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 Misunderstood Offside Rule Explained

Great visual explanation of the offside rule.  I find even some line refs don't understand the rule.  It's important our girls and you as parents understand this rule.

* Make note of the rule of offsides is determined at the point the ball is passed.

* Make note of the fact that you can be in an offside position but if you're not a part of the play they will not call it.


New opportunity for our girls to follow a nationally recognized program of skill development.    Coach Nate and I are looking into this as an additional way to motivate, track and assess our girls improvements in their technical abilities.

Check out the video to the left of an 11 year old girl who has used this program to motivate herself and push to meet goals.





Spirit 2000 Corner


 What does it mean for our players.

Check out  how Robinho (From Brazil) uses Toe Taps and Foundations in a game to beat his player.



  • Samuel ETO'O -  Great control / Touch under pressure
  • Luis FIGO - Drag and Spin.  Great use of sole
  • Zinedine ZIDANE - Step Over move (bring foot in front of ball with one foot and cut with the outside of the other foot. 

 US Youth Soccer"Trick Off"