Fleetwood Volleyball: X-treme Pool Schedules

Terrors McCaskey East 5-22-16

We play at 9:00 am. Please be at the facility by 8:30 am.

Terrors 5-22-16Terrors 5-22-16

Things to Bring for Penn State

Here is a list put together by one of the players. Feel free to add other things you need personally. The dorms are not air conditioned so a fan is a good idea. Coordinate common items such as a fan with your roommate.

Things to Bring PSUThings to Bring PSU

Terrors at Conestoga Valley 5-1

We play in the second match. Please be at Conestoga Valley by 8:30 am.

Terrors 5-1 at CVTerrors 5-1 at CV

Crushers at DeSales 4-23-16

We play in the first match at 8:00 am. Please be at the facility ready to go at 7:30 am.

Crushers 4-23-16Crushers 4-23-16

Crushers at Conestoga Valley

We work the first match at 8:30 am. Please be at Conestoga Valley High School by 8:10.

Crushers 4-9-16Crushers 4-9-16

Crushers at Millersville

We are in Pucillo Gym at Millersville. We play in the second match like last Sunday. Please be there no later than 8:15 am.

Crushers 4-10-16Crushers 4-10-16

Happy Volley Medical Form

Please bring the completed form to the next practice if you have not given it back as yet.

HV Medical FormHV Medical Form

Terrors at Volleyball Corner

We play at 8:30 am. Please be at Volleyball Corner no later than 8:00 am.

Terrors 4-2-16Terrors 4-2-16

Crushers at Bryn Athen 4-3-16

We play at 8:45 am so please be at the facility no later than 8:15 ready to go.

Crushers 4-3Crushers 4-3

Terrors at Caty 3-20-16

Sorry for the late post. Please be at Catasuaqua High School at 8:00am for play at 8:30.

Terrors 3-20-16Terrors 3-20-16

Terrors at Riverfront Sports 3-6-16

Sorry I am a bit late getting this on-line. We play at 9 am. Please plan to be at the facility around 8:15 as this is a long trip and we want to be ready to go on the court no later than 8:40. Thanks.

Terrors RiverfrontTerrors Riverfront

Crushers at Wilson 2-28-16

We work the first match at 8:30. Please be at Wilson HS at 8:00 am.

Crushers at WilsonCrushers at Wilson

Crushers at Susquehannok 2-21-16

We work the first match at 8:00 am on Sunday. Please be at the facility no later than 7:40 so we can set up our work team. The gym entrance is on the back side of the school, if I remember correctly.

Crushers 2-21-16Crushers 2-21-16

Terrors at Caty 2-7-16

We work the first match at 8:00 am. Please arrive at the school no later than 7:40 so that we can get our work team together for the first match. We are in a four team pool so we will be playing 3 set in each match.

Terrors 2-7-16Terrors 2-7-16

Crushers 15s at Bryn Athyn College 1/24/2016

We are scheduled to play at 9:30 am. Please be at the facility between 8:45 and 9 am. As this is our first event, be sure to pack all of your volleyball gear (shirt, shorts, sneakers, water bottle, etc.) the night before. There is weather expected to hit us on Friday and Saturday. Bryn Athyn is in Bucks County, so the weather pattern may be very different there. As we have told the girls, do not expect the tournament to be cancelled. If you would like to have your player ride with us on Sunday, please let us know.

Jan Jump 15s 1-24-16Jan Jump 15s 1-24-16

X-treme 2015 Registration Forms

There are two files we request you fill out and return to Dave as soon as possible. The first is a general information sheet, which helps with the registration, uniforms and practice schedule. The second is the USAV Medical Release form required to be carried by the coaches to all USAV sanctioned events.


2015 USAV Medical Release2015 USAV Medical Release

USAV Code of Ethics and Waiver Documents

These are the USAV Rules and Disciplinary action documents.



More Handouts: