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                    "THE YARD" 
Helping softball players achieve sucess at the plate, one lesson at a time.

Can you survive a year or more of intense hitting instruction from Coach Marty Tyson?
Can you use that training to obtain a college scholarship?  If you are a high school
player that can say yes to these questions, you will join the list of select high school
players that have become alumni of "The Yard".

Current and former high school players that have recieved a minimum of one year
of hitting lessons from Coach Tyson include:

      Student     Committed to Class of
Danielle Tucker Masters College 2000
Stephanie Rey UC Davis 2000
Carrie Wisen Notre Dame 2001
Tatiana George Florida State University 2001
Dana Rey Western Kentucky 2001
Ann Marie Miller Cal Baptist 2001
Brittany Krane Sacramento State 2001
Lauren McCoy University of New Mexico 2001
Meghan Ritter University of Michigan 2001
Dena Tyson University of Washington 2002
Jessica Marical St. Johns 2002
Jennie Ritter University of Michigan 2002
Valarie Alston Minnesota 2002
Mallorie Lenn Notre Dame 2002
Andrea Smith LSU 2004
Bambi Finley Concordia University 2004
Alyssa Winslow Long Island University 2004
Beth Nolan East Carolina 2004
Christina Trimble Bethune-Cookman University 2004
Danielle Urincho BYU 2004
Lindsay Urbun Maryland 2005
Mandy Pongs Witchita State 2005
Jennifer Griffith University of Tennessee 2005
Courtney Martinez Cal State Fullerton 2005
Mia Cesna Loyola Marymont University 2005
K.C. Cross Iowa State University 2005
Melissa Marinacci University of Illinois Chicago 2005
Stephanie Pellaerito Indiana University 2005
Alicia De La Toria LaSalle University 2005
Erinn Webb University of Tennessee 2006
Brittany LaRosa University of California Berkeley 2006
Christina Schallig University of California Berkeley 2006
Megan Langenfield UCLA 2006
Lisamarie Coronado Fresno State University 2006
Brooke Phipps Fresno State University 2006
Krystal Hienle Fresno State University 2006
Crystal Gonzales University of Nebraska 2006
Amanda Myers Texas Tech 2006
Neena Bryant University of Oregon 2006
Stephanie Chavez University of Illinois Chicago 2006
Monica Montez Florida State University 2006
Cami Ketsdever Longmont University 2006
Rebecca Penland Colorado State University 2006
Christina McCoy Howard University 2006
Chandra Mogan University of Tennessee 2007
Victoria Tyson University of Nebraska 2007
Monique Fuiava University of Oregon 2007
Aleah Macon University of Washington 2007
Morgan Stuart University of Washington 2007
Kaylyn Castillo University of Louisville 2007
Brittany Hoban Hope International 2007
Breana Molita Moorehead State University 2007
Julianne Brechtel University of Nebraska 2007
Danielle Yudin UCLA 2008
Jamie Adishian University of Illinois 2008
Kristen Stubblefield South Carolina University 2008 
Nikia Williams University of Washington 2008
Erika Girard Ohio University 2008
Nicole Haley South Dakota State 2008
Jazmine Culpepper Alabama State 2008 
Melinda Macias University of Illinois Chicago 2008
Shawna Wright University of Washington 2009
Barthinia Bates UCLA 2009
Kaylan Howard University of Oregon 2009
Erica Miller Iowa State University 2009
Kamerin May San Diego State University 2009
Kristin May San Diego State University 2009
Nalani St. Germain Long Beach State 2009
Tiffany Corder UC Santa Barbara 2009
Carla Trimble Howard University 2009
Jessica Hall UCLA 2010
Destinee Martinez University of Oklahoma 2010
Dionne Anderson UC Riverside 2010
Whitney Jones University of Washington 2010
Evelyn Carrillo Ohio State University 2010
Karli Sandoval Long Beach State 2010
Yesenia Alcala Sacramento State University 2010
Camille Herrea Utah State University 2010
Chelsey Mooney Hartford University 2010
Tatum Edwards University of Nebraska 2010
Taylor Edwards University of Nebraska 2010
Stephany LaRosa UCLA 2011
Elizabeth Caporuscio Arizona State University 2011
Courtney Gano University of Washington 2011
Desiree Ybarra Cal State Fullerton 2011
Kelly MeGee Fresno State University 2011
Michelle Solomon Fresno State University 2011
Victoria Couch Fresno State University 2011
Maria Sio Fresno State University 2011
Emily Viscarra Cal State Fullerton 2011 
Taylor Green Fresno State University 2011 
Savannah Smith UC Davis 2011 
Allison Brown Mississippi University 2011
Breeanna Sandoval Wright State University 2011
Lacey Rother Fresno State University 2011
Brooke Madrid Biola University 2011
Amber Freeman Arizona State University 2011
Lauren Anderson Penn State University 2011
MacKenzie Maples College of Charleston 2011
Brittany Boesel DePaul University 2011
Janel Cunningham Weber State University 2011
Bethany Kemp Arizona State University 2011
Kara Howard University of Kentucky 2011
Paige Gumz Fresno State University 2012
Britney Rodriguez UCLA 2012
Micaela Arizmendi University of Notre Dame 2012
Laura Swan University of Illinois, Chicago 2012
Jasmin Mejia University of California Berkeley 2012
Nikki Girard Arizona State University 2012 
Emily Lockman University of Nebraska 2012
Dawna Tyson University of Nebraska 2012
Khala Taylor University of California Berkeley 2012
Taylor Langdon Fresno State University 2012
Nisa Ontiveros University of California Berkeley 2012
Amanda Perez University of Arizona 2012
Raelynn Galindo Monmouth University 2012
Danielle O'Toole San Diego State University 2012
Bria Madrid Biola University 2012
Jasmine Jenkins University of Nevada Reno 2012
Jessica Tetzlaff UC Santa Barbara 2012
Natalie Martinez University of Memphis 2012
Alyssa Cordova UNLV 2012
Heather Hall Biola University 2012
Rainey Gaffin University of Tennessee 2012
Mariah Rimmer University of New Mexico 2012
Austen Urness University of Nebraska 2013
Nicollete Udria University of Oregon 2013
Stephanie Tickemyer UC Riverside 2013
Kylie Reed University of California Berkeley 2013
Alexis Gonzalez Oregon State University 2013
Katie Padilla College of Charleston 2013
Keanna Pepi Oregon State University 2013
Kylie Padilla Oregon State University 2013
Rebecca Lee Ohio State University 2013
Nikki Orozco University of Nevada Reno 2013
Kylie Datil University of Maryland 2013
Dakota Matiko Utah State University 2013
Taylor Townsen University of Connecticut 2013
Sarina Jaramillo University of Hawaii 2013
Rachel Hartman Iowa State University 2013
Destiney Henderson University of Maryland 2014
Jessica Scroggins Baylor University 2014
Danielle Ingram University of Virginia 2014
Amanda Herrera UNLV 2014
Taylor White Ohio State University 2014
Irma Sanchez Long Beach State 2014
Kailey Richard Tennesse State University 2014
Melissa Tullar Campbell University 2014
Toni Wilson Belhaven University 2014
Ashley Goodwin Ohio State University 2014
Alexis Osorio University of Alabama 2014
Savannah Clark Colorado State University 2014
Merina Ili UNLV 2014
Reis Birkett Idaho State University 2015
Brittney Garcia UC Riverside 2015
Zoe Casas Florida State University 2015
Kirsten Caudle Iowa State University 2015
Courtney Smith University of Texas El Paso 2015
Abby Lockman University of Tennessee 2015
Randi Farricker Arizona State University 2016
Zoe Richard Cal State Fullerton 2016
Sami Williams Iowa State University 2016
Madi Huskey University of Washington 2018
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