Colchester Youth Basketball: High School Rec.

Wednesday, January 21
Colchester High School Rec. League

The High School Rec. League has seven teams which play in a travel league. The Colchester boys have six teams in the league. They play against the other teams in the league and against the other teams in colchester. The girls have one team which plays in the travel league.

Boys teams

Varsity 1                        JV 4

Varsity 2                       JV 5

Varsity 3                       JV6

Girls team


Girls team vs Andover (loss) 38 to 22

Boys JV 4 vs Columbia (win) 39 to 36

Boys JV 6 defeats JV 4  47 to 44

Boys JV 5 defeats JV 4  31 to 30

Boys JV 4 vs Coventry (win) 50 to 31

Boys JV4 defeats JV 5 54 to 43

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