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Rays win the East Coast Winter Global Championships
Proverbs 22:6 - Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

"It has little to do with the number on my jersey or the roar of the crowd.....but everything to do with the dream in my heart and the desire to give everything I have to the game" 

 Welcome to the Carolina Rays 11u Tournament Baseball Team web site.  As the Rays enter their 4th season, We are excited about our continued growth during our 11u baseball season.  We are excited to see your support by visiting our site!  The Rays continue to grow, mature and evolve as a team as shown by the tournament wins we have posted this season and our overall record as well.  We are so appreciative of the support we have received and look forward to our 2013-14 sponsorship drive.  As we get new sponsors, please visit our Sponsor page and show your support of their business.  You can also donate on line and/or shop in our store where proceeds go to help us with this team.  If you would like to become a sponsor partner of the Rays, visit the Handout section of our site to download a sponsor form or contact us.  As this site continues to be built, more info, pictures, schedules and events will be posted.  The boys are working hard and getting better each day. 

 Carolina Rays Baseball....Feel the Sting!

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Monday, May 6
Got Four?? Rays win 4th Ring of the Season

Rays have another awesome weekend as champions of the Mayfest Mayhem Global Sports NIT 10u Open tournament, winning their 4th ring of the season.  Game 2 was a thriller in itself with a straight pitcher's duel.  Caleb Jones goes 6 complete innings.  With 2 unearned runners on the Hartsville Rebel goes yard allowing them to assume a 3 run league.  Defense was the name of the game.  The Rays had many quality at bats with many hard hit balls being played perfectly by the Rebels.  Cale Clary and Peter Adams were solid in the middle of the Ray's infield making many sensational plays.  Jackson Callaway was rock solid behind the plate.  The Rays hang in until the 6 making plays off the fence, picking off base runners and more.  Then, the bottom of the 6th comes up and the Rays show their "bend, but don't break" mentalility.  Batters 8-11 manage to load the bases with hits and one walk.  Batters 1-3 keep it going and Graham Smith delivers the game winning smash.  Rays win!!  Let the "Drive for 5" begin!! 

Friday, March 29
Rays Win Rings For the Second Time In Their Young 10u Season

Rays win rings....again, with an impressive second place showing at the South Carolina Spring Championship competing in a "AAA teams only" bracket.  Taking on tougher and tougher competition has become the "name of the game" for the Rays, who are always looking to raise the bar.  Showing yet, once again, the Rays belong with the "big boys."

Saturday, March 16
Rays Finish An Impressive 2nd at the March Madness Tournament

Rays finsih with another impressive 3-1 mark and finishing 2nd in the AAA division (the highest for the weekend).  The Rays opened Saturday with wins over the Carolina Blue Jays 11-1 and over the Carolina Copperheads 6-3.  Sunday opened with a win over the Carolina Longhorns with a 6th inning victory, 7-6, setting up the Championship game with another quality opponent- The Carolina Sox.  A tough battle was the name of the game with the Sox edging the Rays 7-5.

Saturday, March 9
Rays Challenge At Their 11u Tournament

The Rays challenge themselves as a 10u team entering an 11u tournament.  Rays open Saturday with 1-1 mark.  Sunday opened with a victory sending the Rays to the Championship game.  Rays fall short in the Championship game, but prove their continued growth by placing 2nd in the tournament.  Way to go, Rays!

Saturday, November 17
Rays Sweep Weekend Ring Tournament

The Rays complete an impressive sweep of the weekend going 4-0 and winning the East Coast Winter Global Championships.  Impressive wins on Saturday with a 9-1 win and a 10-2 victory got the weekend off to a great start.  Sunday started with an impressive 9-4 win, setting up the Championship game against the Big Leaguers Kudzu, a formidable opponent.  What a great game with the Rays coming out on top 9-4, capping the weekend sweep.  Rays win USSSA rings for their Championship performance.  Rays outscore their opponents 37-11 showing that not only our defense carries us, but our offense can do the job as well!  Great job, Rays!

Tuesday, September 25
Rays Finish In 3 Way Tie For First in the Carolina Classic Global Sports NIT

The Rays post another great weekend finishing in a 3 way tie for first in the Carolina Classic Global Sports NIT.  Due to the "Runs Allowed" rule, the Rays take home the Runner Up Second place postion.  Awesome pitching was the name of the game this weekend with impessive performances put in by Cale, Graham, Caleb, Jordan and Tyler.  Stellar defense put in by Peter and Grant kept the scoring to a minimum.  "Highlight" catches by Andrew and Logan capped off another weekend of awesome defensive play.  RBI "machine" Jackson was execptionally hot at the plate drivng in runs all weekend long.  Way to go Rays!

Worth Fall Champ
Saturday, September 22
Rays Are Worth Sports Fall Championships Champions

Rays win the Worth Sports Fall Championships as they win their championship game against the Charleston Heat 16-9.  Along the way, the Rays defeat another quality team, the Kudzu, showing their continued growth.  "Small ball" was the name of the game with numerous bunts, hit and runs, steals, suicide squeezes and more opened the games up for some big hits to go along with some awesome defense!  Way to go Rays!