Field Of Dreams

Murphy baseball battery
Managed by Coach Mo, these two sports fields serves the Murphy & Isaac Elementary School districts and neighboring communities. 

They are located at , Arthur M. Hamilton School in Southwest/Central Phoenix and at the Jerry Colangelo Boys & Girls Club, accross from Isaac School.  Isaac school is located on 35th Ave & McDowell, west of the Murphy district


The need is great.

According to the MESD Governing Board president, 90 percent of the district's 5,000 students come from families living below the federal poverty line.


Zastadil group


Making a difference one person at a time..... 

To improve the skills, promote and improve visibility of our member schools, administrators, coaches, athletes and parents.

To promote excellence in academics and amatuer athletics for youths of elementary age through high school.

To enhance and strengthen participation and competition in our member clubs and schools.

To promote community service, good sportmanship and citizenship.

To foster opportunities for college scholarships.

To promote our core competencies and distinctive capabilities on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity, service, and excellence in all we do.

We fullfill our purpose by providing instruction and guidance to players and coaches, by providing opportunities for local, regional, national, and international competition and by working with other sports organizations established to benefit amatuer athletics.

Our primary goals are to improve the skills of the player on and off court. Our programs, clinics, and tryouts, are open to all players, regardless of skill level. We are driven to provide athletes, parents and coaches a spiritual outlet through sports and to develop within each athlete, strong values and attitudes.



Coach Mo SportsGroup is a youth-oriented, charitable organization that is dedicated to expanding the educational and life opportunities of underprivileged children. Since its inception in 2004, the AAU Non Profit Foundation has inspired hundreds of well-deserving students and athletes to strive for a better future. In furtherance of that mission, the organization seeks donations that will provide technology and materials for schools in low-income areas, as well as college scholarships, food, and clothing for children living in poverty.  

Most of you know me and the services provided by the Coach Mo Sportgroup throughout the North, South, & Central Phoenix community.   Our youth sports league now runs up and down 19th Ave from Northern to Baseline providing an affordable opportunity for kids to excel in academics and athletics.

2007 was a successful year for the Sportsgroup, and we are constantly working to expand our efforts to include tackle football, with a deeper commitment to baseball and track. More information on what we are doing and where we are headed could be found at links provided below:


Youth Sports:


High School League:


The Nehemiah Project:


We appreciate your support thus far, as we could not do our part to enhance the lives of hundreds of children every season without you. The Coach Mo Sportsgroup is proud to be an AAU non -profit organization, ensuring your contribution to be 100% TAX DEDUCTABLE if you choose to donate. Feel free to contact me at the website below for information and letter Tax ID/Non profit status. The Coach Mo Sportsgroup offers SIX different levels of sponsorship at the Individual or Corporate Level to allow your business or cause to advertise to a diverse audience and demonstrate their commitment and dedication to youth programs in the community.




PLATINUM ----$10,000.00

  • Name / Company Logo on a Banner of Major Sponsorship
  • Announcements of Sponsorship Before Every Event
  • Special Half Time Show at Championship Games
  • Award Presentation to 1ST, 2ND 3RD& Winners and Tournament MVP



  • Name / Company Logo on a Banner of Diamond Sponsorship
  • Announcements of Sponsorship Before Every Event
  • Presentation of the COACH of the YEAR Award
  • Presentation of LEAUGE MVP Award before Championship Games

GOLD-------$ 2,500.00    

  • Name / Company Logo on a Banner of Gold Sponsorship
  • Announcements of Sponsorship Before Every Event
  • Presentation of the SCHOOL SPONSOR Award at Championship Games


  • Name / Company Logo on a Banner of Silver Sponsorship
  • Announcements of Sponsorship Before Every Event
  • Presentation of the SCHOOL SPONSOR Award at Championship Games

BRONZE---- $500.00  

  • Name / Company Logo of on a Banner Bronze Sponsorship



  • Donation


There is also an idea to allow recent graduates of the K-12 system to donate on a Junior level. For $50 - $100 perhaps there could be a 'club' or 'student boosters' program. The idea could be sent to parents of the children who participate. We'll talk more about the details.  

  • Membership in CoachMo Sportsgroup Alumni Foundation

INCLUDE The Football Logo at the bottom in your address or top as a letterhead

Coach Mo Sports: Youth Football, Basketball, Cheer/Baseball

Thank you in advance for your consideration the Coach Mo Sportsgroup,

(480) 217-0175

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.....


Some skill required, but can be taught to people in the "volunteer service" category


Research and Development

  • Data collection and research
  • Data interpretation (ie perform a population analysis of the newest area for the next camp/ program)
  • Prepare templates/ boiler plates for the grant proposal before the staff member fills in the distinctive information based on grant application


Media/ Public Relations and Communications

  • Updates electronic records/ articles for the website in a library
  • Keeps track of all media releases, interviews, articles/ publications in the electronic library


Sports Management

·      Performs actual busy work to learns what it takes to run a team/camp/league ie:

Phone calls to set appointments, book site reservations, follow up on faxes, emails


Tutoring and Educational Services

·         Athletes are required to uphold a certain GPA. There will be a peer tutoring component for interns over volunteers and athletes.


About this program:

·         Based on constant peer mentoring and delegation of responsibilities.

o        The Staff will train the interns.

o         The interns will train the volunteers.

o        Interns/ Volunteers will ask 1 interview question few the new person to enter the Sportgroup

o        Interns/ Volunteers will train their replacement when he/she is prepared to leave

o        At the end of the program the individual becomes an "expert" in their subject based on the time and effort expressed  

During the training there will be an emphasis and constant reiteration of the mission statement goals and objectives of the Sportsgroup so everyone has a clear understanding of how their individual roles contributes to the whole body as in 1 Corinthians 12


Why Join the Program?

·         Provides first hand experience into the many facets of the sports industry

·         The Sportsgroup operated on so many dimensions that it appeals to a wide range of interests and skill sets

·         Easy means to obtain valuable volunteer hours and or internship hours/ credit

·         Possible opportunities to meet a key player in the industry  or a chance to enter into the world of coaching