiana Lost4-3   


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Thursday, August 9

                                      2012 (24-9) 

May 29 Tuesday                       Cyclones vs Rich Township WIN 9-2 

June 2 Saturday                       Cyclones vs Palos Stampede WIN 10-5

June 2 Saturday                       Cyclones vs Orland Magic WIN 6-5 

June 3 Sunday                          Cyclones  vs LT Titians Lost 6-2
June 6 Wednesday                   Cyclones vs. Bedford Park WIN 8-0 

June 7 Thursday                       Cyclones @ Chicago Heights Lost 3-2 

June 8 Friday                            Cyclones vs Chicago Heights WIN 13-3 

June 11 Monday                       Cyclones vs Blue Island WIN 11-1 

June 14 Thursday                     Cyclones @ All Area Giants WIN 8-0 

June 15 Friday                          Cyclones vs Chicago Monarchs WIN 23-2 

June 17 Sunday                        Cyclones @ Midlothian Lost 7-6 

June 18 Monday                       Cyclones @ Blue Island WIN 26-0

June 19 Tuesday                       Cyclones vs All Area Giants WIN 13- 4        

June 12 Saturday                     Cyclones vs Woodstock Lightning WIN 6-5

June 23 Saturday                     Cyclones vs Muskegon Channel Cats WIN 5-0

June 23 Saturday                     Cyclones vs Homer Heat WIN 5-2

June 24 Sunday                        Cyclones vs Broadview Yankees Lost 4-3   

June 25 Monday                       Cyclones vs All Area Giants WIN 10-2 

June 27 Wednesday                  Cyclones vs Evergreen Park WIN 10-5 

June 29 Friday                          Cyclones @ Evergreen Park WIN 5-4 

June 30 Saturday                      Cyclones vs Midlothian Lost 4-0

July 2 Monday                           Cyclones @ Chicago Monarchs WIN 19-0 

 July 9 Monday                          Cyclones @RichTownship WIN 9-2                                      

 July 16-21                                 Pony Regionals 2nd Place 

July 16 Monday                        Cyclones vs Ottawa Devils Lost 4-2 

July 18 Wednesday                   Cyclones vs Witeford WIN 14-2

July 19 Thursday                      Cyclones vs Limestone WIN 12-1

July 21 Saturday                      Cyclones vs Midlothian WIN 12-2

July 22 Saturday                      Cyclones vs Ottawa Devils Lost 16-2

July 25-28                                  Pony Zone 2nd Place 

July 25 Wednesday                  Cyclones vs Central Michigan WIN 10-8 

July 26 Thursday                     Cyclones vs Ingalls Park WIN 12-10 

July 27 Friday                          Cyclones vs Ottawa Lost 7-6 

July 28 Saturday                      Cyclones vs GL Michigan WIN 8-5

July 28 Saturday                     Cyclones vs Ottawa Lost  8-4  


          2011 Important dates  & Info  

                                                                         ( 37-12 )

April 14 Thursday            Cyclones vs Heat  Win 8-3

April 30 Saturday           Cyclones vs Victory Gold Lost 13-3 

April 30 Saturday           Cyclones vs McHenry County Generals  Lost 6-4

April 30 Saturday            Cyclones vs Lake Zurich Cougars WIN 5-2     

May 5 Thursday              Cyclones vs Mokena Mud Turtles WIN 11-9  

May 7                               Cyclones vs Academy Baseball Lost 1-0 

May 7                               Cyclones vs Wheatland Ducks Lost 10-4

May 9 Monday                 Cyclones vs Lemont Indians Lost 4-2 

May 14  Saturday            Cyclones @ Tinley Park Bulldogs WIN 10-0 

May 16 Monday               Cyclones vs Lincolnway Blue Demons WIN 8-7 

May 19 Thursday            Cyclones vs Romeoville Rattlers Lost 5-3 

May 21 Saturday             Cyclones vs Oaklawn Lightning WIN 8-0 & 16-1

May 23 Monday               Cyclones @ Oaklawn Chargers WIN 16-3   

May 24 Tuesday              Cyclones @ Lincolnway Yellow Jackets WIN 4-3      

May 31 Tuesday               Cyclones @ New Lenox Rebels WIN 2-1 

June 1 Wednesday          Cyclones vs Frankfort Eagles WIN 11-1 

June 6 Monday                Cyclones vs Mokena Blaze WIN 11-1 

June 8 Wednesday          Cyclones vs Frankfort Square Raptors WIN 8-7    

June 11 Saturday            Cyclones vs Victory White WIN 4-1 

June 11 Saturday            Cyclones vs St Charles Knights WIN 17-6

June 12 Sunday               Cyclones vs Illinois Edge Lost     

June 17 Friday                Cyclones vs Redhawks WIN 11-1  

June 18 Saturday            Cyclones @ Frankfort Rockets WIN 9-3     

June 20 Monday              Cyclones vs Oaklawn Outsiders WIN 6-4 

June 21 Tuesday             Cyclones @ Frankfort Eagles WIN 13-0 

June 22 Wednesday        Cyclones vs Lincolnway Yellow Jackets WIN 7-2  

June 24 Friday                Cyclones vs Illnois Edge WIN 10-2

June 25 Saturday            Cyclones vs Elmhurst Cougars WIN 10-9

June 25 Saturday            Cyclones vs Bartlett Bandits WIN 10-0

June 26 Sunday               Cycones vs Troy Titans WIN 13-1

June 26 Sunday               Cyclones vs Elgin Rippers Lost 8-0

June 29 Wednesday        Cyclones vs New Lenox Rebels WIN 8-7 

June 30 Thursday            Cyclones @ Oak Lawn Outsiders WIN 11-7 

July 5 Tuesday                 Cyclones @ Frankfort Square Raptors Lost 7-6 

July 6th Wednesday        Cyclones vs Frankfort Rockets WIN 18-0         

July 8 Friday                    Cyclones vs Wildwood Titians WIN 11-1

July 8 Friday                    Cyclones vs Wheatland Ducks WIN 5-4 

July 9 Saturday                Cyclones vs Batters Box Tigers 17-5

July 10 Sunday                Cyclones vs Grayslake Coyotes WIN 10-2

July 10 Sunday                Cyclones vs Travelers Lost 12-5 

July 13 Wednesday         Cyclones vs Hitters World WIN 17-2  

July 15 Friday                  Cyclones vs Hamlin Park Lions Lost 6-5

July 16 Saturday             Cyclones vs Lake Zurich Cougars WIN 17-3 

July 17 Sunday                Cyclones vs Milwaukee Brewers RBI Win 7-4

July 17 Sunday                Cyclones vs Lake Zurich Cougars WIN 11-1

July 17 Sunday                Cyclones vs Hamlin Park Cougars Win 11-2   

July 19 Tuesday               Cyclones vs Chicago Redhawks WIN 12-5 

July 20 Wednesday         Cyclones vs Orland Magic  Lost 9-5 



Important dates  & Info 

                           2010 (38-8-1)



Friday April 9                    Cyclone vs Homewood Hawks WIN 6-2 

Saturday April 10              Cyclones vs Southside Express WIN 13-1

Tuesday  April 13              Cyclones @ Lincolnway Blue Demons Lost 5-4 

Thursday April 15              Cyclones vs Tinley Park Bobcats Lost 9-4 

Monday April 19                Cyclones @ Romeoville Rattlers Lost 10-2 

Wednesday April 21           Cyclones vs Lincolnway Yellow Jackets WIN 5-3 

Saturday April 24                Cyclones vs Westside Warriors Lost 10-4 

Tuesday April 27                 Cyclones vs Franfort Square Raptors WIN 9-6 

Wednesday April 28            Cyclones @ Romeoville Pythons WIN 13-3 

Friday April 30                    Cyclones vs Chicago Redhawk WIN 7-0 

Saturday May 1                   Cyclones @ Illinois Intimidators WIN 14-1 

Monday May 3                    Cyclones vs Lincolnway Blue Demons WIN 6-0 

Wednesday  May 5             Cyclones @ Oaklawn Lightning WIN 11-4 

Saturday May 8                   Cyclones vs Triple Crown Knights Lost 8-7

Saturday May 8                   Cyclones vs LW Hurricanes WIN10-1

Saturday May 8                   Cyclones vs Oaklawn Outsiders WIN 7-1

Monday May 10                   Cyclones vs Mokena Blaze Black WIN 9-1 

Friday May 14                      Cyclones vs Edwardsville Tigers Lost 9-1 

Saturday May 15                  Cyclones  vs Danville Post 210 WIN 4-2 

Saturday May 15                  Cyclones vs Chillicothe Crush Tie 6-6 

Thursday May 20                 Cyclones vs Illinois Intimidators WIN 13-2  

Saturday May 22                  Cyclones vs Oaklawn Lightning WIN 8-0 

Monday May 24                    Cyclones vs LW Yellow Jackets WIN 8-3

Tuesday May 25                   Cyclones @ Frankfort Rockets WIN 10-4 

Friday May 28                       Cyclones vs Lockport Cobras  WIN 10-3

Tuesday June 1                    Cyclones @ Chicago Redhawks WIN 10-0 

Wednesday June 2               Cyclones vs Illinois Intimidators WIN 9-3 

Thursday June 3                   Cyclones @ Tinley Park Bobcats 2  WIN 14-9 ugly ! 

Friday June 11                      Cyclones vs Champaign Raiders WIN 11-2 

Saturday June 12                  Cyclones vs Kankakee Thunderbirds Win 10-7

Saturday June 12                   Cyclones vs Wasco Wildcats Lost 7-4

Sunday June 13                     Cyclones vs Oak Forest Storm  WIN 5-4 

Sunday June 13                    Cyclones vs Chesterton Slammers Lost 6-3

Wednesday May 16              Cyclones  vs Hitters World Hitmen WIN 11-0            

Thursday June 17                Cyclones vs Tinley Park WIN 7-2 

Monday June 21                  Cyclones vs Beecher Bobcats WIN 8-7 

Friday June 25                    Cyclones vs Des Plaines  Crushers WIN 7-2 

Saturday June 26                Cyclones vs Morgan Park Win 10-0 

Monday June 28                  Cyclones vs Des Plains Crushers Win 7-3

Monday June 28                  Cyclones vs Tinley Park Bulldogs Win 12-3

Wednesday  June 30           Cyclones @ Hitters World Hitmen WIN 19-2  

Thursday July 1                  Cyclones vs Mokena Blaze Red WIN 14-3 

Wednesday July 7               Cyclones @ Woodridge Bulldogs  WIN 11-10 

Monday July 12                   Cyclones vs Oaklawn Outsiders WIN 4-3 

Wednesday July 14             Cyclones @ Oaklawn Outsiders WIN 16-1 

Thursday July 15                Cyclones vs Yorkville Reds Win 8-5 

Saturday  July 17                Cyclones vs Romeoville Pythons Win 14-3












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Important dates

Cyclones 2009 Season Schedule  (30-9-2) 


Wednesday April 22,    Oak Forest Blue Demons Lost 11-10 

Thursday April 23,        Mokena Blaze  WIN 11-7 

Tuesday April  28,         Hitters World Hurricanes Tie 6-6

Saturday May 2,             Braidwood Reed Custer(Double Header)WIN Sweep 13-2 &11-1

Tuesday May 5              Homer Fire WIN 11-4 

Thursday May 7            Oak Forest Blue Demons WIN 9-0 

Saturday May 9,            Lockport Cougers WIN 5-4 

Monday May 11            Hitters World Warhawks WIN 11-1

Saturday May 16,          Plainfield Warriors Double Header  Split WIN 13-11 Lost8-7 

Tuesday May 19,           Lockport Diamondbacks WIN 13-3 

Wednesday May 20       Oaklawn Outsiders WIN 14-1 

Thursday May 21           EPIR Patroits WIN 17-0 No Hitter 

Tuesday May 26            Oaklawn Outsiders WIN 7-5 

May 29-31                      Pre Summer Tournament (Ho Chunk)

Friday May 29               Cyclones vs Region Redbirds Lost 11-0  

Saturday May 30           Cyclones vs Railcats Vipers WIN 9-2

Sunday May 31             Cyclones vs Southside Irish Field Lost 7-5

Tuesday June 2,            Cyclones vs Lockport Diamondbacks WIN 10-1 

Wednesday June 3        Cyclones vs Lockport Cougars WIN 12-4 

Saturday June 6,           Braidwood Reed-Custer (Double Header) WIN Sweep 5-2 &13-0 

Wednesday June 10,     Cyclones vs Romeoville Pythons WIN 12-0 

June 12-14                      Ho Chunk Slam Fest Tournament

Friday June 12               Cyclones vs South Elgin Thunder Lost 5-3 

Saturday June 13           Cyclones vs Southside Express WIN 17-2 

Sunday June 14              Cyclones vs All Area Giants Lost 4-3  

Saturday June 20            Romoville Pythons WIN 13-4 

Sunday June 21,             Bolingbrook Bandits Double Header  WIN Sweep 16-1 & 11-7

Thursday June 25,         Homer Fire WIN 16-7

Friday June 26,              Hitters World Warhawks WIN 17-1       

Wednesday July 1          Frankfort Square WIN 8-3 

Monday July 6                Oaklawn Lightning Tie 5-5  

Tuesday July 7               Oaklawn Lightning WIN 9-3 

Monday July 13              Plainfield Warriors WIN 15-10 

Saturday July 18            Cyclones @ Romeoville Rattlers Lost 4-3 

Saturday July 18            Cyclones @ Victory Gold Lost 7-0  

Monday July 20             Cyclones vs EPIR Sponsors Game WIN 14-5  

July 23-26th                   Best of the Midwest Challenge 

Friday July 24                Cyclones vs Orland Magic Lost10-3 

Saturday July 25            Cyclones vs EPIR WIN 6-3

Sunday July 26              Cyclones vs EPIR WIN 13-4 

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 Important dates

2008 Cyclones game highlight

Sunday April 20                 Crete Cyclones vs Tinley Park Bobcats   WIN 21-11

Sunday April 27                 Crete Cyclones vs Oak Forest                  WIN 10-0

Sunday May 4                     Crete Cyclones vs Manteno                       WIN 16-7

Friday  May 9                     Crete Cyclones vs Elmwood Park              WIN 10-0

Wed    May 14                     Crete Cyclones vs St Johns                    TIE 9-9

Sunday May 18                    Crete Cyclones vs Cardinal Bernadin        WIN 31-1

Sunday June 1                     Crete Cyclones vs Frankfort Square       WIN 25-3

Friday  June 13                   Crete Cyclones vs Manteno                      WIN 17-4

Friday June 20                   Crete Cyclones vs Schereville                   WIN 7-6 

Sunday June 22                  Crete Cyclones vs St Johns                       WIN 9-8 

July 18-20                          New Lenox Summer Scorchers Tournament

Friday July 18                     Crete Cyclones vs West Side Warriors    WIN 3-2 

Saturday July 19                Crete Cyclones vs Clear Ridge                  wIN 10-0 

Saturday July 19                Crete Cyclones vs Oak Forest                  WIN 14-0  

Sunday July 20                   Semi Finals Crete Cyclones vs Oak Lawn  WIN 3-2 

Sunday July 20                   Championship Game Cyclones vs Westside WIN 8-3

July 22- 27                         Orland Park Thunder Tournament

Tuesday July 22                 Crete Cyclones vs LaGrange                      WIN 10-4 

Wednesday July 23            Crete Cyclones vs Darian                           WIN 13-6 

Friday July 25                     Crete Cyclones vs Schereville                   WIN 5-4 

Saturday July 26                Semi Finals Game Crete Cyclones vs Schereville Lost 11-1 

Sunday July 27                    3rd place game Crete Cyclones vs LaGrange Park WIN 10-0 No Hitter 

August 1- 3                          Ho-Chunk August Tip Off Tournament

Saturday August 2             Crete Cyclones vs Gary Steelcats          WIN 22-2 

Saturday August 2             Crete Cyclones vs Chicago Braves Lost 12-5 

Sunday August 3                Crete Cyclones vs Down River Falls Lost 10-8

Cyclones final record 18-3-1















Game 10 Crete Cyclones vs St Johns Win 9-8

What a win! This was one of the most exciting games of the season.


Dylan Gould got things started with a lead off double, and later scored on a single by “G” Farmer to get off to an early 1-0 lead. St.Johns let it be known they were in Crete to play and put a 3 spot on the board to take a 3-1 lead in the top of the second. The Cyclones got one run back in the bottom of the second after “Lucky” Lucente and “smiley” Hershberger singled to start the inning. Sammie Smith grounded out advancing the runners and then “Lucky” scored on an “RBI” Brown ground out.


Crete pecked away and tied the game up in the bottom of the 3rd after “Ryno” Hensley got the line moving with an infield single. “Chief” Bainbridge moved Ryno to third on a double to left field. “Dozer” Buzan then picked up a ribbi by knocking Ryno in with a ground out. In the top of the 4th St.Johns scored another run to take a 4-3 lead, only to have Crete once again answer with two runs of their own in the bottom half of the 4th. Dylan reached base on an infield hit, then Ryno took one for the team with a HBP. The runners moved up to second and third on a passed ball and then Chief brought Dylan and Ryno home with a two RBI single. After four innings, Cyclones 5, St.Johns 4.


The 5th and 6th innings were scoreless for both teams. In the top of the 7th St.Johns a four spot on the board and jumped to an 8-5 lead. Then it was the NEVER SAY DIE Cyclones turn. The 7th inning started off bad with G going down swinging. With one out, Dozer singled. That was followed by an infield hit by Lucky Lucente and then an RBI single by Smiley Hershberger scoring Jared Buzan. Then Sammie Smith delivered the big blow with two RBI triple in the gap and scored the winning run on an over throw at third base! Final score? Cyclones 9 St.Johns 8. They were not settling for a tie this time. It was GO BIG or GO HOME!


The defensive play of the game was turned in by Ryan Brown fielding a ball in right field and throwing a strike to home plate. St.Johns decided to test his arm. With the runner rounding third, Ryan came up firing. The catcher, G Farmer caught the ball on the fly, blocked the plate and applied the tag for the out. A web gem!


The Cyclone pitchers stepped up with Micah being on the DL. Grant started, and Michael Bainbridge had a standout performance giving up only one run while pitching the middle three innings. Jared had a 1,2,3 6th.


The hitting went like this. Sammie Smith led the team with a 3 RBI performance with a triple and a run scored. Dylan was 2 for 4 with two runs scored. Ryne was 2 for 3 with a run scored. Chief was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI. G was 1 for 4 with an RBI. Dozer was 1 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored. Lucky Lucente was 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored. Smiley Hershberger went 2 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored. RBI Brown was 2-3 with a run scored and an RBI.





Cyclones win! Cyclones win!


            The Cyclones played in their first post season tournament for 2008 and came out CHAMPIONS. The team  played with the heart of a lion, and a never say die attitude which was plainly evident throughout the tournament. The teams we played had great defense, but the Cyclones were still a cut above. A couple of our opponents hit well, but Cyclones, while not having great hitting in a couple of games came through with big hits at the right time! The Cyclones pitching was on a level of its own though.  No team had pitching that came even close to the greatness the Cyclones staff showed. The games were all exciting enough that if anyone wants to sponsor the purchase of a couple defribulators that would be appreciated!


POOL GAME 1          The Cyclones got off to a big start with a 14-0 win against Oak Forest. We had played this team earlier in the year and won so I am sure they would have liked a little revenge. The pitching was dominant, the defense was solid and almost every hitter had a hit. The hitting charge was led by Mitchell Waliczek, going 3 for 3 with 3 RBI. Two other batters had multiple hits with Matt “Smiley” Hershberger going 2 for 2 and Grant “G” Farmer batting 2 for 3 with 2 RBI. Michael “Chief” Bainbridge also had 2 RBI with a triple. Dylan Gould and Jared Buzan each had RBI doubles and Micah “Mickey D” Dascenzo had an RBI single. Michael “Lucky” Lucente and Ryan “RBI” Brown also added singles to the attack. Sammie Smith walked twice, scoring both times, and Ryne Hensley picked up an RBI on a sacrifice.


POOL GAME 2          The next game was against the West Side Warriors. We felt going in to the tournament, this team would be a great challenge. We were right. Once again the Cyclone pitching was outstanding, but most of the bats didn’t have any pop in them. Cyclone’s defense was also not up to the standard we are used to seeing. The pitching, time and time again had to buckle down to get out of a bad inning set up by poor defense.

            The Warriors jumped to a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Cyclones answered with a run of their own in the bottom of the first with Smiley Hershberger singling and then scoring on G Farmers single. Cyclones then took a 2-1 lead in the fourth inning with Smiley leading off with a single once again and scoring on Chiefs double. West Side knotted things back up in the top of the sixth, and the score stayed that way forcing extra innings. Mickey D shut the door in the seventh and struck out the side in the top of the eighth. In the bottom of the eighth, Sammie led off with a double and advanced to third on a passed ball. Ryne Hensley was at the plate, and hit a ball back to the pitcher. The pitcher froze Sammie at third with Ryno motoring down to first. As the pitcher made the throw to first, Sammie broke for home. The first baseman got the out at first, but Sammie evaded the catcher scoring the winning run. WOW!

 Matt H. led the way going 3 for 3 and scoring two of Cyclone’s three runs. G was 2 for 3 with an RBI, while Lucky continued his hot hitting with a double and a single. Sammie “S squared” Smith had the huge lead off double in the eighth as well as an earlier single. Michael B had an RBI double to round out the hitting.



tornado 1

Game 9 Crete Cyclones vs Shereville AA Win 7-6

Friday, the Cyclones played a monumental game and took a huge step. Out of desperation for a game to play, we scheduled a game with Shererville a 2 two year double A team. When they started showing up at the field, they looked seasoned and talented.
Shererville came out swinging the bats and put the ball in play. With a deer in the headlight like look, the Cyclones on less than stellar defense spotted the visitors four runs in the top of the first. Crete, never feeling out of any game, shook off the bad defensive start and put up four runs of their own to tie the game at four after one  inning of play. A five hit first inning ATTACK let Indiana know they were in for a game! 
Crete settled down and pitching and defense kept Shererville scoreless for the next four innings. The Cyclones added a run in the fourth on a Ryan Brown double and a Dylan Gould single to take a 5-4 lead. In the top of the sixth, Shererville scored two more to take a 6-5 lead, only to see Crete come back with the tying run in the bottom of the sixth. A great defensive play in the top of the seventh was turned in by Ryan Brown and Grant Farmer as Ryan threw a strike to G who was catching and the runner was out at the plate. In the bottom half of the seventh, Chief walked and then stole second. G then singled Chief to third. Dozer Buzan then lined a single up the middle to score the winning run!
With a couple of guys missing, the Cyclones played with nine men who played their hearts out. The pitching was what we have come to expect... outstanding. The defense after the first inning was awesome with leather being thrown by the entire team. Mitchell played an outstanding left field, Ryan matched it in right  and Jared was throwing leather at second base. Our catchers were nothing short of great!
Offensively, it went like this. Dylan singled and had 2 RBI. Sammie was 2 for 4 with a two singles, one a nice bunt and scored a run. Chief was 1 for 2 with single, 2 walks and 2 runs scored and an RBI. G went 2 for 4 with 2 singles, one run scored and an RBI. Jared was 2 for 4 with 2 singles and the game winning RBI. Matt had a single and scored a run. Michael "Lucky" Lucente, (GREAT GAME) 2 for 3, 2 doubles , one run scored and a game high 2 RBI.  Ryan Brown, a double, HBP and 1 run scored. Mitchell was heads up and ran out a dropped third strike, and drew a walk.
Next let's settle a score with St. Johns!


spinning baseball 2


SEMI-FINAL WIN OR GO HOME Game four against the well coached Oak Lawn Lightning proved to be too close for comfort as well. The heart attack kids prevailed once again for a 4-3 victory. The Lightning jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first on a shaky defensive start by the Cyclones who gave Oak Lawn two extra outs with errors. The Cyclones squeaked out of the inning only giving up one run and came back and got a run of their own. Smiley started things off singling with one out. After stealing second, he advanced to third on a ground out and then scored on an RBI single by Grant.

The Cyclones took a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the second after Lucky Lucente lead off with a single and then promptly stole second and third base. He then scored the go ahead run on a passed ball. The score stayed that way until seventh. The Lightning’s lead off batter struck out. We’re thinking great start. The second batter in the lineup reached on an error. Then the number three batter Bolhus launched a bomb over the right field fence giving Oak Lawn their first lead of the game 3-2.

As the case had been in the last two regular season games, the Cyclones were down but there was still some fight left in the dog. Coach Hershberger commented that there was a business like seriousness in the dug out and all the guys were saying was “Let’s tie this game up and then win it!” The bottom of the seventh started with a ground out to first base. The coaches were nervous, but the Cyclone players obviously didn’t have loosing on their mind. With one out, Matt H. singled. Michael B followed with a single and stole second, setting up second and third with one out. Grant hit a shot down the first base line that was snagged by the first baseman. Off on the pitch, Matt slid safely into home with the tying run with Chief advanced to third. “Dozer” Buzan to the plate. The first pitch was a ball, the second pitch was something Jared liked… loved and he smashed a liner into center field with Michael B easily scoring the winning run and Jared getting the game winning RBI. Players, coaches and fans went nuts!



            It came as no surprise to find out that West Side had won their semi-final game and had advanced to the championship game. This was truly a game where every single player on the team contributed something monstrous either offensively, defensively or on the mound. The Cyclones won the coin toss, so West Side would have first chance to attack.

            Attack they did! They came out swinging the bats and put two quick runs on the board to take a 2-0 lead. In the bottom of the first, the Cyclones answered with two runs to tie the game. Smiley picked up an infield hit and a stolen base, and then Chief knocked him in with a double. Michael B advance to third on Grants ground out and then scored on a passed ball. Dozer kept the line moving with a single but that was all she wrote. Tie game 2-2.

            In the top of the third, Grant was starting to labor on the mound. After coach made a trip to the mound, G was going to face one more batter. With two runners on and one out, the number four batter in the lineup hit a shot to right field Ryan Brown made an outstanding catch of a ball slicing away toward the line, and easily threw out the runner who had left first base at the crack of the bat. As West Side coaches threw their hands up in disbelief all we could say was WOW! Ryan went on to have a spectacular game,



Load up the Bases by Whiskey Falls

leading off the next inning with a hit, and throwing another runner out at first from right field.

            The bottom of the fourth proved to be our inning. Chief led off with a single and stole second, G singled, Michael advanced to third. Grant stole second. Michael scored on a passed ball, Grant moved to third. With one out Lucky Lucente singled driving in the runner at third. Sammie Clutch Smith narrowly missed a home run and doubled in Lucky. Sammie moved up on a passed ball and then scored with  Ryno Hensley picking up the RBI. After four innings, Cyclone 6, Westside 4.

            Cyclones threatened in the fifth, with Mitchell getting a base hit, but could not add any more runs.

            Michael B was mowing down Warriors facing only four batters in the fourth and then striking out the side in the fifth. In the top of the sixth with two on, two out one run in and low fuel in the tank, Mickey D came on in relief. The West Side batter hit a blooper into short right field. Jared read the ball quickly off the bat and made an outstanding catch going back and toward the right field line robbing a hit and for sure two runs scored. This catch once again left the West Side coaches and players looking in disbelief.

The Cyclones added an insurance run in the top of the seventh. Michael B doubled, and moved up on Grants grounder. He took third on a passed ball, and then scored on a passed ball.

 Micah took the mound for the seventh and got the first batter looking on strikes. Two weak grounder back to the pitcher for put outs to first base sealed the 2008 Cyclones first tournament championship! There were high fives, trophies and pictures for all, and a cold shower for others. Congratulations Cyclone players, coaches and fans!


tornado 1

Game 8 Crete Cyclones vs Manteno Win 17-4

The weather looked terrible all week and so did the chances for playing Friday night. The bad stuff passed, and at 8:05 pm the Cyclones squared off against a very good Manteno team.
It was the best all around game that the Cyclones have played all year. The kids were pumped, the coaches were pumped, and the fans were pumped. Manteno was sat down 1,2,3 in the first, and Crete jumped on the board scoring three runs after the first two batters were out. Manteno added one in the second inning, only to have the Cyclones come back with two runs in the bottom of the second. Manteno added two runs in the third. In the bottom of the third the Cyclones put up two more to take a 7-3 lead after three innings complete. Crete added a lone run in the fourth and in the top of the fifth Manteno scored their final run. The Cyclones added two more runs in the fifth, and then broke the game wide open in the bottom of the sixth with seven runs to cruise to a 17 to 4 victory.
Every Cyclone player contributed with at least one hit, and great defense was turned in by the entire team. The base running was outstanding! A lot of pressure was put on by Crete with the aggressive base running. Once again, Crete pitching was dominant with Grant, Micah, and Jared getting the job done. Michael Lucente's left field defense backing up plays at third was stellar as was Ryan Brown in right who made a great catch going to his knees and picking the ball off the ground.
Now for the offense! Mickey D went 1 for 4 with a great bunt for a base hit and a run scored. Mitch was 1 for 3 with a base hit, a HBP, a run scored and 2 RBI. "RBI" Brown had a 2 for 4 night with 2 singles, 1 run scored and 1 RBI. Michael L was 2 for 3 with 2 singles, 1 walk, 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. Sammie was officially 1 for 1 with 3 walks, a single, 3 runs scored and 1 RBI. "Dozer" went 1 for 3 with a base hit, a walk 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. "G" went 3 for 3 with a walk, 2 singles, a double, 2 runs scored and led the team with 3 RBI. "Chief" was officially 2 for 2 with 2 walks (they were scared), a single, a double and 3 runs scored and 2 RBI. "Ryno" Hensley moved up to the 2 hole and went 1 for 3 with a double, a walk and 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Dylan was 1 for 4  with a single.
The next scheduled game is against St.John. This time they are coming to the Cyclones house. Please make our guests uncomfortable and do not let them enjoy their stay!

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Cyclones Finish 3rd in Orland Park Thunder Tournament
Winning is nothing new for the Cyclones. With the exception of our 1st loss of the year, we continued to dominate our opponents. We received yet ANOTHER trophy to put on the shelf. I hope everyone is resting up for the biggest challenge of our season...Ho Chunk. So let's re-cap our job well done in Orland Park shall we?
This was a typical Cyclones game.  Our strong pitching lead to few hits by the LaGrange All stars.  Winning this match-up 10-4, we had a little bit of everything. Dylan was 1-2 with a walk and a single. Matt followed behind him putting the ball in play at each at bat and getting 1 RBI. Michael had a huge double and an RBI. Grant had 2 walks. Jared  had a walk and a single, Micheal L was 2-2  with an RBI. Sammie had a triple that scored 2 runs in the 5th inning. Ryan Brown had a single and a walk, with 1 RBI. Micah was on base twice with a Fielders Choice and a single.
Our bats were really smoking on Wednesday night in our 13-6 victory over the Darien All stars. Our pitching was great.  Once Jared found his rhythm he was nearly untouchable.  He struck out 4 of the last 5 batters he faced. Michael L did a great job coming in and shutting down Darien's offense.  Then Micah came in and struck out the side to finish them off. Everyone got on base at least once.  Great win, our momentum was rolling in the right direction for our big game on Friday night against Schererville.
With a days rest the Cyclones were ready to win the pool and start bracket play.  Well win we did.  In a close 5-4 win we managed to remain undefeated and go 3-0 in pool play.  The Cyclones jumped on the board early putting up 2 runs in 2nd inning. Singles by Michael Lucenete and Sammie Smith turned into our first 2 runs when Ryno Hensley hit a shot to rightfield.  In the 3rd we came right back and started from the top of the line-up.  Dylan had a double, Micheal B had a single, G had a single. and then Jared "Dozer" Buzan had a solid double that got him 2 RBI's.  Schereville got 4 runs in the 5th but we held them in the 6th and 7th to get the W.
Semi-Final Game
Saturday 9:45am
Beautiful sunny skies, nice breeze
Great job to all the Mom's for getting their son's uniforms clean
Where were the Cyclones?
Consolation Championship
Even thought the LaGrane Park All-Stars thought that having a shade tree would give them the upper hand they were wrong.  Cyclones had control of this game from the second they stepped onto the field. Dylan & Matt both scored runs in the first inning.  LaGrange didn't stand a change against Micah's pitching and the Cyclone defense. Ryne had an awesome catch in center field to end the top of the 4th. We unleashed in the bottom of the 4th inning scoring 8 runs. Dylan started off the inning with a single, followed by another from Matt. Michael B pushed the runners 70 feet so that Grant could hit Dylan home. Michael "Lucky" Lucente had base clearing bomb of a triple that scored 2 runs. Sammie, Micah & Ryne all got on base after that and scored thanks to a single by Mitchell.  Dylan was up again that inning and got walked. We won in 4 1/2 innings due to the mercy rule and took home a 3rd place trophy and a No Hitter thrown by Michah and Michael L.  As usual the Cyclones showed great sportsmanship and were gracious winners.
Enjoy your days off to rest and be ready to bring it to Ho-Chunk so us fans (Mom's & Dad's) have a ton more to cheer about.  We are all so proud of all of you!!!


tornado 1
Tuesday, June 3
Game 7 Crete Cyclones vs Frankfort Square WIN 25-3
Cyclone Players and Parents,
PUT IT ON THE BOARD... YES! Sorry Cub's fans. The Cyclones are really putting my wpm and typing skills to the test. Coach Bainbridge, are we running out of website space yet?? These boys don't feel sorry for anyone! I think they are making up for all of the years of sub par All-Star tournament teams and royal butt whoopins' that Crete used to have to take.
Let's start off with the PUT IT ON THE BOARD stuff and make it as easy as possible. "Chief" Michael B. took out his tomahawk and whacked another towering home run for his second out of the park home run for the Cyclones.
To start the game the Cyclones jumped out to a seven run lead in the 1st while batting around plus three more batters. Frankfort Square answered with three runs of their own, and then the Cyclones pitching and defense became stingy. There will be no suspense, as Frankfort would not hardly even threaten to score the rest of the evening.
In the 3rd inning Crete added two runs, in the 4th another pair and in the 5th three more to take a commanding 14-3 lead. One run short of going home early! The 6th inning seemed to go for an eternity with sixteen Cyclones batting and scoring another eleven runs, for a 25-3 final score.
A defensive gauntlet was thrown down early with leather being flashed in the first inning. Every infielder including the pitchers got in on some great fielding plays. "Dozer" Buzan and Michael L. combined for outstanding play at third base, with Michael L. and Sammie Smith narrowly missing turning a double play twice. Our outfield did not get a whole lot of action, but were ready when called upon.
As for hitting, here it comes! Every Cyclone had at least one RBI. Dylan Gould continued his hot hitting going 4 for 5 with 3 RBI and scoring three times. Matt H. went 2 for 4, score three times and added 1 RBI and was hit by a pitch. Michael "Chief" Bainbridge was officially 3 for 4 with a HR, 3 runs scored and 3 RBI. Grant "G" Farmer was 3 for 5 with 3 runs scored and a team high 4 RBI. "Dozer" Buzan stayed hot with 4 for 5, 3 runs scored and 1 RBI. Sammie was officially 2 for 2 with 3 runs scored and 1 RBI. Michael L. was 2 for 3 with 2 RBI, 2 runs scored and 1 HBP. "RBI" Ryan Brown was officially 0 for 2, but had and RBI and a HBP. "RYNO" Hensley continued his great hitting and went 3 for 4 with a run scored and 3 big RBI.
Mitchell "WCheck" had an RBI and 1 run scored. "Mickey D" Dascenzo was 1 for 3 with 2 runs scored and 1 RBI.
Tinley Park is coming to Crete Sunday. Let's fire it up and enjoy some home cookin'!

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The Cyclones GO UNDEFEATED in the 2007 Orland Park Tournament. The championship game against Hinsdale Travel Baseball Team was an amazing game against two very talented teams! Kudos to both teams,their coaches and their fans.

tornado 1
Game 6 Crete Cyclones vs Cardinal Bernadine WIN 31-7
Oh boy! Talk about responding and rebounding. What an offensive, defensive and great all around performance by a dominant Crete Cyclones team. The coaches asked the Cyclone players to come out with intensity from warm-ups through the end of the game. They "brung" it today!
Against a weak team, the Cyclones did exactly what they were supposed to do. The boys reacted a great deal on instinct today and played so well that little coaching was needed. From a coaching stand point, a 30-1 game is never an easy one. To slow our guys down today would have been like a jockey trying to slow down Big Brown. It just wasn't gonna happen!
Once again, the Cyclone pitching was outstanding. With the game shortened due to so much scoring Cardinal Bernadine didn't even get to see stud closer "Dozer" Buzan. Lucky for them.
Defensively, we made some plays, with Sammie Smith getting a put out from right field at first base on a Bernadine batter. We are getting used to seeing one of those each game by our right fielders.
Offensively every batter got involved in the onslaught. Everyone scored at least 2 runs each, and every batter had at least 1 RBI with Michael "Chief" Bainbridge leading the way with 5. Shoeless Dylan Gould went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI, followed by slashing Sammie who went 2 for 5 with an RBI. "Chief" Michael B was 4 for 5 with two doubles and a triple and 5 RBI. Matt "Smiley" stayed hot with a 5 for 6 day with 4 singles and a triple with 2 runs batted in. "G" Farmer went 3 for 5 with a double and a couple of base hits and 3 RBI. "Dozer" Buzan was strong with a 4 for 4 day stroking 3 doubles and a single."RBI" Brown was 4 for 5 with four singles and 3 knocked in. Mitchell hit two singles driving in two runs. "Mickey D" had a single and an RBI. Ryne "Rhino" Hensley had his best day ever with the Cyclones with a 3 for 4 day that included 3 singles and an RBI. Congrats to all the Cyclones for a job well done. We definitely mised Michael Lucente get well soon we need you.
As you can see, all was good today. We played above and beyond the competition today and need to continue bringing it. Cyclones ATTACK! 

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tornado 1
Game 5 Crete Cyclones vs St Johns TIE 9-9 
Where do I start? We could just write that the Crete Cyclones tied 9-9 with St.Johns, but that would leave out too much good and bad. So let's just take it from the top.
Grant Farmer was the starting pitcher, and pitched two scoreless innings surrendering just one hit. The Cyclones jumped on the board in the top of the second with Matt Hershberger leading off with a single and Michael Lucente driving Matt in with a hard single up the middle. In the top of the third Crete added another four runs to take a 5-0 lead into the bottom of the third.
In the bottom of the third, things got a little interesting. With walks, wild pitches and two bloop hits St. John managed to put four runs on the board to cut their deficit to 5-4. In Crete's half of the fourth inning, three consecutive strike outs had us thinking Nolan Ryan was back in Little League. St. Johns added another three runs to take a 7-5 lead.
Poor base running by Crete in the early innings let St.Johns stay in the game. The base running combines with silly errors by the infielders had the Cyclones on the short end of the stick.
St.Johns added another run in their half of the 5th to take an 8-5 advantage. Crete answered with a run in the top of the 6th, but we ran ourselves out of the inning with two runners caught stealing. St.John added another run to extend to a 9-6 lead. 
In the top of the 7th with two on and two out, Michael Bainbridge got all of it with a 3 run bomb 230 foot shot over the right field fence. Jared came in and closed out the game in the bottom of the 7th, and because of a 2:15 time limit the game ended in a 9-9 tie.
Ryan Brown threw another runner out at first base from right field. That was the defensive gem of the day!  As for hitting? Not too bad. The big blow was a 3 run blast hit by Michael "Chief"  Bainbridge to tie the game in the 7th and a double in the 3rd and 5 RBI's for the game . Dylan drew 2 walks and scored a run, Sammie had 3 walks a single and scored a pair, Mitchell added a single and scored in the 7th.Ryan Brown had a single, Matt H had 2 singles and a base on balls, Michael Lucente hit two hard singles and drew a walk. Grant legged out two singles, Jared had a walk and a single and Micah was robbed of two hits. Ryne took some good rips and was out in front just a bit.
We expect the boys to come out and play their best game of the season Sunday. We do get another shot at St. Johns down the road and the coaches expect the boys to show them what we are really about.

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Monday, April 21

Game 1 Crete Cyclones vs. Tinley Park Bobcats WIN 21-11

With great anticipation, the start of the first travel game for 2008 arrived. Some of the boys had butterflies in their stomachs, and the coaches did as well. This game was about to be a learning experience for the players and the coaches. With new spins such as balks, and stealing on the pitcher, our heads were going to be full.
Thanks to a great home plate umpire, between innings he would explain to us what each pitcher had done wrong that would classify as a balk. Needless to say, each of our pitchers balked in one way or another, and now we have a better understanding of what we need to work on and correct.After two innings the game was tied at 2-2. In the 3rd inning the Cyclones took a two run lead, only to see the Bobcats come back and recapture the lead 7-4. In the top of the fourth, the flood gates opened and the Cyclones took the lead for good batting around and scoring 7 runs. The Cyclones added another 3 runs in the 5th inning to take a commanding 14-7 lead. In the bottom of the 6th  the Bobcats added one run only to have Crete answer with 7 in the top of the 7th. Tinley Park tried to mount a comeback in the bottom of the 7th, but only picked up 3 runs. The final score was Cyclones 21 Bobcats 11.Stellar defense was turned in by Sammie Smith on several occasions at second base and in center field. The Tinley Park manager requested Sammie be given a game ball courtesy of the Bobcats. Overall, our defense was pretty good with a few mental mistakes that could be attributed to first game jitters. Hitting was solid with every batter contributing. Matt Hershberger led with a 5 for 5 day, 2 triples a double and two singles. Michael Bainbridge went 4 for 5 with a 1st inning homerun a double and a couple of singles. Sammie Smith was 2 for 3, Ryne Hensley 2 for 3 with a nice bunt. Ryan Brown 2 for 4. Grant Farmer 2 for 5 with a double, triple and of all things a fleet footed steal of home!!! Dylan Gould was 1 for 3 with a nice sacrifice bunt. Jared Buzan went 1 for 4,Michael Lucente went 1 for 3, Micah Dascenzo was 1 for 5 and Mitchell Waliczek had a sacrifice and drew two bases on balls. Now we need to rock Oak Forest like a cyclone!           


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tornado 1

Game 2 Crete Cyclones vs. Oak Forest WIN 10-0 


The Crete Cyclones improved their record to 2-0 on Sunday April 27th.  With a sketchy weather forecast on Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised with light winds and 52 degree temperatures at game time.


The Cyclones bats started off just as warm, and after the first inning, Coach Bainbridge and Farmer were shocked that only two runs had crossed the plate. It felt like a bigger number should have been on the board with how hard many of the balls were hit. It looked like Coach Gould and Hershberger were going to be busy on the bases. The Cyclones continued to add to the lead, and were up 4-0 after 3 innings. Once again it felt like more runs should have been scored at this point, but things were starting to develop. The Cyclones put up a five spot and added a couple more runs for an 10 run total.  Michael Bainbridge was 3 for 3 and three runs scored. There were a couple of nice bunts laid down, and all the Cyclones ran the bases well.


A defensive tone was set right from the start of the game, with Ryan Brown robbing extra bases from a Blue Devil batter in the first inning. Ryan would later add another outstanding play throwing a runner out at second base from deep right field. The defense was solid all day, with Grant Farmer adding an unassisted double play at first, snagging a line drive and touching the bag. Matt and Dylan were strong again catching and throwing runners out, and ended the game with on a double play that had Jared Buzan hustling to first and then gunning the ball to third for Michael Lucente to put the tag on the sliding runner. Sammie was throwing his body around again, and Mitchell played a solid outfield. Every Cyclone player had their heads in the game defensively and was in on a good defensive play one way or another.


Our pitching was rock solid with Grant, Michael B, Micah and Jared all “pitching” in for a shutout.


Ryne "RYNO" Hensley pulled a hand made post-a-note out, handed it to me and said “do you know what this is coach?”  Drawn on the note was the letter A and under it was the word GAME. Ryne continued, “see, I brought my A game coach!” That’s what we want Sunday against Manteno, everyone’s A GAME.


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tornado 1
Game 3 Crete Cyclones vs Manteno WIN 16-7
Cyclones players and parents,
Today there was a great ending to a strange feeling game. During pre-game warm-ups the coaches were a little (a lot) concerned with the lack of effort that was being put forth by the team as a whole. Our feeling was right for three innings. Manteno looked like they came ready to beat up on Crete, and we were just going to take it like they were beating on their little sister.
We started the game with Grant pitching two very good scoreless innings. Manteno kept our bats pretty much in check for the first three innings. What did not help was that we shot ourselves in the foot on the base paths with some boneheaded lackadaisical base running.
In the bottom of the third, Manteno jumped into the lead with a two run, out of the park home run, set up by errors on plays that should have had us out of the inning unscathed. In the top of the fourth Crete bounced back with six runs to take a 6-2 lead.
Manteno answered with 5 more runs in the bottom of the fourth with our defense letting us down and giving the opposition SIX outs.    So after four full innings it was Manteno 7 Cyclones 6.
We tied the game at 7 in the top of the fifth and that score stood until the Cyclones blew the game wide open in the top of the seventh. Once the hits started coming, the boys did not want to stop!  We had a six hit attack in the seventh with two walks and a hit batter included pushing nine runs across the plate during the onslaught for a final score of 16-7.
The hitting stars on the day were Ryan Brown with 2 hits, a base on balls and 4 RBI and scored twice. Jared was 4 for 4 with four singles and 2 runs scored. Dylan added a two bagger and a single, and Sammie had two singles, a walk, a run scored and was heads up taking extra bases on throws from the outfield. Fleet footed Michael Bainbridge had a triple and a double and scored twice. Matt was hit by a pitch, had a walk, singled and scored 3 runs. Michael L was hit by a pitch and laid down a beautiful bunt that squeezed in a run and crossed the plate two times himself. Micah D had a walk and a long single that drove in two runs and scored one also. Ryno had single and two base on balls and scored a pair of runs. Mitchell had a great day at the plate with two base on balls and a single. Grant Farmer had a walk and scored one run.
Grant Farmer and Jared Buzan bookended the game with great pitching performances combining for five scoreless inning. Jared also turned in a couple of outstanding defensive plays throwing out a runner at first from deep third on a line drive and great pick by Michael Bainbridge at 1st  to end the inning on a double play.  Jarred also snagging a line drive up the middle from the pitchers position.
Next on the to do list Friday night... Elmwood Park. Wear the cold weather Under Armour gear!

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2007 Season

Crete Cyclones vs Lemont                                    Win 21-2 

Crete Cyclones vs Franfort Force              Win 11-1

Crete Cyclones vs hickory Hills                          Win 12-6

Crete Cyclones vs Merrionette Park          Win 16-3

Crete Cyclones vs Oaklawn                                    lost 9-3

Crete Cyclones vs Mokena                                     Win 2-1

Crete Cyclones vs New Lenox                 lost 6-5

Crete Cyclones vs St Johns                                   lost 6-4  

Crete Cyclones vs Wilminton                                 lost 4-2

Crete Cyclones vs Morris                               Win 18-6 

Crete Cyclones vs Park Forest                            Win 18-4

Ricton Park Tourney 3rd Place

Crete Cyclones vs Frankfort Independent   Win 18-8

Crete Cyclones vs Ricton Park                      Win 27-5 

Crete Cyclones vs Midlothian                 Win 8-7

Crete Cyclones vs Frankfort                           lost 18-9

Tinley Park Bulldogs Tourney 2nd Place

Crete Cyclones vs Homer                              Win 14-7 

Crete Cyclones vs Westside                         lost 12-10 

Crete Cyclones vs Palos                                Win 6-3 

 Crete Cyclones vs Oak Forest                          Win5-4

Crete Cyclones vs New Lenox                           lost 4-0

Orland Park Tourney 1st Place

Crete Cyclones vs  Darien                            Win 7-3

Crete Cyclones vs Orland Park Red           Win 11-2

Crete Cyclones vs Palos                                     Win 8-1

Crete Cyclones vs Hinsdale                         Win 4-3 



Tuesday, October 30

Congratulations to Michael Bainbridge, Jared Buzan, Grant Farmer, Matt Francesconi, Dylan Gould, and Justin Kozinski for going 14-1 in SWILA fall ball league and winning the championship game.