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2015 Youth Basketball City Tournament

Many thanks to everyone who was involved with the 2015 KPRD Youth Basketball City Tournament - Coaches, parents, players, commissioners, officials, scorekeepers, gym supervisors, Rec Center Leaders, etc. The tournament was originally scheduled February 13-21 and ended up being played on February 13, 14, 23 and March 2-5.  It is a great testament that there were no forfeits this week!  Thanks to all!

Girls 8U - KYS-Langham defeated CCYSP-Jarrett 6-0
Girls 10U - Falcons-Swaney defeated FC-Lynch 14-12
Girls 12U - KYS-Vaught vs. KYS-Heins
Boys 8U - EKAA-Clark defeated EKAA-Jackson 25-14
Boys 10U - Falcons-Kyle defeated EKAA-Rorex 28-8
Boys 12U -CCYSP-Dove vs. Falcons-Bennett
Boys 14U - WBBL-Kirk defeated RCA-Buntyn 29-17
Boys 17U - CCYSP-Clemons defeated WBBL-Messing 55-40

City/County Championship - The City/County Championship will be played Tuesday, March 10th and Wednesday, March 11th at Christenberry Community Center, if the City and County Tournaments are completed.  
6:15pm - Girls 8U (KYS-Langham)
7:05pm - Girls 10U (Falcons-Swaney)
7:55pm - Boys 14U (WBBL-Kirk)
6:15pm - Boys 8U (EKAA-Clark)
7:05pm - Boys 10U (Falcons-Kyle)
7:55pm - Boys 12U
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