Phoenix Public School League Football: Murphy: 12 - Alhambra: 29

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  Teams: Score:      
  Murphy vs 12      
  Alhambra 29      
Game Played 11/15/2013 7:30PM  

In five years, Alhambra, based out of Little Canyon Park, hasn't one the Big One or any game vs a winning team

That has changed.

Using a swarming defense and the leagues best best passing game, Alhambra took advantage of an early injury to Murphy's best player and waltzed to an impressive victory over then unbeated Murphy.

Murphy lost quarterback Jose Montes on the games second play and never recovered. Player of The Year candidate Nic Sotello was bottled up and running back Carlos Rodriguez was kept in check. The both averaged at least 3 big plays a game (50 to 75 yards).

Alhambra's Devonte McKinney had his way with the Murphy defense caught 4 passes for 100 yards. Quarterback William Carpenter spread the ball well to 7 different recievers with 2 touchdown passes. DeAngelo Romero, Pom and Moysen also did well by air.

On the ground, Isaac Alverez, Danny Pom and Tito Moysen rolled up the yardage form the backfield.

Defensively it was a total group effort but Zelnado Beltran stood out. Zeltran was either sacking or harrassing the quarterback for forcing plays outside to his team-mates.