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Dick's Sporting Goods

 2016 Calendar Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who sold calendars!  Our annual calendar fundraiser was another success. Here are the list of winners for the month of June.  Tracy Renaud, the leagues Fundraiser Chair, will be sending winners their items.  If you have any questions please contact her at

June 1:  Tim Robie

June 2:  Nicole Holmes

June 3:  Mike Bailey

June 4:  Amanda Wright

June 5:  Lori Clayton

June 6:  Kelly Wren

June 7:  Rob Billings

June 8:  Kyle Smythe

June 9:  Jessica LaFlamme

June 10:  Jennifer Follansbee

June 11:  Jim Kinhan

June 12:  Leslie Heins

June 13  Mike Bennett 

June 14:  Patty Smith

June 15:  Kevin Plourde

June 16:  Amelia Tardie

June 17:  Caroline Corriveau

June 18:  JT Klein

June 19:  Cara Steele

June 20:  Nicole Holmes

June 21:  Belle Mayo

June 22:  Christy Cameron

June 23:  Dave Burette

June 24:  David Haller

June 25:  Melissa Edmond

June 26:  Amanda Newall

June 27:  Stacey Partman

June 28:  Mike Morin

June 29:  Liam Levins

June 30:  Alice Hill


Babe Ruth is NOT "Just Rec Ball !"
Babe Ruth is a youth specific league focused on skills development, open play and fun for all ages.
Babe Ruth is NOT "Travel Ball !"
Babe Ruth focuses on healthy developmental league play culminating in post season tournament play for qualified and interested players.
Babe Ruth Tournament Trail is NOT "Summer Ball !"

Babe Ruth Tournament Trail is a season extension opportunity for a subset of the original League registered players. Tournaments will start in May with open invitationals, begin Official Tournament Trail play in July and then continue with more Invitationals.  


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