Fleetwood Volleyball: X-treme Pool Schedules

Terrors at Riverfront Sports 3-1-15

We play in the first match at 8:30 am. Please plan on being at the facility no later than 8:00 am. Looks like the weather will hold out until later in the day. If any one would prefer to ride with us, please let us know at tonight's practice.

Terrors Riverfront SportsTerrors Riverfront Sports

Crushers @ Volleyball Corner 1-24-15 RECAP

Hope the girls had fun at our first event. Lots of good things and evidence of things we need to work on. One of the things I track closely is serving. We had an 80% serving percentage. Not bad, but needs improvement. Of the missed serves, more than half were on first serve attempts. This is an area we must improve. First serves must be in court. We will continue to work of court positioning and transition movement before our next event in February. Again, good start.

Crushers 1-24-15Crushers 1-24-15

X-treme 2015 Registration Forms

There are two files we request you fill out and return to Dave as soon as possible. The first is a general information sheet, which helps with the registration, uniforms and practice schedule. The second is the USAV Medical Release form required to be carried by the coaches to all USAV sanctioned events.


2015 USAV Medical Release2015 USAV Medical Release

USAV Code of Ethics and Waiver Documents

These are the USAV Rules and Disciplinary action documents.



More Handouts: