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Coughlin Girls Soccer 2003 Season Story

Written by: Desiree Boris (2003 Graduate)

Here's a Little Story About the Soccer Team

June 4,2003- Hey girls! I just wanted to thank everyone for making this year one that the seniors will really remember. Although in the beginning, most of you girls didn't like us very much, I am sure that you see know how we needed to work hard. In the end, everything worked out well. We accomplished our goals in Coughlin style (dramatic). So this is where we begin our story: Preseason- Captain Blood, plyos, sprints, and lots of yelling. We practiced hard in the gym, all we did was run. Other sports teams couldn't believe how much we were running, sprinting, everything. They just couldn't believe it. We came in during the week and even on Saturdays. Spring forward to the beginning of our season- We could not get our scrimmages in, we couldn't even practice on a field. As a team, we were practicing in gyms and on the pavement for the longest time. Things were not looking very promising on the field front. We still made the best of practices and did as much as we could, but still something was missing. Our field, our home. We had most of our games changed to away games. Our first game we played North Pocono. We won but not by a very big margin, 2-1. They sure gave us a run for our money. We continued to practice, but not on our field. We played some more games, tied valley west at their field. The first time in four years that we did not lose to them. We tied Dallas in double overtime 0-0 on a horrible, horrible field. Then we suffered our first lost to Meyers. We lost a few more games and before any one person on the team knew we were 1-4-2 at the end of the first half of the season. We were at a place we didn't think we would be, next to last. Joey had a little talk with us, that really woke us up. He talked about teamwork, how we have to become a team, and the most important thing that he said was that we would not be playing with eachother ever again after this season. No more yelling, no more rituals, no more anything. It would soon be over before any of us really knew what happened. Mr. Spag and Joey asked us what we wanted to do with the season. We went out to eat, we began to become close, like a family. We decided to take it one game at a time. We began to practice at Solomon, and before you knew it we were at home again. There is something special about Guthrie. Once we got back home we began to win. We were confident in our play and it showed. We started the second half of the season in second to last place. We began to win games. We beat North Pocono, crushed Dallas 5-0, beat Valley West 3-0. Meyers 4-1. Then it came down to crunch time. We would have to win two of the next three games in order to make it into playoffs. One game at a time. We played Abington Heights beat them 3-1. One down two to go. Then came Lehman an undefeated team, we lost 3-0. We would have to beat Wyoming Seminary in order to make it into playoffs. If we won we would go on, if we lost we would go home. To add a little excitement to the game it was senior day and raining. They score first, we score they score, there is some more scoring and then finally the game is over. We won 3-2. We made it into districts. We ended up being seeded fifth overall. We would have to come up from the bottom if we wanted to win this. And that is exactly what we did. We played Nanticoke, undefeated, beat them 2-1. No longer undefeated. Next game, Lehman under the lights at Misercordia. What a game! They score, we score, we score in the second half 33 seconds in to tie the game. That's how regulation ends, of course in Coughlin style. What happens but with two seconds left in overtime there is a penalty called close to the 18. Laura takes the kick and scores! Everyone goes into a frenzy. Huge pile on. Everyone is yelling, cheering and crying. Look what we did, it isn't over quite yet. Two days later we have to play Abington Heights for the championship. We beat them 1-0. Justine had some AMAZING saves (Athlete of the Week)! After the game everyone was so happy and so excited. We celebrated by going out to eat. Then came states. We played a really good game against Wilson but ended up losing 2-0. Girls, what we have accomplished this year is crazy. Nobody thought that we would be able to do what we did. It has not sunk in yet, as to how much we have accomplished. We were in 176th place in the state at the end of the first half of the season. There are 196 teams in the state. To go from 176 to 8 in 7 games is crazy! We were determined to turn our season around and that is what we did. The memories we have from this season are memories that will never fade. Thank you for making this season one of the best seasons ever. When things get tough always remember what a team can do together when they are 1-4-2 and "out" of the playoff hunt. We really showed teams our true colors. We were not going to lay down for anyone.
One more thing: "Good practice today girls"