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Jorgensen football camp

Our football camps are designed to benefit football players who possess desire to develop the skills necessary to play at a higher level play. conducted in a relaxed but competetive atmosphere, this camp is fast paced, intense and very competitive.

On the field our expert coaching staff will instruct players and conduct a wide variety of drills aimed at developing their individual technique. This will be followed by periods of 1 on 1, 7 on 7, and team periods.

Preceeded by our popular speed camps as a warmup, we hold football camps weekly and monthly usually after our "Speed and agility" sessions in central Phoenix.

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Defensive & Offensive Linemen

20120405 PCG line vs MV 350

Offensive and Defensive linemen are trained as to enhance their individual skills & techniques by working with Coach Mo and his coaching staff, as well as some of the finest in high school, college and professional coaching. Players will rotate through a series of stations designed as to improve their skils in the trenches. Each session concludes focused instruction and an opportunity to work on both sides of the ball allowing our players to leave with skills to both protect and sack the quarterback! Camp registration will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the camp.

Skill Position Players

2012  JPD

QB’s, WR’s, RB’s, TE’s, LB’s & DB’s enhance individual skills & techniques by working with Coach Mo & his staff as well as some of the finest in youth & high school coaching and periodic special guests. Through a series of drills, 1 on 1 competition, and an intense 7 on 7 competition, players will learn how our skill position players prepare and practice.


7 On 7 catch
Winter conditioning, 7 on 7
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All contact camp instruction is supervised by Coach Mo, a trained Head's Up Football trainer and Player Safety coach.  For more on Head's Up Football, visit, for more on Coach Mo visit

7On Sunday/7On Saturday

  • First two weeks of March 
  • Last two weeks of April (Includes spring game)
  • First two weeks of May (Includes spring game) 
  • Last two weeks of June
  • Third week of July
  • 7 on 7 passing leagues and position specific skills agility speed training in a relaxed but competetive environment to include scrimmages and tournaments.



    All games & workouts are preceeded by speed and agility warm ups conducted by Coach Mo.


    SPRING FOOTBALL (Tackle football):

    Traditional spring football, not another football season, geared to improved speed, agility and real time gamday performance. Players warm up with our speed & agility drills followed by position specific drills. Spring football includes one week of skills training first with shoulderpads only, then with helmets and sprograssing to full pads followed by a spring scrimmage and spring game usually the latest in player safety instruction and technique.  

  • January (Conditioning & skills training)
  • 7 on 7, speed and agility
  • First two weeks of March 
  • Last two weeks of April (Includes spring game)
  • First two weeks of May (7 on 7, 8th graders report to high school)
  • Competitive 7 on 7, minicamps.
  • Third week of July: Mini-cam
  • Contact Coach For details, dates & locations.


    When & Where: Monday Nights atVarious Locations

    (contact Coach Mo for current schedule)

    What To Expect 

    •Technical drills & light contact camps followed by controlled contact scrimmages and/or 7 on 7 & 5 on 5 passing leagues. •Detailed position specific training and instruction on basic football technique.

    Join us as we teach, step by step, basic form and the most advanced methods for the upcoming football season in a relaxed but competetive setting.

    We also offer Monday Nite NFL Flag Football for leagues, teams, schools and school districts.  Contact Coach Mo for details!



    7 On 7 catch
    We conduct & host 7 on 7 climics, camps, scrimmages, games & tournaments!!!

    Bagdad camp class  room

    We also conduct classroom instruction for players & coaches.  Contact Coach Mo to host a camp or clinic or attend on of our events as a team, league or organization!!!!!

    Monday Nite Football camp