Cornwall & Area Skating Club: Sponsors

Riedell Skates Inc.

Riedell is the single largest figure boot manufacturer in the world, and HD Sports own the two largest blade companies in the world, John Wilson and Mitchell & King.   Skaters like Kurt Browning and Jamie Sale have been in Riedell boots for their entire careers. Other skaters in Riedell are recent U.S. Men’s National Champion Johnny Weir, Susanna Poykio the Finish National Champion and a number of Jr. Champions. Finland’s number one synchro team the World gold medalists Marigold Ice Unity also wear Riedell Skates. The vast majority of all World and Olympic champions for decades have and continue to use HD Sports products, John Wilson and MK Blades.

My role as Canadian Field Sales Coordinator is to provide educational services and product awareness activities for the Skater, Coaches and Parents throughout all of Canada. Such educational services and product awareness activities include; coaches educational seminars, parent seminars, blade principle training and Skater and Club visitation.

With all the product changes in recent years and the need for Blade principles and service training, it is Riedell's and HD Sports, Ltd. goal to provide such services to aid the skaters with their product selection and provide the Coaches/Instructors with updated information to assist them with their product recommendation duties. In addition to these duties, hopefully I can assist in "troubleshooting" problems that skaters are having with their current boots and blades, regardless of the brand or issue.

In conclusion if you feel I can assist you or your club with any of these services, please contact me. It is Riedell’s and HD Sports Ltd. as well as my intent to provide any service we can for the betterment of Ice Figure Skating throughout Canada. I look forward to visiting with you in the near future. Thank You.
Phone: (506) 471-7580