Coquitlam Metro-Ford Xtreme 90's Womens Soccer: Welcome

The 2007-08 Metro Season

Your 2007-2008 Xtreme!

Sunday, September 16
The 07-08 Season - Graduating Year!


Well the senior year for youth soccer has crept up on our babies, who have rapidly become beautiful young ladies!

The 2007-08 Xtreme 90's has a few new faces this year including Natalie Fabbro, who returns to Coquitlam for her final year after spending the last few season with Burnaby Girls; Lauren White, who played last year with the provincial champion Wild; and Julie Ius, who joins us from Golden Ears, who folded following last season.

We are pleased to have Carly Williams back from injury for the start of the season and looking forward to having Michelle Francis rejoining the playing ranks before the end of September.  We sincerely hope that the ACL injury bug that plagued us last fall will be firmly behind us when Carly Barnetson returns following the Xmas break.

The Xtreme had a more than respectable 4th place finish in the league, which provided a coastal cup playoff seeding, especially considering the adversity that plagued the team before Xmas with four (4) serious kneed injuries requiring operations.  

A victory in the 1st round at home against Victoria (2-1) was followed by a second round away win against Golden Ears (0-3).  Unfortunately, the top seeded North Shore Storm soundly defeated our Xtreme (0-3) away in the semi-final.  This was followed by a poor performance at home against Burnaby Titans (0-2) in the consolation final and a missed opportunity to obtain back door entry into the provincial cup. 

The result?  A bit of a bad taste in the mouth and some unfinished business to take care of in 2007-08!!