Cockeysville Girls' Field Hockey: Welcome

Wednesday, April 4

Cockeysville Recreation Council is again offering FIELD HOCKEY for both GIRLS AND BOYS from 1st Grade through 8th Grade. We invite girls and boys who have never played field hockey and those who have experience to participate this upcoming season.  We will teach the fundamentals of field hockey and play games against other recreation councils. If you currently participate in another fall sport and you would like to learn to play field hockey, we welcome your participation. 

This program was established so that young girls and boys can have the opportunity to learn field hockey before they enter the high school program.  Our goal is to teach every participant the fundamentals of field hockey, the rules of the game, and the strategies of game play.  Most importantly, our main objective is to make sure these athletes enjoy their experience on the field hockey field and have fun, while learning one of the oldest games in sports.   


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!:  We are in need of adults who are willing to give their time to help coach or assist in coaching a team.  Adults do not have to have field hockey experience! Volunteers make the season successful.  We will be teaching our coaches as well as our players. Please sign up during registration to help or email Meredith Lott at

PRACTICES: Our practices will begin in late August. Teams typically practice twice a week. Teams will practice at Padonia International Elementary School or Dulaney High School.

GAMES: Games usually start the 2nd Sunday in September and the season concludes the first weekend in November. Games will be played on Sunday afternoons. Home games will be held at Dulaney High School and Padonia International Elementary School. Specific games schedules are provided by each team coaches.

CLINIC: Clinic players (1-2) will practice once a week. They will have "play days" with other leagues on Saturdays or Sundays.

EQUIPMENT: Girls will need a field hockey stick, shin guards, mouth guard (not clear) and field hockey goggles before the first practice

TEAM REQUESTS: Cockeysville Field Hockey has on average 200 participants in the program per year. Consistent with our mission statement, our goal is to have fun while teaching the girls the game of field hockey and in part to establish teams that are equal in skill level. Since creating balanced teams is a priority we will not take requests - regarding previous coaches, carpooling, or friends. The program has no obligation to fulfill any requests and makes no promise in that regard. We emphasize a positive learning environment and always encourage the girls to make new friends, all while enjoying the game of field hockey.

Hope to see you on the field this fall!

Meredith Tracey Lott 

Commissioner, Cockeysville Field Hockey