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Summer Hoops with Rob Sells
Coach Mo Basketball

We offer intramural leagues, open gym and travel play

Making a difference one person at a time.....


To improve the skills, promote and improve visibility of our member schools, administrators, coaches, athletes and parents.

To promote excellence in academics and amatuer athletics for youth age 7-19.

To enhance and strengthen participation and competition in our member clubs and schools.

To promote community service, good sportmanship and citizenship.

To foster opportunities for college scholarships.

To promote our core competencies and distinctive capabilities on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity, service, and excellence in all we do.

We fullfill our purpose by providing instruction and guidance to players and coaches, by providing opportunities for local, regional, national, and international competition and by working with other sports organizations established to benefit amatuer athletics.

Especially designed for athletes living in the Murphy, Washington, and Phoenix Christian Unified School Districts, our primary goals are to improve the skills of the player on and off court. Our programs, clinics, and tryouts, are open to all players, regardless of skill level. We are driven to provide athletes, parents and coaches a spiritual outlet through sports and to develop within each athlete, strong values and attitudes.


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Youth Basketball

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Age group basketball starting at age 5.  Intramural and league play based at Art Hamilton elementary school.  Travel teams based at Hamilton, Kuban and Garcia schools.  All four schools have weekly open gym and tryout sessions.  The schools, based in the Murphy school district, are located in the Durango curve area in south central Phoenix.

Open gym

Intramural leagues

Competetive leagues

Travel teams

Contact Coach Mo For details

High School/Club Basketball

Boys & girls camps & teams!

We are pleased to offer multiple opportunities for male and female high school and junior high school aged players to improve their games.  With two high school developmental programs and three junior high programs our players can choose the route to improvement being through club play, skills development camps or intramural and league play.


Team Hope Club Basketball

Murphy Mustangs JHS player development

Team Hamilton Rotary player development


Through play and a relentless series of drills, your player can make strives towards improvement.  Join us!  Contact Coach Mo for details!

Basketball camps, Clinics and Tournaments

Track star, line backer: Richard Jefferson

We offer basketball camps and clinics for members of teams and for the public as well.  Contact us for camp and clinic information.

Skills camps

One on one sessions

Developmental intramural leagues

Player combines

Speed & agility training

Speed camps

Strength training


Coaching opportunities

NBA and former Uof A star Richard Jefferson trained with Coach Mo while at Moon Valley, Wisconsin's Ryan Evans and many other players in multiple sports either trained with or at one time ran track  with Coach Mo.

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Monday, December 14
Basketball Partnership with District & City Of Phoenix a Win-Win

Leagues, camps & clinics are supervised by Rob Sells and his staff

Teamed up once again with The Murphy School District, City Of Phoenix Parks & Recreation (Hermosa Park, Lindo Park, Alkire Park and Coffelt Park) and Phoenix Christian High School, our leagues, camps & clinics are running better than ever!!!  Staffed by Murphy teachers/coaches and Parks and recreation employees, players compete in a relaxex/competetive atmosphere staffed by true professionals.

Basketball Skills Camps

Intramural Leagues

Club/Travel Teams

Managed by Coach Mo and facilitated by former Phoenix basketball phenom Rob Sells and his staff, our program serves local Schools and neighboring communites.  The leagues are "kid" driven with instruction in basic athletic and life skills. Our goal is to provide athletes, parents and coaches a spiritual outlet through sports and to develop within each athlete, strong values and attitudes....and everyone plays! For questions, Contact Coach mo at 480-217-0175 or (email).

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