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Saturday, January 11
Columbia Manager Field Care Guidelines

2014 Columbia Manager Field Care Guidelines

 Columbia Managers,
This is to help you know what is expected from you as part of the responsibility you accepted when becoming a team Manager. It is up to you to help maintain the field your team practices and plays on. Here are the guidelines each Manager is expected to follow.

• Every time you use a field, allow time to "put it to bed" before you depart. It is up to you to rake or drag the infield, repair the mound, fill in any low spots, and leave it in the same if not better condition than when you arrived.

• Always rake away from the grass, never towards it. On the base paths rake the length of the path. Around home plate and on the pitcher’s mound, fill in and compact any low spots first.

• All Divisions - Remove bases and return them to the shed at the end of each day. Place the rubber anchor plug into the ground anchor. (Peewee’s - Leave the anchors. T-Ball - Use throw down bases.)

• When returning tools and equipment to the shed, each item needs to be returned to its proper place. Leaving a wheelbarrow full of rakes and bases in the front of the shed is not acceptable.

• Please remember that the trash that your players and parents leave behind is your responsibility. Empty the trash cans on the field you are using and put a new liner in it.

• If you are not 100% certain that another team is using the field after you, it is your responsibility to complete the above tasks.

• When using Turface Drying Agent, follow these guidelines - Remove puddle or excess water from area. Pour Turface and lightly work into soil. Let stand for 15 minutes. Re-rake the area. Add a small amount of sand or drier soil if needed.

• When using a roller to remove water from the infield surface, guide the water dispersing it across the dirt surface, but never onto the grass.

If you get your coaches, parents and players to help, the easier it will be for you. Show them what you would like done. Teach them the correct way to do it. Get them involved. Please remember that no one likes showing up before a game to find out that the previous user didn’t leave the field in playable condition. Let's all show respect for each other, our kids and our facility.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Saturday, January 11
Little League SAFETY Rules
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I hope all players, coaches, managers and volunteers are having a great time preparing for the upcoming 2014 Little League season...

Rule #1)
Little League rule #3.09 states......"Managers or coaches (or any adult) must NOT warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bull pen or elsewhere at any time. They may, however, stand by to observe a pitcher during warm ups in the bull pen."

Rule #2)
Little League rule #1.17 requires that all male players wear an athletic supporter. All male catchers must wear a cup... During my coaching career at CLL, I have always required all of my male players to wear cups, because I used to substitute players to the catchers position regularly.. I never had any problems with the parents accepting this rule. No cup...No playing the catchers position!

Rule #3)
Little League rule #1.17 also requires catchers to wear a catchers helmet with a “dangling” throat protector for any infield/ outfield, pitcher warm up and games. If an adult manager or coach has a bat in their hand, the catcher shagging for that person will have a catchers helmet.....NO EXCEPTIONS!

Good practices for the season...
1) Inspect your fields PRIOR to your games and practices to make sure that no hazards exist. (pot holes, glass, hypodermic needles, etc.)
2) Make sure that your team was issued a first aid kit. You can get re-fills for your kit from our equipment officer, Dan Hames

3) Please make sure that you properly stretch out your players prior to any practice or game. This will help reduce injuries to your players.
4) All managers are to have copies of their player medical releases at ALL practices and games. This is vital information for each player that you need to know and review. The completed medical release forms should have been issued to you with your team rosters.
5) Inspect all of your team equipment prior to every practice or game. Any broken bats, batting helmet or any unsafe equipment needs to be removed immediately. Contact Dan Hames to replace your damaged equipment.
6) CLL mechanical equipment – NO kid is allowed to run or operate any league mower, tractor, or any mechanical equipment...

For your information...
1) If any of your players are injured at any practice or game, an accident report must be filled out within 48 hours for the incident. The accident reports can be obtained by the board member on duty at the field. The forms are located in my mail slot in the CLL office.
2) CLL has an AED (automated external defibrillator) in the hallway of the club house.

Good luck this season!

Friday, March 4
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