Connecticut Carnage Fast Pitch Softball: Welcome

Monday, August 22



If you are interested in our team please contact:  Dave Ridzon @860-933-7603 or Mike Brunette @860-818-8675.

                                                      Team Philosophy

The two requirements of being a member of the CT Carnage Fastpitch Softball team are to show a commitment to excellence and to enjoy the challenges presented to each player. 

When joining the Carnage, you have made the ultimate sacrifice – from being an individual to being a member of a TEAM. Many of the choices you make will have an effect on the TEAM; consequently, your actions and attitudes must add to, not take away from, the TEAM. And what the TEAM gives back to you; you will find one of the most rewarding aspects of your entire experience on the Carnage. The security and support of the TEAM will help you conquer personal limitations and help you to succeed in all facets of your life beyond softball.

 Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching Philosophy can best be summed up by letting you know upfront that we, as your coaches, will attempt to get the best out of you as a player. Not for our sake or even for the sake of the team, but for the sake of the individual – YOU. If you’re the best you can be, (and you can get there), you’re automatically going to be a better “player,” i.e. friend, sibling, etc.

 Mission Statement

To develop a strong TEAM and strong TEAM-PLAYERS through fundamentals training and positive attitude, coupled with error recognition and correction. We will provide the training necessary to play at a higher level, and ultimately build confidence and positive attitudes which will help each individual play at the high school varsity level and generate a lifetime of memories.

 Our Purpose

Our purpose is to win games. We will accomplish this by improving the physical and mental skills of each athlete on the team to the extent that the TEAM is greater than the sum of its individual components.

 Our Goal and Methodology

To teach the physical and mental fundamentals required to play top-notch softball. Every team practices the physical fundamentals required to play this game. This team’s practices will go well beyond. There are other important factors which are frequently left out with other programs, such as, competitive play, knowledge of the game, self-respect, pride, and learning to play softball “one pitch at a time.”

There are an astronomical amount of different situations in this game which makes it an ongoing mental battle.This is NOT about individuals; it IS about working together as a unit. There is no “I” in TEAM. A big portion of this game which is too frequently overlooked is the ownership of mistakes. Unless an error is admitted, it is difficult for a player to get over it, get on with it, and correct the error. We teach this as a life skill: make your errors at 100%, recognize them, take ownership of them and work to correct them.

Learning HOW to be competitive is the key to becoming a winning team. A winning team is our goal. With good fundamental solid play, success will fall into place.