eteamz Children's Online Privacy Protection Policy
Information FOR KIDS!

We're so happy to have you as a member of our community and we want you to participate in all of our online activities. We only ask that you "be smart" while you're having fun. Of course, we know you're always smart!

Just a reminder, "being smart" on the Internet means that you should never give out your personal information like your last name, addresses, phone numbers in a chat room, a bulletin board or even your own web site. A stranger could use that information to try to track you down and that's not safe. You know that you should be careful with strangers in person, and you should be on the Internet too!

We're trying to "be smart" too. That's why we're now asking that you get your parent's permission to post anything on our web site. The process is simple. So go get your parent's permission and hurry back to play at eteamz!