Cor4 soccer: Goalkeeping Academy

Goalkeeping Academy
Our Goalkeeping Academy is designed for all levels of keepers. Goalkeepers will learn "The Reggie Way". Our GK Academy staff will work with players to identify what level they are and improve the "Cor 4 " elements of goalkeeping ( and all of soccer ): Technical , Tactical , Physical & Psychological !

Each session will be structured as follows:
Part 1: Fundamentals - encompasses all GK basics
Part 2: Specific Skill - see below for weekly schedule of skills
Part 3: Paired Workout
Part 4: Small sided GK games

Specific skills covered:
Week 1: Footwork - Most important aspect of goalkeeping
Week 2: Positioning - getting set, angles..
Week 3: Hands - Hand / eye coordination , fast hand exercises
Week 4: Diving - side diving (proper technique)
Week 5: Catching - low balls,bouncing balls,mid height,high balls
Week 6: Distribution - Hands - distance,accuracy,low / high serves
Week 7: Distribution - Feet - punts,drop kicks,goal kicks, sweeper-keeper..
Week 8: Communication - Organization, staying connected,support(sweeper-keeper)
Week 9: Mental Toughness - Psycholgical,keeping your head in the game,staying focused
Week 10: Set Plays - Corner kicks,free kicks,PKs... How quickly can you organize the team?

As you can see, each training session builds on the previous one,i.e. you need good footwork to get into the correct position... We recommend all 10 sessions but, it is not necessary. GK fundamentals will be taught at every session or you may choose to focus on an individual skill. The choice is yours !!

Academy Fees : Free to all AYSO 644 Select Team goal keepers !!!!

$45 per player per session
$180 per player per month (5 sessions ;4 + 1 free )
$315 per player all inclusive (10 sessions ; 7 + 3 free)
$315 per team (as above, 1 player from team per session)

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