Colorado Chill Basketball Club: Mottos

Wednesday, May 4

At Colorado Chill we live by the motto:  WE ARE ONE!

We use this motto because we believe the following: first, no matter what happens on or off the court we are one family one team, the team always comes first. This is where we get the second part to that motto:It is not who I am as one, but who we as a team are as one!We use this part to be assured that no player or coach ever believes that they themselves or someone else is above or treated different than the rest of the team.  We also use this motto for game-play and practices:WE ARE ONE! : This game and practice usage indicates that we are always one on the court and also we always take it one game and one practice at a time.

The founder/head coach of the Colorado Chill, Dustin Pittman, believes that there is never a point in any athletes’ career, whether it be youth all the way to pro or coaching, that they can survive the game or excel in the game as an individual first rather than a teammate or coach first.  This stems from the fact that no single player has ever lost a game for a team nor won a game for a team, yes game winning shots have occurred but they would never have gotten that opportunity to take the shot without the team.  We all here at Colorado Chill hope that your son/daughter will excel in basketball, as an athlete, basketball player, teammate, and student athlete.

Wednesday, September 14

Mission Statement:


Here at Colorado Chill Basketball Club our mission is to be the premier basketball club in the state of Colorado while providing a fun and affordable environment for the athletes in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.


Vision Statement:


Colorado Chill is a basketball club aimed at becoming a place for basketball players to grow through their game and become the men and women of tomorrow while also creating a family like atmosphere with friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.