Coachmo Speedcamps: (Phoenix, Arizona): VIDEO

Class of 2005
Class of 2005 included Lofa Tatupu & Vince Jackson (Click on the pic for video)

Gilmore Fair Womack Shanna Start

Baseball's Tony Womack joins the NFL's Terry Fair, Bryan Gilmore

and UA's Shanna Griffin (Track)

Click on the photo for Speed 101: Training with Tony Womack


The Hill-Trail-INSET
Click on the video to view our hill training routine!!!

Brian Gilmore demmonstrates start
Click on the photo to view agility drills

JShi 3 point
Combine Training: Speed (click here)

09 NFLC huddle
NFL Pre Combine/Pro Day Workout Videos (Outdoors)
09 NFLC Group 1 Sprint drills
Reaction Drills

High knees series
High Knes series

NFL Pre Combine/Pro Day Workout Videos: Hill Sprint Series
09 NFLC Hill sprint drill
Quick Starts

Lofa hill starts
Hill sprints (Phase two)

Phase One Warmup Drills (Click Here)

With a focus on form, focus & technique, our Phase I warmup drills help us "cleanup" unnessesary ...

Lunge pic (Shad)
Sprint lunge Series

Skip pic shad
Skip Drills

Hi knees phase 2 pic Shad
Hi Knees Phase 1

Hi knees phase 2 pic Shad
Hi Knees Phase 2

Hi knees phase 3

Phase Two Explosion Drills (Click here)
After warming up with Phase I drills, we continue the speed development process with Phase II explosion specific drills.

Gilmore bounds
Vertical Bounds

Gilmore 2 pt bounds
Two point bounds

Gilmore group 3 point bounds
2 Point bounds

Gilmore 3pt bounds
3 point bounds

Womack crossover
Crossover bound

Womack crossover 2
Crossover bound (F)

Robin and Felix on practice field
Click on the photo to view Robin & Felix's warmups.....
Coming to America: (Click on the pic's to see our fine Sweedish athletes trainig in the Desert Heat (Click here for the photo album)
Rob and Felix pre hill
Click on the photo & view one of their hill workouts in the Desert Heat

Robin and Felix bounding drill
Click on the pic to see Robin & Felix training on the track

Softball Youtube 3 base
Baserunning drills with Coach Ben Shorter
Softball Specific Speed Training Video (click on the pics)
Softball Youtube 1
Base by base warmup drills

Softball Youtube 2
Base running cooldowns & cool down agility drills

Montana Lucas
College softball player Montana Lucas' hill warmup (click on the photo)

Tassinari twins
Cactus high school's Tassinari twins sprint drills (click on the photo)