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Mark Gardner
(951) 529-1056
1150 W. 10th Street
Corona, California

This website is dedicated to the hardworking athletes and parents of the Corona High Cross Country program!


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Tuesday, September 1
Riverside Showcase This Saturday

We will compete in the inaugural Riverside Showcase this Saturday.

ADDRESS: 1011 Orange St., Riverside, CA 
BUSSING:  We only have one bus for this event.  Bus leaves at 6 am - meet at the school at 5:45 am.
RACE SCHEDULE: Coming soon.. 

TEAM DINNER: 2983 Lombardy Lane, Corona CA 92882  Dinner is from 6-8 pm 



Red & Gold XII - Closest Victory Yet...

Running Bananas Pull Off Narrow Victory Red & Gold XII 
Led by Enrique Villa's 1st place finish and anchored by Jasmine Garcia 37th place finish, the Running Bananas claimed the team victory in THE closest three team finish in the history of this 12 year meet!   With freshman Mario Linares stepping it and finishing 10 spots higher than he was seeded, they scored 99 points.  But, finishing 2nd place with 100 points was Team #7.  Tied after four scorers, it came to both teams' #5 to decide the final outcome!  But, actually, Team #5 was in first place after four scorers!  They had 60 to the aforementioned 62 points...but as it tends to happen, it came to each #5 scorer to decide the final outcome.  The teams are equitably seeded by the coaching staff.

We want to thank the parents, supports and alumni for attending.  This was run on the 2.5 mile version of our course!  

Team #1 - 1-14-21-26-37 = 99 points
Team #7 - 8-12-19-23-38 = 100 points
Team #6 - 5-10-17-28-41 = 101 points
Team #4 - 4-20-24-34-35 = 117 points
Team #5 - 6-15-16-40-43 = 120 points
Team #9 - 7-9-25-32-49 = 122 points
Team #3 - 3-22-29-33-39 = 126 points (faster #6 scorer than Team #8)
Team #8 - 11-13-27-31-44 = 126 points 
Team #2 - 2-18-30-36-42 = 128 points 

After four scorers:
Team #6 - 60
Team #1 - 62
Team #7 - 62
Team #9 - 73
Team #5 - 77
Team #4 - 82
Team #8 - 82
Team #2 - 86
Team #3 - 87


Remind Account Information
We need all athletes and parents to sign up for all account.
Type to 81010 and send the message....   @3843de


2015 Cross Country Schedule
Aug. 20    Red & Gold Meet XII
Sept. 5      Riverside City Meet
Sept. 12    Laguna Hills Invitational
 Sept. 19   Woodbridge XC Classic
Sept. 24    League Meet #1      Butterfield Park, Corona
Oct. 10      Clovis Invite   (Top 7-14 per gender)
Oct. 15      League Meet #2
Oct. 17       Inland Empire Champs (those that didn't compete at Clovis)
Oct. 24      Mt. SAC Invite
Nov. 3       League Finals   Butterfield Park, Corona
Nov. 14     CIF Prelims
Nov. 21     CIF Finals
Nov. 28    California State Championships


Thursday, June 11
Commit to Your Best

Once again, it is time to start another Cross Country season!  I love this sport and I love the attitude all of you bring to our program!  What starts off as 80-90 individuals eventually molds into one tight family.  First of all, I want each and every one of you healthy and fresh all season long.  That means a gradual start to a successful season.  Some runners experience injuries throughout the course of over training before their body is prepared to do so.  Meanwhile, it is also common that veteran runners experience illness as they do not prepare their bodies for the physical stress they endure.  Now it is time to start preparing for the upcoming season!  A sensible training program will help prevent injuries and illness.  First and foremost - get a great pair of running shoes.  Once you have your training shoes, you are prepared to run.  Each week, we will gradually increase how much you run.  For some of you, running for 30 minutes straight will be a challenge.  But, watch as you work your way up to 6o+ minute runs!  By the end of July, you should be ready to run comfortably and be on your way to a healthy and extremely, exciting, worthwhile season.  For you new runners (and some returning), set a high goal of being able to run a healthy pace for 60 minutes by the middle of August. 

Veterans, you must start gradually and you need to make sure that you get enough sleep.  Eight hours of sleep is a minimum for all runners.  We will place a greater focus on nuritional needs this season while you all already know that you should be bringing in as many ounces of water that equal half of your body weight. 

Setting goals and achieving them are what Corona High Cross Country is all about!  As we continue to keep the expectations and goals of our runners and teams high, this year will not be any different!   Some of you that are new to the program WILL contribute to the success of this program!  We've had new runners make on impace on our varsity squads almost every season.  Beginning runners will also experience some of the greatest improvements in the program.

So, what do we expect from you?  We expect you to give your absolute best effort.  BE POSITIVE, improve yourself daily and grasp every opportunity to be better in every way!  We look for you to develop into responsible and mature student/athletes that ALWAYS look to excel past your own expectations!  Cross Country demands a work ethic,..but so does a successful LIFE!  This will be a very exciting year and you can have the time of your life.  Begin that preparation for success today and you will truly amaze yourself with your results.  I look forward to your contributions and I know the hot days of August and September will quickly disappear into the championship days of November!  Get excited, get prepared and have some fun on the run!  Then, you will certainly COMMIT TO YOUR BEST! 

Coach Gardner
Corona High Cross Country

Boys Set School Record @ Woodbridge

Laguna Hills Invite Heats Up

2014 Racing Season Officially Begins

Motivating for Life

Rainbows Win Red & Gold Meet XI

Want to Know How Far We're Running?

Athletes - simply click onto the title and go to the map of Corona. Follow the directions and you'll be able to map out how far you've run through the streets of Corona!  Enjoy and have fun! It will all make you more aware of all of your runs!

You can also click onto Running Routes in the land hand column to see previously marked out runs.

The Value of Chocolate Milk

A great must-read article about the value of using chocolate milk as a post-workout drink to get the very most from your training.

ALL ATHLETES: Bring a postworkout drink (Gatorade, Powerade, chocolate milk) and a sports nutrition bar to all workouts to ingest once we are done. 

Running Pacing Calculator

Plug in your goal time for three miles. It will indicate what level of fitness (VDOT) that will correlate to. Go to training and you will see what your target paces should be to realistically put yourself in position to go obtain that goal time (3 miles). Varsity boys should ALL be looking to be between VDOT 63-68. Varsity girls - we would love to have seven girls get to be near 48!!!



Corona High Cross Country
Corona High Cross Country

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