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Crete Area Youth Baseball Softball Association (CAYBSA) is in existence to create a child, parent and coaching friendly environment for competitive youth softball and baseball. We are a non profit organization trying to maintain and create a high caliber competitive youth program. The goal of the organization is to teach children and parents the fundamentals to become better athletes and coaches. We want the children and parents to have fun and enjoy the games of competitive softball and baseball. We want your participation to be a positive experience.




2015 Crete Baseball and Softball Registraion Dates:

January 16th   6pm - 8pm

January 17th  10am - 2pm

January 30th  6pm - 8pm

January 31st  10am - 2pm



All registraions will be held at:

Township Hall

1367 Wods St

Crete, Il 60417 





Looking to play more ball after the spring/summer league?


2015 is our 5th year offering fall baseball and softball to the youth in our area. You don't have to live in Crete to play in the fall league or have played in our spring league either. Fall ball is about developing players and play in the fall what division you will play the next year. If you move up to Mustang, Bronco, Pony, Pixies, Minors or Juniors this is a great way to get ready.

Baseball will play in the Chicagoland Sunday part time travel league (CSL). Season starts end of Aug through 3rd weekend of Oct. Eight week regular season then 2 seeding playoff games. Top 4 teams advance to semi finals the following weekend. Mustang, Bronco and Pony levels.

Softball fall league TBD. Looking at mid Aug-mid Oct.

If interested in fall baseball or softball for 2015 please sign the interested sign up sheet at sign ups in Jan and Feb 2015.

Long time member of the CAYBSA Doug Falk, passed away Feb 9th, 2012. Doug has been involved in coaching his sons for many years in the CAYBSA. The CAYBSA would like to say "Thank You" to Doug and his family for being a great coach and mentor to the kids he has coached over the years. Doug will be missed but never forgotten.




Crete Cyclones Travel Baseball


Crete Cyclones Travel (part time and full time) Baseball Info for 2015 

The Crete Cyclone teams will compete in the Chicagoland Part Time Sunday Travel League (CSL) in spring 2015. The Sunday league runs the same time our in house WIL/KAN league runs. April - June. Play 10 games. 5 home and 5 away. Away games are usually within 25-30 miles of Crete,IL. It is a great experience for the young players to compete against others towns and play at a level higher than in house games. Not as expensive or demanding as full time travel. Contact Gary Flaig (VP of Baseball) if interested in signing your CAYBSA player for one of these part time Cyclone travel baseball teams. 708-670-4338 (cell) or email


 14U     Manager:   Looking for  coaches 

 12U     Manager:   Looking for  coaches  

11U      Manager:   Looking for coaches                

 10U     Manager:    Looking for coaches

 8U       Manager:    Looking for coaches                              



Greatest Show On Dirt!

2013..............14U Full time travel team results:

Coaches:   Bryan Milburn, Todd Bishop & Don Pearson

Congratulations on 3rd place finish in Portage, IN 14u tournament held June 13th-16th, 2013

Congratulations on 2nd place finish in Wisconsin Dells Game Day USA 14u tournament June 28-30, 2013

Congratulations on 1st place finish in BPA World Series Warm up Tournament in Bourbonnais July 19-21, 2013



2013 Crete Cyclones 2nd place WI
2nd Place Game Day USA WI Tournament June 28-30, 2013
Tuesday, July 2

2011 12U Cyclone Champs
2011 12U Crete Cyclones Frankfort Summer Sizzler Tournament Champs 5-0 !!
2011 12U Cyclones Runners Up OTYA


tourney highlights

 Congratulations to the following 2014 teams is their league &  tournament success

 14u Cyclones    Chicagoland Sunday League fall record 10-1

Coaches:               Brody & Thompson

12u Cyclones       Chicagoland Sunday League fall record 8-1-1

Coaches:               Milburn & Bartnek

 Pony                     Will/Kan League Champions

Coaches:                Mathias

Bronco                   Will/Kan Runner Up

Coaches:                Flaig 

Congratulations to the following 2013 teams is their league &  tournament success

12u Cyclones      2nd place Chicagoland Sunday Fall League

Coaches:              Milburn & Bartnek 

14u Cyclones      2nd place Game Day Usa Wisconsin Dells, WI tournament

Coaches:             Milburn, Bishop & Pearson

14u Cyclones     3rd place Bomb Squad Portage, IN tournament

Coaches:             Milburn, Bishop & Pearson

Pony:                 1st Place  Penney & Barr


Congratulations to the following 2012 teams for their league & tournament success 

14u Cyclones    1st Place Chicago Sunday League Champions 11-0

Coaches:             Milburn, Harden & Pearson

13u Cyclones      1st Place Lombard Summer Classic Tournament

Coaches:              Milburn, Bishop & Pearson

13u Cyclones      1st Place New Lenox Chase Nemeier Tournament

Coaches:              Milburn, Bishop & Pearson

13u Cyclones      Tied for 3rd Frankfort Summer Sizzler:

Coaches:              Milburn, Bishop, McCormick & Sobers

10u Cyclones       1st Place OTYA All Star Tournament:

Coaches:              Gazzillo, Rupp and Sarek

10u Cyclones      1st Place Richton Park All Star Tournament:

Coaches:             Gazzillo, Rupp and Sarek

Pony                  2nd Place Bryan Milburn (16-7)

Bronco               1st place  Ryan Bogenschneider  (20-0)

Mustang            1st place  Gary Flaig

Mustang           2nd place Danny Zarlengo

Mustang        3rd place Tony Gazzillo (17-2)

Congratulations to the following 2011 teams for their tournament success

Pony            2nd Place Jeff Lyons

Pony            3rd Place Mark Wiater

Bronco          1st Place Bryan Milburn

Bronco          2nd Place Todd Bishop

Bronco          3rd Place Terry Shell

12U Cyclones:     1st Place   2011 Frankfort Summer Sizzler  7/7 - 7/12  Record 5-0

Coaches             Bryan Milburn, Todd Bishop, Rich Fortner & Robert Sobers

12U Cyclones:    2nd Place  2011 OTYA 12U Tournament  7/15 - 7/17

Coaches             Bryan Milburn, Todd Bishop, Rich Fortner & Robert Sobers

12U Will-Kan Bronco All Stars:  1st Place

Coaches            Bryan Milburn, Ryan Bogenschneider, Rich Fortner & Robert Sobers

12U Will-Kan Bronco All Stars3rd place

Coaches            Todd Bishop and Pat McCormick

Pixies              2nd Place   Jay Beisterfeld 

Pixies              3rd Place   Jenni Stickler

Minors             1st Place    Nate Ninz

Juniors            1st Place    Tony Roque


Congratulations to the following 2010 teams for their tournament success 

Bronco             3rd Place Bryan Milburn 

Mustang          1st Place Ryan BogenSchnieder  

Minors         2nd Place Tony Roque

Juniors          2nd Place  Vince Schrementi


Congratulations to the folowing 2009 teams for their tournament success

Mustangs            1st Place Todd Bishop

                          2nd Place Bryan Milburn

                          1st Place  Will-Kan  Mustang Crete All Stars

 Coaches:            Milburn, Bishop, Falk & McCormick 

 Pixies                1st Place John Dorn 

Minors               3rd Place Tony Roque

Juniors              3rd Place Vince Schrementi


Congratulations to 2008 teams on there great tournament success. Crete had a team in every championship game this year at every level.

Pintos       2nd Place John Gould

                3rd Place  Terry Shell

                4th Place  Ray Urbikas

Mustang    2nd Place Bryan Milburn (Michigan) 17-3    

Broncos    1st Place Jack Bainbridge (Ohio State) 21-2 record

Pony         2nd Place Tim Wilson    

10u           1st Place Teresa Olszak (Michigan)

12u           1st Place Vince Schrementi (Lsu)

                Championship Game MVP Jessica Bledsoe !!!

14u           2nd Place Marino (Ohio State)

A special thank to all the Crete teams,and coaches that participated this year.

2009 Mustang Allstar Champs

2011 Kan-Will Minor Champs Nate Hinz
2011 Kan-Will Minor Champions Nate Hinz
Thursday, July 21
2011 Kan-Wil Junior Champions Tony Roque 18-0

2011 Wil-Kan Bronco All Star Champs 4-0

2011 Bronco Champs Milburns Cubs Team
2011 Bronco Champions Crete Cubs Team
Tuesday, June 28
2011 Bronco Crete Cubs Champs

2011 Bronco Champions Coaches Crete Cubs

2011 Bronco Crete Cubs Champs
2011 Crete Cubs (Milburn) Bronco Champs 20-1
Play as a team you win as a team.

2008 Bronco (Bainbridge) Wil-Kan Champs

2008 Mustang (Milburn) 2nd place Wil-Kan 17-3

Coach Dorn Pixies 2008 Champs
Coach Dorn 2008 Pixies Champs

2007 10u Champs

2012 Pony Crete Cubs 2nd place
2012 Pony Runner Up Crete Cubs-Milburn

2012 New Lenox Champions 13U Division Coaches: Milburn, Bishop & Pearson
All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy 
      5 batting cages, multiple pitching lanes & a turfed fielding area for indoor practices.
Call 708-595-0919
Pitching Problems Solved !!!
Need To Throw Harder?
Can't Throw Without Pain?
Need Help Finding The Strike Zone?
Know how to throw a 4 or 2 seam fastball?
Know how to throw a change up? 
Hitting Problems Solved !!!
Want To Hit Line Drives Verses Pop Ups?
Want To Be Higher In The Batting Order?
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Get a problem solving, performance boosting, no strings attached, one on one consultation from All Aspects for $25.
All Aspects Students Speak Out.......
UPDATE - "Hey thanks for that hook up on the bat!! I ordered it last night. $79 including shipping!!!! Lil Keith is going to be so surprised!!! And I also wanted to thank you for all the help with Lil Keith!! It is truly appreciated and Keith is doing sooooo much better!! Thanks again and see you Monday!!" - Keith Jarosz
"Hope your season is going fine. Jake is always practicing what you tought him, he asks when is the next time he is going to see you. You tought him well. His catching has improved so much and he is one of our pitchers on the team. Hope your family is doing fine look forward to setting up some practices with you. Thanks again for all you did."  Tom Mullen
"Just wanted to say thanks for the help that you have given Andrew.  He plays for the Crete Red Sox (Pinto).  The skills that Andrew has learned in your clinics has been invaluable.  His batting, fielding and pitching has improved greatly.  Win or lose the game Andrew has learned to love the game of baseball even more than when he had started because he has been given additional fundamental tools to play the game that I did not know how to give him and continue to reinforce.  He has much more confidence when he walks out on the field, up on the mound and up to the plate. Thanks for everything!"- John Yock
All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy
(708) 595-0919 cell

Camps and Clinics

Speed, Agility, Strength & Power CAMPS.

FALL and WINTER Indoor Baseball and Softball Teams forming now!!! 

Footwork Ladder



All Aspects would like to welcome Robert Mehorczyk and his staff from QFS (Quicker Faster Stronger) & Bobby Bear Fun and Fitness to the All Aspects team. Robert Mehorczyk and his staff will run monthly Speed, Agility, Strength and Power Camps to help train our athletes all year round. Emphasis on proper warm up, multi-directional speed, acceleration, lateral movement and strength flexibility.


2015 QFS sessions are held 6 days a week. Call to schedule your session.        


baseball catcher hitter fielder

 Boys Pitching and hitting lessons available 7 days a week!!             


Girls Softball hitting pitching 

 Girls Fast Pitch pitching lessons and hitting lessons available 7 days a week.

Call to book your $25-30 min evaluation today.

Call 708-595-0919 or email 

Speed and Agility Tools
Speed, Agility, Strength & Power Camps

 $20/session. Call to sign up your athlete today!!!                        




$20 - 30 min

$30 - 1 hour

Team 2 cage $50/hour


Call 708.595.0919 to book your cage time. 


Bob Mehorczyk
Robert Mehorczyk
Partner of QFS (Quicker Faster Stronger) & President of Bobby Bear Fun and Fitness.
Click here to learn more about  Bobby Bear Fun and Fitness

Please call 708-595-0919 or email  for more information.


Bryan Milburn
All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy

362 East Sauk Trail

South Chicago Heights, IL 60411         



Rain out & Info Phone #

 Crete baseball & Softball info and Rain out phone # is (708) 672-6278. Game info will be updated by 4:00pm the day of the game if the weather is inclement. 


To all of our sponsors. Thank you for sponsoring our teams. And special thanks to Cheryl Albrecht COUNTRY® Financial, Center Point Properties, Drew Knipper Memorial Foundation, for being field sponsors and Dicks Sporting Goods for being our equipment sponsor and American Legion Post 1291 for being our concession stand sponsor. To see all of our great sponsors click here 


Sponsors wanted

CAYBSA is looking for Sponsors for teams and fields. A great way to get some publicity for your company. Please contact Mike Stawicki at 708-672-1318, or email Click on the link at the top of the web site, or get a form from the sponsors tab on the left side of web site. 


Legends has been selected as the 2015 CAYBSA Picture Day vendor.

When:                     Picture Day TBD

Where:                   Crete Elementary Fields


Times:                      8am-11am  Coaches will be notified of their scheduled picture time.



 Any questions or concerns with uniforms please email  Jennifer Milburn at  

baseball in motion


CAYBSA is looking for IHSA patched umpires for the 2015 CAYBSA baseball and softball games. Please contact Bryan Milburn 708-595-0919 for more information or to be added to the list of umpires for 2015 spring and fall season. 


Softball rocks

Coaches if any need for equipment please contact Tom Lafferty 708-516-2347


Baseball Fields & Grounds

Any field concerns please contact. Gene Mierke 708-341-9203

2015 Field day is TBD. Please come and support the CAYBSA and donate 30 min, 1hr, 90 min or 2hr of your time to get the fields ready for the 2015 season. ALL are welcome to help !!!

If you are interested in becoming a field crew member that helps set the fields up before a game. During the week or weekends please call Gene. Must be 15 yrs old or older.


Crete Crush Travel Softball




The Crete Crush Fastpitch Travel Softball Organization still has a few openings on their 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U teams for the 2015 season. Questions or want to schedule a private try out please Contact BK Siedentopf at

 For more info see our web site

or contact Gina Welsh at 708. 217-0631.


 We train Hard, play hard, and believe it should all still be fun. Gina Welsh


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Questions,comments,suggestion for the league,or pictures for the web site please email them to