Cortlandt Titans: Welcome

Roselli Td
Mike Bingay on a nice 5 yard run to set up the TD

Joe Roselli on his first TD of the Season

Hey Titans family,

Titans Family,

I will be at the Senior Bowl cheering on our guys if anyone would like to come.

The game starts at 7pm on Friday (11/18/11) at Lakeland High School (DRESS WARMLY)!!!

Otherwise, I will see you guys at the dinner.

 Coach Kirk

Titans Family


We need a head count as soon as possible.

7:00 PM at the Verplanck Fire House

 Tuesday November 29th
Adults - $15.00
Players - Free
Siblings - $8.00 (under 5 Free)     

Make Checks Payable to:   CYFLTD Club

Mr. Castner will be collecting the money starting this Sunday.

Please hand in your money in an  envelope sealed with your name, how many people other than the players written on the outside.


Coach Kirk


Hard work guys!

If you want to get better you should be working on your own time!!!

Coach Kirk

Check out our Titans photos at Mr Castners photo site

You can go to the links page on the left or use the address below!


Hey everyone, The Touchdown Club has put together a new web site featuring information on our games and other games played by all your old teams (49ers, Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Raiders, Giants). You can log on and read all the recap for the weeks games! Keep up with your old teams and see whats written about your own team! Check out the site and register when you get a chance!

Coach Kirk

  THIS YEAR WE DID ANOTHER SET OF ADVANCED FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMPS FOR ANYONE THAT WAS INTERESTED (open to everyone high school through grade school (ages 9-17), on the team or not).The camps were very successful and we will continue to offer these camps as well as individual and group training by appointment!

This is not little kids stuff like some of the camps we have seen!!! At the camps you will learn keys and reads necessary for your specific position. We will then do specific drills to condition the keys in to your brain so you can use them when the situation comes up. We will give you position specific workouts to do on your own throughout the off-season and season. If you need runningback work and info you will not have to wait for the offensive linemen or any other position to finish. Every position will have its own date and time. We will work with receivers only during the receivers camps, the linebackers only during the linebackers camps and the same for all positions!


These position camps are $65.00 per position!

Each position is 2 hours per session with 3 sessions (total 6 hours of training for $65.00)

If you sign up for 2 positions you may attend and/or participate in any and all position camps free!

Although this is the team website, this program is not in relation to the Titans football team!!!

This is definitely not required to be on the team!

For information on the camps e-mail us at:

We hope to see you at the camps this year and help you get to that next level!

Don't sit back and wait for yourself to get better. Take that step and make yourself better!!!




Make sure you drink plenty of water hours before you go out and do anything strenuous! Football is very strenuous! Drink your water before you come out with us!!!

Titans coaching staff




My E-mail Address is:

Phone # 914-434-6050

If you can't get on the message boards or the surveys e-mail me with your e-mail address and I will put you in and email you back your password! This is for those of you that are having problems getting on!

Coach K


On this site you can follow stats, chat (keep it clean), check the recent news for our team, download and print certain handouts such as plays and/or techniques for specific positions, get driving directions to games, schedules, buy team gear (Prep Sportswear is not affiliated with the Titans, they keep all of the profit from your purchase), ask questions, view photos, get scouting reports on upcoming games, view and contribute to survey questions such as who was this weeks player of the game and much more!


Mustard with his first TD of the season

ditka hard game by kirk