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Friday, September 18
2015 Tentative Schedule

Elementary League (Grades 4, 5 & 6)

10/17  9am: South Central vs Sullivan   

10/24  9am: Garfield vs Sullivan  11am: South Central vs Edison

10/31   9am:  Edison vs Sullivan    11am: Garfield vs South Central

11/7      9am:  Garfield vs Edison    

 Playoffs in November

11/14:  Playoff

11/21:  Championship & bowl game




10/17: (7pm) Black & white scrimmage

10/24: (7pm) South Central vs Edison

10/31:  (7pm) South vs Central Phoenix  Edison vs TBA (Sullivan)

11/7:  (7pm) South vs Edison, Central Phoenix vs TBA

11/14: Playoff 11/21: Phoenix City Championship & bowl game  

All games are at Hamilton School using the 2002 W Durango entrance just east of the school.


Sunday, November 16

2014 Cougar and South PeeWees I





Central Phoenix clinches the AAU Central Conference title with it's 28-6 win over rival Sullivan Friday night.   The Cougars avenge last seasons loss to Sullivan and win the conference for the 3rd time in 6 years,

 Malik Taylor scored twice for Central Phoeinx and Tyle Higby also scored on a TD run.  The pair teamed up with quarterbacks Zeke Vandernault and Donte Gordon as the Cougar ground game dominated the game.

Gordon did better at quarterback in the second hald and teamed up with Taylor and Vandernault on key pass plays in the second half as the Cougars pulled away.

The Cougars take on South in the seasons final regular season game and could finish the year unbeaten in conference play for the 2nd time in 3 years.  Sullivan will be looking to improve to 2-1 as they take on Bradley Academy who looks to do the same.



3rd & 4th grade


South proved too big and too strong as they take down Central Phoenix.




Thursday, November 13

2014 Coach Hart
Murphy (Sullivan) is led by the legendary Robert Hart








Murphy embarrassed the Cougars last season in a lop-sided victory at Sullivan school, sweeping the Cougars and Alhambra in the regular season. The Cougars are coming off their first loss since loosing to Murphy last year, a 28-6 loss to a physical Glendale Cardinals.

Based out of Sullivan school and coached by the legendary Robert Hart, a PE teacher at Sullivan for decades, the team is populated mostly by Sullivan students and sprinkled with students from other schools in the district.  He's won 3 AAU central titles as has Central Phoenix.  

Central Phoenix, made up of students from nearby Hamilton elementary, Phoenix Christian and Royal Palm schools and with other students from the surrounding area, is led by Coach Mo Streety with an offense run by Renee Small.   The Cougars offense was manhandled by the Cardinals in Coach Renee's absence last week.  The hope is to get back on track this week.

The series is tied at 3 each, so the winner will will the central and get bragging rights...until next time.




Bradley, unbeaten in league play, can wrap up the AAU central with a win over South.  This game is an add-on as the league reguar shedule is complete and all three teams have met, but South can send a message with a win, as can the Lions.  Bradley beat the Hawks a few weeks ago in a sqeaker, 7-2.  The Hawks are coming off of a loss to Central Phoenix last week. 

2014 CJFB Ky Sack vs South
Kylan Hernandez and Ted Vall gave the Hawks trouble all day
Saturday, November 8

2014 Ted Val
The Bear: Ted Vall was on the prowl vs South


Alejandro Navarro (2), Angel Orosco and Brian Lopez all scored for the Cougars.  Kylan Hernandez, Ted Vall and Steven Navarro all had big games on defense.  Hernandez forced 4 fumbles and had 3 sacks, Vall two sacks and a forced fumble.



Bradley had it's way vs the Cougar JV team.



Wednesday, November 5

2014 South RB vs Bradley



South won it's forst game last week over Bradley but face a championship saavy Sullivan team.  Sullivan has won three championships in 5 years and has been in the last 3.  Most of his talent graduated last year but Coach Hart, like his opponent & former NFL player Drew Anderson, has ways to motivate.




This will be a much more fair matchup for the younger, smaller Lions.  The Cougars will get a glimpse of their future, playing most of their underclassmen as do the Lions who have few, if any, 8th graders.

Pretty much a bowl game for experience for Central Phoenix and a warmup for a possible league title for Bradley.



The winner faces Bradley for th league championship.  The looser is done for the season excect for Turkey Bowl Saturday on the 22nd.

Both teams have lost to Bradley and neither has scored much this season (both were also shut out by Bradley).  So this is a biggie for both teams, pride is on the line.



*5th & 6th grade championship game (Bradley vs winner of Cougars vs Hawks)

*Central Phoenix vs Sullivan (If Sullivan beats South, its for the league title for the 3rd time in 4 years)

*South juniors are idle next week


Saturday, November 1

2014 Bradley vs South RB


South Phoenix Hawks beat Bradley




Bradley elementary players win, to play for conference title


Friday, October 31

The Central Phoenix Cougars had they way vs the Glendale Cardinals the past four years but that came to a crashing end Thursday night.

The Cardinals came out swinging and the Cougars didn't have an answer.  The punishing defense complimented a confident smooth running game.  The teams came in unbeated and pretty much had similar teams.  A huge difference, the Cardinals kicker.  He pushed the Cougars back on each kickoff, adding to the shock of the moment.

The Cougars, known to answer in the second half, did just that but the Cardinals countered with a 45 yard TD pass to cancel any shot of a comeback.

Monday, October 27
Weekend Roundup
2014 GYP Cardinals big back

5th6th: Kings 16, Cougars 12

3rd/4th Cardinals 12, Rattlers 10

Reapers 12, Hawks 0

7th/8th Cougars 26, Kings 6

Rattlers 34, Lions 0

Warriors 7, Cardinals 0


Tuesday, October 14
2014 Kings 12U RB
Saturday. Oct 18. 
At Garcia
9am 3/4 grades Bush vs Cardinals 9am.    
Cardials tied Rattlers last week.  First game for Bush (South Phoenix Hawks) Head coach led Ducks to a championship season last year.
10:30 3/4 grades Phx Rattlers vs Reapers.  
Rattlers tied last week, Reapers trying to bounce back from a shut out.

12pm 5/6 grades Banditos. Vs Bush
Banditos lost 21-7 last weekm season opener for South Phoenix.

1:30  7/8 grades Bulldogs vs Cardinals
Bulldogs lost to Kings last week, Cardinals shut down Longhorns

3pm 7/8 grades Phx Rattlers vs Bush
Frist game for both teams.
4:30 5/6 City West Soldiers vs Reapers
 City West won 21-7 last wee,  Reapers had a long day vs the Warriors
At Arthur Hamilton elementary school 
1pm 5/6th grades Kings vs Bradley Academy  
Hard hitting Bradley forced tunrovers in win over Central Phoenix.  first game for Kings.

3pm 7/8th grades Kings vs Bradley Academy
Kings beat Bulldogs 24-13 last week, Bradley  fell short vs Central Phoenix.

5pm Phx Christian (Central Phoenix Cougars) vs Warriors.
Cougars lost to Bradley in opener.  Warriors won 42-0 in their first game.

7pm. Phx Christian (Central Phoenix Cougars) vs Longhorns
 Cougars are 2-0 coming in, Longhorns were shut down by the Cardinals last week.
Coach Mo
Matthew 5:16

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Saturday, October 4
Gameday Result's

2014 Kings 12U sidelines
3rd&4th grade Cardinals & Rattlers 'TIED' 7-7

5th&6th Central Phoenix Cougars 12, Coffelt 6

5th&6th Soldiers over Banditos 21-7

5th&6th Warriors over Reepers 42-0

7th&8th Cardinals over Longhorns 34-0

7th&8th Central Phoenix 26, North Mountain 6

7th&8th Kings over Bulldogs 24-13

Wednesday, October 8

2014 Lions vs Cougars D2 lines

Saturday October 11th @ Glendale High School

9:00am - 3/4th grade Cardinals Vs. Phx Rattlers

10:30 – 5/6th grade Cardinals Vs. Kings

12:00pm – 7/8th grade Kings Vs. Bulldogs

1:30pm – 5/6th grade City West Soldiers Vs. Banditos

3:00pm – 7/8th grade Cardinals Vs. Longhorns

4:30pm – 5/6th grade Reapers Vs. Matai Warriors


Saturday October 11th @ Athur Hamilton Elementary School

1pm - South Phoenix Hawks vs Central Phoenix Cougars

3pm - South Phoenix Hawks vs Central Phoenix Cougars

5pm - South Phoenix Hawks vs Central Phoenix Cougars



Saturday, October 4

GYP Helmet


Glendale Cardinals lost to Reapers 12 to 13


Cardinals beat the Reapers 21 to 12

Bradley 19, South Phoenix Cougars 0


Cardinals beat Phoenix Rattlers 35 to 14

Central Phoenix Cougars 22, Bradley Academy 0



Sunday, July 27
Football Mini-Camp and skills camp
Contact Coach Mo for Details!!!! 

Instruction in basic football skills and technique from beginners to the experienced. Especially geared to those new to football but at a pace for experienced athletes to also have a great learning experience. Conducted in a relaxed, but competetive environment, players are taught, step by step, basic form and the most advanced methods in blocking, tackling, football skills, speed and agility training.



  • Week of August, 7pm-8:30pm 
  • Held at Arthur Hamiton School athletic field
  • Bring signed waiver/release and fees
  • Bring cleats, dark shorts, white tshirt, mouthpeice
  • Bring water (No restroom facilities)
  • Contact Coach Mo details

    All contact camp instruction is supervised by Coach Mo, a trained Head's Up Football trainer and Player Safety coach.  For more on Head's Up Football, visit, for more on Coach Mo visit

    Wednesday, July 9

    RB comtact drlll

    Fall Football

    •Leagues: Fall (August-October), Winter (October-January)

    •Age Groups: Junior High (grades 6-8), Elementary (grades 5-6), Youth (grades K-4)

    •Locations: North Mountain (Royal Palm), Central Phoenix (Phoenix Christian), South Central (Arthur Hamilton/Coffelt),

    Teams: North Mountain, Murphy football, Cougar Junior Football (Phoenix Christian), Bradley Academy, Coffelt

    ***Pending: Casa Grande, Arroyo school and Bush Community 

    Click here for registration information or contact/text Coach Mo at 480-217-0175 or via email

    Monday Nite Football
    Monday Nite Football

    Developmental/Age Group Football

    • Weekly position clinics
    • A relaxed but competetive atmosphere
    • Geared for all levels of learning
    • Ages: Pre-school - Junior High
    • Instruction offered in tackle, 7 on 7, flag football, speed and agility.

    .....Click Here for details or contact Coach Mo at (480) 217-0175



    2013 Nic Sotello
    Nic Sotello, Murphy: Player Of The Year
    Thursday, November 28

    013 Josiah headshot
    Josiah Thomas, Phoenix Christian: Defensive Player Of The Year


    Our 2013 10 Ten, Blue Chip List  and All Central City Football Teams

    1. Nic Sotello (Murphy): Led league in rushing, scoring and interceptions

    2. Josiah Thomas (Phoenix Christian): Dominated defensively, every down, every game.

    3. Daniel Morales (North Mountain):  Unblockable, no sacks given up.

    4. Jose Montes (Murphy): Best quarterback, threw, ran, returned interceptions and caught touchdowns.  Fierce defender.

    5. Corey Leary (Phoenix Christian): #2 rusher, playmaker on offense and defense.

    6. Eric Mangum (North Mountain): Played everwhere.  Tenacious runner & defender

    7. Devonte McKinney (Alhambra): Developed into the leagues best reciever.  Played on the defensive line and in the secondary.

    8. Kyle Janes (Phoenix Christian): Played both ways, made plays at quarterback and in the secondary when it counted.

    9. Armando Munyoz (Phoenix Christian): Teamed up with Josiah Thomas on the leagues dominant line.

    10. Carlos Rodriguez (Murphy): A dominant pass rusher that also ran (two 50 yard runs) and caught the ball (two 50 plus yard scoring plays)

    Wiliam Carpenter (Alhambra), Mikey Culinga (Arroyo), Micheal Contrerras (North Mountain), Isaac Alvarez (Alhambra), Shane Shirley (North Mountain), Danny Pom (Alhambra), Jason Son (Alhambra), Tito Moysen (Alhambra), Zelnado Pietra (North Mountain), Juan Chavez (Murphy), Jose Hernandez (Alhambra), TJ Clay (North Mountain), Deangelo Romero (Alhambra)



    Quarterback: Jose Montes (Murphy), William Carpenter (Alhambra)

    Running Back: Nic Sotello (Murphy), Corey Leary (Phoenix Christian), Isaac Alvarez (Alhambra)

    Wide Reciever: Devonte McKinney (Alhambra), Danny Pom (Alhambra)

    Offensive Line: Daniel Morales (North Mountain), Armando Munyos (Phoenix Christian), TJ Clay (North Mountain), Ty-Rey Fairly (North Mountain), Zelnado Pietra (North Mountain)


    Defensive Line: Josiah Thomas (Phoenix Christian), Carlos Rodriguez (Murphy), Shane Shirley (North Mountain),

    Linebacker: Micheal Contrerras (North Mountain), Kyle Janes (Phoenix Christian), Eric Mangum (Alhambra)

    Defensive Back: Jason Son (Alhambra), Tito Mysen (Alhambra), DeAngelo Romero (Alhambra), Daniel Frampton (Phoenix Christian), William Hood (Phoenix Christian)

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    2013 CMFB Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales, North Mountain: Offensive Player Of The Year

    Sunday, December 23
    2012-13 BLUE CHIP LIST

    k1 2
    Our 2012 Player Of The Year: Kaelon Harrington

    2012 NOMINEES (Rankings Post Next Week)

    Top 20 Players

    1.  Kaleon Harrington  (Murphy/Christian)  2.  Vincent Underwood (Mountain View/North Mountain)  3. Daniel Morales (North Mountain/Mountain View).  4. Dorean Gardner (Christian Football)  5.  Jace Fuamatuhad (Alhambra) 6. Previn Loyd, Jr (Christian Footballl) 7. Armando Munyos (Murphy/Christian) 8. Danny Rodriguez (Christian Football)  9.  Isaiah Morales (Alhambra)  10.  Jorge Lozano (Murphy 11. Tona Vega (North Mountain),  12. Max Peoples (Christian Football)  13.  Matthew Mcdermott (Murphy Christian)  14. Willie Argamota (North Mountain),  15.  DeAndre King (Murphy)  16.  Riley Miller (Christian Football)  17.  Ryan Munos (Christian Football)  18.  Rafael Cedillos (Murphy/Christian) 19. Eric Lawler (Christian Football) 20. (Tie) Maribel Martinez (Alhambra), Rudy Gonzales (North Mountain)

    Thursday, December 27

    2012 MV line rests
    A Dominant Force:Daniel Morales (Left) Of Phoenix Mountain View/North Mountain.



    Our Captain.  A coach on the field.  Statistically the best quarterback.  Did well under pressure.  Agile & mobile.  extermemely accurate, knows the game.  4 intercetions as a safety.  One of the leagues leading taklers.


    Continues our tradition of producing Blue Chip runningbacks.  From Chasda Martin (Moon Valley/Northwestern U) & Bobby Wade (Desert Vista HS/U of A, NFL) to Trae Armstrong (Deer Valley HS/ASU & Dominique King (last year's top player - Central HS) Kaelon may be the most physical.  Rushed for over 1,000 yards, caught the ball well, ran over and around opponents and was a punishing linebacker.  Player Of The Year.


    Defensive Player Of The year.  All over the field!  One of our most explosive players ever & like Harrington, continues our tradition of training the finest backs in the nation.  Had more breakaway runs than any back in the league and led the league in interceptions.


    Offensive Player Of The Year (First ever lineman!).  Definitely the biggest.  May be the best lineman we've ever had.  And that says a lot.  Physically dominant.  And fast, had a 50 yard run vs Alhambra that setup a go ahead touchdown.  And he looked good doing it. 


    The league's dominant defensive player in 2012.  Led the league in sacks even though he missed two games.  Did well on both sides of the ball.  A gifted wrestler, he may be the most high school ready player in the bunch.


    The total package.  A prototype tight end.  Versitle and played where he was needed.  Size, speed and can catch.  Unblockable. Had he been moved moved to the line BEFORE the second half of the season he'd been a player of the year candidate.


    Best female player since Murphy's Christian Haney, a championship wide receiver.    Not only a beast on the offensive and defensive line, she ususally dominated her opponent and was a force at running back in the red zone.  Behind only Loyd & Gardner in sacks. 


    Rodriguez was steady all season at linebacker and was the Lightning in Chrhstian's "Thunder & Lightning" backfield.  teams leading reciever and second in touchdowns.  A fearless defender and player quarterback in the Wildcat.  McDermott did well but excelled during rhe winter championship series.  Played wide reciever, quarterback, safety and was fierce at linebacker.


    DeAndre King (Murphy Christian), Ryan Munos (Christian Football), Willie Argamota (North Mountain), Tony Vega (North Mountian)

    All are athletes.  As quarterback, wide reciever, linebacker & safety, King is probably the leagues best athlete.  Munos was everywhere on defense at linebacker.  Argamota had outstanding range at defensive end and Vega, well teams stayed away from him when he was in the secondary. May be the leagues fastest player.

    Thursday, December 27

    2012 Rodriguez run vs Glendale
    O/D threats: Christian's Previn Loyd, Jr (Left/White) & Danny Rodriquez


    QUARTERBACK:  Isaiah Morales (Alhambra), Riley Miller (Christian Football)

    RUNNING BACKS Kaelon Harirington (Murphy/Christian Football), Vincent Underwood (North Mountain)

    LINEMEN Daniel Morales (North Mountain), Armando Muyoz (Murphy/Christian), Jace Fuamatuhad (Alhambra), Andrew Romero (Murphy/Christian)

    END Eddie Morales (Alhambra),


    LINEMEN Dorean Gardner (Christian Football)  Previn Loyd, Jr (Christian Football), Jorge Lozano (Murphy), Tona Vega (North Mountain) Dahnah Fuamatuhad (Alhambra)

    LINEBACKERS Danny Rodriguez (Christian Football),  Max Peoples (Christian Football), Ryan Munos (Christian Football), Matthew McDermott (Murphy/Christian)

    DEFENSIVE BACKS Nate Underwood (North Mountain), DeAndre King (Murphy), Hernan Orosco (Murphy), Rafael Cedillos (Murphy Christain) 


    1.  Jacob Sharpe, Christian   2.  Michael Contrerras, North Mountain   3. Cory Leary, Christian   4.  William Hood (Murphy)     5.  Benjamin Orosco, Murphy    6.  Daniel Frampton, Christian    7.  Kyle Janes, Christian   8.  Jose Hernandez (Murphy)    9.  Giavanni Altifimo (Murphy)    10.  Orlando Gillette, Christian    11. Daniel Pellish, Christian    12.  Ronnie Leyva (Murphy)    13.  Levi Bourland (Christian)  14.  Joseph Thornton  (Christian)  15.  Amadeus Coleman (Christian)    16.  Luke Johnson (Christian)

    Saturday, November 16

    2013 William
    Alhambra's William Carpenter threw two touchdown passes

    Alhambra 29, Murphy 12 

    Quarterback William Carpenter ran Coach Bridgewater's offense to perfection as Alhambra's revamped program defeats first place & regular season champ Murphy 29-12.  Carpenter completed his first 7 passes, two for touchdowns.

    Alhambra's offense rolled up big yardage and the defense slowed a Murphy team that obviously missed injured leader Jose Montes.  Wide reciever/defensive back Devonte McKinney had another big night.


    Click here for more


    Sunday, November 17

    2013 Arroyo vs North Mountain
    Sportsmanship: Click on the photo for highlights.....


    North Mountain finishes the season on a good note and everyone gets into the act. 

    4 Cougars scored on running plays. 

    Shane Shirley Shane Shirley had a big day defensively

    Culunga had another standout defensive effort for Arroyo.

    Click here for game highlights


    Saturday, November 9

    2013 Carlos Rodriguez



    Murphy's Carlos Rodriguez totalled nearly 200 yards on offense, dominated on defense as the Chargers takes down North Mountain Click Here for details


    Alhambra qualified for its 2nd Public school championship game in 4 years in a lop-sided win over Arroyo Click Here for details


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    Tuesday, October 29
    Murphy Upends Cougar Junior Football
    2013 MU Offense vs CJF
    Too Much: Murphy's Defense was overwhelming vs CJB. Offense was unstoppable.
    The Tandem of Nic Sotello and Jose Montes proved to be too much for the previously unbeaten Cougar Junior Football (CJF)team.

    Sotello had his 3rd straight game with at least one 80 yard scoring strike and Jose Motes ran for a score and threw for two in a one-sided win over #1 CJF.

    CJF struggled to find an offensive rhythm but Big Josiah Thomas and quarterback Kyle Janes showed signs of life, Thomas in the opening drive, Janes in the final drive, but that wasn't enough. But Thomas was his dominant self defensively dominating his side of the ball.

    As a group, the Murphy defense lowered the boom and totally contained the Cougar ground game and allowed on short gains in the air.

    It was the Cougars first loss since last September.

    Sunday, October 20

    013 Josiah headshot
    Cougar Junior Football's Josiah Thomas has been the leagues dominant player


    First place Cougar Junior Football travels to Sullivan school, the hosts, in a winner take all battle 8am Saturday.  After the usual early start, defending champion Cougar Junior Football (CJF), based out of the Phoenix Christian Unified district, has had some time off, Murphy is fresh off impressive wins over Alhambra and North Mountain.    CJF has also had wins over the same two teams plus wins over the Phoenix Tigers and Avondale Knights.  Both teams are deep on talent and last met when many of the players were 5th graders.

    Fooling the Junior high game, the CJF "Minions" take on Murphy, also at Sullivan.  A win would secure a 3 winning season for the Minions.


    Both teams are looking for their first win as both have lost to North Mountain and Cougar Junior Football.  The winner can set itself up for a chance to host a bowl game, the looser will pretty much stay on the road for the duration.Both teams have good quarterbacks that can run if needed but both teams drop a lot of passes.  The offensive & lefensive lines are solid for both Alhambra and North Mountain.



    Friday, October 18

    2013 Nich at QB
    #7 Nic Sotello (Murphy) has done it all and on both sides of the ball

    Big night for Nic Sotello.  Sotello had 110 rushing including an 80 touchdown late in the second half to put the game away for Murphy and setting up a showdown with # 1 Cougar Junior Football.   Sotello also had a 65 yard pass reception, then THREW a touchdown pass to Jose Montes and topped it all off with a big interception (also returned 80 yards for a score, but called back because of a penalty.  Montes scored earlier in the game on a 50 yard run.

    North Mountain quarterback Micheal Contrerras provided most of the offese for his team finiching with 80 yards rushing.  The big 6th grader also shook off several sack attemps to finish with 100 yards passing, in spit eof having several passes dropped.   Eric Mangum provided North's main highlight with a big 80 run for the lone score.  He also filled in adequately at quarterbaack.

    Murphy hosts Cougar Junior Football (based out of Phoenix Christian) next Saturday morning.  North will take on Alhambra Friday night at the Field of Dreams.

    Friday, October 18

    2013 NM Practice
    North Mountain: Getting ready....

    Friday, 6pm at the Arthur P Hamilton Field Of Dreams #2 Murphy takes on 0-1 North Mountain. A Murphy win sets a a showdown vs #1 Cougar Junior Football (Phoenix Christian) and a rematch of the same two teams two years ago when several players from both teams were underclassmen. A North win changes everything and set North up for either a bowl game vs CJB or a host bowl of their own and the Arizona Cardinals Academy football field in north central Phoenix.

    The matchup is even player for player. The lines both have skills and size. Wide reciever is pretty much even as are other skill positions to include linebacker.  The quarterbacks, Jose Montes (Murphy) and Micheal Contrerras (North Mountain) are two of the best at their positions and have a defensive presence.  The difference make coule be running back Nic Sotello of Murphy who put up big numbers on both sides of the ball vs Alhambra.

    Wednesday, October 9

    2013 FB Mike Contrerras
    Micheal Contrerras: Not afraid to air it out. Receivers just need to catch it

    NORTH MOUNTAIN TAKES ON MURPHY (Friday, October 18th)

    Fall break ends this week for most school and the action starts immediately as Murphy (1-0) and North Mountain (0-1) lock horns at The Field Of Dreams next. The looser faces an uphill climb for a November playeoff spot.  The winner will compete with Cougar Junior Football (Phoenix Christian) for a shot at the fall title. 

    Murphy took down Alhambra in their season opener 25-12 As quarterback Jose Montes picked apart the secondary and running back Nic Sotello broke away for and 80 yard run and an 80 yard reception scores enroute to a 200 yard night.  The Murphy secondary slowed Alhambra QB William Carpenter but he did complete several passes for 25 plus yards.

    North Mountain has size as an advantage and a quarterback that's just as saavy but with the same issue.  Too many drops.  That was the main problem in the loss last week to Cougar Junior Football.  The line was able to open holes but recievers had a hard time getting open.  Two mid-field fumbles proved costly as well.  Ball security and route running are a must if they plan to keep up with a faster Alhambra.


    Murphy wins if they play withing Coach Hart's disciplined/unselfish system and continue to force turnovers.

    North Mountain wins if they can hold on to the ball and get at least one stop per half on downs/turnovers.

    Monday, October 7

    2013 Coach Hart and Montes
    Always a contender, Sullivan is looking good


     Murphy 20, Alhambra 6

    Coach Hart and quartercack Jose Montes lead Murphy to a 20-6 win over Alhambra. Nic Sotello ran for over 100 yards and caught passes for 100 more including game-changing big plays in the form of an 80 yard TD run and an 80 yard TD reception.

    Quarterback William Carpenter put up big numbers and the Alhambra backfield had 150 yards rushing but tunrovers again proved to be untimely and costly.

    Cougar Junior Football 25, North Mountain 12

    Congratulations to he Junior Football team on their 25-12 win over North Mountain. Cory Leary scored on an 80 yard touchdown run and again on a 70 yard touchdown pass from Kyle Janes as the Cougars celebrate their 5th win a a row this season, 10th win in a row in the the past two years. Daniel Frampton also chipped in with an 80 yard run on a reverse. Josiah Thomas also scored, on a punishing 20 yard run. Thomas and Armando Munyos contin. ued their dominant line play on both sides of the ball.

    North Mountain Micheal Contrerras had a big day with over 100 yards passing and and rushing including a 70 yard. touchdown run.  All-everything lineman Daniel Morales led a mighty group that stuffed the Cougar inside running game for the most part but the secondary could not match the Cougars overall speed.

    Elementary score

    Cougar Junior Football Minions 20, Glendale Cardinals 0

    The elementary football team posted their second shutout of the season with a 20-0 win over the Glendale Cardinals. Luke Johnson put the Minions on the board with an exciting 80 yard run. Luke finished with 110 yards rushing on 9 carries. Ky Hernandez and Jordan Gillette also helped pile up yards from the backfield. Dillon Stahler stood on on both the defensive and offensive lines. The Minions next game, they face Murphy.

    Sunday, September 29

    2013 CMFB Murphy South practice


    Fri 10/4/13 6pm Murphy South vs. Murphy North

    North vs South.  Coach Bridewater's South team lost a close one last week vs Cougar Junior Football.  Running backs Jason Son (85 yards on 8 carries) and Danny Pom (70 yards rushing) both ran hard and hit hard in the loss, especially in the second half.  Quarterback William Carpenter plauyed well after a rough first half, two way player Jose Hernandez  scored on a 15 yard run to close the gap and defensive lineman Devontae McKinney held his on against one of the leagues better lines. One of Coach Mo's alumni (Semi-pro quarterback), Bridgewater's offense loked great once Carpenter and the backs found their rhythm.  His deflected pass led to an intereception that led to a Son score.  North, led by longtime district head coach Robert Hart returns 3 year starter Jose Montes, probably the leagues most skilled athlete.  Coach Hart always has a talented group of players to choose from on this the west side of I-17.  He's won two league titles and a dozens of district intramural championships in his tenure.

    Sat 10/5/13 6pm North Mountain vs. Cougar Junior Football

    It's Cougar vs Cougar as the Cougars from North Mountain face off against Cougar Junior Football.  CJF is 3-0 and in the Central City Conference drivers seat after a win over Murphy South.  Running back William Hood topped the 100 yard mark in 10 carries and a toughdown after backfield mate Cory Leary (70 yards on 8 carries and a touchdown) wend down with an injury.  Quarterback Kyle Janes set up the winning drive with two short completeions and a run for a first down to mid field.  Hood took over from there rolling up 50 yards and scoring the winning touchdown in a time consuming drive orchestrated by Coach Renee' Small, CJF's assistand head coach of offense.  Not to be outdone, Coach Joe Munos', the assistand head coach of defense, had his crew step up on the other side of the ball so secure the win last week.  North Mountain, led by Coach Frank Contrerras, returns a pair of blue chips in quarterback Michael Contrerras and the leagues top rated returnee lineman Daniel Morales.  Both happen to be Coach Frank's sons.   Noth also has the leagues largest group of returnees and some talented new players.  North has been playing in CJF's shadow the past 3 years and are built to step up this year.

    Friday, September 27
    Junior Cougars Hold Off Late Charging Blackhawks

    2013 CMFB Josiah 3pt
    Beast Mode: Josiah Thomas has been unstoppable


     The Phoenix Christian based Junior Cougar Cougars, led by a Josiah Thomas sack and safety early in the first half, struck early and held off a Alhambra rally in Thursday Nite football action.  Running back William Hood ran for 50 yards on 5 touches and scored a touchdown in what proved to be the game winning drive putting the Junior Cougars up 15-7 with 5 minutes left.

    Alhambra answered but the Cougar ground game wore down the clock for the win. 

     Key to the Junior Cougar win besides early Alhambra turnovers and miscues was the stubborn defense led by Thomas, who leads the league in sacks and turnovers.  The Cougar ground game was stellar as Cory Leary ran wild before leaving with a injury.  After that Hood and quarterback Kyle Janes took over.  Janes started the game winning drive with a series of short runs and passes to tight end Sharpe.  After moving the team to mid-field, Hood wend to work from there.

    Monday, September 23
    Regular Season Kicks Off This Week
    2013 CMFB Daniel Morales
    Blue Chip: Daniel Morales, lineman, North Mountain
    Teams in the City Central Conference begin regular season play this week as the Phoenix Christian based Junior Cougars take on the Blackhawks of South Central. The Cougars (2-0) had an head start with non-league games vs the Phoenix Tigers and the Avondale Knights. The Junior Cougars lost the bulk of last years championship team but return Armando Munyos, one of the leagues top returning players, on the offensive line. Josiah Thomas, who took a year off, has also returned and thus far has been totally dominating. Cory Leary and William Hood were the top elementary rushers last season and provide a great 1-2 punch in the backfield. Kyle Janes and Daniel Frampton have been in the Junior Cougar program for 3 years and should provide leadership and skills on both sides of the ball. Coach Bridgewater takes over at Murphy South which is based out of the Arthur P. Hamilton Field of Dreams, and he brought his team from Alhambra with him. There will be strength in numbers and the home field being near Coffelt will add depth and a few of the leagues top returning players in Ronnie Leyva, Benjamin Orosco, William Carpenter and Jose Hernandez. Teaming up with the transfers from Alhambra not only provides depth and talent, the mix should make South a contender. North Mountain returns more players from last year than any other team. Led by the leagues top ranked returning player, lineman Daniel Morales. Morales also lined up as a runing back and had a 50 yard run against Alhambra last year....and looked GOOD doing it. North Mountain also has plenty of speed and the leagues top returning quarterback, 6th grader Micheal Contrerras, who as a 5th grader, logged in plenty of time playing with the big boys. North will have plenty of underclassmen and will easily be a power next year but Coach Frank Contrerras, in his 3rd year at the helm, has high expectations for THIS year. Based out of Sullivan school and made up of players from the Murphy school district, Murphy North is the districts attempt at uniting the best players from the four member schools as one football team. North will be led by Coach Robert Hart. Coach Hart has one multiple Murphy intramural titles a spring and fall tackle championship. He also has the leagues top athletes in quarterback Jose Montes. Murphy Northwill also draw from a talented group of players from Kuban and Garcia school. Coach Hart has never finished a tackle a season without being in the championship game. Arroyo is a new kid on the block and will play a limited, Monday Night schedule. Top Returning players 1. Daniel Morales (North Mountian) 2. Jose Montes (Murphy North) 3. Josiah Thomas (Cougar Junior Football) 4. Corey Leary (Cougar Junior Football) 5. William Hood (Cougar Junior Football) 6. Micheal Contrarras (North Mountian) 7. Ronnie Leyva (Murphy South) 8. Jose Herzandez (Murphy South) 9. Benjamin Orosco (Murphy South) 10. Kyle Janes (Cougar Junior Football) 11. Jose Hernandez (Murphy South) 12. Daniel Frampton (Cougar Junior Football) 13. William Carpenter (Murphy South) 14. Jacob Sharpe (Cougar Junior Football) 15. Orlando Gillette (Cougar Junior Football)

    Friday, September 20
    Junior Cougars Ground Game Rolls in Win Over Avondale

    013 CJFB Corey vs Knights
    Rolling: Corey Leary racks up the yards enrounte to another big run

    Cougar Junior football 21, Avondale Knights 12

    Led by blue chip linemen Armando Munyoz & Josiah Thomas, the Phoenix Christian based Junior Cougars defeated the Avondale Knights 21-12. 

    Thomas and Munyos dominated both sides of the line and paved the way for the big play backfield tandem of William Hood and Corey Leary who both scored on long TD runs. Thomas had another big day with 5 sacks, a safety and multiple tackles.

    Kyle Janes added a timeley interception to cement the win as the Junior Cougars improve to 2-0 going into league play.  League play begins with a game next Thursday night vs South Central at the Arthur Hamilton Field of Dreams.

    Phoenix Tigers 18, Junior Cougar Minions 0

    Playing without their backfield for most of the game, the Minions loose for the first time in 2 years.  Quarterback Jeffries moved the ball well but turnovers and an ill Luke Johnson proved too much to overcome.

    Friday, September 13


     Cougar Junior Football 18, Phoenix Tigers 7

    Corey Leary's 50 yard run with less than 5 minutes remaining broke open what was a close game (Cougars were up 12-7) and the smaller, quick Tigers seemed to be getting used to the 8 man format.The Cougars William Hood had 130 yards rushing behind two long runs including a 50 yard run of his own.  Leary & Hood, 8th graders, were two of the top underclass rushers last season.  Quarterback Kyle James connected with Daniel Frampton, Leary, Hood and Orlando Gillette kept the clock running with a healthy pass/run mix.  Blue chip linemen Armano Munyoz and Josiah led the way on offense.  Josiah totally dominated the defensive line.


    Junior Cougar Minions 14, Westside Weasels 0

    Always a tough rivary.  Tyler Johnson rand for 100 yards and played well enough on defense to lead the "Minions" to a win over the Weasels.  Defense was the key as whenever the Weasels threatened to score, the Minions rose up to force turnovers.

    Cougar Practice 2012

    Designed to teach and reinforce safe practices and "Head's Up" football and to reinforce our spirit led techniques & principals, our leagues and camps are more than just a leap forward in how the game is taught, it's a whole new demision on how it will be taught AND played in the future.  Contact Coach Mo for details. 

    Contact Camps and Position Clinics:  Sunday's & Mondays at Phoenix Christian & Arthur Hamilton School Field Of Dreams .  Contact Camp, with shoulder pads and helmets, are conducted weekly through 5 August.  Mandatory.


    South Central Jets: Players from the Coffelt'sm Alkire park and the Jorgensen school communities team-up at the Arthur Hamilton Field of Dreams. 

    Butler Bulldogs:  Isaac District football.  Schedule to be announced.

    MurphyFootball:  Based out of Sullivan school & coached by legendary Teacher/Coach by Mr. Hart.  Designed for Murphy elementary district students, employee students and students that live in the surrounding area.

    Alhambra Football:  Team Alhambra practices on Tuesday's and Thursdays at Little Canyon Park at 5:30.  Managed by Coach Bridgewater, the teams includes students in the Alhambra school district.  Contact Coach Mo for details.

    North Mountain Football:  Coach Frank Contrarras' Honey Badgers practice on Wednesday's and Sunday's at Mountain  View park on the south end of 7th ave, north of Dunlap.  Contact Coach Mo for details.

    Arroyo Football:  Located at Arroyo school near 45th ave & Cholla, Arroyo's program information will be released after spring break.  Arroyo will have flag football for grades 4& 5, tackle football camp/spring football for 6th & 7th grade.


    Monday, June 24
    CMFBC Kingman (400x300)
    Our annual Kingman Overnight Football Camp in Northern Arizona is a hit!

    It's camp season and we have several opportunities for your players (s) to improve their game during the sumer off-season.  Players, teams & leagues can attend or host of of our football camps, speed clinics or training combines.  We conduct contact & non-contact football camps, speed camps, training combines and combines, nationwide. 

    We have 3 "Monday Night" Football camps slated for the month of July and contact camps slated for June 29th & July 21st in the metro Phoenix area where players from all skill sets can work on their individual skills, speed and agility in a relaxed, yet competetive atmosphere....Join Us!

    Contact Coach Mo for dates & locations or click on the link provided below. 

    Players can also register during "Attack Camp" 16-18 July at Phoenix Christian.

    Contact Coach Mo today!

     Click here for more camp information.

    Monday, June 24
    Registration Open For 2013 Central City Football
    coach mo football logo 300
    OPEN REGISTRATION 29 JUNE & 14 & 21 JULY We will have open registration for Central City Football at Phoenix Christian high school staarting Sunday evenings during oour contact football camps 530-7pm 29 June, 14 & 21 July. Players grades 5-8 are welcome to register for any of our teams. Players must bring a copy of their last report card, registration fee and their registration form. There will be no excepotions. We will have teams based out of Phoenix Christian Junior High school, North Mountain Park, Alhambra Community, Murphy United and Arroyo schools. We will also have non-conference games vs the Glendale Knights and the Glendale Cardinals. Click on the photo to see a listing of teams for the 2013 season or visit the teams link on our menu bar..

    Monday, June 3
    Spring Game II: Sullivan 28, Alhambra 0
    2013 Sullivan vs Alhambra

    Jose Montes threw a toughdown pass to and returned two interceptions 35 yards for touchdowns as Sullivan defeats Alhambra 28-0. Montes finished the game with over 100 yards passing. Arturo Rodriguez and Jonathan Andrade' both had 30 yard receptions. Tommy Works led the ground attack and scored on a 5 yard run.

    Recievers Joseph Son and Miko Lolika made big plays with 25 and 20 yard receptions, but tunrovers proved costly for Alhambra. Sullivan stopped the Alhambra run game early and gave quarterback Jace Fuamatuhad little, if any time to throw the ball at all. Dahnah Fuamatuhad was a bright spot for Alhambra on the defensive line, forcing Montes out of the pocket several times with a relentless rush.  She also held her own on the offensive line.  But as a team, Sullivan's offensive line dominated both sides of the ball.

    Sunday, May 19
    Sullivan 05182013
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    Sullivan School's Jose Montez threw touchdown passes to Auturo Rodriguez and Aurturo Soto as Sullivan defeated Central at Art Hamilton school at the Murphy Field Of Dreams.  Representing the Murphy School District and Coached by Robert Hart, Sullivan won it's second Spring Showcase in 3 years.  Montez and Tommy Works combined for 100 yards on the gorund, adding balance tothe Charger's attack.  Sullivan also held the highly touted Central running game to less than 100 yards, forcing 2 fumbles.

    Central was led by Blue Chip running back Kaelon Harrington, who ran for 70 yards on 11 rarries.  Harrington also had a 60 yards touchdown catch for Centrals lone score.  Blue Chip lineman Daniel Morales plugged the middle defensively, slowing Sullivan's inside running game and threw key blocks to spring Harrington alone with fellow Blue Chipper Armando Muyoz.

    Overall, keys to victory was Sulivans ability to slow down the run, force turnovers and throw the football effectively.

    Friday, February 15

    Football Fridays: After school developmental programs at selected locations (Currently at Phoenix Arroyo School)

    Speed Sunday: Weekly at Phoenix Christian High School, Hamilton School & North Mountain Park

    Monday Nite Football: Weekly Developmental Clinics held at Hamilton school

    Winter/Spring Training combines & contact camps: Every month we will evaluate speed, agility, football skills and have refresher camps skills for our athletes. 

    Spring Football:  3 Weeks of organized, structured instruction followed by a spring "3 or 4 way "Jamboree".  As to keep in step with cutting down on player injuries/concussion issues, his is not a weekly football season. Football season is in the FALL.

    Passing League (Shoulder pads & helmets)
    777 Camp (7 on 7 @ 7): Sundays at Phoenix Christian High School & Arthur Hamilton Elementary School in June

    Summer Contact Camps: Monday Nite Football & Football Friday in july

    Overnite Contact Camps Kingman 2nd weekend in July
    Hamilton Elementary School 3rd weekend in July

    2013 Fall/Winter Tackle Football season
    Sept-Oct: City Central League (jr high & elementary - 7th/8th & 4th, 5th & 6th)

    Nov-Dec: All-star & Winter Championship Series: Tackle Football

    For more details, go to the menu bar and browse our Coach Mo Football Camps link or click here

    Click here for our registration form

    Handout: Spring Football

    Friday, January 4

    Hermosa QB 2008


    Monday Nite Football
    Football Fridays
    Registration at 11, camp at noon
    Saturday 1/5@ noon at Hamilton School
    Sunday 1/6 @ 7am at Phoenix Christian
    $25 Fee - contact Coach Mo for details!

    Football Camps & Clinics

      These camps will be used to time, evaluate players as some of our athletes will be nominated for upcoming Underarmor, FBU and other comines/All-star opportunities.
    • After two to 3 weeks of instruction, players will participate in a spring game, 3 team "Jamboree" style as we've done in the past.
    • No dates have been set, but 3 team groups will play in March, April & May
    • Fall teams:  Our fall City Central League looks to have teams at Murphy, Phoenix Christian, Riverside, Alhambra, North Mountain.  Madison, Isaac, Arroyo and Sullivan schools are considering programs.

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    Thursday, December 27

    Dorean 2012
    Dorean Gardner fought off double teams to become the dominant defensive lineman

    TOP 3 TEAMS 


    Dominated the City Central League at both the junior high & elementary levels, then teamed up with Murphy to win in the Winter Championship Series.  Dominant on both sides of the line, linebacker & running back.


    Led by a  5th grader at quarterback and the leagues best offensivelineman, North brought together the Mountain View and Royal Palm communities to become a force to recon with.

    3.  ALHAMBRA

    With the leagues best QB, protected by two dominant ladies on the line, Alhambra has been a consistant contender.

    Sunday, December 23

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    Murphy led 7-6 at the half then two big plays later, ran away from North Mountain 19-6.   In an effort to build stronger & more competetive teams in local areas, the teams were made up of teams from Phoenix Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy and Mountain View (North Mountain) and central Phoenix based Murphy (Art Hamilton, Phoenix Christian and the area surrounding the Murphy district).  The partnerships will make for more competetive football this spring and next fall in the newly formed City Central League.  Phoenix Christian won the City Central title this year.

    Running behing big Armando Muyos, Andrew Romero and and Rafael Segay, Murphy's Kaelon Harrington had over 150 yards rushing on 15 carries as he carried the load for Murphy.  Harrington has rushed for over 1,000 yards for the year, continuing a run of state class running back/athletess produced or trained by AAU teams & Coach Mo Speed camps to include last years Dominique King (Central HS), Trae Armstrong (Deer Valley, also an All-American sprinter), Cole Luke (Hamilton high school/Notre Dame), DeVonte Neal (Chaparral, Notre Dame) and a host of others (click here for our alumni list).  Harrington, the league's top scorer, had touchdown runs of 30 & 6 yards.

    Murphy quarterback DeAndre King also had a big day.  He ran for over 100 yards, including a 65 yard TD run and with key completions to Rafael Cedillos, Hernan Orosco, Harrington, William Hood (50 yards on 6 carries) and , King had the most productive day of any Central City quarterback this season.

    Defensively, outside linebackers Harrington & Matthew McDermott shut down North's running game.  The pass rush led by Jorge Lozano and interceptions by Cedillos, Choppa and King, Murphy made things difficult for the North offense causing 5 turnovers with 3 interceptions and two fumbles.

    North Mountain's "do everything" back Vincent Underwood was kept to his first sub-100 yard day, but he made his presence know leading North in tackles.  He also had two interceptions. Rudy Gonzales, Toby Vega (the leagues tallest player) and Daniel Morales (the leagues biggest player) held their own on the defensive & offensive lines but Murphy had too many weapons and turnovers stalled any effort.  Willie Argramonte, one of the league's best two way players, had a good outing at running back and defensive back. 

    North Mountain's quarterback Michael Contrarras scored North Mountain's lone touchdown after he, Underwood and Argramonte teamed up on North's best offensive drive late in the first half.

    Tuesday, October 23


    Quarterback: Isaiah Morales (Alhambra), Riley Miller (Christian Football)

    Second team: Michael Contrerras (North Mountain)

    Running Backs:  Kaleon Harrington (Christian Football), Vincent Underwood (North Mountain)

    Second Team: William Hood (Murphy), Cory Leary (Christian)

    Reciever:  Edward Morales (Alhambra 

    Offensive Linemen: Daniel Morales (North Mountain), Armando Munyos (Murphy/Christian), Andrew Romero (Murphy/Christian), Maribel Martinez (Alhambra), Rudy Gonzales (North Mountain)


    Defensive Line: Dorean Gardner (Christian Football), Previn Loyd, Jr (Christian Footballl), Dahnah Fuamatuhad (Alhambra), Tona Vega (North Mountain),  Jorge Lozano (Murphy), Max Peoples (Christian Football)

    Linebackers: Danny Rodriguez (Christian Football), Ryan Munos (Christian Football), Matthew Mcdermott (Murphy Christian)

    Defensive backs: Willie Argamota (North Mountain),  DeAndre King (Murphy), Hernan Orosco (Murphy), Nate Underwood (North Mountain), Rafael Cedillos (Murphy/Christian), Eric Lawler (Christian Football), Jose Hernandez (Murphy)

    Honorable Mention

    Davis Tarver (Christian Football), Benjamin Orosco (Murphy), Giavanni Altifimo (Coffelt), Nathaniel New (Christian Football), Daniel Frampton (Christian Football), Jesus Garcia (North Mountain), Kyle Janes (Christian Football),   (Christian junior Football), Ty-Ray Failey (North Mountain), Ronnie Leyva (Murphy) , Willie Argamonta (North Mountain), Daniel Pellish (Christian Football), Orlando Gillette (Christian Football), Jacob Sharpe (Christian Football), Levi Bourland (Christian Football) Jace Fuamatuhad (Alhambra)

    COMMING SOON......

    BLUE CHIP LIST (Top 20/best players)

    Saturday, June 23
    2011-2012 BLUE CHIPS

    Dominique King  (Christian Football)

    Zarthan Dorty (Central Phoenix)  

    Riccardo Mendez (Central Phoenix)

    Dorean Gardner (Christian Football) 

    Dion Phylow (Central Phoenix)

    Nathanel Krimmel (Central Phoenix)

    Vince Underwood (Mountain View)

    Daniel Rodriguez (Christian Football)

    Brian Lynch (Christian Football)

    Seth (Christian Football)

    Eddie Tena (Central Phoenix) 

    Jose (Coffelt)

    Daniel Morales (Mountain View)

    Tomas (Coffelt)

    Coven Stevens (Christian Football)

    Dusty Laizure (Christian Football) 

    Armando Munyoz (North Mountain)

    Larry Baca (Christian Football)

    Michael Sanchez (Central Phoenix)

    John Bellman (Central Phoenix)

    Jose Montes (Sullivan)

    King Sandoval (Coffelt))

    Xavier Jonnel (Sullivan)

    Tommie Works (Sullivan)

    Jasmin Lopez (Sullivan)

    Jackie Garcia (Sullivan)

    Leo Montenegro (Alhambra)

    Isaiah Morales (Alhambra)

    Demitrius Brigham (Alhambra)

    Giavanni Altifimo (Coffelt)

    Arian (Christian Football)

    Kimo Kalma (Central Phoenix)

    Saturday, December 1

    2012 TF Vince D
    North (Green) will face Murphy againin the final game of the season



    North Mountain's Vince Underwood ran for over 175 yards including two 50 yard runs as North wins on the road.  Underwood also made big plays on defense.  Big Daniel Morales dominated the line on both sides of the ball.  Murphy's bright spot was running back William Hood.  A 6th grader, Hood had 120 yards rushing includinga 40 yard run.  Teamate Jorge Lozano had 3 sacks, Ronnie Leyva had an interception.


    Game halted early, but running behind big Armando Munuz and Andrew Romero, Kaelon Harrington scored on two 50 yard runs and assmased 180 in only three quarters.  He was also dominant doing duble duty as a linebacker.  Defense was the key for Murphy as Big Jorge Lozano, coming off 3 sacks vs North Mountain, got two Alhambra's QB twice and had numerous hurries.  Linebackers Matthew McDermott, Harrington and Rafeal Cedillos shut down the run.

    Saturday, November 17

    2012 TFB North Mtn vs Alhambra II B
    As time runs out, players hustle to a fumble


    This rivalry just keeps getting better.  In one of the best games of the season and as our bowl season gets underway North Mountain took advantage of superior size & depth as they beat Alhambra.  In a reversal of fortune, this time it was Alhambra who was shorthanded on the sidelines as North Mountain showed up 30 plus strong.  In the previous meeting North had only 9 players and Alhambra had 20 plus.

    North won the ground battle as Vince Underwood, one of the league's top running backs, rolled up almost total 200 yards as he had big plays with runs of 30 yards or more and two of the same receiving. Daniel Morales, North Mountain's outstanding offensive lineman, was dominant and gave quarterback Michael Contrerras plenty of time to throw and that was key as North's passing game was superior and was the difference maker in the game.

    Alhambra's quarterbackback Isaiah Morales also has a big day, as did another dominant lineman, Jace Fuamatuhad.  Fuamatuhad had a 20 yard run followed by a 5 yard scoring run in the opening drive.  Jace also was dominant on ther side of the ball and North quickly learned to run away from her.  Not to be outdone, Daniel Morales, the other "Big One" had a 25 yard run of his own to set up the go ahead score for North Mountain.


    A - Jayce 20y run - 5y TD run
    M. - underwood 20y run
    # 50 10y R
    Underwood 10y run
    A sack 3 tackles for losses
    A - pass comp (3 of 4)
    A jayce run for loss
    M - Run for loss
    M - underwood 20y pass from Mike C
    15y Pass to Willie w/ 1 second left
    Underwood 5y TD run

    Halftime Tied at 6
    M Ball
    Underwood 40y run
    Mike C 1 pt conv
    Mountain View 13-6

    Isaiah 25y run TD
    XP failed
    Mountain View 13-12

    Daniel Morales 35y run
    TD Pass to underwood
    XP to Underwood
    North Mountain  20-12


    Alhambra fumble Daniel Ret for TD
    XP pass good to Nate underwood
    North Mountain  27 -12
    Alhambra 2 completes
    30 pass to underwood

    Friday, October 26

    2012 Cougars w trophy



    The Cougar Defense clamped down and led  Christian to a big win in the final game of the fall season.  Dorian Gardner added to his league high sack totals and teamed up with Previn loyd and Max Peoples in shutting down Glendale passing game.  Kyle James (5 solo tackles), Ryan Munos, Davis Tarver and Nick Lawlor led Cougar linebackers who stretched out and slowed the passing game with the help of safety Matthew Mcdermott, who had his best game with several passes defended and an interception. The rest of the secondary which included Nathaniel New, Daniel Frampton and Fernando Valario also had impact plays.

    The ground game led by Kaleon Harrington, Loyd, Brandon Rodriguez and Cory leary once again piled up the yardage led by Harrington, who scored on runs of 60 and 50 yards and on a pass play from quarterback Riley Miller.  Miller also threw a 20 yard TD toss to Rafael Cedillos. Th eoffensive line of Andrew Romero, Armando Munyoz, Javan Segay, Quinn Lebiech and others made it a total team effort, paving the way for running backs and protecting the passing game.



    Cory Leary rushed for 133 yards, and Daniel Frampton scored on a 20 yard run and 20 yard pass from quarterback Levi Bourland as the Junior Cougars beat Glendale for a second time to win the Cougar Bowl developmental division. The line play of Edward Brown, Jacob Sharpe, Joshua Thorntonand centter/linebacker Amadeus Coleman led the ground attack that allowed Leary, Frampton, Orlando Gillette and Luke Johnson to have their way.  The receiver/defensiveback/lineback rotation led by Kyle James, Mike Ramirez and Joseph Thornton also helped in the win that kept the "Mighty Minions" unbeaten at 4-0.

    Sunday, October 21

    In light of recent sideline events before, during & after games i think it's a good time for parents, ...

    Sunday, October 21

    2012 Rodriguez run vs Glendale

    The Central Phoenix based Christian Cougars will host the Glendale Cardinals in the 2012 Cougar Bowl on 25 October, 2012 at the Phoenix Christian high school athletic complex.

    The two faced each other in the season opener and played to an 13-all tie.

    The Cougars finished the regular season 4-1-1 (3-0 in the Central Phoenix League) with 3 win wins in a row over Alhambra, Coffelt and North Mountain. 

    The Cardinals compete in the A.I.M. league based out of Phoenix First Assembly Church in north Phoenix.

    The Junior Cougars JV game precedes the varsity at 6:45.  The Junior's beat Glendale 27-6 behind a 300 yard offensive attack, but that was a different Cardinals team than the one that beat Coffelt a few weeks ago.  Much more physical.  This could be a good one.

    Sunday, October 21

    2012 MV line rests

    The Cougar Club Football teams defeated North Mountain 26-6.  Running backs Kaleon Harrington and Danny Rodriguez had their way on the ground as they have all season.  Harrington scored from 40 yards out the first two touches he had and had a total of 3 touchdowns.  Quarterback Riley Miller also had a rushing touchdown. 

    Led by Dorean Gardner's 5 sacks, the defensive line (the offensive line also), which included Max Peoples, Armando Munyoz and Previn Loyd, dominated from the first snap.  Linebackers Rodriguez, Ryan Munos and Kyle cut off running lanes and slowed North's do-everything running back Vince Underwood after he had a big running and passing day against Murphy last week (over 200 all-purpose yards).  it was a group effort as the secondary fared well also behind an early interception by Cory Leary.

    Monday, October 15
    2012 TFB Alhambra vs North Mountain

    CHRISTIANS VS NIGHTHAWKS II:  Christian wrapped up the regular season title with a 4-1-1 record after thumping Murphy 40-6.  They play #2 Alhambra for the conference title Friday the 19th at Phoenix Christian.  Christian beat Alhambra 34-6 during the regular season.  Could be a good one as Alhambra has a balanced attack an the Cougars starting with a big pass play (Riley Miller to Davis Tarver) to shake things up against Murphy.

    NORTH MOUNTAIN:  North Mountain's Vince Underwood scored 3 touchdowns and ran for over 150 yards vs Alhambra and caught a pass from Michael Contrerras in a balanced offfense vs the Hawks.  The line, anchored by Daniel Morales, did well against Alhambra as North only had the 8 player minumum for the game.

    ALHAMBRA: Qurterback IsaiahMorales had another good game vs North Mountain and pretty much solidified his status as the leagues top quarterback.  Alize' Haley Henry has developed into a pretty good two-way player as is Eddie Morales.  Jace Fuamatuhad ran over North Mountain defenders on a 20 yard run, had it called back, then rolled over the Cougars again for 15.

    JUNIOR FOOTBALL:  Christian's junior varsity faces Alhambra for the developmental league title Thursday the 18th at Phoenix Christian.  The #1 Cougars are unbeaten with a dominant line and a the top running attack with Corey Leary and Orlando Gillette putting up over 200 yards per game on the ground.  Quarterback Levi Bourland opened up the passing game with Daniel Frampton last week and the defense has caught.  Alhambra has lostonly to the Cougars.  They possess a couple of very good linebackers and have a solid passing game.

    Saturday, October 13

    2012 FB CJV vs Murphy


    Christian's ground game, led by running backs Kaleon Harrington, Daniel Rodriguez and Previn Loyd led the way to a lop-sided win over Murphy.  It was Murphy's first game as a group of players combined from Coffelt, Hamilton school and Kuban school.  Quarterback Riley Miller had his best game as a passer with throwing tosses to Kyle Janes and Harrington plus a big first down throw to Davis Tarver that set up the rout vs Murphy.  He also contributed to the ground game with a 40 yard scoring run.  The Cougar defensive line was dominant as Dorean Gardner, Loyd and Max Peoples clearly had their way with the Mustangs.  Linebackers Ryan Munos (scored on a fumble recover), Quinn Leibrich and Rodriquez also contributed.

    Junior Varsity


    Daniel Frampton scored on a 30 yard pass from quarterback Levi Bourland and Corey Leary scored on a 35 yard run as Christian held off a tough murphy team.  Murphy running back Benjamin Orosco had another 100 yard day but was slowed in the critical second half by a host of Cougar defenders led ny defensive lineman Jacob Sharpe, Edward Brown, Amadeus Coleman and Michael Ramirez.  Murphy scored on a 40 yard pass from Hernan Orosco to Benjamin Orosco.

    Saturday, October 13

    2012 FB CJV vs Murphy


    Christian's ground game, led by running backs Kaleon Harrington, Daniel Rodriguez and Previn Loyd led the way to a lop-sided win over Murphy.  It was Murphy's first game as a group of players combined from Coffelt, Hamilton school and Kuban school.  Quarterback Riley Miller had his best game as a passer with throwing tosses to Kyle Janes and Harrington.  He also contributed to the ground game with a 40 yard scoring run.  The Cougar defensive line was dominant as Dorean Gardner, Loyd and Max Peoples clearly had their way with the Mustangs.  Linebackers Ryan Munos (scored on a fumble recover), Quinn Leibrich and Rodriquez also contributed.


    Junior Varsity


    Daniel Frampton scored on a 30 yard pass from quarterback Levi Bourland and Corey Leary scored on a 35 yard run as Christian held off a tough murphy team.  Murphy running back Benjamin Orosco had another 100 yard day but was slowed in the critical second half by a host of Cougar defenders led ny defensive lineman Jacob Sharpe, Edward Brown, Amadeus Coleman and Michael Ramirez.  Murphy scored on a 40 yard pass from Hernan Orosco to Benjamin Orosco.

    Sunday, September 9
    2012 spring Glendale offense
    Glendale (Red) takes on Christian's Jr Cougars Thursday
    Thu 9/13/12 7pm - 7:45pm Christian Jr High Cougars vs. Glendale Cardinals Phoenix Christian High School

    The Revamped/reloaded Cougars host A.I.M. league champions, the Glendale Cardinals at Phoenix Christian.  Both teams have mostly new faces from last year, the Cougars are vastly improved and deeper.  This game will set the tone for the season for both teams.  Key returnees for the Cougars include Wildcat QB/DB/DB Danny Rodriquez, Defensive linemen/linebackers Dorean Gardner, Nathaniel New, Ryan Munos, Davis Tarver and Riley Miller.  Miller and 6th grader Daniel Frampton will spend time at QB.  Kyle Janes and Frampton headline a strong group of experienced 7th graders that played on the elementary school team last year.

    The 5th & 6th grade teams will play a scrimmage 30 minutes before kickoff,

    Sat 9/15/12 9:30am - 11am Coffelt vs. North Mountain Art Hamilton elementary (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dream

     Coffelt hosts North Mountain wearing the Murphy black & whte worn by last years unbreaten Murphy squad and 2011 AIM champs.  Both teams lost key upperclasmen but both have good, experienced linemen.  North Mountain has one of the leagues best all-around players in Vince Underwood (QB/RB) and one of the leagues top returning lineman, Daniel Morales. 

    Sat 9/15/12 1pm - 2:15pm Kuban vs. Alhambra Little Canyon Park A Kuban School

    Kuban is new to this but boasts big linemen and fast skill position players, which is all you need att his level.  Unsettled at QB, the running game & spread offense will help them get settled in a hurry.  Like most other teams, Alhambra lost a bunch of players to graduation but they do have speed and a stable of running backs.  Last season they ledthe PSL in rushing, winning the City title but loosing to the Public school league champion Sullivan in the title game.

    Saturday, September 15

    0915 LCP v Coffelt
    Alhambra travels to Coffelt and comes out a winner




    The AIM/Glory Glendale Cardinals used a passing game to counter a strong Christian Cougar running attack to force a 13-all tie in Thursday nite play at Phoenix Christian high school. Running back Kaelon Harrington (K-1) rolled up 180 yards on 12 carries including two long touchdown runs. Defensive back/linebacker Nick Lawler made a key interception and running back/tight end Previn Loyd, Jr followed with a 6 yard run to setup Harrington's go ahead score. Danny Rodriguez also contributed to the ground game. The Cougar defense was also paced by Matthew McDemott, Kyle Pellish, Joseph Munos, Dorean Gardner and Kyle James. Loyd also had a big game on defense.



    The Nighthawk running game picked up where it left off last year but added a finishing element to erase memories of last seasons slow finishes. Edward Morales scored 3 touchdowns to lead Alhambra. Morales scored on a spectacular touchdown pass from a scrambling Isaiah Morales, a 35 yard run and on a 20 yard fumble recovery. Morales' scrambling ability was the big blow to the short handed Jet's who were visibly exhausted towards the end of the fist half. Tailback Alize' Haley scored on 30 & 50 yard runs and like Morales, ran for over 100 yards. On the defensive side Jace Fuamatuhad a sack and a fumble recovery, Maribel Martinez shut down her side of the running game and also had a fumble recovery.



    Christian's Cory Leary scored on 25 & 45 yard runs, ending up with 150 yards rushing as the Junior Cougar developmental team ran for over 250 yards against Glendale. Gillete and Bourland aslo scored on long runs, both also had each an interception and a fumble recovery. Josh Thornton and Sharp anchored the Christian line.


    Benjamin Orosco scored on two 30 yard runs and on a 40 yard pass play from quarterback Hernan Orosco, rolling up 150 yards in total offense as Coffelt, playing at home, tied Alhambra. Coffelt's Angel Orosco's big interception in the first half was followed by a long Benjamin Orosco's long run and gave the Jets the lead. Alhambra's Tafe Fuamatu lead all rushers in the first half and his power running style led to Alhambra's first toughdown. he led all rushers with 125 yards, most were in the first half. Gustavo Montes was Alhambra's big gun scoing on and interception return, a toughdown run andon a scoring pass from quarterback Levi Johnson.  Other Alhambra defensive standouts included Anthony Garcia and Dana Fauamatu.

    Friday, September 21

    2012 Christian vs Wildcats
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    Last year's City Champion, The Alhambra Nighhawks, fresh off a 35-0 over Coffelt/Murphy, put it on Glendale in another lopsided performance.  The Hawks running game, execition and stingy defense proved too much for Glendale.


    The Wildcats put a stop to the Cougar ground game in the second half and the Cougars had no answer to the Cougar passing game resulting in a lopsided last 10 minutes of what was otherwise a close game.

    Saturday, September 29



    The Cougars rolled up over 300 yards on the ground and shut down #2 Alhambra's lethal passing game with a fierce pass rush in a lopsided win. 



    The backfield of Orlando Gillette and Cory Leary ran all over the Lions offensively and the front line of Brown, Pellish & Sharpe shut down the running game enroute to a big win over highly touted Alhambra.  The Cougars, #1 in league play are 3-0 and assured of a bowl birth and a shot at the championship.

    Tuesday, October 2

    k1 2
    Unstoppable: Keleon Harrington has nearly over 400 yards in 3 games


    CHRISTIAN:  Keleon Harrington rushed for 209 yards in the Cougar's win over Alhambra.  Max Peoples led all with 5 solo tackles and teamed up with Armando Munyoz, Previn Loyd and Davis Tarver to sack Alhambra;s QB 6 times.  Linebackers Daniel Rodriquez, Harrington, Nathaniel New and Ryan Munos also contributed with defensive backs Matthew McDermott, Kyle Janes, Daniel Frampton and Eric Lawler holding their own in the secondary.

    ALHAMBRA:  The loss to Christian marked the first time the Nighthawks failed to have a 100 yard rusher of rush for 100 as a team.  The leagues leading passer, Isaiah Morales was a bright spot passing for over 100 yards.  Maribel Martinez was again dominant on the line.


    GLENDALE 25, COFFELT 19:  Glendale earned a showdown/rematch vs Alhambra with an exciting win over Coffelt.  A Johnny Apodaca's 30 yard run with 3 seconds left on the clock shocked the Jet's who had just scored 12 unanswered points to get back into the game after trailing at halftime.  DJ Johnson and Brion Gray were dominant defensively for the Cardinals.

    CHRISTIAN 34, ALHAMBRA 6:  The Junior Cougars Corey Leary and Orlando Gillette ran wild again, each scoring touchdowns in a lopsided win over Alhambra.  4th grader Luke Johnson got into the mix scoring on a 15 yard run.    Defensively, Daniel Pellish, Jacob Sharpe, Daniel Frampton, Michael Ramirez, Edward Brown, Amadeus Coleman and Joshua Jordan all contributed on the defensive side.

    Click here for Pics from Alhambra vs Christian!

    Friday, April 13

    2012 TFB Murphy vs Cardinals
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    Murphy improves it's spring record to 3-0 in a hard fought 20-6 win over The Glory League's previously unbeaten Glendale Cardinals.  Glendale tied Murphy at 6 midway through the first half after a long drive before giving up two unanswered touchdowns, one a Geraldo Flores punt returnm his 3rd in 3 games.  The Buckeyes had previous wins over Surprise (49-0) and fall Glory League champ AIM Warriors (28-0).  After a week off to focus on AIMs testingm the Bucks will take on Central Phoenix or the Cardinals in a bowl game on the 24th.



    Dominique King scored 3 Green youchdowns (50y run, 50 yd intercetion return & a 30 yard reception) as Central Phoenix breezes by Mountain View.  Team-mate Nate Krimmel had 60 total yards of offense & 6 tackles.  Kimo Calma also intercepted a pass, returning it for a TD.  King had 5 tackles.  Defensive linemen Dorean Gardner and Michael Sanchez combined for 5 sacks, including 3 in a row later in the first half.  Vince Underwood was the highlight for Mountain View rolling up over 50 yards in offense and 5 tackles.


    Zarthan Dohrty struck first with a 30 yard run to put Green up but Alhambra's Demitrious Brigham's 2 point conversion gave Alhambra the lead late in the second half.  In the second half Dusty Laizure had 5 tackles and a fumble recovery then Dohrty, Dion Philow (25y TD run)and Coven Stevens (20 yard run) rolled up over 100 yards in the second half, wearing down Little Canyon in the 22-8.  Dohrty scored on runs of 35 & 2 yards.  He also had 6 tackles.  Eddie Tena completed 5 of 9 passes.

    Wednesday, April 25

    2012 Spring Football Black n White
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    WHITE 38, WHITE 12

    Dion 20y run
    Dion 20 TD pass from Eddie Tena
    XP Fail
    6-0 Black
    Tena Pass to Philow
    INT - Bryan Lynch Int
    Zarthon Dohrty 8y run

    Nathaniel Krimmel 30y TD Run. 2pt Conversion Riccardo Mendez
    White 8-6

    Krimmel 10y run
    Dominique 30y run TD
    XP Melvin Cufurovic to Krimmel
    White 16-6

    Mendez 1y run
    Krimmel 30y TD run
    XP King pass to Mendez
    White 24-6

    Dion 5y pass from Tena
    Dohrty 10y run
    Dion 10y run
    Dohrty 5y run
    Coven Stevens 2y run
    XP Fail
    White 24-12

    Krimmel 8y run
    Belman 8y run
    King 20y pass to Belman
    XP Krimmel 10y run
    White 30-12

    Mendez 15y run
    Sack Larry Baca
    Belman 20y pass to King
    XP Krimmel 10y run
    White 38-12


    Thursday, April 5
    Central Phoenix White Strikes Back, Beats Alhambra

    Dominique King had 132 yards on 11 carries and 3 touchdowns as Central Phoenix White comes from behind to beat Alhambra 22-14.  Down 14-6, PC White scored 16 unanswered points in the win.

    Alhambra's ball controlled offense kept the bal out of Cougar hands in the first half, but their sweep style "O" was slowed and then White scored at will.  Dorian Garder, Brian Lynch and Nate Krimmel stretched out stalled the Alhambra offense.  Alhambra's Demitrius Brigham had 100 yards in the irst half for Alhambra including a 45 yard youghdown run. 

    PCW Dominique King 80y run XPF
    PCW 6-0

    # 48 15y run
    # Demetrus Brigham 45y run XP # 48
    LCP 8-6

    Fumble (LCP recovers)

    # 48 loss of 10
    Loss of 2
    # 4 Brigham 15y run
    TD - Brigham 1y run
    LCP 14 - PCG 6

    Alhambra 14, Phoenix Christian white 6

    # 48 Miclo Lara 15y run
    45 pass to 29
    Brigham 8y run
    48 Loss 6, stop by king

    # 3 4y run
    TD - Dominique King 20y run XP King
    TIED at 14

    6y gain Brigham

    Riccardo Mendez 40y run.  Nathanel Crummel XP

    PCW 22, LCP 14

    # 48 4y run
    # 48 20y run
    # 48 5y loss

    Final Score Phoenix Christian White 22, Alhambra Little Canyon Park 14

    Thursday, April 5
    Central Phoenix Green Over Mountain View
    20120405 PCG line vs MV
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    Central Phoenix 33, Mountain View 0

    Central Phoenix's punishing defense wore down a younger Mountain View in a 33-0 win.   Zarthan Dorty, Jr had over 180 yards on the ground and caught a 45 yard pass, two touhdowns in the victory.  He also stood out on defense.  Quarterback Eddie Tena opened the game with an 80 yard scoring toss to Dusty Laizure (who had two more big catches and an interception).  Tena pass ed for over 100 yards.  Vincent Underwood had 3 runs of over 20 yards but left the game early and finished with just under 100 yards. Devin Wiliams caught 3 passes for 50 yards from quarterback Michael Contrerras.  Mountain Views line, anchored by blue chip prospects Armando Monyoz and Daniel Morales gave quarterbacks plenty of time to throw.


    PCG 80y Eddie Tena to Dusty Laizure TD EPF
    PCG 6 - 0

    # 44 - 20y run

    PCG Zarthan Dorty Jr 50y run, XP good
    PCG 14-0

    Michael to # 28 Devin Williams 20y pass
    # 44 20y run
    # 44 6y run
    # 44 2y run

    TD - 90y run Dorty, Jr XPF
    PCG 20-0

    2nd Half
    Michael to # 28 5yds

    Dion Phylow 85 20y run XPF
    PCG 27-0

    PCG - INT Laizure

    # 48 3y run (Armando Munyos  tackle)
    Inc (Armando & Daniel Contrerras pass rush)
    Tena 45y screen to Dorty Jr
    Tena 5y pass to Dorty XP Dusty Lazuire
    PCG 33-0

    Vince Underwood 5y run

    Final score Phoenix Christian Green 33, Mountain View 0

    Sunday, April 1
    Spring Football Kicks Off

    20120329 TFB LCP v MVES
    Click on the pic for you tube video

    Thursday, March 15
    Garcia Wins Season Opener


    The Murphy Mustangs, half of whom grew up in Coach Raynaldo Plata's NFL Flag & The Murphy School Districts intramural sports programs blanked Surprise 49-0 in the season opener of the Glory league.  Geraldo Flores, one of our Original "Field Of Dreams" participants and a top returning two way player from last season scored on a TD pass from Joeseph Bivens, another former NFL Flag participant.  Bivens also connected with Jorge Hernandez on another scoring pass combo.  Bivens and Fernando mendez scored on fumble recoveries.  Guerremo Avila Scored on a rushing touchdown.

     Spring Scrimmages set for 22 March.  The Season opener, set for 5 April, may be moved up to 29 March in Lieu of Easter Weekend.  Please stay tuned to schedule located on the menu bar.




    Sunday, March 4
    Spring Football Schedule (click here to view online schedule)

    Teams:  Central Phoenix Green, Central Phoenix White, Mountain View, Alhambra

    Scrimmages:  March 22& 29: at Phoenix Christian.

    Online Schedule Click here

    Gameday: April 5, 12, 19, 26 - Bowl Game May 4th Or April 13, 20 & 27

    April 5: PC Green vs Mountain View, PC White vs Alhambra

    April 12:  PC Green vs Alhambra, PC White vs Mountain View

    April 19:  Mountain View vs Alhambra, PC Green vs White

    April 26: Bowl Games

    May ???  Championship

    Jr League Tackle (4th,5th graders Friday scrimmages vs Glendale Cardinals & MVJVs Friday Nites @ Hamilton - 6pm

    Bowl Game 26 April.

    Saturday, March 3
    Upcoming Events: Speed Training, Football Camps, Etc

    Training schedule
    •Speed Sunday with Coach Mo: 2pm @ Phoenix Christian (3pm football related activities)
    •Monday Training in Gilbert @ 6pm
    •Junior high school tackle: Tue/Thu @ Phoenix Christian & Art Hamilton school.  Games start last week of March.
    •15U tackle:  Looking for our team based out of Garcia School
    •Youth tackle: Developmental games at Hamilton Thursdays starting in April.  Spring bowl game follows.

     Note That 15U & Youth tackle game dates are moving to Thursday nite, giving players an option for Speed Sunday & Tuesday practice as to be better prepared.

    Summer football: 
    •7 on 7 Sundays @ Phoenix Christian in June (with shoulder pads & helmets)
    •Monthly training combines (start in April)
    •Weekend Contact camps: July
    •Overnight training combine & contact camp either 9 or 16 July (Kingman, Az) - Date TBA in May

    Saturday, January 14

    Glory League (15U)
    Avondale Knights  | AIM Warriors | El Mirage | Garcia Buckeyes | Sullivan Chargers | Alhambra Little Canyon |

    Cougar League (Junior High)
    | Garcia | Little Canyon Park | Mountain View | Sullivan | Coffelt |

    Junior Developmental League (5th & 6th graders)
    | Coffelt | North Mountain | Little Canyon | Sullivan |

    Arena League 9U

    For pictures & video click on Facebook link, for real time game update we are on Twitter ...Follow Us!    ....Join Us!

    Monday, December 26


    Teams particpating  in the Phoenix First Assembly based Glory League will be gin play the second weekend in March according to league director Larry Kerychuk.  The league is considering an 11-man format and an upgrade to a 15U age group.  A list of prospectiive teams will be released in the coming weeks. 

    Coach Mo football teams from Verde Park, Alhambra Little Canyon Park, Garcia & Sullivan are expected to participate in the Glory and/or the Murphy school district based Public School League (PSL).  The PSL has 15U, 13U & 11U age groups.

    The Junjior high school program at Phoenix Christian will either field a team or particpate in the traditional 3 week spring program at Christian high.

    Our annual indoor passing league kicks off in Mid-January.


    Garcia 2011 Champs
    Those Who Stay.......
    Sunday, December 11


    Garcia's defense shut down unbeaten Little Canyon enroute to a 12-0 win.  Led by coach Raynaldo Plata, the Bucks forced 6 turnovers and sacked LCP quarterbacks 7 times.  Garcia's ground game pounded out over 150 yards and the defense shut down Canyon's big play offense, keeping LCP out of Garcia territiry for the entire game.  To it's credit, Canyon stopped Garcia in the Red Zone 3 times.

    Garcia finishes the season 6-4 after a 2-4 non-league schedule in the Glory league, where they won the spring title.

    Spring 2012 starts in March ......Join Us!


    Saturday, December 3

    Royalty Knights 13 - AIMS Warriors 12.

    Knights scored on opening kickoff with Benny Blanco taking it to the house. Although the Knights committed 4 turnovers they were able to hold the warriors to 12 points. The Knights meet the Wildcats in the Chamionship game saturday @ phoenix Christian High. This is the second championship game in Knights three years as an organization.

    Glendale Wildcats 34, Glendale Cardinals 33

    The WIldcats stun the first place Cardinals and earn a trip to the championship game where they willl meet the Avondale (Royalty) Knights. 

    Monday, December 5



    In a thriller in which 4 touchdowns were scored on long runs in the last two minutes, Little Canyon Park defeated Mountain View for the City North Championship to advance to League championship game.  They will face Murphy League Champion Garcia (4-4/2-0).  Mountain View will take on Hamilton in the Rotary Cup Bowl.



    Garcia stopped Sullivan scoring drives 3 times late in the seconf half to win the Murphy Youth Football championship.  The Garcia running game appeared to wear down Sullivan, who answered with a second wind, but costly turnovers proved to be the difference.

    Saturday, November 19

    Little Canyon 12, Coffelt 0

    Unbeaten Little Canyon took the league late in the first half and held on for the win.  Hamilton/Coffelt challenged late in the game with a long drive but a big defensive stop and a 50 yard TD run helped Canyon defeat Coffelt.  King Sandoval rushed for 80 yards for Coffelt.  Tomas Meza had 3 sacks and a great day with several solo tackles. 

    Warriors 20 to knights 15

    Garcia 28 wildkats 21

    Cardinals 39 Sullivan 4 ...Join Us!

    Saturday, November 12
    Granda Football day 1
    Right Way Forward: 5 Schools, 300 players in Junior Player Development


    Sullivan 24, Hamilton 8

    Jose Montes threw TD passes to Xavier Juniel and Tommy Works and ran for a score as Sullivan takes down Hamilton.  Coach Hart also says " Jackie and Luis Garcia and Nic Sotalo had standout performances on the line.  Hamiton's King Sandoval had over 100 yards on 9 carries and a touchdown. Tomas Meza and Nina Haney also played well for Hamilton Coffelt.


    Class C Rankings: #1 LIttle Canyon, #2 Sullivan, #3 Mountain View, #4 Phoenix Christian, #5 Art Hamilton

    Other Teams: Royal Palm, Granada East, Hermosa Park, Kuban, Dunbar




    Avondale Knights 20, Sullivan 6

    Glendale Wildcats 31, Glendale Cardinals 27

    AIM Warriors 28, Garcia 6

    COMMING SOON:  Public School League Championships, AAU Championship Series (Dec 2011)


    Murphy Monday Nite Football kicks off November 14th.  An instructional league, members participate in light skills training and contact drills followed by a controlled scrimmage.

    Sunday, November 6


    Glendale Cardinals 18, Garica Buckeyes 13

    Glendale Wildcats 25, Avondale Knights 6


    Alhambra Little Canyon 12, Sullivan Chargers 7:  Alhambra's Isaiah Montross scored on a 40 yard run as time expired as Little Canyon keeps rolling in Class B Junior League football.  Quarterback Isaiah Morales also scored for Little Canyon.


    PSL Football picks up again with Mountain View, Hamilton & Royal Palm kicking off their seasons in the next two weeks.


    Tuesday, November 1
    Hamilton MNFB
    Murphy Monday Night Football at Art Hamilton Elementary School


    Four Coach Mo Football teams entered the 2011 Arizona Cardinals NFL Flag tournament, Alhambra Little Canyon Park (11U & 14U), Phoenix Mountain View (11U & 14U),and the South Mountain Jets.  Alhambra and Mountain View made it to the elite 8, Alhambra advanced to the final four, 3rd year in a row we had a team in the final four. 


    Plagued by turnovers, defending champion Garcia started the season with a loss after starting with a non-league win over Phoenix Mountain View.  Sullivan, playing their first tackle season , also lost in its home opener.


    Geared especially for beginners and those new to football, our instructional league for tackle players begins 7 November with a mini camp.  Monday Nite Football & Football Fridays are held weekly from 430pm-6pm. At Art Hamilton elementary school.  Players who display the ability to compete at a higher level will play on our travel team and compete in upcoming bowl games.  Contact Coach Mo at 4802170175 via text or email us at for details.

    Sunday, October 23
    FOOTBALL ROUNDUP (Click here for current standings)
    2010 CMFB Cougar Bowl

    Junior League (JV/Elementary)

    Cougar Bowl (10/22)

    Sullivan 22, Phoenix Christian 12

    Glory League 
    Garcia 27 - Chargers 6
    Warriors 25 - Wildcats 19
    Cardinals 40 - Knights 12

    Tuesday, October 18

    GLORY LEAGUE (14u)

    Glendale Wildcats 20, Garcia 13

    Glendale Cardinals 32, Sullivan Chargers 6


    Alhambra Little Canyon 20, Phoenix Christian 8


    Monday, October 17



    Glendale Wildcats 46, Sullivan 12 - Glendale Cardinals 30, Garcia Buckeyes 13


    Little Canyon 20, Christian 8

    Sunday, October 9

    2011 TFB MV Coaches


    Garcia 22, Mountain View 14

    Garcia scored on a long TD pass with less than a minute left to hold off a hard charging Phoenix Mountain View 22-14.   The teams traded leads in the first 3/4's of the game with Mountain View actualy leading 14-7 at one point.

    Alhambra Little Canyon Park 20, Mountain View (Junior Varsity) 8

    Little Canyon scored twice late in the first have and wore down Mountain View's junior team 20-8. 

    Saturday, October 1
    Little Canyon Upends #1 Sullivan

    102911 LCP vs Sullivan
    Sullivan's (gold) line dominated early in the game


    Down 14-0 at one point, Little Canyon Park scored 24 unanswered points, the last 18 after turnovers, in a win over toped ranked Sullivan.  Sullivan built up a 14-0 lead and pretty much controlled flow of the game.  Little Canyon, fresh off of a tie with Phoenix Christian, narrowed the score before the half and trailed 14-6.

     Midway through the second half, the first of 4 Sullivan fumbles occurs as Leo Montenegro recovered a Sullivan fumble.  Montenegro later scored on a short run after a Little Canyon drive.  Isaiah Morales (who also through a 40 yard touchdown pass) returned and interception for another score to give Little Canyon an 18-14 lead.  Montenegro capped the scoring with a spectacular 30 yard run .

    Sullivan's Jose Montez ran for a touchdown and threw a TD pass to Xavier Jonnel.  Jasmin Lopez, Tommy Works and Jackie Garcia played very well on Defense for the Chargers.

    Thursday, September 29

    Phoenix Christian 0, Alhambra Little Canyon Park 0

    In what amounted to a defensive struggle, Christian and Little Canyon play to a scoreless tie at Art Hamilton's Field Of Dreams Sports Complex.  Try as they may, neither team was able to move the ball on offense in this tough, physical battle.  Little Canyon entered the game ranked #2 in Class C.  Phoenix Christian finishes the regular season at Hamilton vs the Huskies on 13 September.  Little Canyon plays at Mountain View October 8.

    Saturday, September 17
    2011 Class C (Elementary Division) Schedule Released (Click Here)

    Saturday, September 17

    2011 TF PC vs Sullivan snap

    Sullivan 20, Phoenix Christian 8

    Team Sullivan's Jose' Montes threw touchdown passes to Nic Sotello & Xavier Jonnel as Sullivan won the leagues Season opener.  Our first "Class C"  tackle game (Sub-Junior high).  Zac Mungillo & Josiah Thomas scored for Christian.  Christian's touchdown was setup by big runs by Landy Gillette and William Thomas.

    Jose Montes to Nic Sotelo, Garcia 8-0

    PC Zac Mungello 3y run

    Josiah Thomas 2pt run

    Tied at 8

    S - TD pass to Xavier Juniel

    14-8 Sullivan

    S - Montes 10y run

    Final Score Sullivan - 20 - 8

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    #20,Nick Sotelo, 2-touch-downs, 5-tackles, 1-sack.

    #31,Jose Montes, 1- touch-down, 5-tackles,1-sack.

    #32,Tommy Works,1-interception, 4-tackles.

    #43,Edwardo Lopez,4-tackles, 1-sack.

    #56,Jasmin Lopez,2-tacklesM 1 sack, 1-fumble recovery.

    #21,Xavier Juniel,1-tochdown, 1,tackle.


    2011 TF PC vs Sullivan 2
    #78 recorded 2 sacks & two tackles for losses. Not bad...young lady!

    Saturday, September 10

    Sullivan School hosts Phoenix Christian at the Arthur Hamilton based Rotary Field of Dreams Friday the 16th at 5pm.  This will be our first full season of tackle football.  Our full schedule will be released on Sunday, September 11th.  Member teams are Phoenix Mountain View, Alhambra Little Canyon Park, Arthur Hamilton (Coffelt), Hermosa Park, Lindo Park, Sullivan and Phoenix Christian.

    For more info, pics, etc, follow us on Facebook @ Coach Mo Football


    Wednesday, July 13
    Fall Football Registration for tackle & flag football

    Royal Palm Camp Snaps 320

    Phoenix locations begin registration and minicamp for flag football in August for tackle football seasons that begin in September (5th/6th grade) and October (7th/8th grade). Browse our menu bar for schools near you.  Most are instructional leagues with short seasons to include flag football followed by tackle or vise-versa. 


  • Registration & training camp starts 1 August.
  • Fees vary from league to league
  • Competetive leagues and beginners (instructional) leagues
  • Focus on the basics
  • Relaxed, structured, competetive environments
  • Affordable
  • Click on the menu for league & team links

    Depending on the league, games are played on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday nights.  Contact Coach Mo via phone/text 480-217-0175 email us at and be sure to follow us on Facebook @ Coach Mo Football


    Saturday, June 4

    2011 TFB Garcia post title pic
    Team Garcia players gather during pre-game


    After a slow start, Team Garcia (8-1), a squad made up of players and alumni from the Murphy School District, scored 20 unanswered second half points enroute to a 27-6 win over the AIM Warriors.  Long time Field Of Dreams player Geraldo Flores had two bif touchdowns in the second half.  One a 45 yard interception returned to a touchdown, the other a 40-plus yard punt return.  Tommy Flores closed out the scoring with a one handed grab later in the second half.  Quarterback Jose' Bivens threw two touchdown passes.

    Coached by former South Mountain player Roynalda Plata, team Garcia's roster is as follows: #21 Tommy Flores, #30 Armond Cotta, #51 Angelo Flores, #31 Geraldo Flores, #89 Luis Payan, #20 Fernando Valerio, #50 Francisco Carillo, #77 Samuel Rivera, #43 Luis Zamora, #55 Filipe Corrales, #88 Mauel Corrales, #44 Jose' Bivens, #56 Daniel Tafolla.

    Click Here to visit our Facebook link and more photos!

    Sunday, May 29
    TEAM GARCIA FOOTBALL UPDATE: Saturday, June 4th, 5:30pm - Championship Game @ Phoenix First Assembly Church vs the A.I.M. Warriors

    Sunday, May 22
    777: 7 0n 7 Sundays at 7pm - Phoenix Christian High School

    Video Thumb 
    Coach Mo Football
    ‎7-On Sunday's registration & minicamp 630pm thru 19 June

    Minicamp and scrimmages, 5 June @630pm (Coach Mo Speedcamp @ 530)

    Typical format
    -Forward passes beyond the line of scrimmage only
    -NFL flag age groups (9-11, 12-14 & high school)
    -30 minutes of a speed warmups with me.
    -30 minites of team prep
    -30 to 40 mins worth of play (10 minute timed scrimmages)
    -Registration/minicamp Sunday the 22nd.
    -Games resume after the -Memorial Day Holiday

    -$25 per player (no fee for current speed campers)
    -12 man max roster, 10 man minimum
    -Fee/roster/waivers must be turned in before play can begin
    -Free agents (players w/o teams can register & be placed on a team
    -Rules & other info can be found at
    See More

    Tuesday, May 24
    Thursday, May 19


    Team Garcia's Buckeyes (7-1)and will face the either the Locomotives or the Warriors in the AIM league spring championship game on 5 June. 

    The Buc's beat the rival Avondale Knights 34-6 in a one sided win last Saturday.

    The Locomotives and Warriors play Thursday the 26th at Phoenix First Assembly Church.  The championship game will be played at First Assembly the following weekend.




    follow the league on Facebook Athletes International Ministry


    Team Garcia 14, Warriors 12

    Another come from behind win for Garcia now 3-1.

    Team Garcia 25, Avondale 12

    Phoenix Locomotives 21, Garcia 19

    Team Garcia 28, Avondale 12

    Team Garcia 13, Phoenix Warriors 12

    Team Garcia 21, Locomotives 0


    Team Garcia 34, Avondale 6

    Tuesday, May 24
    Spring Football Roundup

    Videos Posted by Coach Mo Football

    Displaying all 3 videos by Coach Mo Football.

    Saturday, May 7
    Tuesday, May 4

    Teams from Garcia, Sullivan & Little Canyon Park meet at Arthtur Hamilton's field of dreams for a 3-way, times tackle football scrimmage.


    Sullivan and Garcia pretty much dominated play as Murphy Football takes another major step as a competetive league.  Click on the picture for YouTube video footage or follow us on Facebook Click here for more football news.


    Sunday, April 1

    Players from all four Murphy schools participate in the first Cardinals Big Red Flag Football tournament at University If Phoenix stadiums.


    Players and coaches also recieve passes to the Cardials Rib Fest & Music Festival.



    In all, 7 teams from the spring league participate with Team Sullivan's 11 & 14U team and Hamilton's 11U's making it to the elite 8 and sweet 16 rounds.



    Saturday, May 7

    Team Garcia made up of mostly Garcia students and freshman alumni from Carl Hayden, resumed developmental football in the "AIM" league in April.


    See results below




    Team Garcia 14, Warriors 12

    Another come from behind win for Garcia now 3-1.


    Team Garcia 25, Avondale 12

    Phoenix Tomahawks 21, Garcia 19

    Team Murphy 13, Phoenix Warriors 12

    For more on tackle Football Click here




    Saturday, April 23
    Timed/controlled scrimmage: Sullivan vs Little Canyon Park at Arthur Hamilton School
        Tackle GameDay: Spring Football 2011
                              Tackle GameDay: Spring Football 2011
    Footage from Sullivan vs Little Canyon Park Scrimmage (click here or on the You Tube Pics below)


    Saturday, April 16
    Garcia (Team Murphy) Beats Warriors, improves to 2-1
    Warriors won the coin toss and elected to kickoff. Buckeyes couldn't move the ball and turned it over to the Warriors and they quickly turned it into 6pts, but on the conversion for 1 pt Buckeyes #43 -Luis Zamora prevented a catch. on the next series QB #42-Jose Bivens
    broke through Warriors defense for a 63 yd scamper, but the Warriors defense pulled itself together and held for the series returning the ball to their offense to end the 1st half with Warriors  up 12-0.
    The second half began with the Buckeyes kicking the ball into the hands of #23 for an nice return and on 2 down  onwith 3yds, Warriors QB #3 pitched to #23 and with blocking on the left ran it 65 yds. Buckeyes defense decided to wakeup and #42 had a tackle for loss and #21 tackled #23 of the Warriors for a 6 yds loss. On 3rd and goal Warriors QB #3 hit a receiver for a 6yd touchdown and #17 of the Buckeyes stopped the extra point. With a little over 10 minutes to go in the 2nd half Buckeyes offense began to make a presence and on a QB keeper #42-Jose Biven pushed the Buckeyes down the field for 25 yds and helped to put Buckeyes first pts of the game on the board, but the Warriors held ground and the extra pt was prevented. Next Warriors series was a long drive eating up 6 minutes of clock with #43 Luis Zamora and #56-Juan Tafolla combining on a QB sack for a loss of 15yds and the Warriors turned the ball back over to the Buckeyes up 12 to  and less than four minutes to go.
    Buckeyes went to work and QB-Jose Bivens hit #43-Luis Zamora for a 24yd gain, on the next down Jose Bivens scrambling to keep Buckeyes alive found and open #31 for a 60yd touchdown and then on a 5yd pass found #43 once again just inside the endzone tying the game at 12pts. with 3 seconds left Jose Bivens hit #43-Luis Zamora for the extra point.  Warriors 12 vs Buckeyes 13.
    Coach by South Mountain alumni Roynaldo Plata, the Buckeys, with the win, improved to 2-1 in the Phoenix First Assembly based "AIM" football League (AIMFL).  They opened with a 25-12 come from behind win over Avondale.  The following week, Garcia lost 21-19 to the Tomahawks, coached by former Coach Mo speed Camper Hakim Hill (Running back for the Arena League Champion Las Vegas Gladiators).  The Buckeyes hare made up of players & alumni of the Murphy District.  The 12-14 year olds are also two time Rotary Cup  & Murphy league NFL Flag Football Campions.

    Tuesday, January 18
    2011 Garcia Tackle vs Wolves


    • 17 December: Won 26-12 Over Avondale 
    • 7 January: Lost 18-0 over PFA Crusaders
    • 14 January: Lost to PFA Wolves 19-13
    • 21 January: 7pm playoff game at Garcia

    Overall record: 5-2 overall, 2-2 in PFA league

    Wednesday, July 7


    Coffelt 18, Kuban 7 Elio Marcias scored on a deep pass to start the game and returned an interception for another for Coffelt.  Sammy Hernandez threw two touchdown passes.  One to Elio and another to Christina Haney.

    Click on pic's below for video highlights


    COFFELT 8, KUBAN  7 

    Elio Marcias made a big catch, scored and made the XP as Coffelt came back and with 5 seconds left as Coffelt stuns Kuban.

    Friday, December 10


    (Alhambra Forfeits out)

    Round 1 

    Hamilton def Royal Palm

    Round 2 

    Hamilton vs Mountain View

    Round 3

    Hamilton 25, Mountain View 23

    Coach Rich Hernandez' Cardinals scored with 35 seconds left, then stopped a Mountain VIew extra point try with no time on the clock.

    2010 Garcia Play 60 1
    11U Champion Garcia Players take the field with Cardinals Players
    Tuesday, December 7

    11U Flag football Championship Series

    Round 1

    Garcia def Royal Palm

    Alhambra Def Garcia

    Round 2

    Garcia def Alhambra

    Hamilton def Royal Palm

    Round 3

    Hamilton def Alhambra

    Garcia def Alhambra


    Garcia def Hamilton


    Friday, November 12
    Hamilton's Coffelt Cardinals win two at Little Canyon

    11U Coffelt 14, Alhambra 12

    14U Coffelt 30, Alhambra 6


    Saturday, October 30
    Flag Football: Royal Palm and Riverside Split

    14 & under score: Kingridge 18, Royal Palm 14
    11 & under score: Royal Palm 38, Kingsridge 34


    Friday, October 29
    Tackle Football: Garcia defeats Phoenix Christian


    G-Ysidro Ahumada\TD catch
    G-Ysidro Ahumada TD catch
    P-Ben.Williams Int
    Halftime Garcia 12-0
    P-Ben Williams Int TD
    G-Francisco Carrillo TD run
    G-Francisco Carrillo  Fumble  recovery TD

    Monday, October 25
    Murphy Monday Nite Football
    Monday Nite tackle football

    G- Ciscop Carrillo 50y run

    Sammy Hernandez int stops Garcia drive,

    G-Roman Ramirez 1yd run
    2pt run Carrillo,

    Halftime Garcia 14, Hamilton 0,

    G-Ysidro "Cheto" Ahumada TD run.

    G-Safety -

    Final: Garcia 22, Hamilton 0

    -Coach Mo

    Saturday, October 23


    14U Royal Palm 36, Alhambra 32

    11U Alhambra 35, Royal Palm 6


    14U Riverside18, Hamilton 18

    11U Riverside 12, Hamilton Coffelt 6


    2010 TF Hamilton PC IIC
    Gold domers host Cougars in first ever tackle game at Hamilton
    Monday, October 18
    Tackle Football: Phoenix Christian 20, Hamiilton-Coffelt 0
    2010 TF Hamilton PC IIA

    Phoenix Christian's Kyle James scored two touchdowns as Christian spoiled Hamilton's home opener on Monday Night.  Nick Rogers had a good game on both sides of the ball, socoring a touchdown of his own midway through the second half.  Hamilton had two chances to scored after Christan turnovers both the Cougars defense led by Josiah run stuffing defensive line play held their own.  Both teams are 1-1.  Christian Plays Garcia next Monday, Hamilton Faces Garcia the following Saturday.

    PC Kyle James TD, Daniel Frampton 2pt

    PC James TD, Nick Rogers 2pt

    PC Rogers TD Ep Fail

    Final PC 5/6 20, Hamilton Coffelt 0

    2010 TF Hamilton PC IIC

    Thursday, October 14
    Flag Football Results

    Garcia, Hamilton, Secilla meet again before Cardinals Tournament 

    Garcia 30, Hamilton 0

    Garcia wins the Hamilton Pre tournament Classic with a 30-0 win,  Garcia, 2009 11U champs are looking like the team to beat in 2010.

    Hamilton 14U 8, Sevilla Ravens 8

    Hamilton and Sevilla Play to a tie.  Down at the two minute warning, Hamilton scored to avoid a first ever defeat to the Ravens.


    Tuesday, October 12

    Murphy Teams Warmup For Cardinals Tournament vs Sevilla 

    11u Hamilton 30, Sevilla Cards 0

    11u Garcia 40, Sevilla Chargers 0

    14U Hamilton 8, Sevilla Ravens 6

    Player of the game -Miguel Alvarez coming off the bench and engeneereing two touchdown passes late in the game and two point conversion pass for the tie

    honorable  Yieman Lopez , Luis Luque and AJ gutierrez and mauricio for shutting down the ravens offense in the second half
    Jose Alvarado 2 point conversion pass reception

    Hamilton vs. ravens 10/12
    Player of the game Jose Alvarado -1 touchdown on the ground and  2 interceptions 
    Honorable mention -Yieman Lopez , key interceptin in the end zone late in the game
     QB  Isaac Ramirez late drive and 2 point conversion for the win 

    11u Garcia 30, 14u Sevilla Ravens 0

    Saturday, October 2
    Murphy Tackle Begins, Hamilton Coffelt Upsets Phoenix Christian


    In a hard-fought defensive struggle, Hamilton Coffelt defeats a more experienced Phoneix Christian 2-0. Tommy Wells and Giavanni Altifimo sacked the Cougar Quarterback in the end zone late in the game to secure the win. Both offenses made at least two trips to the red zone, but defenses held up. Coffelt also had 4 interceptions.

    Saturday, July 10
    PC Cougar
    Coach Mo is the head coach for Phoenix Christians HS track & JHS football teams

    This year, we will offer developmental tackle football as well as tackle.  Teams and players will be a part of the newly formed Phoenix Christian Youth Football.  Phoenix Christian Youth Football will be based out of The Phoenix Christian High School in central Phoenix.  Not limited to PC students, the league,will offer Jujior high, 12U and 10U tackle football and Arizona Cardinals flag football as well.  The league is ope to the public for both girls and boys.  

    All players are invited to try out and register for our new developmental tackle league.  We also have satallite teams and players that play for the Murphy Guachos, based at Art Hamilton elementary school.  More teams are being developed at Royal Palm school, Garcia and Kuban schools. 

    Contact Coach Mo for detail!!!


    Thursday, July 1
    Arena League Results

    White 24, Hamilton/Coffelt Black 6

    Elio Macias threw a TD pass to Christina Haney for Coffelt to close the gap 12-6 but Kuban White's Isaiah Morales threw  TD  passes to Gabe Lazos, Efren Lopez int and Jose Valdez.  Valdez also had had sack stopping and earlier Hamilton scoring drive.

    For game video click here

    Kuban 14u Girls 27 Black 0
    Maria Castillo scored twice, on another long touchdown run,and another on a pass from Alexis Ulman as Kubans girls sharpen their skills against a boys team, Ulman also threw a scoring pass to Laticia Franco .  Donna Juarez scored on a long interception return to cap the scoring. 

    Click here for game video

    White 18, Black 6.

    Gabe Lazos and Jose Valdez scored on TD passes from Isaiah Morales.  Efren Lopez scored on a interception return.

    Click here for game action

    Friday, June 25




    GIRLS ARENA FOOTBALL: Kuban's Maria Castillo scored two touchdowns in the first all girls football game in a 12-6 win for the Black team as our "Lady Sport" Project hosts its first Arena football league at Kuban School. 

    Castillo scored on the opening play on a Castillo scored again on a leaping pass reception from Ulman to seal the win. 

    White scored on Jazmin Rodriguez interception return for a touchdown late in the game.


    Friday, June 25


    11u Boys


    Isaiah Morales intercepted a pass early in the game and returned for a touchdown as the Kuban Black Team deteated the White Team 14-0.  Morales later connected with Tommy Wells on a touchdown pass play.  The two later connected on a two point conversion. 

    The White team threatened twice early in the game but failed to score.

    Monday, May 17
    Hamilton-Coffelt wins 11 Spring Title
    2010 Royal Palm Tourney Hamilton
    Hamilton-Coffelt Cardinals win 2010 spring title

    Coach Rich's Coffelt Cardinals upset the favorite & defending 11u champion Seahawks 6-0 for the spring championship.  Garcia, Coach my Raynaldo Plata, won the Royal Palm tournament.

    Eliminaton scores are listed below. 

    Hamilton Cardinals V’S Coach Derwins Jets.  (Cardinals 26) (Jets 6) Hamilton Cardinals V’S Coach Ronaldo’s Garcia Sea Hawks (Cardinals 6) (Sea Hawks 0)

    Saturday, May 1
    Garcia Seahawks, Isaac Cardinals win titles at Royal Palm Tournament
    2010 Royal Palm Tourney Garcia champions
    Club Garcia Seahawks

    It was a big day for Coach Ranaldo Plato and Club Garcia.  Both the 11u and 14u teams advanced to the finals of the Royal Palm tournament.  A rare feat.

    The Garcia Seahawks beat the Hamilton-Coffelt Cardinals, coached by Rich Hernandez, to win the 11u bracket in Royal Palm tournament.  Garcia beat Hamilton in the title game.  Coach Alex Alonzo's Isaac Cardinals won the 14U division.  Both are favorites in the upcoming Rotary Cup and Public School League tournaments.  

    Isaac beat Garcia in the championship game.

    Tuesday, May 4
    Monday Nite Football

    Isaac scores late to beat Hamilton 14U 35-28.  Isaac B upended The Ravens.


    Tuesday, March 23
    Spring Football starts in April

    Our spring Public School League (PSL) is undeway and will be based out of Royal Palm Middle, Art Hamilton elementary, Alfred Garcia, Jack Kuban and Isaac middle Schools.  Games schedules will not be released until after Easter weekend.  Age groups and the number games will depend on the number of participants.

    Royal Palm begins minicamp Friday, 26 March at 3pm for elementary aged players and 330 for middle schoolers.  Team practice for 90 minutes.

    Art Hamilton school game day will be on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Practice days will be determined after enrollement.

    Registration information for other leagues, teams and schools will be released at later dates.

    Contact Coach Mo at or via phone text at 480-217-0175for details.


    2009 TNF Hamilton 10U champs
    Coach Rich and his Thursday Nite Football Class D/10u champs from Hamilton
    Thursday, December 24
    Thursday Nite Football Winter Championship Series
    Hermosa Park 12U champs
    2009 Class C/12 Champs: Hermosa Park!!

    14u Champion: Art Hamilton

    14U Championship: HAMILTON 26 ISAAC 12 

    Hamilton beat Kuban 28 10 

    Issac A 35, Colangelo 0


    12U Man

    12 Championship: Hermosa beats Garcia to win 12 Championship Game!!!

    Hemosa 58, Hamilton 46


    Hamilton beat Smith 28 10 

    Hamilton 33 smith 28/ Garcia 33, Hermosa 32 

    10 Champions:  Art Hamilton




    Friday, November 20

    Thursday, November 12

    Garcia 28, Hamilton 12

    Hermosa 26, Garica 20






    Smith 38 isaac 6

    Hamilton 28  warriors 6 -

    Hermosa 26,  isaac 12

    Garcia 26 warriors 12


    Thursday, November 12




    THURSDAY elimination round

    Eastside vs Issac a:, looser eliminated, winner vs smith parK


     IssacB v Colangelo: looser elimiinated,  winer vs Hamilton



    Friday, November 6

    Hamilton 28, issac b 19    

    colangelo 32, garcia 6 

    Eastside 34 tertulia 20  

    smith park 18, isaac A 6

    Issac A 32 East 28

    Ham 13 colangelo 8  

    Issac b 33 garcia 24

    Smith 36 tertulia 8




    THURSDAY elimination round

    eastside vs issac a, looser eliminated, winner vs smith parK

     issac v colangelo looser elimiinated,  winer vs Hamilton

    Sunday, November 1

    At The Arizona Cardinals Academy/Royal Palm Field

        Mon 11/2/09 12pm Isaac Junior Varsity: 24 - Youngtown: 20 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy Field
        Mon 11/2/09 12pm Isaac Varsity: 29 - Detroit Cardinals (RPL): 28 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy Field
        Tue 11/3/09 12pm Youngtown: 22 - Tertulia: 2 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals

        Fri 10/23/09 12pm Detroit Cardinals (RPL): 30 - Kansas City Cardinals (RPL): 12 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy Field
        Fri 10/23/09 12pm Kansas City Cardinals (RPL): 24 - Dallas Cardinals (RPL): 6 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy Field
        Mon 11/2/09 12pm Dallas Cardinals (RPL): 27 - Kansas City Cardinals (RPL): 6 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy Field
        Mon 11/2/09 12pm Detroit Cardinals (RPL): 20 - Eastside: 0 Royal Palm/Arizona Cardinals Academy

    Friday, October 23
    Thursday Nite Football Results
    09FF 9u Smith vs East


        Thu 10/22/09 12pm Hamilton Huskies: 26 - Garcia: 0  
        Thu 10/22/09 12pm Hermosa: 48 - Tertulia: 40 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)
        Thu 10/22/09 12pm Smith Park: 18 - Eastside: 0 Art


        Thu 10/22/09 12pm Hamilton Huskies: 33 - Garcia : 6 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)
        Thu 10/22/09 12pm Smith Park Commandos JV vs. Eastside Warrors JV


    Tuesday, October 20
    Champion vs Smith Highlights
    Champion 55 smith 30
    Daniel Wright 3 td rushing, 2 td passing, and 1 catching.
    Anthony Marquez 3 td passes
    Sage Cardoza td run and interception.

    Thursday, October 15


        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Eastside Warrors JV: 18 - Smith Park Commandos JV: 0 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)
        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Hamilton Huskies: 6 - Smith Park Commandos JV: 6 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)


        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Hamilton Huskies: 25 - Eastside: 12 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)
        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Hamilton Huskies vs. Smith Park Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)
        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Smith Park: 28 - Garcia: 0 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)

        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Tertulia: 24 - Garcia: 0 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)
        Thu 10/15/09 7pm Hermosa: 18 - Tertulia: 6 Art Hamilton Football (Murphy/Rotary Field Of Dreams)

    Friday, October 2
    More Friday Nite Results

    14-U Smith Park Commando’s   (34)    vs.     14-U Young Town (30)


    Jose Bivens threw a short pass to Juan Gomez who got us our first Touch Down (6 points no conversion)


    Jose Bivens threw a short pass to Saporia Evans who scored a Touch Down (6 points)


    Jose Bivens threw the ball to Ricardo Gil who made the 2 point conversion!


    Jose Bivens through a deep pass to Juan Gomez who scored a Touch Down (6 points)


    Jose Bivens threw a deep pass to Juan Gomez mid field and he scored a Touch Down (6 points)


    Jose Bivens threw a quick pass to Dominic Page who scored a 2 point conversion!


    Juan Gomez threw a deep pass to Juan Gomez who made a Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)


    Sunday, October 4
    09FF Smith 2 oct
    Friday Night Lights....
    14- U Smith Park Commando's (62)  vs  BGC Silverback's (20)
    Juan Gomez threw a deep pass to Jose Bivens who got us our first Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Jose Bivens passed the ball to Juan Gomez who got us our 2 point conversion

    Jose Bivens passed the ball to Juan Gomez who got us our third Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Jose Bivens threw a pass to Juan Gomez who made another Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Juan Gomez threw the ball to Jose Bivens who got a Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Juan Gomez passed the ball to Victor Muniz who made the 2 point conversion

    Jose Bivens intercepted the pass on the Silverbacks and got us another Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Juan Gomez threw the ball to Abigail Gil who got a Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Jose Bivens threw the ball to Luis Jimenez who got a 2 point conversion

    Juan Gomez threw the ball mid field to Jose Bivens who got a Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Juan Gomez threw the ball to Luis Jimenez who got the 2 point conversion 

    Juan Gomez threw the ball to Ricardo Gil who got a Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Jose Bivens threw the ball to Ezequiel Jimenez who got the last Touch Down for our team (6 points and no conversion)


    Saturday, October 3


    Jorge Hernandez scored his final of 3 touchdowns on th elast play of the game for Tertulia.

    (9U) Champion Schools 20, Hamilton 6

    Sammy Ramirez scored his 4th TD of the season on a 40 yard run in Hamilton's first loss.


    09 RPF 9u JV HAM VS CS

    Thursday, October 1
    Royal Palm League scores

    Dallas 35 Kansas City 14

    Jordan Weeston has two interceptons. Magnus Busby had an interception and scored on two runs and Angel Had a TD run and an interception for Dallas.  Sean Shans & Michael Perez scored on touchdown passes from Coby Hoskins.

    San Francisco 14, Philadelphia 6

    Taylon Jackson & Devon Payne scored on TD passes from Quinn Hunter.  Elias Salinas threw a touchdown pass to Athan Tso for Philly's lone score. 


    Thursday, October 1
    Thursday Night Highlights
    09 FF Sappora on D

    Smith Park Commando's
    (34) 14-U East Side Warriors (6)

    Smith Park Highlights
    Jose Bivens intercepted the play and got a touchdown (6 points)

    Juan gomez got the 2 point conmversion

    Jose Bivens got a touchdown (6 points)

    Juan Gomez intercepted the play and got a touchdown (6 points)

    Jose Bivens got a touchdown (6 points)

    Travis Duncan got a 2 point conversion

    Juan Gomez was the QB for our last play. He threw a bullet to Saporia
    Evans who made our last touch down (6 points)

    -Coach Tina

     11-U B Smith Park Commando's (6) 11-U Hamilton Cardinal's

    Johnny Lopez threw a short bullet to Paul Gloria a Touch Down! (6 points and no conversion)
    -Coach Tina

    Smith Park Commandos (14) and 11 U Team
    Eastside Warriors (0)

    Smith Park Highlights 
    Ezequiel Jimenez was our QB...... gave a hand off to David Chavez who
    got us our first Touch Down (6 points and no conversion)

    Ezequiel Jimenez was our QB...he threw a deep pass to Zane Hemer who got
    us our second Touch Down (6 points)

    Ezequiel Jimenez was our QB....he threw a short pass to Ivan Diaz who
    got us our 2 point conversion


    Monday, September 28
    Queen Creek (Combs): 2 Hamilton Huskies: 12

    At Queen Creek

    Christina hit Elio who took it 45 yds for a touch down, John hit Celeste for a 7yd touchdown n Elio had an interception.


    09 Smith vs Tertulia sept 09 640
    Thursday night lights at the Field of Dreams
    Thursday, September 24


    Hermosa: 40 - Hamilton Huskies: 6

    Hermosa, mostly 12 year olds playing 14U were too much for the smaller Hamilton team.




    Smith Park: 26 - Tertulia: 12

    It was close until the final 5 minutes when the Commandos pulled away, scoring twice in the last 5.

    Smith Park highlights

    Juan Gomez through a spiral down field to Jose Bivens who scored us our first touch down! (6 points and no conversion)

    Juan Gomez through a short bullet to Ezequiel Jimenez who scored us our second touch down! (6 points and no conversion)

    Jose Bivens got us an interception and turn over!

    Juan Gomez through a mid field spiral to Saporia Evans and got us our third touchdown! (6 points and no conversion)

    Jose Bivens through a deep pass down field to Luis Jimenz and got us our fourth touchdown! (6 points and no conversion)

    Juan Gomez through a bullet down mid field to Victor Muniz and Victor scored us our final touchdown (6 points)

    Juan Gomez through a bullet to Tamara Cotton for a two point conversion and scored)!
    Saturdays Result (9U/JVB)

    Hamilton 18, Champion Schools 6

    Monday, September 21
    Saturday's Results

    Champion Schools 35, Eastside Warriors 12 

    Scorpion Highlights

    Daniel Wright rec 1 Touchdown, 1 rushing touchdown, 1 touchdown pass 3 Interceptions 

    Cameron Key rushing 1 Touchdown

    Kirk Kariker rec 1 Touchdown

    Gabe Huerta rec1 Touchdown, 1 Interception

    Anthony Marquez 1 Touchdown Passes

    Stingers 35- Warriors 12


    Eastside 28, Champion Schools 26 (OT/yardage)

    Eastside JV B 14, CHampion Schools 6

    Thursday, September 17
    Thursdays Results


    Smith Park 21, Hamilton 21

    Smith Park Highlights: Juan Gomez threw a good spiral to Jose Bivens which scored us our first touchdown and two point conversion (we moved the ball down the field, this is how we scored) .  Juan Gomez threw one good deep pass that scored us our second touchdown from Jose Bivens!   Ricardo Gil got one interception!


    Smith Park 22, Hamilton 0 (Forfeit)

    Smith Park highlights: Ezequiel Jimenez Victor Muniz scored one touchdown and two point conversions.  David Chavez scored two touchdowns and one two point conversion.  Zane Hemer got one interception and Dominic Orona got one interception.

    Hamilton JVB 18, Smith Park 0


    Monday, June 1
    Monday Nite Football: 7 on 7 flag passing league for 14u & 11u

    7 on 7 passing league games at Art Hamilton elementary school start Monday night, June 8th at 6pm.  11U games precede the 14U games.

     We will have at least one June & one July passing league weekend tournament as well as Wednesday nite games in Ahwatukee & central Phoenix.

    Why 7-on-7 Football?

    The past several years have seen a rapid growth in flag and touch football leagues across the United States, led by the NFL Air-it-Out for adults, NFL Flag for youngsters and others. At the high school level, where nearly 1 million students play contact football, flag and touch have generally become an approved and encouraged activity in the off-season. Organized by school and experienced coaches, the mission is to provide the structure for 8th-12th grade football players, as well as other male and female students, whereby they can develop their skills, competing in the off-season at organized local, regional and nationals events.

    All said, 7 on 7 and passing leagues makes sense for younger age groups also.  It allows more kids a chance to play and gives both teams a more realistic look in prepping for both tackle & flag leagues.  Zone drops and pass route running become more important and youth coaches, like their high school college & pro counterparts, can install much of their passing game in the spring & early summer instead of trying to cram in it in August during training camp.

    The 7-on-7 Passing League is a fun competitive, non-contact way to play football. It is all passing, played on a 40-yard field plus end zone, and allows scoring both on the offense and defense. Passing is now the feature offense, and thus defense, of most teams. Passing and catching take a great deal of practice to master. Participating in a 7-on-7 league offers athletes an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills.

    .....Join Us!!!

    Contact Coach Mo at 480-217--0175 or at

    7 on 7 passing league rules (click here)

    Tuesday, July 7
    2008 Season (See below)



    Saturday, November 1
    FF08 Hamilton 14U champs
    Murphy Based Art Hamilton (West Side Weasels) wins the 14U title

    at Isaac School 




    Jose Brito scored 3 touchdowns, Dion Vance, Hector Sanchez and Orlando Thomas scored on touchdown passes from Pedro Hernandez .

    ISAAC 28, KUBAN 12

    Angel Duran (twice), Albert Rodriquez and Thomas Martinez scored for Isaac.




    Dion Vance scored the game winning touchdown after a Jose Brito scored on his second touchdown catch from a Pedro Hernandez pass.  Pedro threw 4 touchdown passes for Hamiton.  Hector Sanchez also scored a towuchdown for Hamilton.  Andre Thompson, Jose Diaz, Ricardo Rodriguez, & Chris Juaez scored touchdown passes for Isaac.


    Saturday, November 1



    Cesar Quintero, Isaac Ramirex & Jason Sanchez scored for Hamilton.



    Cameron Keys, Gabe Cordoza & Devin Walter (from Daniel Wright) scored for Summit.





    Daniel Wright threw a touchdown pass to Gabrial Huerta at the 7 minute mark and Summit wins the league's state championship game.

    FF08 Coach Rattay speaks
    Legendary high school coach Jim Rattay (Cesar Chavez) and Coach Gill speak.

    Saturday, November 1

    Saturday, 1 November 

    At Isaac Middle School (35th ave & McDowell)

     Point of contact: 623-340-7530 (Cindy Martinez),  (602) 561-3826 (Coach Alex)


    12U State
    10am-Westside Weasels (Hamilton) vs Isaac A
    10am-Summitt vs Kuban



    1130: Isaac A vs  Kuban
    1130: Westside Weasels (Hamilton) vs Youngtown


    Sunday, October 26
    Public School League Champions

    Thursday, October 23
    2008 City League Champions

    Thursday, October 23
    9U's: New York Beats Arizona to win 9U City Championship

    In a battle of unbeatens, New York beat Arizona (Art Hamilton) to win the 2008 9U City Championship.  New York finished with a 4-0 record and scored more than any 9U team in league history.

    Saturday, October 25
    Massachusetts Beats California and Iowa to win City Championship
    08FF Renee coaches at Cities
    Massachusetts sizes up Kuban at the City Championship
    Massachusetts (Art Hamilton School), also known as the Westside Weasels, beat California 40-0 and then had their way against Iowa to win the City League Championship.  Aaron Ledford, Jason Sanchez, Aaron Saiz, Isaiah Ledford, Isaac Ramirez & Cesar Cotero all scored touchdowns and made big defensive plays.  They beat Kuban 32-6

    Saturday, October 25
    Public School League (PSL) City Championship
    08FF Royal Palm Player on the run


    Summit School defeats Isaac School & Royal Palm school to win the Public School League  City Championship

    City Championship

    Summitt 26, Royal Palm 6 

    Preliminary round 

    Summitt 22, Isaac B 6

     Royal Palm School Championship

    Royal Palm Georgia 26, Royal Palm Arkansas 12

    Sean Seiz scored four touchdowns, Kyle Gerkey & Jose Jiminez scored extra points for Georgia.  Nick Cooper & Yusmanis Marer? scored for Arkansas.



    Preliminary Round 

    Isaac 40, Royal Palm B 6

    Youngtown 8, Royal Palm Georgia 6

    City Championship 

    Isaac 20, Youngtown 7

    Jorge Diaz, Christian Balles, Robert Baca scored for Isaac. 

    Friday, October 24
    KUBAN vs ISAAC Game (10-24-08)

    14U    Smith Park 42

    14U    ISAAC         20

    12U    Smith Park 44

    12U    ISAAC          0

    08FF Christina
    Tough Lil Miss Christina scores twice, click on the pic for video!
    Monday, October 20
    11U Travel team (The Weasels) compete in Arizona Regional NFL Flag Tournament
    08FF Cassius drops to pass
    Cassius drops to pass, click on the pic to view video....

    08FF Weasels set
    Weasels offense gets set, click on the video for an exciting TD run...

    Monday, October 13
    08FF Arizona bench
    Arizona players at Summit: CLick on the pick to view the gtame clinching TD run


    Stingers struck first but couldn't convert the extra point. Arizona quickly came back next drive. Both teams played well and it looked like it was going to Be a battle of the stingers running game vs the Arizona air attack. It stayed close until late in the game when arizonas defense intercepted a pass and Ran it back for the touchdown. That score took them up 28 to 12 and that was the final score. Arizona with the victory away from home.


    Wednesday, October 15
    Arizona beats Texas, to face New York for City Championship

    Final Score:

    AZ (Danny/Rich)        28

    Texas (EZ)                   14



    Game was good.  Kids had a great time and 2 minutes to game over AZ player Elio intercepts ball and scores a touchdown to win the game!  Way to go Elio! 

    FF08 Summit QB aims
    Sunday, October 5
    Photo's from Last Weekends Games At Summit
    FF08 Summitt sideline

    FF08 Summit RB


    CLASS B (14u)

    CLASS C (12u)

    CLASS D (9u)



    CLASS B (14u)

    CLASS C (12u)

    CLASS D (9u)

    Track logo color
    Tracknite starts in January, club track in spring
    League & Club Basketball starts in October



    Basketball Logo WORDs on Ball 165
    League & Club Basketball starts in November

    Code Of Conduct

    Friday, October 3
    Football Scores


     Isaiah Acuna, Rene Juanuntona, Isaiah Enriquea and Christian scored



    Chris &, Calvin West, Keyshon Mitchell and Cassius Peat scored for Michigan.  Calvin threw three touchdown passes for Michigan.  Calvin scored on an interception return. 



    Chris West scored for Michigan in a tough one that ended in a tie.



    James Gomez and Chris Matraramos scored for Louisiana.

    Thursday, October 2
    October 2nd Results
    Massachusetts vs M
    Massachusetts (white) beats up on Michigan


    NEW YORK 42, OHIO 0

    ARIZONA 42, TEXAS 7 






    Travon Mitchell, Calvin West, Keyshon Mitchell and Chris West scored touchdowns.  Calvin West and Cassius Peat threw touchdown passes.  Calvin, Chris and Cassius had interceptions.


    08FF Michigan
    Michigan bounced back and edged California

    Wednesday, October 15
    Arizona beats Texas, to face New York for City Championship

    Final Score:

    AZ (Danny/Rich)        28

    Texas (EZ)                   14



    Game was good.  Kids had a great time and 2 minutes to game over AZ player Elio intercepts ball and scores a touchdown to win the game!  Way to go Elio! 

    Friday, September 26
    Geogia, Michigan win at Royal Palm

    Georgia 20, Louisiana 12

    Georgia's Sean Shans scored twice for Georga and Kyle Gerkey added another touchdown and an interception.  Isaiah Acuna scored twice for Louisiana.  Araru had a big catch for Louisiana.

    Georgia 36, Arkansas  18

    Sean Shans scored three touchdowns and Kyle Gerkey two as Grogia beats Arkansas.  Gerkey (3) and Shans combined for four interceptions.  Xavier Avina had an interception and two extra point conversions.  Arkansas was led by Jose Jiminez' two touchdowns and another by Anas Rahama

    Michigan  36, Arkansas 14

    Chistopher West scored 4 times, three on interceptions.  Calvin West added an interception return for a TD and threw 3 touchdown passes,  returns as Michigan rolls.  Morgan Schroder and Jose Jiminez had two interceptions and a touchdown for Arkansas.

    Michigan 18, Alabama 16

    Michigan beat Alabama in a close one.  Chris West, Travon & Keshon Mitchell scored touchdowns for Michigan.  Calvin Mitchell added an interception.  Conrado Martinez & Leono scored for Alabama.  Benny Garcia added an interception.

    Monday, September 29
    Arizona Team Gathering After Win Over Ohio

    Fresh off a win over rival Ohio (see picture below), Ariona practiced this past Saturday at Cofelt Park and afterwards enjoyed pizza and soda.  The kids discussed plays and also the coaches talked to the kids about listening and respecting their parents.   All enjoyed a good time!  Arizona beat Ohio 36-12 last Thursday night. 




    08 FF Player scrambles

    Sunday, September 28
    Minnesota upends California

    Iowa  (Kuban) 32, California 14

    Iowa scored on all but one possesion in a big win over California.  Fernando Hernandez threw  touchdown passes to Jose Bivens (2) and Jose Valenzuela for Iowa.  Bivens scored again on a running play and Hernandez scored on an interception return in Iowa's win.

    Friday, October 3

    Saturday, September 20
    Smith Park Opens up at Isaac (14U's)

    (W) IsaacB 18  vs. (L) Smith Park 14


    Odelon Hernandez & Jose Dominguez scored for Smith Park. 

    (W) IsaacA 46  vs. (L) Smith Park 30


    Odelon Hernandez,Fernando Hernandez, Gabriel Guerrero (twice) scored touchdowns for Smith.

    (L) IsaacB 6 vs. (W) Smith Park 30

    Fernando Hernandez scored 1st TD w/ 2 extra points. Aldo Chipres intercepted and scored  TD w/ 2 extra points. Luis Jimenez & Jose Bivens also scored.
    (L) IsaacA 6 vs. (W) Smith Park 28


    Luis Jimenez, Dominic Orona, Fernando Hernandez, and Ezequiel Jimenez all scored touchdowns.




    Sunday, September 21
    12 U Result: California 18, Massachusetts 12

    Massachusetts came back at the two minute warining, but California answered immediately with a long score in a hard fought one.

    HIGHLIGHTS:  Michael Peshlakai, Kenneth Moore and Tilasha “T.T.” Okey caught touchdown passes from Ezequiel “E.J.” Quintero.

    Sunday, September 21
    9U Season Opening Scores

    Texas 14 Ohio  7

    Texas beat Ohio in a close one. Texas' touchdowns were scored by Augustin Lujan and Gregory Gonzalez. Touchdown passes by Adam Gutierrez.

    New york 20, Arizona 12

    New York led early and hung on in a good game.  A score late in the game held off an Arizona comeback.  Although the kids of AZ did not win they came back strong in the 2nd half!  They played a good game and the kids learned some new plays.  We had one child get injured but he pressed on and finished playing to the end!  What a trooper he was.

    Thursday (630pm)
    New york vs Texas
     Arizona vs Ohio 
    2 October (630pm)
    New york vs Ohio
    Arizona vs Texas

    Click below for the league schedule or clisk on the "Results & schedule" bar on the main menu.

    Monday Night Baseball Starts in October, Spring training March

    Basketball Logo WORDs on Ball 165
    We offer Club & Intramural Basketball.....Join Us!

    Track logo color
    Track Nite & Club Track Starts In January

    Tuesday, September 2
    Coaches Meeting minutes & rules updates

    Minutes from our last meeting.....

    Instructional League (First & Foremost)

    -          Kids are 1st.

    -          Coaches will act as refs.

    ·         Offensive coach in backfield (correct players on spot).

    ·         Defensive coach on sideline

    - Ref with integrity, if player is slightly out, your call, but be fair. (Ex. If it was a great run and player barely steps out, let them play.)

    -  Playoffs will have official refs so coaches can JUST coach.

    - There will be school leagues and independent leagues divided up into 3 classes.

                    * Class A will be 14 & under

                    * Class B will be 12 & under

                    * Class C will be 9 & under

    - Younger teams will play first followed by games starting 45mins after the first game at 10am (Ex. One game starts at 10am, the next will start at 10:45am).

    -  We will have our own AAU Championship.

                    * Teams should have played at least 4 games prior to playoffs.

    * Series will start Oct 25th & go thru Nov. 1st, there will be a break and the series will resume on Nov 14th..

    - Our possible tournament is set for Oct. 11th, more details to come.

    - Cardinals will have a tournament on Oct. 19th.

                    * Teams need to register now and speak with Coach Mo since each school is different.

    * Teams will be made up of 10 players and coaches will need to have a copy of their birth certificates.

    * Coaches remember that if you are in this tournament then you will want to practice and not have any games scheduled for Oct. 11th.

    - Make up games will most likely be played on Thurs. and need to be made thru the coaches. (This means Coaches schedule the games and decide on what field.)

    - Coaches send Coach Mo an email on players that did a great job.



    -         We go by NFL Flag Football rules with a few minor exceptions listed below:

    ·        A player CAN run interceptions back for a touchdown.

    ·        There is allowed a rusher that will stand 7 yards back.

    ·        Quarterback CAN NOT run.

    ·        Pitches ARE allowed.

    ·        For safeties there will be two ways: Quarterback drops ball in end zone is 2 points & 2nd is if quarterback's flag is pulled.  

    ·        If quarterback's arm is hit at any point then it is an automatic first down.

    ·        1st Down is mid-field: 

    ** You get Three downs to get to mid-field.

    ** 4th down in red zone & red zone is A NO RUN ZONE.

    ·        No mercy rule, score should stop being taken at 42 points.

    ·        Home team and winners need to report scores to Coach Mo by Sunday.

    ·        Game is for 20mins, no halves.


    08 Halftime IMS longball
    Isaac quarterback goes deep at University of Phoenix Stadium
    Tuesday, September 2
    Players warmup for season at annual Cardinals NFL Flag halftime scrimmage....
    08 Halftime Renee coaches

                                     ..............Join Us!!

    Tuesday, September 2
    08 Halftime RPF snap

    08 Halftime WW QB sets

    Wednesday, November 14
    Field of Dreams Bowl/Class B Fall Championships: Outsiders stop Youngtown
    2007 FF Class C FCS champ Outsiders
    Outsiders updend Youngtown to win Class C title

    Top ranked Outsiders and Youngtown played a tight first half.  The Outsiders went up early 7-0 as Kake Macey threw a TD pass to David Pineda.  Later in game Youngtown scored on a long play on their own as Alex Silva connected with Michael Ramos on a long pass play.

    In the second half, Macey & Pineda connected again on a long pass play, getting deep into Youngtown territory.  The two connected on the next play for a score.  The extra point failed and the Outsiders led 13-7.  The teams trade possesions with the Outsiders moving the ball a little better than the bigger Youngtown team.  Midway in the second half, the Outsiders trappped the Youngtown quarterback for a safety and a 15-7 lead.

    Down and with less than a minute left, Youngtown intercepted a Outsiders pass.  With good field position, they had time to force the game into overtime.  Youngtown did a good job working the sidelines and the clock completing 3 straight passes and getting deep into Putsiders territory.  The quarterback  Alex Silva threw another scoring strike to Ramos  and Youngtown was down by two.  Needing a two point conversion, Yountown went to the corner of the end zone, but the pass was incomplete.


    Thursday, November 15
    Field of Dreams Bowl: Outsiders beat Hamiton, win Class B Fall Title
    2007 FF Outsiders class B champs
    Outsiders outlast Hamilton to win the Class B title

    Outsiders, Hamilton

    In the 4th meeting between these two teams, the Outsiders went up early on Hamilton in a manner of seconds.   The Outsider’s Steve Ramirez ended up wit the ball in his hand as Hamilton mishandled the football in the end zone.   Then after a missed extra point play, the outsiders scored a safety to make the score 8-0 in the opening seconds.  Joseph Federico then went deep to Larry Himes, Jr as the Outsiders took a 14-0 lead.  Hamilton’s bad start and multiple dropped passes would come back to haunt them later.

    Midway through the first half, Antonio Altermirano threw a scoring pass to Bobby Vargas to make the score 14-6.   But the Outsiders struck right back as Federico hit Maurice Santibanez to go up 21-7.  The Outsiders scored again before the half to make the score 27-6.   

    In the second half, Hamilton came storming back as Antonio threw another touchdown  pass and the Weasels returned and interception for another score.  But it was too little too late, and The Outsiders went on to win 27-24.

    Sunday, November 18
    Football Scores

    11U results

        Sat 11/17/07 12pm Youngtown: 35 - Isaac Longhorns: 7
        Sat 11/17/07 12pm Outsiders: 37 - Isaac Buckeyes: 14


        Sat 11/17/07 12pm Isaac Sun Devils: 38 - Youngtown: 0
        Sat 11/17/07 12pm Outsiders: 36 - Isaac Jayhawks: 12


    Thursday, November 22
    Royal Palm Turkeyshoot Results
    2007 FF Kuban sideline at Royal Palm
    Coach Rick directs traffic & Kuban 11U players watch as 14Us hold on for a win

    Royal Palm Alabama 14, Kuban 0

     Castro Wilder scores on two 40 yard runs to lead Alabama.


    Kuban 18, Royal Palm Ohio 12

     Kuban answered Royal Palm touchdowns with scores of their own and two point conversions.  Gabrial scored twice for Kuban.


    Royal Palm Varsity 19, Kuban 6 

    Char Hatfield and Benny Garcia play big and score for Royal Palm


    Thursday, November 22
    Images from Royal Palm Turkey Shoot
    2007 FF Royal Palm cheer C
    Pride: Royal Palm Cheerleaders bring the noise.

    2007 FF Royal Palm Coach Bill victory
    Sportsmanship: Players exchange post game handshakes.

    Friday, November 16
    Class B Final Fall standings
    Team: GP W L T Pave PF PA PCT SO
      Outsiders 8 8 0 0 35.88 287 92 1.000 2
      Isaac Jayhawks 3 3 0 0 32.00 96 50 1.000 0
      Art Hamilton 8 4 4 0 28.63 229 139 0.500 1
      Vernell Coleman 6 3 3 0 25.83 155 117 0.500 1
      Youngtown 5 2 3 0 13.80 69 135 0.400 0
      Kuban 5 1 4 0 13.80 69 166 0.200 0
      Isaac Sun Devils 3 0 3 0 17.00 51 115 0.000 0
      Royal Palm Ohio 3 0 3 0 6.00 18 118 0.000 0
      Garcia 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0 0.000 0
      Royal Palm Alaska 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0 0.000 0

    Friday, November 16
    Class C (11U) Final Standings
    Team: GP W L T Pave PF PA PCT SO
      Outsiders 7 7 0 0 31.43 220 34 1.000 4
      Art Hamilton 6 4 2 0 20.17 121 52 0.667 2
      Youngtown 8 5 3 0 16.38 131 113 0.625 2
      Vernell Coleman 2 1 1 0 9.50 19 42 0.500 0
      Summitt 7 3 3 1 16.71 117 94 0.429 2
      Royal Palm Alabama 6 2 4 0 12.67 76 104 0.333 2
      Isaac Longhorns 3 1 2 0 11.67 35 45 0.333 1
      Kuban 6 1 4 1 9.00 54 216 0.167 0
      Isaac Buckeyes 3 0 3 0 9.00 27 65 0.000 0
      Glendale 1 0 1 0 13.00 13 26 0.000 0
      Royal Palm Georgia 2 0 2 0 0.00 0 64 0.000 0

    Saturday, November 10
    14U Results: Outsiders shell Yountown, Hamilton by forfeit over Coleman

    It will be the Outsiders vs Hamilton in the Fall championships Wednesday nite at The Feild of Dreams Bowl.  The Outsiders finish unbeaten with a 42-0 win over Youngtown.  THey have already beaten Hamilton 3 times this season.  Hamilton get s in as a vastly improved Vernel Coleman no-showed.  The game was highly anticipated.

    Gametime Wednesday is 630.


    Saturday, November 10
    11U results: Youngtown upsets Hamilton, will face #1 Outsiders Wednesday

    Once the leagues door mat, Youngtown's 11U's have advanced to the Field of Dreams Bowl Wednesday night with a big win over Art Hamilton 16-12.  Youngtown came into the game ranked #2, Hamilton was #3, but playing at home.  It was the second time in a row Youngtown beat Hamilton.

    Vernel Coleman no-showed, so the #1 ranked Outsiders will face #2 Youngtown Wednesday in the Field of Dreams Bowl.


    Saturday, November 10
    Top 3: League Rankings, Coach Mo Football

    Class B (14U)

    #1.  Outsiders:  (7-0)  Class of the league.  Beat up Yountown 56-0.  Takes on Hamilton Wednesday for Fall title.

    2.  Isaac Jayhawks (3-0)  Will be a force in the winter league. They get a taste of the league.  They face the Outsiders next week.

    3.  Hamilton (4-3)  All  3 losses to Outsiders.  Other than that, they are dominant.

    Class C

    #1.  Outsiders (6-0): Beat up on everybody.  Yet to face Hamilton though.  Fall title game vs Youngtown a biggie.

    2.  Youngtown  (5-2):  Moved up like the Jefferson's after consecutive wins over Hamilton.

    3.  Hamilton (4-2):  Will have to regroup after consecutive losses.


    Saturday, November 10
    2007 Fall Championship Series: Field of Dreams Bowl, Presented by The Phoenix Rotary 100



    #1 Phoenix Outsiders vs Youngtown Cardinals

    The Outsiders have breezed though the regular season, including a 38-14 win over Youngtown earlier this year.  Both are on top of their games having recently played in the Arizona Cardinals regionals two weeks ago.  This is the best matchup since the outsiders faced Desert West in the Indoor series three years ago.  Youngtown joined the league in 2005, they have found the going rough, but it has paid off.  They beat a favored #3 Hamilton two ties in a row, now they take on #1.  This will be fun. 



    #1 Phoenix Outsiders vs #2 Westside Weasels (Hamilton)

    Coach Federico predicted this weeks ago.  He has a lot of respect for the Weasels per conversation last week.  But it will be showtime Wednesday.  The Outsiders and the Weasels bothhave something in common.  Both groups have played together for years.  Coach Renee's team started with Coach Mo 3 years ago and have had great success since Renee arrived fron Boston.  Her players have won titles in the Murphy district and the AAU.  The Outsiders have dominated very league they have played in.

    It's Doomsday Wednesday....... for somebody. 

    Friday, November 9
    Isaac conference

    11U longhorns vs buckeyes
             21              0
    14U jayhawks vs sun devils
              45-         25 


    Monday, November 5
    Results From Saturday the 3rd

    scores for Nov 3 game
    > 11U Buckeyes vs kuban
    > 21 26

    > 11U Longhorns vs Summit
    > 0 26

    > 14U Sun Devils vs Kuban
    > 26 28

    > 14U jayhawks vs Kuban
    > 24 7


    Monday, November 5
    Monday Nite Football at Royal Palm


    Youngtown 27, Royal Palm Alabama 12

    Behind 6-0 at halftime and a playoff bid for Royal Palm Alabama at stake, Youngtown fought off an improved Royal Palm Alabama and pulled away for the win.  Royal Palm went up 6-0 on a 45 yard interception midway in the first half.  Royal Palm had 3 interceptions in the first haft, stopping Yountown apparent scoring drives.  In the second half, Youngtown, the leagues second ranked team and fresh off an appearance in the NFL Flag football regionals, went deep on the first play making the scored 6 each.  After another interception, Alabama answered with a long touchdown pass with "D" going deep to Wesley for 40 yards putting Royal Palm up 12-6.  Youngtown went on to score 21 unanswered points, mostly on deep passes.  Royal Palm will host  Vernel Coleman in a bowl game on November 19th.


     Youngtown 20, Royal Palm 6

    Royal Palm scored on it's irst possesion to take a 6-0 lead, but Youngtown, going deep on almost every play, capitalized on opportunity to beat Royal Palm Ohio 20-6.  The game was a lot closer than the score indicated as both teams had problems with their running and short passing games.  Both chose to go deep in the second half with Youngtown winning the air-war and qualifying for this weekends fall campionship series at Art Hamilton Saturday.  Royal Palm will host a bowl game on the 19th against Vernel Coleman.


    Thursday, November 1
    Kuban Players Participate In Camp Sponsored By Cardinals, SRP
    2007 Kuban kids camp Ben Patrick 2 Group
    Players pose for photo with Cardinals tight end Ben Patrick
    Salt River Project Kids Camp Benefits Kuban Football Players

    The free program for children, ages 7-14, features educational and recreational benefits in a safe and fun environment.  The camp consisted of a short motivational speech by Arizona Cardinals player Ben Patrick and participated in a interactive play area comprised of five stations teaching non-contact football skills such as catching and throwing.

    The programs run in conjunction with the physical education departments at each school.

    2007 regionals Outsiders
    Outsiders "man-up" for regionals
    Saturday, October 27
    Teams compete in regionals
    2007 regionals Youngtown
    Youngtown players pose before taking on opponents
    The Outsiders and Youngtown both competed in the Arizona Cardinals NFL flag football regionals in Gilbert on 27 October.  45 teams from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada competes.  Over 400 athletes were on hand.  The Outsiders and Youngtown had one loss each and fell just a few points short of making the playoff finals.

    Thursday, November 1
    Hamilton Intramural results
    The A Squad -12 vs The Huskies - 6 With much improvement on both teams and new players stepping up, the A squad scored first when using Maricio Mais as quarterback, he hit Cesar Quintero on 3rd and long to keep the ball in the hands of the A squad. On the next possession quarterback Cesar hit DeAndre Ames on a short pass in the middle of the field for 2 yards and he added another 11 yards to put them at 2nd and little yards for goal on short yardage they found the end zone, but could not convert. After the first touchdown of the game by The A Squad; The Huskies tried to answer on the connections to obtain the first down but failed to complete and turned the ball back over on downs. The A squad unable to connect returned the ball to The Huskies to end the half with the A Squad on top 6 – 0. Second half The Huskies struck on their first possession with Quarterback Jason Sanchez on a reverse gained the first down and some. On next possession quarterback Jason Sanchez hit Dravon Ames who took it all the way for the touch down, and they could not convert the extra point. The next possession The A Squad on three misconnects turned the ball over on downs and the stepped up defense of The A Squad had the ball quickly intercepted. Working at a fast pace the A Squad scored, but once again failed on the extra point. With less than 3 minutes to try and tie the score the Huskies could not get in synch to make it happen and the game ended after completing the first series of downs.

    Saturday, October 27
    Results From Saturday
    11u - Summit 18 vs isaac buckeyes 6  improved offense kept summit ahead until the 2nd half when isaac was able to put together an offenseive drive for a touchdown.

    11u - Vernel coleman 19 vs isaac sun devils 14 the offense of vernel kept the ball moving at will through the first half of the game, until isaac began to put together a defensive pressure to turn the ball over and give themselves a chance to gain momemtum through the second half. Making this a tight game throught the last 4 minutes, but vernel coleman returned to their focus and shut isaac down on two drives to keep the lead and win the game.

    14u - Hamilton 44 vs isaac longhorns 0 The longhorns came to play but were out matched by the speed and defense of hamilton with 6 interceptions three returned for touchdowns and one by Bobby Vargas at the the 5 yds on the opening drive of isaac. the a safety, rushed by Bobby Vargas and two touchdowns later the game was out of hand before the second half began.

    14u - Vernel coleman 18 vs isaac jayhawks 27 coming off of the earlier win, vernel hit early for its first touchdown but isaac jayhawks would not go as easy; it was back and forth for the first quarter.  Then in the second half it was a game of good defense by both team holding until vernel snuck a quick hit touchdown in on isaac and isaac returned the favor a few minutes later and roared to finish ahead of vernel coleman with a win.

    2007 FF 14U Coleman QB
    Coleman's new quarterback threw strikes all day long
    Saturday, October 20
    CLASS B RESULTS: Coleman takes two, Outsiders beat Hamilton
    2007 FF 14U Coleman bench 2
    Two wins put Coleman in second place
        Sat 10/20/07 12pm Vernel Coleman 40, Kuban 28  
        Sat 10/20/07 12pm Vernel Coleman 35, Youngtown 7  
        Sat 10/20/07 12pm

    Outsiders 24, Hamilton 20



    Class B Top 3

    1. Outsiders:  Outclassing, outscoring

    2. Vernel Coleman:  New quarterback, team jelling

    3. Hamilton:  Still a good team, 0-3 vs Outsiders


    Saturday, October 20
    CLASS C RESULTS: Outsiders still unbeaten, Youngtown beats Hamilton
    2007 FF Hamilton vs Kuban 11U Kuban benc
        Sat 10/20/07 12pm Hamilton 38, Kuban 0  
        Sat 10/20/07 12pm Youngtown 14, Hamilton 8  
        Sat 10/20/07 12pm Outsiders 38, Youngtown 14


    Class B Top 3

    1.  Outsiders: Rally in win over tough Youngtown

    2. Youngtown:  Beat Hamilton at home

    3. Hamilton:  Beat Kuban but lost to Youngtown


    Sunday, October 21
    Hamilton Intramural Play
    10/18 (11U) – The A Squad 7 vs. Hamilton Huskies 6

    It was a very good defensive game with both sides unable to complete a first down until the second half of the game.  Quarterback Cesar Quintero hit DeAndre Ames for a long first down with 5 minutes left in the game. He then hit Dravon Ames for the touchdown and converted on the extra point.  With 3 minutes left, on a double reverse between Jason Sanchez and Mauricio Mais, Jason threw a dart on a slant pass to Isaac Ramirez who scampered forward for the first down.  With time ticking Jason then hit Mauricio for the touchdown, deciding to go for a tie and chance to win the Huskies couldn’t connect as the A Squad tightened defense and prevented the tie.

    Also, on 10/17

    The Westside Weazels (14U) played Coffield - - Westside Weazels 41 vs. Coffield 6

    Coffield was no match for the clicking Weazels who moved the ball at will and with depth on defense kept the D tight on Coffield until the end of the game; where due to a loss of focus Huskies gave up the only touchdown Coffield constructed.

    Saturday, October 13
    Class C Scores: Outsiders, Hamilton beat tough Royal Palm Alabama
        Sat 10/13/07 12pm Art Hamilton: 14 - Royal Palm Alabama: 8  
        Sat 10/13/07 12pm Outsiders: 14 - Royal Palm Alabama: 0

    Saturday, October 13
    Class B Scores
        Sat 10/13/07 12pm Outsiders: 28 - Vernell Coleman: 0  
        Sat 10/13/07 12pm Art Hamilton: 49 - Royal Palm Ohio: 6


    Wednesday, October 10
    Alabama beat's Georgia

    In intramural play, Royal Palm Alabama beat Royal Palm Georgia 21-0.  Two long toughdown runs and 4 interceptions were the key for Bama.


    2007 Royal Palm Q teaches 2

    Saturday, October 6
    Class B results
    2007 Class B  14 U Outsiders vs Hamilton
        Sat 10/6/07 12pm Outsiders: 29 - Art Hamilton: 22  Outsiders use deep passes to down Hamilton, who kept fighting back.  
        Sat 10/6/07 12pm Art Hamilton: 27 - Vernell Coleman: 20  Hamilton beats rival Coleman


    Class B Top 3

    #1. Outsider (3-0) Held off hard charging Hamilton

    #2. Hamilton (2-2) Defense a problem in loss to Outsiders 

    #3. Vernel Coleman (1-1) Back to earth in loss to Hamilton 


    2007 Class B  11 U Outsiders vs Glendale
    Saturday, October 6
    Class C results
    2007 Class B  11 U Outsiders vs Glendale
        Sat 10/6/07 12pm Glendale: 13 - Outsiders: 26 ; Corrected score  
        Sat 10/6/07 12pm Summitt: 45 - Kuban: 0  Summit gets it together in big win over Kuban  
        Sat 10/6/07 12pm Youngtown: 6 - Summitt: 0  Youngtown hangs on to get first win


    Class C Top 3



    #1. Outsiders (3-0) Lost first game to Glendale

    #2. Hamilton (3-0)  Outscoring opponents 49-14

    #3. Royal Palm Alabama (2-1)


    Murphy District Student Athletes Attend WNBA Basketball Game
    The very deserving and appreciative 12 girls from Arthur Hamilton
    Elementary's 7th and 8th grades and 4 adult chaperones had a wonderful
    time at the Mercury vs. Comets game on 5/25/07. We were treated to a
    delicious display of brownies, cookies, cupcakes and soft drinks. The
    Phoenix Mercury did there part by putting on a franchise high display in
    shooting with 110 points.

    2007 Outsiders 11U Sept 29 1
    Outsiders 11Us sweep teams from Royal Palm
    Sunday, September 30
    Hamilton, Outsiders post wins



        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Art Hamilton: 32 - Youngtown: 8  
        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Outsiders: 49 - Royal Palm Ohio: 6  
        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Outsiders: 49 - Royal Palm Alabama: 7


        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Outsiders: 43 - Royal Palm Georgia: 0  
        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Royal Palm Alabama: 28 - Vernell Coleman: 0  
        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Outsiders: 49 - Royal Palm Alabama: 7  
        Sat 9/29/07 12pm Art Hamilton: 28 - Youngtown: 14  Jason Sanchez had an interception returned for a touchdown.

    2007 Outsiders 14U Sept 29 2

    Cheer & Dance
    Bethteachesgroup L 300
    Our cheer program supports our football and basketball programs year-round. We also have cheer for beginners and advance group available upon request. Our instructors are skilled in cheer and spiritline, to include eticate and basic technique. Advance dance and cheer are also available. Contact us for furtherinformation at (480) 217-0175 or via email at

    Sunday, September 23
    Saturday's results


    Vernel Coleman 42, Kuban 0

    Outsiders 25, Hamilton 13


    Outsiders 42, Kuban 0

    Hamilton 21, Summitt 0

    coach mo football logo 300

                                     ..............Join Us!!



    Speedcamp logo 08

    Saturday, August 16
    Fall League Registration Begins, League Meetings set for 21 August

    League meetings for the fall season will take place on Thursday at 630pm at the Art Hamilton athletic field.  Coaches and/or league administrators should plan on attending.

    Agenda:  Code of Conduct, scheduling, leagues vs teams.


    Royal Palm (4 teams/league all 14U), Murphy District (3 teams, 2 11U), Isaac Middle School (2 14U, two 11U).


    Sunday, October 26






     NFL Flag, AAU passing leagues, AAU Flag, Indoor :Arena League" flag football.  Instructional league and competetive leagues.  Coming soon.... tackle football!!!

    Arizona AAU Football


    • AAU 5 on 5 NFL Flag & AAU 7-on-7 National Tournament is a non-contact football league. 
    • The program is geared to attract athletes who compete in school & neighborhood based intramural and club teams with a chance to AAU & NFL Flag tournaments.

    The Game

    • Each team consists of 10-12 players and two coaches, with five or seven players (depending on wich league your are in) on the field at one time.
    • The game is 30 minutes long with a three minute halftime. (The last two minutes of each half is real time.)
    • Field vary depending on school facility and league specifications.
    • Season length vary depending on league.


    Other opportuities...... 


     Jr NBA/WNBA leagues.  AAU, recreational, developmental and competetive teams are available.


     Pony, LLB, AAU and developmental leagues


    Recreational, developmental and USATF competetive opportunities.


    For more information, feel free to browse our website or contact Coach Mo at 480-217-0175 or email us at

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