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This site is home to the Commack S.C. United U-18 boys travel soccer team established July 2003. S.C. United will be participating in the U.S. National Premier League as well as in the Spring 2012 U.S. Region 1 Premier League. The team's goal is prepare its players to compete on a Regional and National level through intense training and participation in the highest level Regional Leagues and Tournaments.

Monday, April 11
College Commitments

Harrison Sussman '11 - Cornell University

Andres Montoya '11 - SUNY New Paltz

Matthew Burke '11 - NYU Poly

Sean Sepe '12 - St. John's University

Max Aronica '12 - Slippery Rock University

Phil Denara '12 - University of Albany

Eric Bold '12 - Binghamton University 

Jack Miller '12 - Hartwick College 

Jason Foeppel '12 - SUNY Plattsburgh 

Alex Winiarski '12 - SUNY Oneonta

Nelson Vetter '12 - SUNY Plattsburgh

Jason Orban '12 - University of Hartford 

Shane Dinneen '12 - University of Hartford 

Sean Bingham '12 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)

Jake Amereno '12 -Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)

Sam Durkot '12 - Fairleigh Dickinson

Steve Norwjih '12 - Fordham University

Colin Volpe '12 - SUNY Oneonta

Louis Sepulaveda '12 - Adelphi University

Korey Robinson '12 - SUNY Cortland 

Friday, January 1
Commack SC United Rankings

New York State Ranking: #1 Gotsoccer
Region 1 Ranking: #2 Gotsoccer
USA National Ranking: #4 Gotsoccer

Commack SC United Soccer Accomplishments

2003 East Meadow Ref-Fuel U-10 Premier CHAMPIONS                                                                                                   
2003 Fall U10 LIJSL Suffolk Major Division Runner-up (7-0-2)
2004 UBS Cup Indoor League U-10 CHAMPIONS (8-0)
2004 Virginian Cup U-10 Premier Gold Finalist
2004 Waldbaum's Cup U-10 Major CHAMPIONS
2004 Hershey Invitational U-10 Division 1 Finalist
2004 East End Soccer Tournament U-11 Major CHAMPIONS
2004 Long Island Shoot-out U-11 Major CHAMPIONS
2004 HBC Peter Renzulli Labor Day U-11 Finalist
2004 Fall U11 LIJSL Division 1 Runner-up (7-1-1)
2004 Globall Soccer Holiday Indoor Tournament U-11 CHAMPIONS
2005 New Jersey Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-11 Finalist
2005 UBS Cup Indoor League U-12(playing up)Runner-up(6-1-1)
2005 Virginian Cup U-11 Premier Gold Semi-finalist
2005 Spring U11 LIJSL Division 1 Runner-up (6-1-2)
2005 East Meadow Ref-Fuel U-12 Premier Runner-up
2005 Fall U12 LIJSL Division 1 CHAMPIONS (8-0-0)
2006 USAS Indoor League U-12 CHAMPIONS (8-0)
2006 Dix Hills Ultimate Spring Kick-off U-12 Semi-finalist
2006 EASTERN NEW YORK STATE CUP U-12 Semi-finalist
2006 FC Delco Players Cup U-12 Premier Semi-finalist
2006 Spring U12 LIJSL Division 1 CHAMPIONS (9-0)
2006 US Club New York State Cup U-12 Semi-finalist
2006 Waldbaum's Cup U-12 Major Finalist
2006 YMS Columbus Cup U-13 Elite Semi-finalist
2006 Howell Hoilday Cup U-13 Cup Division Semi-finalist
2006 New Jersey Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-13 CHAMPIONS
2007 New Jersey Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-13 Finalist
2007 Clyde Best Bermuda Invitational U-13 Finalist
2007 Baltimore March Madness U-13 Premier Semi-finalist
2007 EASTERN NEW YORK STATE CUP U-13 Quarter-finalist
2007 US Club Regional U-13 Super-group Semi-finalist
2007 HBC Peter Renzulli Labor Day U-14 Premier CHAMPIONS
2007 YMS Columbus Cup U-14 Elite CHAMPIONS
2007 Howell Hoilday Cup U-14 Cup Division Finalist
2008 Rockland CC Indoor Tournament U-14 CHAMPIONS
2008 Score at the Shore, Tampa FL. U-14 Semi-finalist
2008 Dix Hills Ultimate Cup U-14 Premier Semi-finalist
2008 USYS National Championships for Region 1 (2-0-1)
2008 USA Cup, Minneapolis, MN. U-14 Cup Finalist (forfeit the delayed final to fly home)
2008 Fall U15 LIJSL Division 1 CHAMPIONS
2009 Dix Hills Ultimate Cup U-15 Premier Semi-finalist
2009 Bethesda Thanksgiving Cup U-16 Semi-finalist
2009 Massapequa Winter Showcase U-16 Championship Finalist
2010 Stony Brook University Tournament U-16 CHAMPIONS
2010 EASTERN NEW YORK STATE CUP U-16 Semi-finalist
2010 Potomac Memorial Weekend Tournament U-16 Finalist
2010 Ultimate Summer Kick-0ff U-16 Finalist
2010 NSCAA MSSL College Showcase U-16 CHAMPIONS
2010 Wallkill College Showcase U-17 CHAMPIONS 4-0-0
2010-11 U.S. National League U-17 4th place
2011 Potomac Memorial Weekend Tournament U-17 Semi-finalist
2011 Maddog College Showcase U-17 CHAMPIONS 4-0-0
2011 Mid-Atlantic Cup U-17 CHAMPIONS 4-0-0
2011 Wallkill College Showcase U-18 CHAMPIONS 3-0-1
2011 Bethesda College Showcase U-18 Finalist
2011 Massapequa Winter College Howcase U-18 CHAMPIONS 3-0-1
2012 Ultimate Cup U-19 CHAMPIONS 4-0-0

Sunday, August 1
Commack SC United Overall Record (no indoor tournaments)

268 Wins
56 Losses
54 Ties

League Play:
117 Wins
25 Losses
21 Ties

Commack SC United League Records

7-0-2 Fall 2003 U10 LIJSL Suffolk Major Division
8-0-0 Winter 2003-2004 U-10 US Soccer Academy
4-3-2 Spring 2004 U10 LIJSL Suffolk Division 1
7-1-1 Fall 2004 U11 LIJSL Suffolk Division 1
6-1-1 Winter 2004-2005 U-12(playing up)US Soccer Academy
6-1-2 Spring 2005 U11 LIJSL Suffolk Division 1
8-0-0 Fall 2005 U12 LIJSL Division 1
8-0-0 Winter 2005-2006 U-12 US Soccer Academy
9-0-0 Spring 2006 U12 LIJSL Division 1
5-2-2 Fall 2006 U13 LIJSL Division 1
4-4-0 Spring 2007 U13 Northeast Region 1 Premier League
5-2-1 Spring 2008 U14 Northeast Region 1 Premier League
6-4-3 Summer 2008 U14 Super-Y league Mid-atlantic Division
9-0-1 Fall 2008 U15 LIJSL Division 1
3-1-3 Spring 2009 U-15 U.S. Region 1 Premier
6-0-1 Spring 2010 U-16 U.S. Region 1 Premier

4-3-0 2010-2011 U-17 USYSA National League

2-3-2 Spring 2011 U-17 U.S. Region 1 Premier

0-0-0 2011-2012 U-18 USYSA National League



Wednesday, April 1
Commack SC United Players Selected For Top Honors!!!!

Commack SC United is proud to announce that 6 of its players have made the ENY State ODP teams. Players that were chosen for the '93 squad are Alex W. and Andres M. Andres has also been invited to participate in the 2008 Super Y-league National ODP camp as a member of the Long Island Roughriders.

Players that made the '94 squad are Sean B., Sean S., Jack M. and Phil D. In addition to the State Squad, Phil D., Sean B. and Sean S.have been chosen to participate in the Region 1 ODP pool. We look forward to seeing them represent their team at future Regional events.

Additionally, Mike B., Nelson V. and Eric B. have been named to the Long Island Junior Soccer League High School Freshmen's ODP team.

The Team is extremely proud of these accomplishments. Every player that wears an SC United jersey takes great pride in the accomplishments of their teammates and in the team's successes. Their hard work and commitment has a direct impact on their success and they continue to work toward achieving even greater accomplishments.