Concord Legion: Welcome

Welcome to the offical website of the Concord American Legion Baseball Teams. On the site we will have every teams' game and practice schedules in addition to any and all contact information. Results and standings will be updated daily.

Concord Legion Baseball is an organization that brings highly competitive baseball with a purpose. We have teams starting with 13 year olds throughout high school even with an adult team!  Our coaching staff will be focusing on helping improve the skill of every single player. The goals will vary depending on each player, ranging from helping players make their middle school team up to making the dream of playing college baseball a reality. American Legion Baseball is highly competitive and will be the first time players will be playing with and competiting against kids of an older age and outside their school district. Legion Baseball develops players for Varisty and College baseball, as in life it will take hard work and the ability to deal with set backs to reach a players ultimate goal.

 Remember competition even within the same team is a good thing!

 Thank you to all and I look forward to taking Concord Legion to new levels.


Steve Clark

Concord Legion Presidnt