Read what the sports community thinks about eteamz. They think we're the best on the Web...check it out for yourself!

"My hat's off to you...if only other businesses/organizations would be as prompt as you are. I received your response only a day after emailing you with my inquiry. Not only did your team actually communicate with me, but by the time I read your email, the problem was corrected. I am thoroughly impressed with your promptness and efficiency. You are an example which all other organizations should strive to duplicate. Thumbs-up to eteamz!"
- Glenn Lee, New Hope Diamondbacks

"I just wanted to thank you for the great opportunity you have given my League. We have often talked about making a webpage but either didn't have the time or the knowledge. I wanted you to know that it was very simple and easy for me to do our web site thanks to you guys. I appreciate what you have done and keep up the good work. Tons and tons of info on your site."
- Eva Hampton, President, Lents Little League

"I manage two ETEAMZ web sites for our high school teams. They have generated an extremely high amount of enthusiasm around our athletic programs. I would just like to thank you for this great service that you provide. I am doing all that I can to promote you guys because what you are doing is excellent. Once again thank you and God Bless."
- Jeff Clay, Bishop McNamara High School

"The first word that comes to mind is: WOW!!!...I just finished looking over your site and it's unbelievable (not to mention fast)...With your site, every league can sign up easily without any web site knowledge. Without exaggerating, this could be the AOL of youth sports."
- Dave Bouchard, Webmaster, Bedford Little League (NH)

"I am so impressed with your work. How nice it would be if all the parks and leagues that we worked with had a web site to put out the information, schedules. We try to provide Dizzy Dean information to all the parks but they could each use your format and boy would it be useful!! Please share your wonderful work with the email list I am including. You have done a wonderful job!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Marty Maners, Webmaster, Dizzy Dean of Alabama

"Looks great...Great job gentleman. I like the way you have the information categorized... I love the Coach's Corner. Great idea to gather tips and drills."
- Brad Scarborough, Webmaster, Plano Baseball Association (TX)

"This is absolutely the best site, in its area, that I have seen. And I have seen many. I do not mean this as an idle compliment. You have done a fantastic job, which rates a link up on our league site. Very professional, well laid out, good information...Looking forward to working with you in the future."
- Harry Malone, Webmaster, Little League of the Islips (NY)

"I discovered your site on Friday and by tonite I have 2 web sites up and running. My kids are gonna LOVE it and you have done a great service to them. I am presenting the site to the Board of Directors on Wednesday night and I expect them to work at getting all 1200 player Recreation league and our 12 travel teams onto your site. I am also recommending you to all WPBA teams and the league.
Finally, I enjoy your forums and hope to see the chat room soon. GREAT SITE…Thanks again."
- Steve Mignano

"This is the best tool I have found! I wanted to do something like this for my team in the past, but with limited knowledge of Web Sites I was not able to do it. I think the information provided is excellent and in a format that EVERYONE can understand. I have not seen all areas of the web site, but I am going to let our league know about it. We have over 140 teams total. GREAT job! Thank you!"
- Paolo

"You guys are thanking us? We should be thanking you! The site is free for crying out loud. In the next couple of days I will put the finishing touches on my team's site and will then inform the 7th grade girls team about it. They'll be thrilled and you'll have all of them and then their parents and friends all regularly visiting teamdiscovery. Thanks again. There are pay sites for various things that don't show one-tenth the concern that you guys do when something goes awry."
- Joe

"I really enjoy this web site. I log on to it every night to see whats happening on my son's team. I think WYB is the best!!!! Keep up the good job."
- Mom

"Thanks! You guys are quick. Thank you for all you do to support High School Athletics."
- Jennie

"Thank you Brian for all your help. I will definitely recommend your site to everyone. There are lots of things I want to do with my page…Thanks again for your support!"
- M. Sheffield

"You guys are doing a Great Job, my players love our web page. Keep up the good work. A big Thank You from O.B.A.L.L. Team Mets."
- Mets

"We do enjoy your outstanding service. Thank you for your assistance. On behalf of Heroes & Superstars, Inc. Leagues and Board members, we do appreciate the service you provide."

"Thank you very much for the free web site for our youth soccer team. I believe it will be very well recieved by our team and their families. I will definitely spread the word about you to the other teams in our league (Old Dominion Soccer League) and the other teams in our organization (Chantilly Soccer Club). Thanks again."
- Frank Spinello, Coach

"Thanks for the access to your web site. It's really great and the kids on the team that have access to it are really excited about their very own WEB site. I'm having a blast with it just setting it up. Heck, I was late for work today because I stayed up so late working on it. I might even be late tomorrow too. I sure hope I get it done before I lose my job. Just kidding. Thanks again and for the information and the WEB site. Have a great day!"
- Dave Brinker

"Thank you for the web site, I really like and I will tell everybody…Thank you"
- Rich Howard

"Thank you for responding to question so promply.You answered all my questions. Being Dist. 6 umpire consultant for southern Oregon I have told all the leagues in my district about your web site and how easy it was to set up and encourged all of them to do the same.If I have any more question I'll send them your way. Thank you for all your help. See You on the web."
- R. Navarro, Medford American Little League, Umpire in chief

"Thank You very much for the great support!!! Our team is really excited about this site. The coaches visit the resource library often. We think all of you are terrific! Thank You so much for the help. The girls are sharing the web info w/ other teams so that they register on your site!!!"
- Laurie Cooper

"I recently created a web page for the Scottsdale Yankees. I like your services very much, and will tell my friends."
- K Reid

"Great site! I can't tell you how much this means to me and the team. Thanks for your dedication to youth baseball. Thanks again!!!!"
- Coach Stark

"Thank you…I am very impressed with this site I am able to set up. This will be great for our league. Thank you."
- Shane

"Thank you so much for the information and personal response! It's nice to see that there are "REAL" people behind the nameless, faceless web page."
- JC

"This is an un-solicited plug for the people at Team Discovery. They have been extremely helpful in getting our site up and running with no difficulty at all. Thank you to Brian and all the people at Team Discovery for their help."
- News bulletin on the Manchester Babe Ruth’s web site

"These are my views on your web page concept: You guys are on the right track. I am a parent, a coach and an official in the Hopewell Youth Association. I am recommending to our board of directors to move forward with you guys. The idea of a web page for a volunteer organization is brilliant. You allow us to distribute information, (schedules, standings, Board of Directors minutes) collect information (online registration) and present to us options to shop online. As parents, we struggle to meet the demands on our time. The Web is a tool we use in our work life, why not use it as a tool in our personal one?
Bravo Zulu guys (I hope you know what that means)!"
- Jim Cregge

"The listing looks great. Thanks! We've already had a team from Kamloops B.C. send us e-mail as a result of the listing. FYI - we've also added your site to our list of links. Thanks again."
- Wayne

"This is a great way for we in Massachusetts to keep up with our grandson in New Jersey."
- Fred and Rita Scott

"It is great having a user friendly method of setting up a site. I tell every coach I talk to about it."
- L.S. Jackson, NYC

"The Calendar pages are AWESOME!!! Truth be told, your entire site is a wonderful service to the youth athletics world, and a godsend to Coaches who know just enough to be dangerous! Keep up the excellent work. The NH Grizzlies appreciate it!"
- John Doyle, NH Grizzlies

"Goldstrike wants TD to know how much we appreciate, and love the TD web site! Our web pages are most useful especially by our many sponsors. It is a Great information link, as we are a Girls Fastpitch tournament team, and do not play in a league, so our schedule changes, and things happen w/out alot of time to make contacts. So, this service is TERRIFIC! Information made available at this level really helps players, parents, and fans. We usually don't have notification of tournament game times or fields untill the day prior. Having it on the web makes our team managers time proficient!!! And the tournament life EASIER!!! Thanks For the greatest place on the net!!!!!!"

"I think you have done a super job with the Web site! I hope to get of my parents to use this as the medium of communication instead of the phone call routine. Thanks so much for your effort!"
- Mark Taylor, Coach, Heartbreakers, 8U Red, CFBGSL

"You guys are great! Thanks for the web page and the super support."
- Cathleen Higgins, Atlanta GA

"I love the web site. I'm well into to the process of creating a comprehensive set of webpages for Arlington Babe Ruth and my own team. I'd like to commend Aaron who has been extremely responsive to comments and suggestions that I have made. In addition, I've plugged the site to other coaches at our coaches meetings and I will continue to do so. The baseball drills and other information is also outstanding. Keep up the good work! Thanks!"
- Jim

"Thank you, it's a pleasure to have such good service."
- Mike Pisa

"Thanks so much!!! You guys rock!!!"
- Pete Carducci

"Thanks for the easy Web Page, you have made me look like a "together" coach."
- Jeff

"Still getting wonderful feedback on the page. Thanks again for providing such a user friendly format for web administrating. I really love the fact that I can share my account info with a trusted partner who can share in the time-consuming duties of updating our page. Normally only those with access to my hard drive would be able to help. Definately a plus. Please tell me you will never "go away", because I can see the Ganders page here on this site for years to come! Thanks!"
- Smithsd, Robert E. Lee High School Baseball
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