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Fleetwood Middle School Volleyball and X-treme Volleyball (USAV Club)

Sue  610-944-1792  cell  e-mail  coachconnor@aol.com

Dave  484-955-7194  cell  e-mail  fw18softball@aol.com

Andrea  484-955-7222   e-mail  dolphin91552@aol.com

The best way to check on the practice and game schedule is to click on Monthly Practices and Tournaments on the left menu.

Fleetwood Fall 2014 Volleyball Club  - Sue will be contacting people shortly to let you know when we start in August!  We are waiting for confirmation of the start date from the school district.  We could still use some new players in all grades so if you know someone who likes to play volleyball, please let them know about the first practices.

All of the practices will be in the Middle School A Gym (7/8 side), unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, May 13
Penn State Update 5/13/14

The Happy Volley website  (http://www.gopsusports.com/camps/happy-volley-camp.html) has been updated with the wave play times.  The 15s will be playing in the morning wave (play starts at 8:00 am) and the 18s will be playing in the afternnon wave (play starts at ~2:30 pm).  Play schedules and locations will not be posted until May 21st.

Saturday, November 21
What is USA Volleyball?
USA Volleyball is a Junior Olympic organization that promotes volleyball around the ...

Saturday, November 21
X-treme's Mission/Objective
The X-treme Volleyball Club started in 2000 with two teams.  The objective of ...

Saturday, November 21
What are the expected costs and benefits?

The cost will vary by the team level and the number of tournaments the team plays.  In general, the cost ...