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Cincinnati CoBALTS
Cincinnati, Ohio

  '10 CityChmpsNews  

Tuesday, May 14
OPENING DAY 2013 !!!
Opening Day
YEAR # 28

Here we go, here we go, here we go now!!!

Cobalts begin another campiagn on Sunday May 19th versus the Lexington All Stars at McNicholas Paradise Stadium.

This year's squad is poised and ready to make another Championship run with experienced youth coming back from our AABC World Series Semi-Finals and the grizzled veterans who play for Love of the Game and few cold Natches.

Strap it on....Here come your 'Balts !!!!

Thursday, May 23
...And sometimes, the bear gets you
Bear Gets Ya
Balts did kill a Natch 30 Pk postgame

After a washout of Sunday's Opener, the Cobalts took Roselawn field for Tuesday's CRC league game against the Bombers.

Knowing our 18 college players were unavailable due to awards and graduation ceremonies, Coach was working the veterans for some cameo appearances..but he is losing his touch and at gametime we had 7 players show.

Anytime Coach is in uniform (tight!) things are not looking good. But enough excuse making. We fielded 9 players and had our man T-Stone on the hill and jumped out to a 7-2 lead. The young Bombers fought back against the Cobalt bullpen and tied it up sending it to extra ininings. Then, the Bombers strung two hits together in the bottom of 8th and the Cobalts fall 8-7 in the opener.

Next up is the Meridians on Friday night at UC's Marge Schott Stadium. Gametime is 6:30pm.


Tuesday, May 28
Bounce Back Game
Girl on Tramp
Miss the Man Show!
One great thing about your Cobalts, they have short shaking off the extra inning loss from Tuesday, the Balts took on The Meridians at beautiful Marge Schott Stadium on the UC Campus. Tyler Snoke, bouncing back from an elbow surgery, took the hill for 3 strong and the college boys showed up with bats and fresh legs leading to a 10-1 win. The squad looks strong when everybody's in uniform...let's keep it rolling!!! Next up: Double header CRC action against PG Allstars and Yorkville Tuesday night at Roselawn. Festivities begin at 6:30pm and go until lights off and Natches are sunk.

Wednesday, May 29
Cobalts Take 2 on Tuesday and Review Ball Etiquette
Ball Code
Don't Do That Young Man!

Tuesday nights at Roselawn are rarely boring given the competitive level of League Play and the importance of each game in the 2013 shortened season...this past Tuesday was no different as the Palyground AllStars came out hyped-up ready to knock off the men in Gold.

And after jumping out 2-0 it looked like the youngsters might be up to the task. But don't count out the Balts and don't steal signs from 2nd base so obviously...something veterans Rocky and JayCo addressed with immediate "energy" as things got exciting in the middle of the field.

Anyway, the Cobalts rally with Steve Hendrickson, "Ryan" Seachrist, and JayCo driving in multiple runs for a 7-3 victory in Game 1.

So then the men of Yorkville in Game 2 who lock horns in a 4-4 game until the 6th inning when a 9 run jailbreak occurs and the Cobalts go on to win 13-4. Good piching by the young Balts on this Tuesday night: Lawson and Tyree with the Wins.

2 wins on a Tuesday...and Coach upgrades to Bud Light. Next up: game at NKU Stadium versus Yorkville.

Sunday, June 2
Great Venue, Great Day, and a Nice Win
Nice Surface

The Cobalts welcomed Yorkville to NKU Stadium on Sunday and both teams were showing off their young talent in a non-league game.

Locked up 5-5 going into the final inning, Jake Wagner hit a bullet into right field scoring Everett Osbourne for the walk-off win.

Brent Wagner threw 3 solid innings in his 2013 debut and Lawson gets the Win.

Bobby "Nacho" had 2 hits and 3 RBI to lead the offense.

Next up: Chiefs on Tuesday night at Roselawn 6:30pm

Wednesday, June 5
Cobalts Go Rabbit in 6-5 Win Over Chiefs
Evil Bunny
These Bunnies have big fangs!

Cobalts never claim to look good in sleeveless spandex or tight lycra, but we occaisonly have squads that like to run...2013 is one of those years.

Combining the speed of the yoots and the battling veterans at the plate, the Balts won a tough game against the Chiefs in CRC League action.

T-Stone kept the Chiefs bats relatively quiet until the 5th. Then Adrian Schau (Win) closed the door to allow for last inning heroics and a walk-off bunt (with error) scoring Steve Hendrickson for the Cobalts 3rd League victory and 5th overall.

Hendrickson scored 3 and stole 2. Cloyd scored 2 and stole 2. Even Bobby Nacho stole a base! Big hits and RBIs from Schau, Rocky, and JF-Kennedy. Multiple Web Gems at SS by Young Josh.

Next up: Thursday/Sunday games in the SOVCL. Then NKU game on Monday followed by Bombers on Tuesday at Roselawn. 

Friday, June 7
Kurt & the Cobalts Go-Off in 12-1 Win

Kurt Hendrickson hits 2 triples and collects 4 hits in a runaway victory over SOVCL opponent the Cincinnati Flash Thursday night.

Some on-lookers later reported that as Kurt slid into third base he looked in the Balt dugout and screamed, "I'm the REAL Hendrickson...Steve who?!?!?"

Anyway, joining the hit parade was Cloyd, Young Josh, and several others helping Tyree to his second Win of the season. He worked 6 innings of scoreless ball. "Lawson" also worked scoreless ininngs despite his Jimmy John open wound.

All good in Cobalt Land as the boys are now 6-1 on the season.

Monday, June 10
Young Balts Drop a Deuce in DH Loss
Dropping a Deuce
guy wasn't that good

The Champion Baseball Academy came to Brian Wilson Field ready to play...Balts were still looking at the Classified Section when all of a sudden they realize they were no-noed in a 10-0 loss.

Fought back in game 2 but still lost 8-7 as the Balts drop to 6-3 overall after two SOVCL losses.

Next up: Queen City Legends at NKU Stadium on Monday Night

Tuesday, June 11
Cobalts Use Speed and D to Defeat Queen City Legends
Legends Wanted the Balts

Monday night at NKU Stadium and the Cobalts spot the hungry Legends a 2 spot in the 1st inning...that gets the chirping started but it only makes the Balts more determined. Good Pitching by Joey, Chris, and The Side-winder shut down the Legends offense for the remaining 8 innings as the Balts put up 7 runs with two big innings.

John Cloyd lead the offense with a  couple of hits and runs scored utilizing his wheels. Jay Schunk drove in a couple with a big blast to the wall in the 3rd inning. Good D at 1st by Mummy worthy of  a mention.

Cobalts now 7-3 with Bombers up next on Tuesday at Roselawn. First place is on the line.  

Wednesday, June 12
Bobby Nacho Flashes Leather and Cobalts Win 3-2 over Bombers
Bobby was Flashin it!!!

Cobalts move into a 1st Place tie in CRC League Play with a nice quick (1.5 hrs) game at Roselawn Tuesday night.

Cobalt Pitchers were dealing: T-Stone threw 3 solid and T-Snoke threw a strong final 4 both combining for 8 strike outs and only 1 earned run. Helping their cause was 3rd baseman Bobby "Nacho" Noeth who stole 2 hits away from Bomber batters at key times.

AJ Thole got his groove on at the plate with a "lift and seperate" smash off the fence scoring 2 and Adrian Schau added a couple hits in the win.

Thanks to the quick game the Balts crushed two coolers of Natches before the other field's game was even done.

Next up for the 8-3 Balts is a college game at Rotary Park vs. BeaverCreek Sox on Saturday.  

Thursday, June 20
JFK Leads Balts to Another CRC League Win
Johnny did it all !

John Kennedy had 3 hits, 3 RBIs, and a Web-Gem in the outfield to lead the Cobalts in a 7-6 Win over Yorkville last Tuesday night.

Adrian Shau gets the Win with 4 solid and Steve Hendrickson gets the emergency hold & save after the injury bug hits the Balt bullpen. Props to Steve who seemed more relaxed since his power-hitting brother was not in attendance.

Other not-so-highlights included AJ Thole fielding with his knee cap instead of glove, Bobby Nacho officially retiring due the game of baseball being "gay" and the bucket-o-beer going untapped due to late night scare from the Popo.

Next up: Champions at Testerman Park

Thursday, June 27
Sidewinder Goes Distance in 9-1 League Win Over Chiefs
Sidewinder Was Dealing

Brett goes all 7 in an impressive outing against the Chiefs on Tuesday night at Roselawn.

Leading the offense was AJ Thole who murdered the ball for his first HR of the year - a 3 run job. Adrian Schau added 2 RBIs and J-Cloyd had 3 hits on the night. Jay-Co looked strong behind the dish for his first catching assignment of the year.

The Win sets up a nice situation in the standings for your Cobalts with the NABF Regional birth in Louisville.

More to come on those details!

Wednesday, July 3
Rocky Leads Balts in July 4th Tourney Victory
view full size

Rocky Curnayn had 3 Ribeyes to lead the Cobalts in a 4-1 Win over Yorkville Wednesday night at UC Stadium. This was the first game of the July 4th SOVCL Tourney.

Jake Kenney went all 7 and looked impressive in the complete game W. Welcome back Tyler Schunk who dished a great game!!

Cohill, Mummy, and J-Schunk all contributed to the 6th inning rally that put the Cobalts ahead for good.

Next up in Game 2 of Tourney is versus Zanesville at UC stadium 7pm on Thursday night.

Tuesday, July 16
Cobalts Are Your CRC Champions...Earn Birth to Louisville
2013 CHAMPS !!!

With 7 wins and only 1 loss in a shortened CRC League schedule this year (due to Roselawn construction) the Cobalts earn their way to a Regional Tournament appearance in Louisville at Derby City (Aug 1-4).

Looks to be a 6 Team Bracket with entries from Cincy, Louisville, Lexington, and Indiana.

Congrats Cobalts on another Championship Year!


Friday, August 2
Cobalts Open Tournament with BIG Win

Cobalts only need 6 innings to put away their first opponent in the NABF Regional, beating the Lexington Bombers 13-0.

Brett The Sidewinder goes the distance and gets the shutout win. It was a big night for the sticks lead by Gastrich, Kennedy, Cohill, and Cloyd with help from Hendrickson and Young Josh.

Next up in Round 2 are the Chiefs, who took the #2 bid from the CRC in place of the Bombers and won their opener against the Louisville Mustangs.

Saturday, August 3
Cobalts Win 11-0 over Chiefs

Second round action of the NABF and your Cobalts display more power and speed by dropping the Chiefs for the 3rd time this year 11-0.

T-Stone gets the win with a dominating performance on the hill. Thole and Gastrich go deep and deeper while Cohill and the crew stay hot at the plate.

This takes the Cobalts into the 3rd round game against the winner of the Portland Indiana and Louisville Star Drywall game...winner gets a huge BYE.

Sunday, August 4
Tough 1st Loss in NABF

Bats go cold as clutch hits were hard to find in a 3-1 loss to the host team, Louisville Star Drywall.

Adrian Schau deserved better as he gives up only 1 earned run.

This drops the Balts in to the Loser bracket to face the Portland Indiana Rockets later in the day on Saturday.

Winner will need to beat Louisville twice on Sunday.

Sunday, August 4
Cobalts Advance to Championship Round with Win Over Portland

Jumping out to a huge lead, then hanging on to get the 14-11 win on Saturday afternoon capped off a long day for the Balts.

Tyler Snoke fought thru his shoulder issues and went 6+ strong innings. Gas gets the emergency Save by throwing a 1-2-3 ninth inning and sealing the deal.

Gas, Cohill, Steve-O, Thole, Ryan Jesse, and Jay Schunk all have big game at the plate.

So we move into the Championships on Sunday versus the well rested host team from Louisville.

Calling all arms...calling all arms!

Tuesday, July 16
Catching Up on SOVCL Action
Cobalt fans go wild!

The College Cobalts have been busy this year gaining valuable playing time in the SOVCL. The competition has been strong as the teams are attracting good local talent from the college ranks.

With games at Brian Wilson Field, Prasco Park, and The Flash Complex, the Young Cobalts have been well travelled and amassed a 7-4 record with wins over Legends, Yorkville, Champions, and The Flash. Losses coming from Champions and Spikes.

So now that CRC League play has finished, the Full Cobalt Squad is taking the field in SOVCL action and got off to a roaring start on Saturday against Beaver Creek Sox.

Thole goes YARD and adds 2 doubles in a 5-2 Win. T-Schunk makes maybe the best catch in the infield in 3 decades of Cobalt Baseball. He dives into shallow left field and grabs the ball bare-handed as he hits head-first.

Tyree gets the Win with 5 good innings. Tyler Snoke makes his injury comeback with 2 scoreless.

Then on a hot Sunday, the Balts take on a frisky Champions squad who has enjoyed a couple wins over the Cobalts this year. But today, they meet Mr Stone who throws 6 scoreless and the Balts cruise to a 6-3 win.

In game 2, the staff looks a bit thinner but the Cobalts hit their way to a W...going on to the weekend sweep!

Next up: Yorkville at UC Stadium. 6:30pm wear gold  

Thursday, October 8
Cobalt "Spuds" to Hall of Fame
He got the Ring, He got the Money, He got everything!!!

As many in Cobalt Nation know, Chris Sabo helped the launch the 'Balts into what has become a great 23 year run of "semi pro" baseball in Cincinnati. And during an injury rehab stint in the mid 1990's, Sabo even donned the Cobalt Uniform and played with the boys.

Since his rookie season, Chris and a few of the founding Cobalts have been friends. Several (JD and Q) even served as groomsmen in his wedding.

We congratulate the MLB All Star, Rookie of the Year, World Champion, and Cobalt Teammate on taking his rightful place in Reds history as one of the all-time greats.

Cheers to you, Sabes!

(#17 Reds, #33 Cobalts)

Monday, November 2
Congrats to Cincinnati Sting - Roy Hobbs Champs!
Roy Hobbs

The Cobalts did not travel this Fall as a team but a few of the boys helped-out the Sting (many long-time diamond friends) win the AAAA Division 25+ Roy Hobbs championship in Ft. Myers, FLA this weekend.

Congrats to Coach Joe Calagaris and all the Natti Boys who got it done...including: Tom & Todd Taylor, Prosser Brothers, Rex Baker, Jeff Sanders, J-Love, Andy Stalworth, and Scotty Phair.

Nice Job Guys!!! 


Monday, January 25
Boys Will Be Back!
The Party that just won't end!

Breaking every Semi Pro record known to exist, your Cincinnati Cobalts begin their 24th Consecutive Year of Baseball in the Queen City.

At the now semi-famous annual Hooter Winter Meeting, Cobalts of Old and New gathered to agree on suiting up another year in the CRC.

So, as the crappy midwest weather drags on, Cobalt Fans from coast-to-coast can warm their hearts knowing that the Boys From Natti (and even ol' Coach) will be on the diamond again this Summer.

Cheers to Baseball...Again!!!

Thursday, May 13
Here Comes 2010 !!!
Rock swears this will cure those groin pulls!

Dust 'em off, stretch 'em out, oil 'em up, the 2010 Season is here!

Our traditional Navy vs. Gold inter-squad game will take place this Sunday at 6pm at McNicholas High School (Beechmont Ave). Coolers recommended!

The regular season begins Thursday night May 27th.

And keep Sunday July 4th open for a game in Dayton Dragon Stadium followed by the Cobalt Family Picnic & Pool Party. 

Another great year to be a Cobalt!!!

cheers, Coach

Monday, May 31
Coming up short in Week #1
Short and Grumpy
How we lookin? Not real good - yet.

Mix some fresh new talent in with the Cobalt Veterans and you usually get a strong start....not yet in 2010.

Game #1 (Thursday 6pm) versus Flames had the Balts jumping out to a 4-3 lead in 5th inning behind a Wags homer only to have pitching and fielding break-down late in an 8-3 loss.

Game #2 (Thursday 8:30 pm) the Cobalts did pull together a nice 3-1 victory over a good Cheviot squad. Mikey Taylor with the big RBI game winning hit. Rick Rossell and Chris Sunderman combine for the W on the hill.

Game #3 (Sunday 1pm) versus Yorkville saw the return of Mr. Becker to the hill who went 3 scoreless. Then Sunderman worked 2 good innings giving way to eventual winner, Sunshine Morgan - doing what he does best (throwing on fumes). Bats were lead again by Mikey Taylor with brothers Tom and Todd adding 2 hits each. Jayco also with a couple knocks in the 7-1 win.

Game #4 (hot Sunday 3pm) versus Flames again. Rex Baker goes deep but tired Balts kick it around in a circus like defensive effort. Combine with 2 pitching injuries and you get another loss to the upstart Flames (9-3). Coach Spriggs Monster of the Flames has the Balts number early in this year's campaign.

So we stand at 2-2 with a beat up staff and some holes in our bats...could be worse but we've got work to do!



Friday, June 4
Cobalts 11-6 Victory Over Receptions Marred By Celebration Injury
Natch Cut1
Warning: Graphic Image

Rick Rossell worked his early season kinks out for the victory while the Cobalt bats exploded jumping out to an 11-1 early lead.

Cobalt Rookie Matt Hall scored 4 times to lead the offense along with Ryan Rodriguez's 3 RBIs.

But, in the post-game celebration, Coach was almost rushed to the hospital in a terrible Natch Can Cutting incident. The culprit was a Cobalt Rook putting an empty back into the cooler which had the basic effect of an IED. "What are they teaching kids these days" Coach was heard mumbling as he scuffled off toward White Castle...

Next Up: Thursday June 10th Double-Header

6:30pm vs. Wasted Talent and 8:30pm vs. Chiefs


Friday, June 11
A Good-Good Night for Cobalts - Two W's!
Fergy is Hot!
TT is peeking now!

Cobalts improved to 5-2 Overall with two solid wins over top level teams in CRC Thursday League action.

Game #1 had Morgan the Magician dazzling the talented youngsters of the Wasted Talent Team with 7 complete and 0 Earned Runs. Final 6-1...Taylor Boys with multiple hits to lead the late inning rally.

Game #2 versus the always tough Chiefs had Adam Captain Kirkendahl go two strong before the elbow sniper struck in the 2nd inning. But no worries - Chris Stix Sunderman charged the hill and went 4 strong to get the 2-1 Victory. Dan Ronco-Matic gets the save thanks to an incredible throw from the outfield by Ryan Rodriguez to cut down the potential tying run at the plate. Todd Taylor got the big RBI hit.

So couple nice wins as the Balts start to gel more each week. Next up: Thursday night 6:30 vs. Yorkville.

Saturday, June 19
Cobalts Regain 1st Place with 10-4 Win Over Yorkville
Wags still fits in his 80's Jordache Jeans too!

Mike Wagner got the party started in Thursday Night League action with a 3-Run Bomb to center field in a 10-4 victory over Yorkville.

Shannon Morgan got the victory in a tight ballgame up until the bottom of 6th when flood gates opened again.

The Win gives Cobalts sole possesion of 1st Place in the NABF-bid CRC Competitive League with a 4-1 record. Overall, Balts are now 6-2 with rain threatening to washout the weekend games...

Friday, July 2
Paully is Dyn-O-Mite Last Night
Paully's One Cool Customer
Paully's One Cool Customer

Paul Krause answered the bullpen bell and sealed another CRC League victory for the Cobalts Thursday night.

Final score: Cobalts 5 Receptions 2

Paully threw 4 innings of relief - getting the Win & Save as the game got interesting when Receptions had the go-ahead runner on base with no outs in the 4th inning.

Big RBIs by Tom and Todd Taylor, and Mike Daddy Hatfield fueled enough offense to break a mini losing streak for the Balts. Previous week saw the Balts drop a tough loss to Champions (up 3 runs going into final inning) and to Yorkville in last Thursday night League action.

Cobalts now stand at 6-2 in CRC League (NABF qualifyer) and 8-4 overall.

Next up: Chiefs at Dayton Dragon Stadium July 4th


Monday, July 5
Great Day - Great Game!!
dragon satadium
Semi Pro at its Best!

On a beautiful 4th of July, two of Cincinnati's best took the field at Dayton Dragon Stadium (Single A Reds affiliate) and played 9 innings of great baseball. And, as usual with the Cobalts and Chiefs, it came down to a one run affair...Cobalts 3, Chiefs 2.

Shannon Morgan went all 9 innings and threw a gem. He was helped with some solid defense by Mikey Taylor at 3B.

Offensively the Balts were lead by Matt Hall (2 Runs scored and 2 Stolen Bases). RBI's by Tom Taylor and Mike Hatfield pushed the key runs home. Jason Cohill with 2 hits also.

Great to see family, friends, and Cobalt Alumn at the stadium on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 7
Cobalts Gift Wrapping on Tuesday Night

Continuing our struggles outside of League Play, The Cobalts fell hard to the Flames 12-3.

On a long, hot, evening, Cobalt pitching walked 13 batters - giving up 7 runs in the 2nd without even a hit! Like I said, long night for Balts.

Now stand at 9-5 overall with a big league game Thursday night at Roselawn vs. the same Cincinnati Flames. 6:30 pm.  

Saturday, July 10
Cobalts Still Have Fire in the Belly, Beat Flames 6-5
R-Rod was On Fire!

In a big Thursday Night League game, the Cobalts dug deep and answered the bell against the Cincinnati Flames.

After spotting the Flames 3 runs in first inning, the 'Balts answered with 3 of their own in the third behind clutch hitting from Ryan Rodriguez (3-3, 3RBI, HR, and 3 SBs). Then the lead changed hands twice more with the Cobalts scoring last in the bottom of 6th.

Wags pitched well after the rocky first inning and Adam Kirkendal finished with 3 2/3 strong to get the Win.

Big hits delivered late in game by veterans Todd Taylor, Rex Baker, and Mike Hatfield.

The Win gives the Cobalts a 7-2 record in the CRC Thursday Night League. One more victory seals the NABF Regional bid.

Friday, July 16
Cobalts Beat Cheviot, Defend Title - Champs Again!!
Like a Fine Wine...Better with Age!

With a wild a woolly 20-10 walk-off Win over Cheviot Patriots Thursday Night, Your Cincinnati Cobalts  are League Champions again!

Balts found themselves down 2-0 early, fought back to tie it 3-3 third, soared ahead 6-3 in fourth, fell behind 9-8 in the fifth, then exploded for a 10 run-rule walk-off HR by Wags.

The victory gives the Cobalts their 10th consecutive post-season tournament bid - hosting the NABF Regional beginning August 5th at Roselawn Park.

Overall, the Cobalts stand at 11-5 (8-2 in CRC) 

Next up: Columbus ___: 12noon Sat. @ Lakota West

Tuesday, July 27
Cobalts Drop Weekend Game to Ghahanna

Cobalts drop an unscheduled game to the Ghahanna Rockets 8-5...Josh Lex lead the hitting and Chris Sunderman and Tyler Snoke did a yeoman's job on hill despite the 98 degree temps.

Next up: City Tournament!!!

Tuesday, July 27
Cobalts Roll Over Royals in Round 1
That Barry Sr. in the back booth of Quatman's?

Shannon Morgan threw 27 pitches in 3 innings as the Cobalts rolled to a 10-0 run-rule victory in City Tournament Monday night. Wags finished up with 2 quick innings as the Balts were cracking their first Hudy-pops at Quatman's by 8:15.

Next up: Naturals in Round 2 who beat the Cheviot Patriots.

Friday, July 30
Cobalts Move On to City Championship

Cobalts handled the Royals in Game 2 without much problem and then took on their ol' friends the Chiefs in Game 3.

Rossell returned from his nagging injury and threw the first three. Snoke relieved and Cobalt's bats erupted in a 12-4 victory.


Thursday, August 5
NABF Regionals Begin
Can we do it again, Sugar Bear???

Your City Champion Cobalts begin their quest for another visit to the World Series tonight.

At 6:30pm vs. Portland, IN Rockets at Roselawn Park.

In other Opening Round Games:

Cincy Chiefs vs. Louisville Orangemen

Cincy Crew vs. SouthBend, IN.

Friday, August 6
Big 1st Game Tourney Win!

Terry Stone throws a No-Hitter and Cobalts' bats come up clutch in a 4-1 Opening Round victory over the Portland Rockets Thursday night.

Matt Hall scored two. Mikey Taylor had a big RBI double, and Dougy Michelsen iced it with a 2 out 6th inning 2 RBI double.

And on a serious note: Tom Taylor survived a vicious fastball to the skull in the 1st inning. We hope it was an "accident" by the Portland pitcher but TT had to leave the game.

Other Winners in Round 1 making it a Cincinnati Sweep:

Cincy Crew over South Bend

Cincy Chiefs over Louisville River Rats


So tonight Cobalts take on Cincy Crew (4pm) and then likely come back at 9pm against the Chiefs.

Saturday, August 7
Second Round Good and Bad

Game #2 of the Regionals saw the upstart Cincy Crew take on the Cobalts on Friday afternoon action and the Old Guys brought their bats. Cobalts explode for 15 runs and KC Krumeich pitched 5 solid for the win.

Then the waiting......

Sent to a local tavern to await the outcome of Chiefs vs. Portland the Cobalts dined and sipped on pitchers of Pepsi. At stake, either a Bye into Semi Finals or a date with the Chiefs at 9pm.

Chiefs took care of business so Balts had to re-charge. We send Rossell to the mound and things unravell quickly - literally unravell, as Rick tears his oblique again before finishing 1st inning...Morgan takes hill in emergency and does solid work for five but Chiefs take down Balts 10-5.

So Balts go into Saturday knowing they need to win 2 to make it to Championship game.

Sunday, August 8
Cobalts Do What They Do...Old School
Blue Old School
Like Ol' Blue the Balts can still strap it on

On a hot Saturday afternoon, knowing we had to win 2-nine inning games against tough teams with fresh arms and legs, Coach looked into the dugout and liked what he saw:

* 7 sore hammies (Wags somehow pulled 3)

* 5 pulled groins (again, Wags with the bonus muscle)

* Lots of empty bench space (where did our young guys go?)

* and 2 Pitchers - combined age 77 years old!

* PERFECT! Right where we feel comfortable.

So Paully takes the pill in game #1 against twenty-one strong bucks from SouthBend and proceeds to go 8 2/3 innings giving up only one run in a 2-1 Victory. Getting the save was Ol #8 Keith Becker. Runs were scarce but clutch with Matt Hall having a great day.

Game #2 followed immediately against our friends the Chiefs...Knowing we have only one arm left in the stable, the Balts decide to hit for once with Becker on the hill (youngsters Matt Hall and Ryan Rodriguez came up big). Keith pitches a shutout gem and the Cobalts take a big 10-0 victory over the Chiefs to send the NABF Regional to a Championship Sunday Game (12 Noon at Roselawn). 

Over the past 24 years of baseball, the Cobalts have a proud legacy of veteran players playing the game with guts and determination. This weekend was maybe one of the BEST examples of this as long time veterans Paul Krause, Keith Becker, Shannon Morgan, Mike Wagner, Mike Hatfield, Tom Taylor, Todd Taylor, Mikey Taylor (yes, even Little T is 30), Rocky Curnayn, Jayson Cohill, and Dougy Michelsen strapped it on!!!

One more game to get to World Series: Chiefs again...what we got left? Come out to Roselawn to see Cincy Baseball at its best!

Monday, August 9
Outta Gas, Cobalts Finish 2nd in NABF Regional

One more game with the Chiefs stood between the World Series and the Balts. Unfortunately it was one too many as we go down 6-1 in the Regional Championship.

Wags did what Shannon, Paully, and Becker did in prior games by nutting-up big time on the mound and going the distance while keeping it close.

But the bats were tired. Hitting an endless stream of fly balls to right center, we just couldn't put a rally together.

Hats off to the Chiefs and we wish their team best of luck in Louisville. No matter the outcome of Sunday's game, it was great to know the Regional would be won by a Team from the Natti.

So we go home to our girlfriends, wives, children, and jobs to plot another charge in Year #25.

Well done Ol' Balts!!!

Thursday, December 23
Cobalts Celebrate the Holidays and the Coming 25th Year!
view full size

The local bar economy surged once again this December as the Cobalt Veterans gathered for their Annual Winter Meeting.

Good times, good times...but the bottom line is your Cobalts will be back again for their 25th CONSECUTIVE YEAR - a proud achievement, for sure.

Some of the news coming from this year's pow-wow:

* Paully Krause has retired after 20 years of dominating the pitching mound...we'll miss Big Paul 

* Daddy Hat needs reading glasses to order hot wings but swears he can still see the laces on any youngster's slider - better believe dat!

* Scrote and Coach are openly shopping for anabolics & tanning bed memberships for a Micky Rourke like comeback.

* Speaking of tans...Coach may have committed to another Fall World Series trip back to the Outrigger. Uh-oh!

* Rumor has it Rocky is getting married...Dang Man, Balts might be needing some dish help this Summer. But Congrats to The Rock!

* Stocklein is in contract arbitration talks for 2011 after taking last year off...Natti Light Execs are involved

* Sunshine Shannon and Wags are in best shape since 1995...just downright sexy animals.

* Becker wishes all our young college player's girlfriends a Merry Christmas

* Deuce and Dougy kept their perfect Happy Hour attendance record alive - SOLID

* Tom and Todd Taylor can still talk Coach into just about anything!


The Cobalts wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cheers (again)


Wednesday, March 16
Get This Party Started
Love Spring Training

Year #25...Let's get ready Cobalt Nation!!!


New Faces, Old Veterans, Retirements, and the Comeback Kids. All part of the fun of Cobalt Baseball each & every Spring since 1987.

Oil the mitts, duck-tape the spikes, and buy a bat (instead of a round of shots) > Baseball is in the air!

This year your boys in Navy and Gold will be playing Tuesdays, Thursdays, and several Saturdays. The goal: Make it back to Louisville for the World Series and bring the Trophy home to the 'Natti!


Thursday, May 19
Campaign #25 Begins Tuesday!!!
Opening Day

Your Cincinnati Cobalts will battle the Cincinnati Hustle on Opening Night: Tuesday May 24th at Roselawn Park (6:30pm).

Each and every Tuesday and Thursday Night League Game counts toward our defense of our League Championship and the NABF automatic birth.

Come out to holler for your 'Balts and enjoy a Victory Natch after the game! 

Wednesday, June 1
CoBALTS Start Strong!!! Win 7-4 over Cincinnati Chiefs
Out of the Blocks 1-0

Opening Night at the Roselawn Park and your Balts showed up with bats, gloves and arms ready to kick-off the 2011 campaign against the Chiefs.

Terry Stone threw great and his defense flashed leather all night in the 7-4 Victory.

The sticks were awake early with Jay Cohill, Todd Taylor, Andrew Thole, Trey Norton and Matt Hall leading the charge against the tough Chief's staff.

So 1-0 in League play going into another tough game Thursday versus the Cincy Flames (Hille 6:30pm).

Nice "W" boys!!!

Friday, June 3
Cobalts Get Flamed in an Error-Fest
Monster's Flames Torched Us

Cobalts left the leather at home and made 8 errors in a 15-4 blow-out by the Cincy Flames.

Not a Cobalt-like performance from beginning to end as catching with the mit seemed like something foriegn to our normally tight defense....Hille field is bad, but Flames played on it too!

So, we lick our burns and move onto Saturday's challenge against the Bluegrass Royals: 3pm at Lakota East.

Sunday, June 5
Johnny No-Staff Gets A Win
No Staff

On a long hot Saturday the Cobalts rallied twice to snatch a win over the Bluegrass Royals 15-12.

Mikey Taylor looked great throwing 3 no-hit innings but then a parade of 5 more "volunteers" took the hill and gutted-thru 12 more elusive outs.

Newcomer Trey Thurston (OF) got the "W" and Mike Daddy Hatfield (DH) got a save.

Hitters answered the bell twice, overcoming 5 run deficits. Trace Norton, Matt Hall (HR), Drew Shafer, and Todd Taylor had multiple hits.

Next up: Cheviot Patriots 8:30pm Tuesday at Hille

Saturday, June 11
Cobalts Chugging Along with 2 More Wins

Tuesday night the Cobalts took on the Cheviot Patriots and had everything working in a 12-3 victory. Terry Stone got his second W of the year in as many starts, going all 7 and giving up 4 hits.

Leaders at the plate were Mikey Taylor, Jay Cohill, and Rob Tringale.


Then Thursday, the Balts battled the Ohio War Dogs to a 7-0 Victory. Shannon Morgan returned to form getting the shutout Win with help from Wags in 6th and 7th. Hitting leaders: Tom Taylor (4 RBIs), and Jake Daugherty (HR).

Cobalts now 4-1 Overall (3-1 in CRC).

Wednesday, June 15
Cobalts Block-Up Yorkville in 6-0 Win

T-Stone won his 3rd game in 3 tries and Jason Cohill did it all in the 6-0 Victory.

JayCo delivered the big 2 out RBI double, scoring Matt Hall, that put the Balts ahead. Then, had 2 impressive throws to nail would-be stealers to squelch Yorkville rallies. And, he blocked-up the dish for what would have been the tying run on a play at the plate.

Newcomer Brandon Heineman also worked 2 perfect innings in relief. 

Iced up Natches were enjoyed...Next up: Cincy Hustle, 8:30pm Thursday at Roselawn. 

Friday, June 17
Bad Night For the Balts
baby seal

The Cincy Hustle Squad shoved a big ol' dukey right in the Cobalt's face on Thursday night.

Outside of Tom Taylor's first inning HR, not much to be happy about in the 7-1 beat-down. The Hustle's young gun from Rio Grande settled in for a 3 hitter. And the Balts for the 3rd time this season forgot that whole "catching concept" part of the game....grumpy Coach!

One bright note...the game took all of 1.5 hrs to complete so we beat the 40 Natches like they were baby seals.

Saturday, June 25
Back on Track
Matt Hall...Your Hero Today

After two rainouts this past week, the Balts finally took the field Saturday afternoon against the Talons.

Both teams were hitting well which created a back-and-forth affair and a tie ball game going into bottom of 7th.

Then Matt Hall came to the plate and abruptly ended the day of ball with a solo walk-off blast over the left-field fence. Great way to end a nice day of ball.

Nathan Hale gets the Win. Wags, TT, MHat, Jake Daugherty, and Trace Norton all with big hits too.

Next up: Ohio War Dogs Tuesday at Hille 6:30pm.

Wednesday, June 29
Balts Hang on to 7-6 Win over War Dogs
Almost Got Away

Cruising behind Shannon Morgan's strong outing and a fourth inning 5 run rally, the Cobalts began getting generous (again) in the field.

With the go-ahead run at the plate and other 7th inning drama, the door was finally shut and the Balts win 7-6 over the Ohio War Dogs in Tuesday night league action. Morgan goes the distance for the Win. Hall, Taylors, and Mike Hat with the RBIs.

Cobalts are now 7-2 overall.

Friday, July 1
Cobalts Late Bloomers in 7-1 Win Over Chiefs
Last Minute

Terry Stone throws another gem and the offense wakes up late in a big league victory over the Chiefs Thursday night.

Former Balt, Chris Sunderman, threw lights-out against his old mates thru 5 innings then the offense lead by Todd Taylor, JayCo, and M-Hat busted out to a convincing win.

Stone gets his 4th Win of the season and the Cobalts move into a 1st place tie in the NABF Qualifying League.

Sunday, July 3
Balts Get a Weekend Victory 7-4 then Drop One 2-0
Happy Independence Day!

Brandon Heineman goes a strong 7 innings and the bats wake up late again in a 7-4 win over the Talons in 4th of July Weekend action.

Todd Taylor stays hot and Jake Daugherty had multiple RBIs in the win.

In the second game of the day, pitcher Nathan Hale deserved  a better outcome as the Flames pitching throws a shutout against the tired Balts' bats.

Next up: Flames in League Game. Tuesday night at Roselawn 8:30pm.

Wednesday, July 6
Big League Win Over Flames 5-2
"Old Guys" control the Flames

Shannon Morgan kept the young Flames off-balance for 6 strong innings and the "Old Guys" pounded out 5 RBIs - all with 2 outs for a nice CRC League win.

Wags and Rex Baker lead the clutch hitting with help from Tom Taylor and Matt Hall.

Steve Beiser got the Save looking strong in relief.

The victory keeps the Cobalts in a tie for 1st place with a big game Thurday night at Hille (6:30pm) against The Cincinnati Stars.

Cobalts are 10-3 on the season. 

Friday, July 8
Men of Cobalt Take Care of Business, Beat Stars 5-2
MostIntersting Natch
Cobalts are Most Interesting Men...

Terry Stone stays perfect and surrenders only 3 hits on the night in gaining his 5th Win of the 2011 season.

The bats also came alive against the young guns of the Stars with hard hit balls all night and even a Bomb over Hille's fence delivered from Cobalt 1st Year Man, Andy Thole!

Also adding offense tonight were JayCo, Rex, Matt Hall, and Mike Hat.

So your Cobalts take over 1st place in the NABF Qualifying League with an 8-2 record and 11-3 overall.

Nice week of ball, Balts!! 

Sunday, July 17
Second Win over Stars a Nail Biter

The Cobalts took on the young Cincinnati Stars for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and this one went down to the wire in an exciting 1-0 Cobalt Win.

Mike Wagner climb the hill for his first start of the season and threw 5 strong innings of shutout baseball.

The Cobalt bats were quieted by the strong Stars pitching until the 7th inning. Jake Daugherty leads of the inning with a hit then scores the game-winner with the help of some walks and a Sac Fly by Mike Hatfield.

Mike Peterson gets the win in relief with 2 innings of impressive work on the mound.

Cobalts retain 1st place in the NABF Qualifying League and head into the final week of regular season play.

Wednesday, July 20
Cobalts Drop One in Extra Inning Barn Burner

Cobalts drop a heartbreaker to the Bulldogs Tuesday night in a roller-coaster extra inning affair at stormy Roselawn Park.

The Bulldogs, sporting a fairly new lineup including a recently released professional (nice kid, by the way) took an early 3-0 lead. Then Rex Baker knocked in a 2-out RBI in the 4th. Into the 5th the Balts looked in business with bases juiced but Shawn White Chocolate Aichel (former Cobalt) came in and shut down the Cobalt rising.

So 3-1 in the sixth when Tom Taylor blasts a 2 run HR to tie it up. Stone and Peterson were shutting down the Bulldog bats so all looked good when Mike Hatfield lead off the bottom of 7th with a double. Mikey T bunts him over but there he was stranded as we failed to get bat on is history as Bulldogs put some points up in 8th and Balts fail to respond.

So, Bulldogs win the NABF auto-bid as League Champions - congrats to them (even though I surely wish DJ would learn some baseball etiquette before I retire).

Next up: Cheviot at Roselawn Thursday 6:30pm

Thursday, July 21
Cobalts End Regular Season with a W

Cheviot must have gotten lost in their French Quarter and no-shows for the season finale on Thursday night.

Balts throw 1 pitch and take the 7-0 cheapie.

Cobalts stand at 14-4 on the season (11-3 in League) 

Saturday, July 30
Cobalts Win One, Then Lose in City

Cobalts took Game #1 without much sweat against an overmatched Eastbound Down squad in the City Tournament. Shannon Morgan gets the Win and most of the lineup contributed hits and runs in the middle innings.

Then the Cobalts lost another tough 1-run game. This time to Chiefs 3-2. Peterson threw well but took the tough loss as the Balts' new bad habit of leaving runners stranded continues in 2011.

Sunday, August 7
End Comes Early in 2011

After a very strong regular season, the Cobalts' Tournament Plans get cut short after running into two buzz-saw pitchers in the NABF Regional. Both losses come with many "what ifs" and "just one hit away" opportunities that make it a rough way to exit.

So our 25th anniversary season ends without a title celebration...bummer for the boys in blue and gold who put so much into this year's campaign.

We appreciate those who humped it for the Balts this season. We hope to see you back next year.



Thursday, August 8
2013 Campaign Comes to an End in NABF
Jason Cohill..38 and still Has It

The Cobalts fall to Louisville Dry Wall in the NABF Finals 9-5 in a long Sunday in Derby City.

Jake Kenney took the hill battling a nasty foot injury and couldn't find the plate thus spotting the host team 6 runs before anyone knew what hit us.

But the Balts battled back all day, coming just short of a few clutch hits to get a victory.

Not So Young Steve Beiser impressed the Derby City crowd with 5 grinding innings of relief to give the Balts a chance in their comeback. J-Schunk also did a great job of keeping it close but it was not to be. Cohill finishes the Tourney with a .500 BA that showed what a true veteran Balt he is...great Tourney and Season JayCo!

So the 2013 season is over. A League Championship Year, which puts this squad up there in the top tier of all time Cobalt Teams across our 28 years.

Well done Cobalts!!!

Wednesday, June 18
DH Tuesday Turns into BLACKOUT

Cobalts run into a timelimit game tied 4-4 in Game #1 against the Bombers on Tuesday night.

Then, up 6-0 in Game #2, the Lights Go Dark at Roselawn Park....but go back on in time for an 11-0 Win iver the Roughriders.

Next up: Chiefs on Tuesday (6/24) at 8:30pm

Tuesday, June 10
Cobalts Begin Year #29 with a WIN !

Cobalts begin their 29th consecutive season with a Tuesday night shut out of the Dayton Dodgers.

Jake "from State Farm" has 3 hits and a "hideous" steal of home. Jake Morris and John LaSoda-Pop add 2 hits each.

Pitching was strong in the 8-0 win lead by Brett Sidewinder and Adrian Schau.

1-0 in CRC Play as the march toward another Championship begins! 

Saturday, April 5
RiP Max

Over the long winter, Cincinnati Baseball lost one of its great characters and an even better guy.

Max McLeary was a fixture behind home plates in this town for decades. And in 2006, was the ump for the Cobalt's World Series Championship in Ft. Myers, Florida.

He will be missed by all. Rest in Peace, Sir! 

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