Cosmos 01 Boys Grey: Welcome

Welcome to the CenCal Cosmos 01 Boys Grey Team Website


We are U13 boys and part of the CenCal Cosmos youth soccer club coached by Darren Holden.

CenCal Cosmos is a youth soccer club committed to developing youth soccer and youth soccer players throughout the San Joaquin Valley. CCC is a player-centered club that focuses on age appropriate technical, tactical, physical and psychological development with the end goal of facilitating the player reaching his/her own potential.

CCC and its staff/coaches, embrace their position of influence in young peoples' lives as an opportunity to mentor, guide and model behaviors conducive to producing positive, healthy and productive members of society. CCC and its staff/coaches at all times act ethically and prioritize the best interests of its players as paramount.

CCC is committed to becoming synonymous with, and representative of, the best of the Central Valley and soccer, and to conducting itself with the utmost integrity at all times.