Columbia Little League: Welcome

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Tuesday, November 3

I trust in God. I love my country and will respect its laws. I will play fair and strive to win. But win or lose, I will always do my best.

         2015 - 2016


Columbia Spring Registration

Coming soon December!!


Sponsor Appreciation!!!

Thank you to all of our sponsors this year for helping to revitalize and beautify our fields!  Our kids are having the time of their lives and everyone is extremely grateful for all the support!!!

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Columbia Little League Try- Outs

·         Each player must attend 3 try outs to be placed in the draft. If they do not make it any try outs they will be placed in a bucket for random draw during the draft. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to sign in for your child’s number.

Monday, February    4

Machine Pitch   baseball/softball   6:30 pm

Minors baseball/softball 7:30 PM

Wednesday, February   6

Minors   baseball/softball 6:30 PM

Intermediate (50-70)   baseball   7:30 PM

Friday, February   8

Machine Pitch   baseball/softball   6:30 PM

Minors baseball/softball   7:30 PM

    Saturday, February   9

 10- 12:00 PM   Minors   baseball/softball

Machine Pitch   baseball/softball   12:00 -2 PM

Intermediate (50-70)   baseball   10:00-1 PM

Seniors baseball/softball 2:00-4 PM

Sunday, February 10

Machine Pitch  baseball/softball 12:00 -2 PM

Minors baseball/softball 2:00 -4 PM

Monday, February 11

Machine Pitch  baseball/softball 6:30 PM

Minors baseball/softball 7:30 PM

Wednesday, February 13

Machine Pitch baseball/softball 6:30 PM

Seniors baseball/softball 7:30 PM

Saturday February 16

Intermediate Baseball 10-1 PM

Seniors baseball/softball 2-4 PM