Colorado Springs Future: Future News

Monday, March 26
Tournament Schedule for March 31- April 1

     Our schedule for this weekend is out. We will be playing at Wheat Ridge High School 9505 W. 32nd Wheat Ridge, CO. Our schedule for pool play is as follows:

   Saturday March 31, 5:00pm- vs. CS Stars Phenom

   Saturday March 31, 7:00pm- vs. Montebello Rage

   Sunday April 1, 9:00- vs. Southern Stars

   Sunday April 1, 12:00- vs. TBA

   The full schedule is on the MAYB website.

     In addition, I was unaware when I scheduled the April 6th tournament that this is Easter weekend. So, I removed us from that tournament and we will reschedule.

Monday, March 12
Spring Tournament Schedule

     Here is our Tournament Schedule for the Spring 2012. It is busy schedule ending with the MAYB Summer Kickoff in the Wichita Kansas area. The schedule goes as follows:

March 31- April 1   Denver MAYB

April 7-8   Highlands Ranch MAYB

April 14   Greeley Triple Crown Tune Up

April 28-29   Denver MAYB

May 5-6   Brighton MAYB  

May 19-20 Castle Rock MAYB

June 2-3 Colorado Srings MAYB

June 8-10 Newton, Kansas 2012 MAYB Summer Kickoff

      *We will collect for the first 3 tournaments ($580) by the March 20th practice.

      *We will collect for the April 28th and May 5th tournaments($330) by the April 12th practice.

      *We will collect the Summer 4 Pack ($990) by the April 26th practice

     As you can see this is a mostly MAYB ( schedule. After thorough research this gives us the more control in scheduling and flexability in assuring a competitive schedule. Thank you for taking time to read this.                                -GO FUTURE-

Saturday, February 18
February 26th Tournament Moved From Greeley to Thornton High School

     Hello out there. As I sent out in the earlier text Power to Play moved our divisions portion of the Winter Championships Tournament to Thornton High School. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. All I can do is pass on the information that is given to me. We will play Poudre Girls Blue at 9:00 AM then whether we win or lose the rest of our games will be at 11:00 and 1:00. The games will all be Sunday, February 26th.

     Last week at Tuesday's practice we had a trainer (Ben) come in and talk with the girls about several things. He specializes in atheletes in our age range. I think it was time out of practice very well spent. He is going to come back this week. I'm not yet sure if it's going to be Tuesday or Thursday. This time he's coming to talk to you (the parents). I will find out when he'll be there but I urge you all to attend. He will discuss important things about your girls including how to keep them healthy and injury free.  All important stuff for you all to understand.

     As we move towards the spring, we will be playing in BBAIB events sanctioned by the AAU. This will require every player, the team, and myself to register with the Ametuer Athletic Union (AAU). We are going to do the two tournaments and season package. This will keep us going through April and May. The fee is $1250 per team. The schedule information can be found at ( AAU registration can be done at ( Let's not wait too long to register. I want to be ahead of the game on this.

     As far as March goes I'm still looking at all of our options. There are several thing presented to us. We will pick up a tournament or 2 to get us through March. I'll present options to you all and take input from you.

     Thanks for your time and I'll see you all at 4:15 tomorrow. Be there early so your players can warm up properly and prepare to play..

                                                                                            Thanks, Coach Mike 

Saturday, January 21
January 29th Games @ Berthoud High School

   Power To Play ( has released the schedule for January 29th and we will be playing at Berthoud High Scool. The address to the school is 850 Spartan Ave. Berthoud Colorado, 80513. Berthoud is north of Denver before Loveland. Due to the lower number of teams in our division Power To Play has been having the northern Colorado teams play in Denver, and likewise the Denver teams will play north. From a basketball standpoint i think it's a good move.

   For the games tomorrow, I want everyone at Thornton High School at 8:30AM.

    I'm researching future tournaments and will release a schedule for the spring soon. I want to enter the team in some AAU events. This will require me to register myself and the team as well as all the players to register individually. The registration is an annual membership that comes with a small fee. It was $15 last year but I will get all the specifics to you all.

   Also, Tiana has been trying to get a ride to practice but I've been unable to help lately. If anyone can help get her there I can get her back.

   Thanks for your time, GO FUTURE!

Thursday, December 22
Power to Play - Winter league (Denver)

   As we've been discussing the games will run January 8th through February 25th-26th. The games will be held at various schools in the Denver area as outlined in the Power to Play website, ( with the end of season tournament being held at UNC in Greeley. Now that we've had players commit we need to start collecting funds asap. With 10 players commiting, the fee per player is $102.50, (it's actually a decent price for a 15 game league). Angel will be collecting the funds and I ask that we pay in cash.

   The only thing that can hold us back is ourselves. We need to have excellent practice participation. I mean it. I will not allow our 2012 campaign to be ruined by complacency. We all know what this is about. This is club basketball and we need basketball players. Players that habitually miss practice slow down the progression of the entire team and I can't allow it. As we move forward I'll make any roster adjustments necessary to ensure productive practices. This is an important year as our 8th graders have only this year to learn and prepare for high school hoops. We don't get that many practices per month as it is, so we need to make them count.

    I have big plans for the team this year. There's no doubt in my mind that this team will compete well and be fun to coach. All I ask is for communication and commitment.    Thank you

Thursday, December 29
Power to Play Schedule Out For Weekend of January 8th.

     Hello everyone and seasons greetings. Power to Play has released our schedule for the first week. The games will be on Sunday, January 8th. We will play 3 games, all of them at Thornton High School 9351 Washington St. Thornton, Colorado 80229. Game times will be 9:00am, 11:00am, and 12:00pm. Game information can be found in the Calender and Schedule sections of our website, or the Power to Play site (

      I hope by now you are all utilizing this site as it will greatly improve team communication as well as be a great resource for players who wish to further their knowledge of the game. I will constantly update the Handouts section, complete with articles and videos for them to study. I would like feedback about the site and I will entertain suggestions on how to improve it. 

       Our practice schedule is up in the air for the rest of the week as all of our gyms are closed this week. I'm waiting to hear back from the YMCA. This as you all know is a hard time of year to communicate with any outside partys.

       In closing I want to wish you all a very happy New Year. GO FUTURE!