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St.Catharines Concord Soccer  Referees
St.Catharines Concord Soccer Referees  
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St.Catharines Concord Soccer Referees
Ron Sutherland
16 Melbourne Ave.
St.Catharines, Canada
L2P 3J8

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St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
A website for all St.Catharines Concord Soccer Referees

St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
A website for all soccer referees in the St.Catharines, Ontario, Concord Soccer Club.


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Sunday, March 18

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Concord Soccer Referee-in-Chief

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World Cup Referee

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Attitude is Everything


Rules that most Coaches Do Not Understand

Soccer Myths and Facts!

Myth: With the exception of the goalkeeper inside the penalty area, any contact between the ball and a player's hand/arm is a hand-ball foul.
Fact: The foul is called handling the ball and requires intentional contact. During youth soccer games there are many instances of accidental contact between hand and ball which do not constitute a foul.

Myth: It is illegal for a player to be standing in an offside position.
Fact: An offside violation only occurs if, at the moment the ball is played by a team mate, a player is in an offside position and, in the opinion of the referee, the player participates in the play, interferes with play, or otherwise gains an advantage from his/her position. Offside position is a matter of fact. Offside is a judgment made by the referee.

Myth: On a throw-in, the thrower's feet must be behind the touchline (out-of-bounds).
Fact: A throw-in may be legal as long as some portion of each of the thrower's feet is either behind or on the touchline. This means the thrower's heels may be on the touchline with his/her toes on the field.

Applying Advantage:
Myth: If a referee sees a player commit a foul, he must stop play and award the appropriate free kick.
Fact: Under the Laws of the Game, the referee may decide to refrain from penalizing in a situation where stopping play would give an advantage to the offending team. This is referred to as applying advantage, and once the referee decides to allow play to continue, he/she may not go back and award the foul if the play does not develop. (He/She may, however, subsequently issue a misconduct at the next stoppage of play.)


Just Play Hard

Watch David Beckham Dance !!!

Concord Clubhouse
Tuesday, November 23

Mr. Ref

Blinking Soccer Ref

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St.Catharines Concord Soccer  Referees
St.Catharines Concord Soccer Referees
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