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Tuesday, September 30
Oct 3 Practices Cancelled
Due to the Homecoming parade and other activities, the JV and Varsity practices on Friday, Oct 3 are cancelled.

Saturday, September 27
Fall Playing Fee
We now have all of our costs in (uniforms, insurance and practice fees), so the fee for playing this fall will be $85 per player.  The school district charges us an hourly rate for our gym time and requires us to have a liability policy in place in order to use the facilities.  Please give this fee to Sue as soon as possible in cash or check made out to Sue Connor.

Wednesday, September 24
Practices Set for Remainder of Season
The practice schedule is posted for the remainder of the season.

Saturday, November 21
What is USA Volleyball?
USA Volleyball is a Junior Olympic organization that promotes volleyball around the ...

Saturday, November 21
X-treme's Mission/Objective
The X-treme Volleyball Club started in 2000 with two teams.  The objective of ...

Saturday, November 21
What are the expected costs and benefits?

The cost will vary by the team level and the number of tournaments the team plays.  In general, the cost ...