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Bob Crosby - 2013 NH Babe Ruth Softball Volunteer of the Year! Congrats Bob!


After the long winter I wasn't sure if we'd ever play softball in April. I am happy to say that Opening Day has arrived!

This Saturday at Dillon Field we have all of our teams, except for the seniors team, playing at Dillon.  Our concession stand will be open to sell coffee and donuts, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, candy, popcorn and an assortment of drinks. 

The concession stand is a great source of revenue for our league and we appreciate the support the parents show by purchasing products from our concession stand.

Here is what we have for games on Saturday...

Concord Family Vision (AAA) will play Herbert Fuel at 9:15 AM  

Our double AA teams, Karma Water will play Phoenix Auto at 11:30 AM.

Our Majors team, Merrimack County Saving Bank, will play Outfitters Boutique at 2:00 PM

I will be there to announce the players from each team at the start of each game.  We will ask each player from each team to line up on the third or first baseline after I announce their name.  Then we will play the National Anthem.   Music will be played between innings and we will announce the kids names when they come to the plate.  The little girls will love to hear their name over the loud speaker.

Each coach will be looking for parent volunteers to run concessions throughout the day.  If you'd be willing to volunteer your time to sell concessions, we'd appreciate the help.  Please let your child's coach know.  

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2013 DII Championship sign to be displayed at Dillon Field in 2014


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Fri 4/25 star Opening Weekend TBA - Apr 27, 2014 Dillon Field
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