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Friday, July 1
Cortlandt National Little League Community and Alumni-

Our little league has great community of players of all ages.   We currently have a group of 11-12 year old players who have been playing together in CNLL since they were 5 years old. When they were 9, they branched out to play summer travel leagues together, and extended that to Summer tournaments, Summer leagues, and Fall leagues, all while of course moving up in the ranks within CNLL.     Now at age 12, they have collectively played at least 150 games together. 

This group of 12 boys have been raising funds since December to play in a Aug 2016 week long Cooperstown Baseball tournament.   They will sleep in bunkhouses, eat meals together (along with 70+ other teams) and play up to 7 games on pristine major league style fields.  It's the Major League Baseball dream for this group who have committed to playing together and working towards their goal.   Their goal is to raise $20,000 to cover all of the necessary fees and amenities.   

This group will be the FIRST CORTLANDT NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE team to represent CNLL at a COOPERSTOWN BASEBALL TOURNAMENT in the past 20-30 years.    A great achievement for this group of players which we hope will continue next year, the year after, etc..etc.. 

#20 Donovan Burns    #24 Sean Feighery  #28 Michael Gagliardi  #15 Joshua Gillison

#9 Frankie Godino  #13 Dean Hiltsley   # 9 Noah Lipton  #10 Christopher McGuire

#16 Shayne Naley  #3 Anthony Settembre   #2 Josh Shea   #6 Michael Vaccaro

As we stand with approx. one month to go before they leave, they are a few thousand dollars short of their goal.   They will be having one final push this month with car washes and other events.   So if you see them around town, please take advantage of the events.    

They do have a website to donate as well.   Unlike a traditional “GO FUND ME” page, they set theirs up as a “ PAY IT FORWARD” website .  The players have been doing good deeds, charity work, writing letters to servicemen, etc.  

They are asking for donations to help fuel their Pay it Forward campaign.  

On behalf of the team, Cortlandt National Little League thanks you for your participation in any of the past or future fundraising events, and for your donation to the Road to Cooperstown webpage.  We hope this is the first of MANY FUTURE CNLL teams to represent our league at a Cooperstown Summer tournament.


Saturday, June 18
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