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BRISC 2007
BRISC 2007  
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BRISC 2007
Barry Sanders
PO Box 675
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Three thousand forty two miles. One goal.


The Bridgewater & Raynham International Soccer Club was established in the Fall of 1982 with the purpose of traveling to another country, meeting it's people, participating in friendly soccer matches and learning about their heritage, traditions and way of life.

We believe in good competition and good quality of play but we also believe in the development of the athlete as an individual. Using the cliche "Travel broadens the mind", the youth that have traveled with us have truly learned to appreciate the value of their community and their American heritage.

In 2007, BRISC will be represented by 13 boys from Bridgewater/Raynham Regional, Cardinal Spellman, Coyle & Cassidy and Taunton High Schools. In addition to their high school teams, the boys have played for competitive teams including Bridgewater Youth Soccer, Cape Cod Crusaders, Nor'easter Stingers, South Shore United Blazers, Taunton Eagles and Taunton Youth Soccer.

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The BRISC team will watch these 2 teams compete live at Victoria Park while on their trip. Ross County, the home team, is in blue.

Wednesday, April 18
The End is Near........

The end of our great journey is about to end with all the players and the BRISC members waiting for the final minutes to count down. I personally have loved this experience and will never forget the moments we all had together in the hostels and the games that we had against the the local teams. Even though we are winless there is astill a chance for us to win a match. The food in the hostels are good if not great. Some peopple might have differing opinions but on this trip the good times will keep on rolling and will never end until we board the plane headed to Boston.


Wednesday, April 18
Scottish buffet tour

If you don't recognize your sons when they return from Scotland on Friday, look for the lads still licking their fingers. The boys appear to be in the middle of an effort to eat at every possible place in Scotland. Everytime the bus stops, the boys bail out and head to the nearest shop for lunch, sweets, drinks or anything else they can put in their bellies.
There is a rumor spreading around the countryside that there may be a momument erected in the boys' honor for our efforts to put the Scottish economy in the black.

Tuesday, April 17
BRISC v Stirling Super Team (ouch)

We signed up for good competition and we got it on Tuesday in Stirling. The BRISC boys faced a very talented and organized squad that kept us pinned in for most of the match. David and Brandan faced shot after shot and did well to turn away as many as they did. The final score 6-0 could have been much worse were it not for their goalkeeping and an excellent defensive effort from the entire team. Nick kept the team organized as sweeper and kept the boys pushing forward whenever possible.
The boys attitude throughout the game was a testament to the class that we have brought to the pitch. Despite being serious outdone, the boys kept their heads up and were laughing all the way back to the hostel.
A few of the squad are carrying a few minor injuries and some linger stomach problems that may keep them out of Thursdays match against Glasgow.
"That was a hard game", summed up Brandon who played forward, midfield and wing during the match. "It was a tough game with a lot of pressure."

Saturday, April 14
Busy, busy, busy

The boys are still talking about all the drama and excitement at our match yesterday with the Inverness Youth Select team. After one boy was sent off for exceptionally horrible language towards the referree, things settled down to a more civilized match. Goals from Ian and Skylor and two from David kept us in the match right to the end. Both David and Brandon received high praise from the local spectators for their phenomenal goalkeeping. The boys would definitely not be shy for a rematch with the locals and I think their confidence will be high for our next 2 matches.

Saturday saw our second day of training with the staff from Caledonian Thistle. Ronnie, Gordie and Craig have been terrific and put the boys through their paces. We went straight up to Dingwall to see the Ross County v Airdrie United match. These Scots sure seem to have a passion (read temper) for the game. Ross County had 2 players sent off but managed to hold on for a 1-1 draw. Tonight will be a quiet night for resting and a little laundry (Stop laughing, some of them have actually done some already).

We will have a couple of days of sightseeing and the boys could use the rest. We have a few sore and tired legs (Nothing to worry about Moms!) Tomorrow we will head out early to Aviemore for a train ride up CairnGorm Mountain followed by a visit to the Aquadome. The boys have been pretty excited about the Aquadome so we were sure to figure out how to squeeze it in.

Our dining adventure steps up a bit tonight. The boys will get some Yorkshire pudding for dinner tonight and "a wee bit o' haggis" with dinner tomorrow night.

Friday, April 13
First day, first training, first match

Here we are in beautiful, warm, Scotland. Shorts and t-shirts have been the order of the day with temperatures nearing 60 each day.

Our first day consisted mostly of travel. From Boston to Iceland to Glasgow to Inverness took us right up to dinner on Thursday. Some of the boys had some trouble sleeping the first night, but after a good breakfast, they were raring to get training started. The staff of Inverness Caledonian Thistle put the boys through their paces with an 2 hour session involving fitness, crossing drills and a scrimmage.

Following training the team visited Fort George which is still in use by the British military. The Fort, as we learned, was built to ensure a British presence in the Highlands after a Scottish attempt to secure its borders.

The match with Inverness Youth Select was a spirited affair. The local boys became very frustrated with the BRISC's skill with the offside trap. BRISC took an early lead but eventually, sore muscles and fatigue took their toll and BRISC fell 6-4 at the end of 90 minutes.

Wednesday, April 11
Stay tuned: BRISC updates coming from Scotland

If everything works according to plan, we will be able to send updates and photos during the trip to this website for parents and friends to see all the fun the boys are having.
We have packed a laptop and digital camera and tests stateside have been successful. The youth hostels we will be staying in advertise internet access so everything looks good for us to be able to send a little something back home during the trip.
Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, April 9
Packing tips

Just a few thoughts about packing and airport security.

Please review the packing and general information you received at the team meeting.

Just a reminder that I would like to have the boys pack at least one white and one red t-shirt for training.

And, just a suggestion, pack those things that you can not live a day or 2 without (cleats, shinguards, uniform, etc) in your carry on JUST IN CASE some luggage goes missing for a day or 2.

A note about cleats. Someone asked if cleats might be considered dangerous by airport security. Cleats do not appear on any prohibited items list that I have found. I have made a number of calls to try to determine whether cleats in carry on baggage would be a problem for airport screeners. I called all the way to the TSA and finally got a not very helpful answer. Baggage screeners will use their discretion as to whether an item in carry-on luggage could be used to hurt someone. I don't think rubber/plastic cleats will be a problem and I don't think anyone has metal cleats. I am still inclined to advise players to store a pair of cleats in carry on.

A few weblinks to answer questions you might have:
Icelandair baggage information
Logan Airport security
TSA carry on regulations

Lastly, please don't forget to pack deodorant. :)

Friday, April 6
BRISC v TYSL U16s (post game)

Bridgewater + Raynham International Soccer Club's 2007 squad wrapped up it stateside preparations with a dominating performance over Taunton Youth Soccer League's Under 16 boys. Aside from a slow start that saw the BRISC keeper under pressure early, BRISC controlled the match and scored repeatedly. Both keepers saw time as field players and contributed to 3 goals together.

TYSL fielded a team primarily made up of their Under 16 boys team that is entered in the spring season of South Coast Soccer League, adding a handful of Crusaders players as well as TYSL's Under 18 midfield general, Jesse.

The 60-minute match was BRISC's only opportunity to put their 3-5-2 formation to a full test and it proved to be a huge success. BRISC will travel with only 13 players, including 2 goalkeepers and will need the flexibility of this system to make the most of an athletic squad that will have to work for each other and slot into different positions as the game progresses.

Coaches Barry and Jeff were impressed with the team's fitness, skill and versatility on the field.

Thursday, April 5
BRISC players Meet the Press

After several changes and updates in plans, 9 members of the Bridgewater + Raynham International Soccer Club participated in a brief photo session with a Taunton Enterprise photographer. Earlier in the week, Brendan, Nick, Cory and Coach Barry were interviewed by an Enterprise reporter. The entire effort resulted in a very nice article on the first and second pages of the Sports section in Thursday's edition of the Enterprise. You can view the article (minus pictures) on the Enterprise website at Click Here

Beware the Wild Haggis!!

Required reading for all travelers to Scotland.

Click here if you dare

BRISC 2007
BRISC 2007
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