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What are the expected costs and benefits?

The cost will vary by the team level and the number of tournaments the team plays.  In general, the cost will be around $250-$300 for the season.  This includes two uniform shirts, compression type shorts, USAV registration (both individual and team), practice facility costs and tournament fees (approximately $185 to $200 per tournament per team).  These costs are distributed over the individual's team, so the number of players on a team will effect the cost per member.  We try to have the teams be 9-10 players, so that a sick or injured player does not hurt a team badly, but each player will still get plenty of playing time during the season.

A team that goes to the State College (PSU) tournament at the end of the season will have an additional cost of ~ $300 for just that tournament.  We try to offset some of the costs by running our own tournaments.  The players are expected to work the concession stand at those tournaments for a couple hours each tournament we run.