(1) Adult Volleyball: Welcome


SUNDAY "A" & SUNDAY "B" SCHEDULES HAVE BEEN REVISED DUE TO TEAMS DROPPING OUT (12-17) - All changes are in blue.  Please contact us if your team can't play at this new time.

Leagues Begin - Tuesday, Dec. 2 & Sunday, Dec. 7
B Leagues - Sunday evenings & Tuesday evenings
A League - Sunday afternoons
Location - Cumberland Estates Rec Center

To register, visit KPRD Athletics at 917 East 5th Avenue.
For more information, contact Aaron Browning 865-215-1408 or abrowning@cityofknoxville.org

OPEN VOLLEYBALL will return in March


Congrats to Intimidators - Fall Sunday "B" Tournament Champions!
Congrats to Bull's Hitters - Fall Tuesday "B" Tournament Champions!

Congrats to Cove Crew - Fall Sunday "A" Tournament Champions!

The first tiebreaker for teams with the same record is head-to-head result.  If teams did not play or if there are 3+ teams tied with the same record and tie can't be broken by head-to-head results, scroll across the standings until the tie is broken (games lost, games won, points allowed, points scored).  Teams will be listed in this order in the final standings.

Please click on "Handouts" on the left for all Adult Volleyball documents (registration information, schedules, standings, brackets).

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2014 Fall VB Champions