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Tuesday, April 18
Saturday May 13 Tournament Location Change

As I had feared, the tournament location for May 13 has been changed from Kutztown to United Sports in Downington.

Also, we have switched our entry from May 21st to May 20th for our last event. 

Sunday, December 11
Tournament Schedule 2017 Events

Here is our tournament schedule for the coming season.  Please let us know if there are any major issues that we may not have known.

Sunday, Feb 12 16s @ KU, Saturday, Feb 25 17s @ KU, Sunday March 5, 16s @ Spooky Nook, Saturday, March 11 Host Tournament @ FMS, Sunday April 2 16s @ United Sports, Saturday, April 8 Host Tournament @ FMS, Sunday, April 30 16s @ Albright, Sunday, May 7 17s @ Conestoga Valley, Saturday, May 13 16s @ KU, and Sunday, May 21 17s @ Volleyball Corner.  In addtion, we will be deciding on which age group want to attend the Happy Volley event at Penn State on Memorial Day weekend.

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