You might have noticed a large green announcement at the top many of the eteamz pages and wondered…what the heck is Active? What does this re-launch mean to me, why should I care and why is this announcement so green? The answers may surprise you….

Reunited and it feels so good

For the last eight years eteamz and Active have grown to create a huge network of sports enthusiasts--with Active building community around endurance sports and eteamz building community around team sports and activities.

It only seemed natural to bring this large community of enthusiasts together in one convenient location that will enable and encourage folks like yourself to discover, learn about, share, register and ultimately participate in any activities about which you are passionate.

There’s no place like home

When you type in to login to your admin you will now be re-directed to Don’t worry. There’s no need to adjust your screen. You can do all the same cool eteamz stuff you used to--share photos, post announcements, check schedules, and scores. Rest assured that your site and features will stay the same.

Life is a highway

The re-launch of will feature not only a whole new look and feel but a ton of cool community and content stuff you can instantly take advantage of:         

  • Broader and more comprehensive search and directory capabilities to help you find the activity, league, team, event or practically anything in the sports world you may be looking for.
  • Robust community features like board moderators, improved message centers, blogs, video- sharing tools, and the ability to comment and rate articles/media.
  • Revamped tips and drills, including video, and features on sport topics such as recruiting, community stories, and sports psychology.
  •  Improved Announcements submission and search (many more topics, making it easier for coaches, players, officials, events, etc to find each other)
  • Frequent content from Active Experts in the form of blogs, columns, and Q and A sessions in the sports that you care about most.
  • Active Experts (sports professionals Q&A, blogs, etc)
  • Coverage of youth sport special events like the Little League World Series, the World Cup of Softball, and the Pop Warner Super Bowl.

Excuse our dust
We realize this new environment might be an adjustment but we’ve designed every section with you in mind and with the input of some dedicated eteamz members. We are happy to answer any question you might have and look forward to your feedback on the re-launch.

You should expect this change to happen in spring of 2007.   For more information, to post questions and comments, and to participate on our Launch Blog, Click Here.

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