(5) Adult Softball (Spring & Fall): Welcome


Schedules are update daily/nightly with game results.  All can be found in the Handouts section.

Contact Nathan at Graphic Creations at 522-6221 & mention Knoxville Parks & Rec pricing
Options available (minimum order 10 shirts):
- Colored shirt with 1 color front, no back - $4.50 per shirt plus $17.50 screen charge
- Colored shirt with 2 color front, no back - $4.90 per shirt plus $35 screen charge
- Colored t-shirt with 1 color front and # on back - $8.75 per shirt plus $17.50 screen charge
- Colored t-shirt with 2 color front and # on back - $9.15 per shirt plus $35 screen charge

Leagues Offered (more info in Handouts)
Men's - 0 HR - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Men's - 2 HR - Monday, Wednesday
Men's - 1 HR/Inning then Single - Tuesday, Thursday

Co-Ed - 0 HR - Monday, Tuesday
Co-Ed - 2 HR - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Men's 50+ - 3 HR - Tuesday & Thursday League

Interested in playing but don't have a team?  Contact KPRDAthletics at abrowning@cityofknoxville.org and we'll help you find a team.


Congratulations to Latitude 35 - Co-Ed Tournament Champions!

Practice Times - Practice times are available the week of August 5th and 12th on open fields.  Please call Denise at 215-1418 or talk to a Field Supervisor at Caswell to schedule your practice.  Times available are 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm.  If your team practices on the same night as a game there will be a $10 fee.  If your team does not have a game on night of practice, players will pay $1 at gate.

Interested in playing softball this fall?  Registration for Spring Softball will begin in February 2014.  Teams may register by visiting our office at 917 E 5th Ave between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.  Cash or check only.  We are hoping to have credit card and online registration in the near future.  If you are an individual interested in playing softball, please send your name, contact information, days you are available to play, and any other information to abrowning@cityofknoxville.org  We will inform captains of players looking for teams.  If there are many people looking for a team, we may attempt to form a team of individuals.

Congrats to Scared Hitless - Co-Ed "E" Tournament Champions!
Congrats to the Cyclones - Men's "E" Tournament Champions!
Congrats to The Zone - Men's "D" Tournament Champions!

Congrats to the Swingers - Co-Ed "D" Tournament Champions!

See notes below on scheduling practice times, and results/standings updates on this site.

RESULTS / STANDINGS - Results will be posted nearly each day.  Updated standings will be posted weekly (on Fridays) after the 3rd week of games) 

PRACTICE TIMES! - Many have asked about practices before the season begins.  We will update this site if we open the field for practices on the week of July 29. 

PRACTICE TIMES! - Once games begin, teams may schedule practices with the Field Supervisor at Caswell Park.  They will have the schedule of open fields for the next 4 weeks.  If your team plays the same night of practice, the fee will be $10.  If your team does not play on the night you have a practice you will just pay $1 at the gate.

-Game Balls are available in the concession stand. $5 for 1 ball or $50 for 1 dozen.
-Practice Balls are available.  Contact the Field Supervisor at Caswell.  $15 for 1 dozen.

Please click "Handouts" on the left to view the 2013 Spring By-Laws and Dates to Remember.  

Please click "Handouts" on the left for brackets, schedules, dates to remember, etc.


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