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Fleetwood Fall Volleyball Club (CYO League) and X-treme Volleyball (USAV Club)(Scroll to bottom of page for club info) 

Sue  610-944-1792  cell  e-mail  coachconnor@aol.com

Dave  484-955-7194  cell  e-mail  fw18softball@aol.com

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Thursday, August 27
Practices for Aug 31 and Proposed Match Schedule

The practices for the week of Aug 31 is posted.

The proposed game schedule is as follows:  Sept 13, Sept 18, Sept 23, Sept 24, Oct 7, Oct 9, Oct 12, Oct 14, Oct 15, Oct 19, Oct 21 and Oct 22.  If you absolutely will not attend any of these dates, please let Sue know by Sunday, Aug 30 so Sue can try to change a date.

We have plans for two tournament events at FMS on Oct 10 and Oct 24.  On Oct 10 the girls will be playing all day.  On Oct 24, we will be maning a concession stand for part of the day.   If you have any questions about these two events, let us know.

Tuesday, June 2
Fleetwood Volleyball Club Update

We have received a number of questions about a volleyball program being started this coming fall.  A number of girls have signed up for a Middle School volleyball team during school lunches.  This is a new program started by the high school coach and approved by the school district.  We have been told that the program will be self-funded and will not be participating in Berks league play against other middle school programs.  If you have any further questions about this program that your daughter may have expressed interest, please contact the FASD Athletic Office.  We have been told by the FASD Athletic Director that players are allowed to participate in both programs if they desire.

As for our program, we will continue, as we have for the past 18 years, to participate in the Berks CYO league playing against the Catholic grade schools in the area as well as a younger team from Brandywine.  We accept girls from 5th through 8th grade and look to have a Varsity and JV team, depending on the number of girls who come out to play.  We practice and play our matches on week nights, after 6:00 pm.  We practice at the Middle School and play our home matches there as well.  We travel to the other Catholic schools in the area, such as HGA and St. Ignatius, one time each.  Directions and locations for these schools are described in the Directions tab to the left.  We will start practicing in mid August and the season will end around late October.  The first couple of weeks of practice will try to be Monday through Thursday and then between matches and practices about 4 nights per week in September and October.  We try to work around player's other activities as best as possible, as long as we know their schedule. 

If you have any further questions about our program, please feel free to contact by phone, e-mail or text to the above contacts.

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