Coachmo Speedcamps: (High Speed Training): VIDEO

Class of 2005
Class of 2005 included Lofa Tatupu & Vince Jackson (Click on the pic for video)


The Hill-Trail-INSET
Click on the video to view our hill training routine!!!

Brian Gilmore demmonstrates start
Click on the photo to view agility drills

JShi 3 point
Combine Training: Speed (click here)

09 NFLC huddle
NFL Pre Combine/Pro Day Workout Videos (Outdoors)
09 NFLC Group 1 Sprint drills
Reaction Drills

High knees series
High Knes series

NFL Pre Combine/Pro Day Workout Videos: Hill Sprint Series
09 NFLC Hill sprint drill
Quick Starts

Lofa hill starts
Hill sprints (Phase two)

Phase One Warmup Drills (Click Here)

With a focus on form, focus & technique, our Phase I warmup drills help us "cleanup" unnessesary ...

Lunge pic (Shad)
Sprint lunge Series

Skip pic shad
Skip Drills

Hi knees phase 2 pic Shad
Hi Knees Phase 1

Hi knees phase 2 pic Shad
Hi Knees Phase 2

Hi knees phase 3

Phase Two Explosion Drills (Click here)
After warming up with Phase I drills, we continue the speed development process with Phase II explosion specific drills.

Gilmore bounds
Vertical Bounds

Gilmore 2 pt bounds
Two point bounds

Gilmore group 3 point bounds
2 Point bounds

Gilmore 3pt bounds
3 point bounds

Womack crossover
Crossover bound

Womack crossover 2
Crossover bound (F)

Robin and Felix on practice field
Click on the photo to view Robin & Felix's warmups.....
Coming to America: (Click on the pic's to see our fine Sweedish athletes trainig in the Desert Heat (Click here for the photo album)
Rob and Felix pre hill
Click on the photo & view one of their hill workouts in the Desert Heat

Robin and Felix bounding drill
Click on the pic to see Robin & Felix training on the track

Softball Youtube 3 base
Baserunning drills with Coach Ben Shorter
Softball Specific Speed Training Video (click on the pics)
Softball Youtube 1
Base by base warmup drills

Softball Youtube 2
Base running cooldowns & cool down agility drills

Montana Lucas
College softball player Montana Lucas' hill warmup (click on the photo)

Tassinari twins
Cactus high school's Tassinari twins sprint drills (click on the photo)