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What is USA Volleyball?
USA Volleyball is a Junior Olympic organization that promotes volleyball around the country for girls, boys, and adults.  There are both indoor and beach volleyball associations, as well as junior and adult leagues.

We participate in the Girls Junior Program, girls under the age of 18.  The season usually has tournaments from the end of January through May.  The season ends with a Memorial Day tournament for the oldest team at State College, PA.

The tournaments are all on the weekends, Saturday or Sunday, and last the whole day.  We travel anywhere from Reading to Allentown to York.  In the past, we have also gone to Juniata College in Altoona and Shippensburg University.  We check with the individual teams before scheduling such an event.  Normally, most tournaments are within an hour to an hour and a half drive.

USA Volleyball is broken down into age brackets to determine the level of play, for example, 12 and Under, 15 and Under, 17 and under.  The age of the participant is determined by their age as of September 1, 2015 for this year's play.  There is also a separation within the age group for Open play, higher level competition, and Club level, an attempt to give lesser ability teams a chance to compete.

Our teams will be formed based on the basis of age and skill level.  We normally enter our teams as Club level teams, but we have had Open level teams as well.