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Managed by Coach Mo, our program serves local Schools and neighboring communites, and currently operating in the Phoenix Christian, Murphy, Isaac, Phoenix Elementary and Washington school districts.  


  • Tackle Football
  • Arizona Cardinals NFL Flag Football 
  • Camps & Clinics
  • Passing Leagues




Spring, Fall instructional & summer leagues
Fall Instructional Leagues
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Camps & Clinics


Managed by Coach Mo, the SportsGroup operates football leagues in the Murphy community.  The need is great. 75 percent of the district's 2,700 students come from families living below the federal poverty line.

Sponsors make it possible for our athletes, and athletes from outside the districts to participate in flag football, basketall, league baseball, cheer & soccer.

Starting at age 5, all skill levels welcome and everyone plays. The leagues are "kid" driven with instruction in basic athletic and life skills. Our goal is to provide athletes, parents and coaches a spiritual outlet through sports and to develop within each athlete, strong values and attitudes....and everyone plays!

 We play year-round.

Contact Coach Mo for details (480) 217-0175 (Phone/text) or via email

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Wednesday, June 9
Coach Mo Basketball

TShawna Cotton MSBB pic
Peoria High School Bound TaShawna Cotton: Player in our summer LadySport Program

Making a difference one person at a time.....


To improve the skills, promote and improve visibility of our member schools, administrators, coaches, athletes and parents.

To promote excellence in academics and amatuer athletics for youth age 7-19.

To enhance and strengthen participation and competition in our member clubs and schools.

To promote community service, good sportmanship and citizenship.

To foster opportunities for college scholarships.

To promote our core competencies and distinctive capabilities on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity, service, and excellence in all we do.

We fullfill our purpose by providing instruction and guidance to players and coaches, by providing opportunities for local, regional, national, and international competition and by working with other sports organizations established to benefit amatuer athletics.

Our primary goals are to improve the skills of the player on and off court. Our programs, clinics, and tryouts, are open to all players, regardless of skill level. We are driven to provide athletes, parents and coaches a spiritual outlet through sports and to develop within each athlete, strong values and attitudes.


The Lightning Track Club
Track meet INSET
TrackNite: Held weekly @ east & west valley locations)
Track & Field
Cross Country
Track Night!!!
Club/Travel Team
Year-round Camps & Clinics

The Lightning was started as the Lightning Track Club in 1992 by tennis coach Ben Shorter and Maurice Streety. Since 1993, Lightning Track Club (LTC) trained athletes and alumni have won dozens of track & field state championships and dozens of medals. Many have earned academic and athletic scolarships. Several have joined the professional world as productive citizens and profesional athletes. The team competes in meets and cross country events year-round. Registration & Practice begins the second week in January!!! Practice twice a week, featuring weekly developmental track meets (Tracknight) and regulation meets.

Contact Coach Mo for details (480) 217-0175 (Phone/text) or via email

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Tracknite MG INSERT

Thursday & Thursday Nights: January thru June

Age group track instructional track meets

Meets are held at Phoenix Christian & Cesar Chavez high schools.

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Contact Coach Mo for details (480) 217-0175 (Phone/text) or via email


Coach Mo Mo has trained the finest in athletics, helping them to run and react faster and the results have been nothing less than phemominal! Our training transcends sports into now helping soccer players and soccer teams to adult reach their goals .... faster.....

Now the speed trainers (teamed up with local speed guru Ben Shorter) for North Phoenix Hammers Soccer, we represent more than a technical leap forward. We add a whole new spirit led dimension to speed training, pre combine conditioning and year-round training. Our athletes are trained to have the ability to run, react and play faster, anytime.....anywhere.

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Contact Coach Mo for details (480) 217-0175 (Phone/text) or via email

Check out our speed training activities .....


NFL Flag players in tunnel
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Managed by Coach Mo, this complex serves the Murphy Elementary Schools and neighboring community, and is located at Arthur M. Hamilton School in Southwest/Central Phoenix (2020 W. Durango). The need is great. According to the MESD Governing Board president, 95 percent of the district's 2,700 students come from families living below the federal poverty line.

The Phoenix Rotary 100 Field of Dreams has become a reality thanks to the club's volunteer work and fund-raising, as well as contributions from Arizona Cardinals and NFL Grassroots Program, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Public Service, Phoenix Thunderbirds and the AZ Sports and Tourism Authority.

The Phoenix Rotary Club sponsors Cardinals NFL Flag Football League football, basketall, little league baseball, softball, cheer, spriritline and soccer.


Some skill required, but can be taught to people in the "volunteer service" category


Research and Development

  • Data collection and research
  • Data interpretation (ie perform a population analysis of the newest area for the next camp/ program)
  • Prepare templates/ boiler plates for the grant proposal before the staff member fills in the distinctive information based on grant application


Media/ Public Relations and Communications

  • Updates electronic records/ articles for the website in a library
  • Keeps track of all media releases, interviews, articles/ publications in the electronic library


Sports Management

·      Performs actual busy work to learns what it takes to run a team/camp/league ie:

Phone calls to set appointments, book site reservations, follow up on faxes, emails


Tutoring and Educational Services

·         Athletes are required to uphold a certain GPA. There will be a peer tutoring component for interns over volunteers and athletes.


About this program:

·         Based on constant peer mentoring and delegation of responsibilities.

o        The Staff will train the interns.

o         The interns will train the volunteers.

o        Interns/ Volunteers will ask 1 interview question few the new person to enter the Sportgroup

o        Interns/ Volunteers will train their replacement when he/she is prepared to leave

o        At the end of the program the individual becomes an "expert" in their subject based on the time and effort expressed  

During the training there will be an emphasis and constant reiteration of the mission statement goals and objectives of the Sportsgroup so everyone has a clear understanding of how their individual roles contributes to the whole body as in 1 Corinthians 12


Why Join the Program?

·         Provides first hand experience into the many facets of the sports industry

·         The Sportsgroup operated on so many dimensions that it appeals to a wide range of interests and skill sets

·         Easy means to obtain valuable volunteer hours and or internship hours/ credit

·         Possible opportunities to meet a key player in the industry  or a chance to enter into the world of coaching