Corcoran Athletics Association: Welcome

Registration Starts Feb 9 2014

Welcome to the Corcoran Athletics Association. The CAA is an all volunteer, non-profit athletic organization in Corcoran, Minnesota.

Click on the division you are interested in to see more information about the days and times. There may also be contact information for the division there, if not, call (763)923-4154, between the hours of 1PM and 9PM. 

The City of Corcoran can not answer your questions.


Registration for the 2014 Baseball / Softball season is closed


We need to fill the following volunteer positions for next year:

2014- Boys 10U Coordinator (machine pitch)

2014-Board Members

Coaches and parents look at the "Link" page for Coaches Training and Free Concussion Training. 

Corcoran Tree Give Away

 As in the past serveral years the Corcoran Parks and Trail Commission will be giving away shade tree saplings to Corcoran residents in a project funded by the Northwest Area Jaycees. Varieties selected this year include: Cranberry Bush, Golden Currant, Common Purple Lilac, Canada Red Cherry, Common Chokecherry, Red Splendor Crabapple, River Birch, American Linden (Basswood), Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Northern Red Oak, Black Hills Spruce, and Colorado Spruce. As in the past trees will be given away at City Hall soon after they are delivered. Last year it was first week in May, but it is variable, depending on the weather. In an effort to increase distribution of these trees, Parks and Trails will accept “orders” for up to five trees by e-mail as long as the supply lasts. For orders or more information, e-mail Tom Anderson at .

Corcoran Athletics Association Leagues
a. T-Ball     b. Near Ball    
c. Boys Machine Pitch     d. In-House Girls 9-10    
e. Girls Traveling 12U     f. Girls Traveling 14U    
g. Girls Traveling 16U     h. Girls Traveling 18U    
i. Boys Traveling 12U     j. Boys Traveling 14U    
k. Boys Traveling 16U