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08-21-14 09:48 PM
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Corona High Panthers
Mark Gardner
(951) 529-1056
1150 W. 10th Street
Corona, California

This website is dedicated to the hardworking athletes and parents of the Corona High Cross Country program!


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Red & Gold Meet XI Rosters

However you want to paint the picture, the colors of Run the Rainbow ran to victory in our 11th Annual Red & Gold Meet!  Their #5 finished ahead of the runner-ups #4 as they only won by three points!   Only 14 points separated our top eight teams while the 8th place was actually WINNING after four scorers had come across the line! 

Led by team captain, Moises Orduna, the true heroes in their victory lied in their ability to finish between 21st and 31st place for their four remaining scorers.  The athlete that made the greatest impact was freshman Reed Bullock.  Covering the back of of a fellow teammate that has been sick, he was predicted to take 44th place.  In the end, fellow Rainbow Runner Will Doerr paced him to a 29th place finish.  That 15 points was a huge difference.  Not to be overlooked, Eain Errett also stepped it up in finishing 27th (he was seeded to finish 36th).  Eric Meckstroft also impressed and was this team's #2. 

In the driver's sear until the 5th crucial scoring spot, The Red Hot Chili Runners looked strong!   Brook Solomon and Santiago Vega finished right where they were supposed to.  Luis Bugarin, seeded #31 actually finished 23rd.  But, even with scoring two of our top five girls (Abril Ortiz and Neftali Escalante) was not enough to overcome the depth of those Rainbows.  This team did everything right to win but you cannot control with other teams do as was the case in this situation. 

Team Scores
Run the Rainbow - 114
Red Hot Chili Runners - 117
Team Vagucci - 120
Wolverines - 122
Team World Cup - 123
Dynamic - 125
Corona Cruisers - 128
Ballerina Babies - 128
Killer Kicking Clowns - 140
Runners, Inc. - 188 (missing #1 runner)





Look at how young some of our seniors from back in 2012!!!!! 

Team #1 - Gabby and Hannah Enriquez, Chelsea Fajardo, Julia Harris, Uriel Medina,  Luis Ojeda, Adriana Pedroza, Josh Silva*, Blake Starbuck 
Team #2 - Sean Bell*, Malique Berry, Liam Brooks, Sean Heredia, Brandon Mendoza, Sophie and Whitney Schuring, Karen Tevelan, Michelle Zavala
Team #3 - Mason Boren, Cristina Carillo, Alejandro Escalante, Haylee Fontaine, Eduardo Lopez, Paola Romano, Carlos Rondero, Enrique Villa, Vanessa Washington
Team #4 - Manuel Contreras, Eric Cowan, Gary Garcia*, Caitlin King, Maria Linares, Julia Lopez, Stephen Rungren, Jason Spatter*
Team #5 - Reed Bullock, Evelyn Castro, Alyson Conoway, Will Doerr, Eain Errett, Erik Meckstroft, Allie Nguyen, Moises Orduna*
Team #6 - Jessica Aguilar, Valerie Anderson*, Samantha Cruz, Jesse Higgins, Eddie Mariscal, Collin Miller, Chris Morales*, Cynthia Torres
Team #7 - Conner Bradley, Riley Champion, Saul Gallardo, Alyssa Garcia, Wendy Hernandez, Stephanie Padilla, Arleth Pineda, Gilbert Robles*
Team #8 - Emily Heaston, Brianna Jasso*, Nik Lee*, Veronica Putnam, Sani Shabgahi, David Sanchez, Sami Sprinkle, Javier Vazquez
Team #9 - Esteban Alvarado*, Jasmine Garcia, Josh Madriaga, Kim Padilla, Jimmy and Thy Pham, Jacob Struble, Claudia Valdivia
Team #10 - Luis Bugarin, Ricardo Cruz, Neftali Escalante, Abril and Astrid Ortiz, Brook Solomon*, Karina and Santiago Vega, Alex Vu 
Team Eleven - Alumni Team

*Email or Text Coach Gardner as soon as possible to claim 'team colors' 

This Week with CXC

August 18-August 24   (Updated at 1:15 pm, Wednesday)

1st period Athletes:
Wednesday - 7 am start time  (ENTIRE TEAM WILL WORKOUT at 7 am)
***Team Dinner at the Starbucks ' home from 6-8 pm
Thursday - 7:30 start time   (easy 25 min. run) 
****Red & Gold meet.  Be at Butterfield Park at 4 pm. 
Friday - 7 am start time
Saturday - Skyline (7-12 miles)

Boys Varsity Group will organize two other runs (equally 10 miles) Goal is 60 miles this week! 


6th period Athletes:
Wednesday - 7 am start time
***Team Dinner at the Starbucks' home from 6-8 pm
Thursday - 1-2 miles during 6th period
****Red & Gold Meet.  Be at Butterfield Park at 4 pm.
Friday - 2 pm start time
Saturday - Skyline (7-12 miles)  

The heat is here to stay.. 

Saturday - Skyline Run  (7-9:30 am) 
**Varsity returners should go up 50 minutes up and 50 minutes back down (1:40 total)
**We're challenging our 1st year runners to go 35-40 minutes (1:00-1:20 total) but at a slower pace than our veterans

TEAM DINNER - Wednesday night
Starbuck's Home: 1674 Washburn Circle, Corona 92882
From Corona High, get onto Lincoln and take a left at Citron.  Drive towards Main Street but take a left at Belle St.  Take a right at W. Burr St.  Take a right at Washburn Circle. 

Red & Gold Meet - Thursday afternoon 
Athletes need to meet at Butterfield Park at 4:00 pm - find your own transportation
**1st period athletes will do a light run with upper body lifting 
**6th period athletes will meet for a light run at 2:00 pm
**Actual race begins at 5:00 pm
**Conduct team scoring around 6:00 pm
***Who will our 2014 Team Champion?!?!

2014 Race Schedule Breakdown

Our entire 2014 race/meet schedule is completely broken down below.  Some of the ...

Motivating for Life

This list was originally introduced to Coach Gardner from Joe Newton's book "Coaching ...

Athletes - simply click onto the title and go to the map of Corona. Follow the directions and you'll be able to map out how far you've run through the streets of Corona!  Enjoy and have fun! It will all make you more aware of all of your runs!

You can also click onto Running Routes in the land hand column to see previously marked out runs.

The Kenyan Summer (for high school athletes)


Click onto the link for the following article - it's a great read with great advice. 

The Value of Chocolate Milk

A great must-read article about the value of using chocolate milk as a post-workout drink to get the very most from your training.

ALL ATHLETES: Bring a postworkout drink (Gatorade, Powerade, chocolate milk) and a sports nutrition bar to all workouts to ingest once we are done. 

Running Pacing Calculator

Plug in your goal time for three miles. It will indicate what level of fitness (VDOT) that will correlate to. Go to training and you will see what your target paces should be to realistically put yourself in position to go obtain that goal time (3 miles). Varsity boys should ALL be looking to be between VDOT 63-68. Varsity girls - we would love to have seven girls get to be near 48!!!



Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Thu 8/21 star Red & Gold Meet XI 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Butterfield Park
Thu 8/28 star Riverside City Meet 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM TBA
Fri 9/5 star Seaside Invitational 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM San Buenaventura State Park Beach
Sat 9/13 star Laguna Hills Invitational 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Laguna Hills High School
Sat 9/20 star Woodbridge Classic 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM The Great Park, Irvine
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