Coachmo Speedcamps: (Phoenix, Arizona): COMBINE, PRO DAY & MINI CAMP PREP

Revis and Timmons
Speedcamper Darelle Revis (R) with Tyrone Timmons
Training Basics
  • Rates vary & depends on the type & length training.  Contact Coach Mo regarding those specifics.
  • Room, board & transportation are not included & are usually provided by player agents. 
  • We use various facilities depending on our training phase and the players ability. 
  • In addition to the weightrooms & track at centrally located Phoenix Christian high school our other facilities can be seen at,
    Workouts can be found at &
  • We also have a hill regimine, a proven method to strengthen players as well as to help aid in explosion.  I also work with several physical therapists on site & around the valley.
  • Typical workouts can be viewed at scroll down to our pro combine workouts as many are posted on youtube & sent to pro scouts & teams that we have working relationships with.
    We usually train Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fridays.  Usually to session in the first month, then once a day, four days a week, depending on the workload & the athletes ability.
    For example, Darrelle Reavis (Jets), Gaines Adams (Bears) & Roddy White (Falcons) arrived with nagging injuries and required a longer prep time.  They were placed  on a three day a week grass onlyworkout for a week, 3 day track workout schedule for a week, two weeks on the hill twice a week, one day on the thrack, then three weeks before pro day he was on the hill Mondays, the grass for agility on Wednesdays and on the track for sprint & mini combine workouts.  He ran a 4.3
    Players such as Manny Lawson, Lofa Tatupu, Terrell Suggs and Vince Jackson arrived in a little better shape and ran 4 days a week the first two weeks, then two days a week on the hill and a track day for two weeks, then two weeks of grass & track work.  The results speak for themselves.
    I have to deal with each player on a case by case basis.  There may be 5 to 15 guys there, but working on two to four different types of workouts.
    I'd need to know who the players are, how many when the are able to start that I can send releases in plenty of time.  If I can aid you in signing players, let me know as I do have a well-earned reputation and I've worked with a lot of high schoolers that are now NFL prospects now & in the future.

This is not a club med atmosphere.  We also do not have a "run til you puke" mentality.  The guys will be helped and guided so safe venues for their time off, but they will not be "wined & dined".  Our success stories are those who were focused & by faith, attained their goals.  We are nothing like the large complexes, in fact there is nothing luxurious about us.  Just a focused organization that produces results to those who have a strong faith and a belief in themselves.  Through a relentless series of drills and classroom work, we build, piece by piece, a  picture of speed & agility, providing our athletes a spiritual outlet & keys to prepare to perform at their best, anytime, anywhere.

Coach Mo has a well earned reputation for training the finest in pro, college & high school athletics. Our training trandscends football helping all athletes reach their goals....FASTER!!!

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